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  1. My wife does this, and throroughly enjoys it. She also does an online Tai Chi, loves them both.
  2. no, they are both in the box...parent on roof
  3. I love playing billiards, you have to have such a completely different mindset. We have a yearly comp at our bowls/snooker club. Know nowt about players or leagues though.
  4. copy and paste onto a Word doc. then copy all that and email it, or send the Word doc as an attachment
  5. Feeding time, don't know what they have eaten, but it was a bird, and had a ring on a leg....
  6. Why do vegetarians need to eat food that is made to look like meat? Fake burgers, fake sausages etc...Why!
  7. Drone Valley Brewery....there are lots of others..
  8. New posts should be subject to moderation for the first half dozen...
  9. Absolutely! I love it! I assume they are true portrayals!!
  10. I have stopped wearing slippers in the house, but bought a pair of shoes just for indoors to give my foot more support
  11. Near us, we have a track that is used by walkers, horse riders and cyclists. If only cyclists would announce their imminent arrival by the use of a bell which would get rid of this antagonism. Just a polite 'ding' is all that is needed.
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