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  1. Soooo…. A few questions for you 1 the sponsor agreed to pay some $350k in 2022 and a further payment in 23 for same amount which by all accounts was dependant on promotion? 2 promotion was achieved in the play off final which I seem to recall was well after March 23 by which date you say eyup paid up? How so? 3 how do you know the 2nd payment has been made ? 4 eyup skills limited was incorporated in 2021 and if your prognosis is correct did Wednesday carry out due diligence correctly? If so surely they would have known that eyup did not have sufficient assets to meet the payments agreed hence next question “ where’s the dosh?” these are your starters for 10 thanks for you time
  2. Soooo…. Just to make the point the David richards behind eyup is indeed the son of the erstwhile sir David richards former chairman of Wednesday who according to legend did such a grand job in dragging Wednesday down during his tenure.
  3. Ha ha! Who said they had done something wrong or improper. The point surely being that they are now tied in with a shirt sponsor whose leading light appears to have acted somewhat improperly in sending over £500k to his favourite football team without that companies knowledge. In addition according to the times additional money was also transferred to Eyup . Does that not make fans feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. One of the reasons clubs engage with sponsors is not to suffer a pr disaster …. Make your Own mind up on that just out of interest is it true that the David richards involved with eyup etal is the son of sir David richards the former Wednesday chairman etc etc?
  4. Hold up what? Who on earth takes any notice of The Stirs answer to Billy’s weekly liar……another blinkered fan who totally misses the point …. The point being that this episode only serves to add to Wednesdays woes…. Who ever heard of a shirt sponsor who apparently has insufficient funds to meet their contractual responsibilities and so allegedly dips into another company’s account to secretly payup! It’s called embarrassing and again under mr chancers watch….let’s see what the 21/22 accounts have to say providing they arrive at companies house by the due date of 31/7 /23…. Pop corn at the ready!
  5. Come come you and us know exactly why! mr chancer has no cash left he is desperate for dosh from whatever source. If he accepted credit cards he is open to claims and also pays a percentage to the credit card provider all this gollocks from dr tops is just that !
  6. This is what fans get when non football moneybags get involved no matter who the team is. this one seems to be that there was inadequate due diligence in 2022 by swfc, that mr richards seems to have entered an agreement to spend some $365k+ x 2 of his parent companies money without the knowledge of the board, the 2nd instalment might not have been paid and Wednesday now have more egg on the face to cap the events of the last few weeks. In addition the shirt sponsor has shut down their website “ for maintenance “ and if the 2nd payment is outstanding then no way can Eyup pay up from their massive assets of some £1500. Be interesting to see if chancer or the other lot replies to the times . Meanwhile the deadline for submission of Wednesday s accounts for 21/22 is fast approaching at 31/7/23 will they be submitted or not? Answers on a tin of elevate please of course all this from the comedy club who can’t stop giving whilst the s2 lot can’t even get a shirt sponsor….pathetic the pair of em
  7. WANdisco’s board was “not told” that the data software business had paid hundreds of thousands of dollars so that a company co-owned by its founder and then chief executive could sponsor his favourite football team. The company, whose value collapsed upon its readmission to trading yesterday, claimed that it had been in the dark about several related-party transactions, including a $362,691 payment to Sheffield Wednesday. The payment in 2022 was “on behalf” of EyUp Skills, a tiny company owned by David Richards, who was then chief executive of WANdisco, and his wife, Jane, whose logo appears on the front of the football club’s new home and away kits as its principal sponsor. Richards, a supporter of Sheffield Wednesday, resigned from WANdisco in April while the company was in the midst of an unrelated fraud scandal. Its shares were suspended in March after it said it had discovered a sales and accounting scam. WANdisco’s value collapsed by more than 96 per cent on its return to London’s Aim market yesterday, all but wiping out the holdings of shareholders, including Richards. Trading resumed after the completion of an emergency fundraising and the publication of its overdue annual results, which contained details of the related-party transactions. WANdisco said an additional $362,691 was due to Sheffield Wednesday on behalf of EyUp “contingent on certain post-year outcomes”. EyUp, which has said it is “creating software developers, generating jobs and investing in start-ups”, listed net assets of £1,555 and zero staff in its most recent accounts. The company’s website says it is “under maintenance”. WANdisco also flagged 2021 payments, since repaid, to The David and Jane Richards Family Foundation for the Laptops for Kids scheme, a charity that says it aims to increase access to learning for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, as well as $19,760 worth of invoices paid to EyUp. WANdisco said: “The board was not informed of these related-party transactions at the time and are unable to provide a comment on the fair and reasonableness of each transaction.” Richards and Sheffield Wednesday were approached for comment. WANdisco was set up in 2005 and supports companies that create huge amounts of data. In April, an independent investigation by the corporate consultancy FRP Advisory concluded that about $15 million of recorded revenue and $115 million of sales bookings linked to a senior employee were illegitimate. Its finances were misstated as a result, prompting a Financial Conduct Authority investigation.
