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  1. I would also add that much of the money for the Hoyland developments came in the form of eu grants. But…. Many of the operators demanded cheap labour hence some even set up HR recruitment specialists in Poland. Locals then were left out so when all this cheap labour arrived local councils housed them in front of locals even to the extent that children were allocated local schools whilst residents kids traveled long distances out of area hopefully that’s in the past amd jobs are given more to locals who receive the right pay for the job? Who knows ?
  2. Season long loan from Newcastle good move !
  3. This sad and not necessary the rising number of customers saying they will not use Manchester again surely is an Avenue to explore? Personally I finished with Manchester pre covid and after being treated like cattle will never go back leeds is also going downhill and any commercially thinking organisation should be looking to tap into that catchment area etc east midlands is fine presently but will suffer through increased numbers deserting elsewhere
  4. Agreed! Manchester has 3 free routes round the city centre and they all start from Piccadilly railway station which is great when it’s pishing down cos it drops me at the vine pub to meet mi mates for beer and curry its a no brainer to any forward thinking city…oh wait a minute we’re talking Sheffield. Probably start it in nether edge so the eco Marxists can use it
  5. Brilliant! Shall be marching to the lane Wednesday and Sunday after a few round town and singing along as for the assholes on here who cares they can live in their dream world forever for me
  6. Let’s hope that the silent majority get behind the 3 further games at bramall lane the semi final is sold out and only odd tickets left for the other two all the misery guts can stay home for me and leave real fans to get behind the games and surrounding events such we can leave a positive view of the city with the euro fans and wider tv audience. Gods teeth it’s about time we had some smilers
  7. Changing rooms? Have they got these at Hillsboro now? Thought they got changed in their cars Anyway afraid the days when Hillsboro hosted prestige events are now long gone unless mr chancer can invest but not much chance of that
  8. My god there’s some happy sods on here! Bet ones great fun at parties….” Ah remember when’s ale were threpence a pint and you dint have to wear a mask” get a life it’s not the end of the world as some of us prefer to try and create a welcoming atmosphere for them euro folk so what if I can’t drive st Mary’s gate for a couple of hours cos there’s a traditional fans walk from Devonshire green . Stay at home and make garbled comments on an Internet forum as usual
  9. Nearly over the line today another quality signing if it comes off
  10. Of course punishments should be carefully considered but they must fit the crime and importantly act as a serious deterrent . deportation after sentence served should be high on this agenda wherever possible Sadly I don’t care two hoots about the poor perpetrators families . They should have been on their minds when the crime was committed- maybe they could take them with them?
  11. With respect you seem to be in the camp of serve a meagre sentence and then be released. Apologies if incorrect what this country needs is a government who does what they said on the tin and imho in these cases we need to send a strong message that if folk don’t do as the romans do they probably forfeit the right to remain despite all the money grabbing lefty lawyers stealing money from defending them of course their families may suffer but so do the victims who seem to be forgotten by the do gooders which vocal minority seem to me to get their way in short the law needs an amendment and we need to quickly stop bowing down to the European courts somehow this has to stop and from first hand experience it is still happening
  12. Signed from Malmo international defender good deal for £3m or was it 5? now for Lawrence and the in named striker maybe there’s someone on here who searches the internet all day can enlighten?
  13. Not strictly true you can if the home office decide the criteria are met
  14. Not before time but there must be queue to receive the same charge forest Everton etc. the fa etal need to nip this in the bud but goodness knows how they will do it? Same should apply to all clubs including our two if and when they contribute as someone said the old days are returning and a big stick (proverbially speaking) is needed? the excess of booze and the coke heads are going to ruin the game soon and for what it’s worth employing youngsters and young lasses as stewards and expecting them to stand up physically won’t work either if grounds can be closed for racist behaviour then endangering the lives of footballers in their workplace should attract greater punishment the Luton manager is correct celebrate by all means but stay off the pitch
  15. What I was going to say it’s for premier and championship clubs only who can apply for a licence good idea for United or not?
  16. Mmmmmm not sure about that United have the premier dosh and I don’t think ramsdale fee was in last accounts?
  17. Disgraceful that scc failed to locate the public sewer and the potential consequences no defence to say that was not necessary as it’s only temporary works absolute incompetence once again and someone should be sacked?
  18. Nothing more to add except it’s better than losing 14 -0
  19. And so it begins…… Adam Davies signs 2 year deal
  20. Stop causing a stink you’re not allowed!
  21. It don’t matter how it’s dressed up Swfcs financial position has been dire and maybe remains so aside from a couple on here who say he’s minted and can do no wrong the real proof of the pudding is whether current finances have been brought into line according to the pub leagues rules we shall all have to wait and see!
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