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  1. The council must be flushed with success for the money they are saving...if we had that sort of dosh, we would probably pee it all against the wall
  2. Having just had the pleasure being at this gig last Friday at Nether Edge Bowling Club, this is a superb, not-to-be-missed event, ..I recommend you to go...
  3. The standard of television generally has plummeted.
  4. I am a Parish Councillor, amd get nowt, apart fom the satisfaction
  5. Kelham Island Museum, Abbeydale ,Industrial Hamlet, Shepherd Wheel, South Yorks Motor museum, walks through the parks to Forge Dam, Peak Rail....
  6. a mouse can get through a hole the size of a pencil, according to what I was told when we had a rodent problem, and a rat can get through a hole the size of a 2 shilling coin...about an inch...
  7. Did anyone here listen to interviews and chats yesterday, about the Peak Resort in Unstone? Maybe mentioning the David Lloyd project.... If so, please would you tell me on which show it was, and roughly the time, so I can listen to it on iplayer? cheers,
  8. There is more up to date and relevant news on this forum...
  9. <<<but they in proprietory format , >>> nowt worse, believe me....
  10. Economic Cutting would do this...they are in Handsworth..
  11. could be to do with The LIfe of Jamie (or some such similar title) Filming on Deerlands Ave the other day
  12. No, not trolling at all....just wondering how you would do it if you had designed the system., and how would we want to actually understand...Should neighbouring areas be consecutively named,...As, then Bs, then Cs etc?
  13. Maybe you might be better with an electric mower?
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