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  1. B &Q or Wickes will supply perspex
  2. Damp musty smell and no apparent water leak? Sounds like you need to talk to Envirovent, which sorted our similar-sounding problem...
  3. The Drone running through Unstone was like this a few weeks ago...not a rare occurance around these parts
  4. Hmmm, loads of new builds planned at Chesterfield Waterside.....
  5. The Pastie Shop opposite the Peace Gardens
  6. up to the retailer, surely? They took your money
  7. Don't start me off!!! I have a pile of rubber bricks by my side that I throw at the tv! Journalists and top presenters who do not speak gramatically...
  8. I too have never heard of him, and cannot understand why it is such major news here in the uk
  9. I would rather see the baby talking ad than McGuigans or Direct Line anyday
  10. Yep, it is something we see occasionally...quite a few buzzards live around these parts..
  11. yep, phone numbers discontinued...I just want to know who dumped them...
  12. Cheap supermarket drinks, more rubbish on tv...
  13. Anybody know anything about this company? Two or three boxes of their leaflets have been flydumped in Unstone
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