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  1. P Jared O'Mara has been arrested on suspicion of fraud, according to multiple sources. The independent MP for Sheffield Hallam was arrested at the same time as his chief of staff Gareth Arnold, the BBC's Next Episode Podcast found. Electronic equipment was confiscated in the South Yorkshire Police inquiry, the BBC also understands. Mr O'Mara did not respond to requests for comment while Mr Arnold said he had "no comment". Both have been released under investigation. South Yorkshire Police would not confirm details of either man's arrest. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority said it was a "matter for the police". Mr O'Mara said he was "taking time out for mental health treatment" in July and promised to resign at the end of summer recess after allegations of sexual misconduct towards staff. Constituents have complained that case work has not been dealt with in the MP's absence, allegations Mr Arnold denies. Responding to the latest news, Sinead Parkinson, a member of the Hallam Constituents Facebook group, told the BBC: "We are pleased that an investigation is under way but we are still a constituency unrepresented and action needs to be taken to correct that." During its investigation, the BBC uncovered staff running the MP's office without the proper security clearance required by Parliamentary authorities. After the investigation was published, the constituency office was closed and staff formally given four weeks' notice. The Treasury confirmed Mr O'Mara had, in recent weeks, given formal notice of his intent to resign in September. When the BBC has visited the constituency offices, on a number of occasions, they were found to be empty.
  2. I used to listen to her on Peak FM,.
  3. polish, then clear lacquer?
  4. Yep, probably will use Jeyes to kill off the moss...
  5. Cheers, thanks! It has some great reviews...
  6. Woodseats...Crookes....Nether Edge....
  7. I have a double garage, my workshop, which is about 15 years old, a prefab concrete section one. The roof is corrugated sheets, which years ago would have been asbestos, (but not actually asbestos on mine).. Some cracks have appeared on some of the 'dips', allowing rain to drip in... but the inside has been insulated. Obviously, the real way to repair would be to simply re-roof with new sheets...but I need a cheaper option, and one I can do and carry on using the workshop. I have tried painting on sealant with limited success....so now, I am asking...What could I do with it? Grateful for any (sensible) advice.
  8. I am convinced that those who design road systems, white line markings, signage etc., are not themselves motorists.
  9. Superb framers in Dronfield, by the Peel Monument...
  10. I think I would rather believe what the experts are saying...just glad I don't live there...
  11. Sometimes, when I am walking along the Unstone Line, a former line used when there were lots of collieries and coke ovens in the area, I can hear what sounds like a train going by... yet the rails were taken up about a hundred years ago!
  12. can you not butt weld the two ends together? grind a chamfer on the ends of the pieces to get a nice 'v' groove in which to weld...?
  13. Does your insurance company offer you a monthly payment scheme?
  14. goldfinches and bullfinches are quite colourful....and there are more green parakeets moving into the area...
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