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  1. smithy266

    Company Sports Clubs

    Laycocks Sports Centre, with its bowling green still on the go...but Laycocks itself is no more...
  2. doesn't look too good for Renishaw today....
  3. smithy266

    Queens Rd Traffic Scheme

    You cannot put a price on the frustration of motorists...just another ploy to keep motorists away from the city. These ideas are thought up by those who don't even drive probably
  4. Just wondering if there are any crown green bowlers in the area who are wheelchair-bound?
  5. Apparently, the Hardwick Show has been postpned, waterlogged ground...
  6. Saturday 8th June....Classic Car Show at Hardwick Hall in aid of Ashgate Hospice Sunday 9th June: Penistone Mayor's Gala, classics on show.. Sat 8th and Sunday 9th...Belper Steam and Vintage event June 12th: Renishaw Hall Car Show 16th June: Cromford car show also 16th June: Sheff and Hallam Car club sprint at Curborough June 24th: Hope Car Show, organised by Sheffield and Hallamshire car club Most of these events have been plucked from the Morgan's Historic & Classic Vehicle Events Handbook,
  7. smithy266

    Speed awareness courses

    Beauchief Golf course has these...I went to one on a Tuesday....and they are often there on Thursdays
  8. Yep, there are a lot of natural burial grounds around...plans to start a new one in the area are getting underway...
  9. smithy266

    Who next for Tory Leader/PM?

    I would never vote Tory if he is PM.
  10. smithy266

    Bartering at Car boot sales ect

    My daughter barters in any and every store, and gets a discount most times...even at the big stores. I occasionally do too, and with success. Try it.
  11. smithy266

    Electric drill transformer problem

    Do you mean the battery charger?
  12. smithy266

    Back pain

    Is the Sheffield Back Pain Association still around?.....or the equivalent in other areas...
  13. May I cross your coloured waters Mr Fish? (Was a game we played on our lawn...) Hopscotch Hide and seek
  14. smithy266

    Another crash at Greenhill

    If you have been through it many times, fair enough..you know the possible hazard. However for a driver maybe new to the area, it was about 10.30pm, so quite dark, the red lights would have been very visible..
  15. Only this evening...top of Greenhill Ave....where a vehicle had come from Meadowhead roundabout to turn right down Greenhill Ave, only to have a car coming from Bradway smash into it. Maybe the pedestrian lights are at fault, as the red lights warning pedestrians not to cross are so big and so bright, oncoming vehicles may be confused, thinking the red lights are for oncoming traffic. Action MUST be taken before there is a fatality. Seems all the vehicle occupants were out of the badly smashed vehicles.

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