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  1. The brewery that brought real ale back into existance....Dave Wickett did a superb job...and the brewery 'trained' so many brewers who went on to start other similar breweries....Abbeydale to name but one....
  2. I would much rather see rocks on grass verges rather than let the selfish idiots who insist on churning up what was a nice grassy verge
  3. Those who design these systems cannot even think inside the box, let alone outside. Fortunately, they are not in these jobs long, as they get promoted well above their levels of incompetence
  4. destroyed by those for who it was built to benefit....
  5. Not to be pedantic, but it is not Millhouses, it is Mill House.....I would love to know the reasons for the animals being taken. In Unstone, there are kennels, and the dogs bark incessantly, and the RSPCA are not interested....
  6. Mine lives on the worktop...I make three loaves in one day, the next day, when they are cold, I use my electric slicer, then slice and freeze....I experiment with different recipes: date and walnut, curry bread, mixed seed....I wouldn't be without one...
  7. Carpet shop at Dronfield Bottom sells them at decent prices.
  8. Anybody able to tell me much about this company? Made screwdrivers ....
  9. That awful dirge by Frankie goes to Hollywood...cannot stand it.
  10. I will be walking in that area tomorrow...
  11. Road markings and layouts are not designed by folks who actually drive...or even live in the area. There are so many places where this is the case. Then, once they have made a pigs ear of so many, they are promoted.
  12. We have this problem in Unstone, and we have the local authority on the case now, she has made a HUGE difference, though in recent weeks, it has got worse. Incessant barking........from kennels!
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