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  1. Yep, it is something we see occasionally...quite a few buzzards live around these parts..
  2. yep, phone numbers discontinued...I just want to know who dumped them...
  3. Cheap supermarket drinks, more rubbish on tv...
  4. Anybody know anything about this company? Two or three boxes of their leaflets have been flydumped in Unstone
  5. a bit sad when there are plenty of British printing companies that should have been involved, and not one from a country that does not ceven elebrate Christmas...I write as a former owner of a printing company..
  6. Absolutely. It is obvious you have not met a freemason. They...we...are just ordinary blokes....fair enough, as in every organisation there are those who might think they are different from their fellow members, social climbers etc, butvfind me an organisation that hasnt got these.
  7. Only a couple of pounds...but probably closed now for the winter. Sorry for delay in responding...but hope this helps...
  8. We were there fairly early, and amazed how busy it was...thankfully it was a nice day. Well done to all...a good variety of stalls...we could have spent a fortune!
  9. I save my old trees and use the trunks to make model trees on my lathe. A fiver each if anyone wants one..
  10. Don't listen to Radio 2....Ken Bruce is ok, but Vine is tedious, Wright is awful....overpaid idiots. I listen to Paradise Radio, via the interweb. Listener supported advert-free wall to wall reight good music.
  11. Go to your local pharmacy. Ask there, they know what they are talking about.
  12. Fawlty Towers is on one of the freeview channels...
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