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  1. Carpet shop at Dronfield Bottom sells them at decent prices.
  2. Anybody able to tell me much about this company? Made screwdrivers ....
  3. That awful dirge by Frankie goes to Hollywood...cannot stand it.
  4. I will be walking in that area tomorrow...
  5. Road markings and layouts are not designed by folks who actually drive...or even live in the area. There are so many places where this is the case. Then, once they have made a pigs ear of so many, they are promoted.
  6. We have this problem in Unstone, and we have the local authority on the case now, she has made a HUGE difference, though in recent weeks, it has got worse. Incessant barking........from kennels!
  7. one of the reasons I no longer click on Radio 2. Cannot stand the man. Nowt at all like his brother Tim.
  8. I have a red 1993 Morgan if that's is any help?
  9. My wife does this, and throroughly enjoys it. She also does an online Tai Chi, loves them both.
  10. no, they are both in the box...parent on roof
  11. I love playing billiards, you have to have such a completely different mindset. We have a yearly comp at our bowls/snooker club. Know nowt about players or leagues though.
  12. copy and paste onto a Word doc. then copy all that and email it, or send the Word doc as an attachment
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