  8. Probably not worth worrying about this chap cos he hasn’t worked since 2021 when WBA got rid where , according to a pal who supports them , he was a complete disaster in every area . Fell out with everyone including the club cat and brought in some absolute garbage before falling out with the chineses owners. The rumour also comes from an unreliable website surely mr chancer couldn’t be that stupid……?
  9. Think you need to reconsider this statement in particular the EU is also widely suffering from shortages of skilled workers so much so that for example Denmark and Germany are changing their constitution to make it legal for non EU workers to move their.
  10. Oh happy days! After leaving school I had the pleasure of working for a firm which relined Sheffield and Rotherham’s steel furnaces as a bricklayers labourer. Top skilled men working 12 hour shifts ( except for a pub visit) in horrendous conditions but never forgot how they always met deadlines and the end product was top class sad to say a proportion of todays brickies are division 4 by comparison and you’ve only got to look at the quality or lack of on new builds soooo …. Whilst ever clients continue to accept shoddy finishes and look for the cheap option the import of them there foreigners is maybe not the answer…. We maybe need to encourage youngsters to take up the trade and subsidise their apprenticeships cos few firms want to know or can afford
  11. Indeedy he’s gone awol can only think he’s got a pal whose paid for him to go to Spain to watch dem owls on his return from wherever he has a bundle of questions which remain unanswered what chance he replies?
  12. Means absolutely zero in terms of AML rules they will still ask the obligatory questions to comply with AML rules and if you give them the right answers you get the dosh. You don’t seem to understand that point at all! will you be delving into your vast wealth pot to invest in chancer enterprises ie buying a season ticket? No I guess not
  13. You must have your dosh in a tin pot bank cos as various folk have tried to explain there are stringent anti money laundering rules applicable in the uk currently and any bank caught by the FSA ignoring them would be in serious trouble any way as mr risen correctly says the sensible person knows quite well why mr chancer won’t allow credit cards etal and that’s to try and avoid what has happened previously when he owed a return of dosh ie folk claimed on those cards for the refund he wouldn’t or couldn’t pay. The man is skint and simply is trying any old trick to get a top up . In fact I hear he’s offering a 50 year ticket for half time sausage rolls next . His latest set of accounts are due out by this month end so we can have a better understanding when they arrive
  14. seemingly signing new contract told Marseille to allez one! Await confirmation but heard from a good contact we shall see
  15. Correct ! Barclays certainly do but not sure about bank of Thailand
  16. Wow Wednesday playing phantom games now you couldn’t make it up…. Well you can once again! Did they have coats down for goals?
  17. Agreed ! Not standing up for Leeds but sure I read somewhere that their supporters club had managed some sort of compromise ie if the away team reciprocated they would charge the same ie Cardiff game is £23 for away supporters and Leeds will pay that on return game also seems some obscure rule that where the away end is shared with home supporters the away tickets will be the same ie £47 cant find it now so maybe wrong
  18. Good point mr cuttsie not thought of that soooo…. If I went to my high street bank and asked for £8/10000 cash they would certainly be asking me “what for?” as they obliged under fca money laundering rules sooooo…. When I said it was to pay a mr chancer for a 10 year Ad infiditum season ticket the roar of laughter you would hear on parson cross followed by a distinct “no chance are you mad”
  19. Soooo…. For any disbelievers could you be so kind as to evidence this and in particular provide a definition of “ a short space of time” Asking for a friend
  20. Hello mr Bassett so you are there! i have asked you several times to provide evidence as to which teams in the championship are charging more than mr chancer this coming season could you do this please and provide the evidence as I’m asking for a friend ….failure to do so will constitute an admission you have been talking nonsense
  21. Hello mr b please show us which efl clubs charge more than wednesday For season tickets and potg please
  22. Where’s Wednesday big name fans giving their views? I see Chris McClure from some band or other gave chancer some strong thoughts on radio sheffield the other day. Where’s t’old Vaughan or even that Carlton bloke….. no they only care about themselves. This crap needs media attention nationwide? I see them there Leeds reversed an initial decision to increase season tickets so what about chancer? Don’t think he cares to be honest but maybe he’s building a s… storm to say he’s listening and will come up stinking of roses…….ha ha pigs might fly as the saying goes!
  23. No concessions except over 65 non transferable in the event you depart this earth and if things go bottoms up no chance of a refund through the usual credit card avenues seems like he’s trying to save his cash flow problem cos his own pockets are empty? Not good business acumen? Joke of a chairman who is now showing his contempt for loyal fans who deserve better
  24. When oh when will you start to see the wider picture instead of talking half baked nonsense? Wednesday are already looking to lure a centre half from brig house town who were non league last time I saw them play dont think anyone is moaning about the manager just about the cost of watching. under different circumstances would you pay £59 for a stand seat to watch….come on answer that please? you also seem to suggest other teams are charging more? Can you give some factual evidence please?
  25. Apparently chancer is now bringing his 3 & 5 year season tickets out again. They range from £1380 for 3 years on the kop to £3150 for 5 years in the stand. No credit card payments only cash cheque or bank transfer and non transferable . the man is clearly an astute businessman of the finest order…… not
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