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    mobile mechanic for classic

    If it was ok when you parked it up, my reckoning that it is just surface rust, and should soon clear if you try to drive the car. Maybe you have left the handbrake on, and the shoes have simply stuck to the drums, and would free off as soon as the car moves. I never use the handbrake on mine in the garage..which is level... Hope this helps, let us know...
  2. smithy266

    is everywhere in kelham island card only

    Because it isnt like spending money. You used to go out with £20then go home when you had run out of cash. With a card, you need so much self control, which is harder after a few drinks!l
  3. smithy266

    Tractor or HGV tyres

    They do make great sandpits for kids...
  4. smithy266

    Tyre sizes.

    If you use it on the driven axle, the diff will think you are going around a loooong corner and may get warm, and if it is on the steering, may pull to one side. Why do you want/need to do this?
  5. smithy266

    Bulls Eye

    The old shows are being repeated...just switched on to see Sheffield lads Mick Liversage and his pal win the game...cannot remember seeing it the first time all those years ago...the Childrens' Hospital also benefitted by about £600
  6. smithy266

    Query about an email address

    makes a lot of sense, and saves a line on your business card!
  7. smithy266

    Morgan`s Year Book 2019

    Mine has just plopped through the letterbox. What an amazing £5's worth it is too. Thanks Yorky for giving us the heads up about it.
  8. smithy266

    Good areas to buy near city centre?

    Nether Edge...Woodseats....
  9. Hope you mean not too bad Micky!
  10. Master in business administration.....how to open a bank account....steep learning curve ahead!
  11. smithy266

    Tig welding crash course?

    I think if you are serious about it, nip to Machine Mart and buy a welder. Then practice, practice, practice.. i went on a welding course years ago at Hope Valley College...bought a mig welder a few years back, and it is so useful...
  12. smithy266

    Protest outside Casa Hotel Chesterfield yesterday.

    Hunt dogs attacked some alpacas apparently over the last couple of years.
  13. Sheffield is a wonderful city.. Look to the south or south west for the acknowledged better parts... And enjoy your time here.
  14. smithy266

    Prince Phils driving exploits.

    Wonder if he was breathalised?
  15. How many points on your licence Brooker11?
  16. smithy266

    Classifieds sections

    Tells me it is currently unavailable....
  17. smithy266

    New classic arrives

    So soon Craig? Pity...hope you have enjoyed the time you have had it....
  18. smithy266

    Mrs. brown's boys....

    I can quite easily deny that it is a breath of fresh air in the schedules...it is fould, smelly dank air.
  19. smithy266

    Mrs. brown's boys....

    There are few programmes as unfunny as this one, heaven knows why so many supposedly intelligent people rave about it. It is total garbage.
  20. smithy266

    Photo editing

    No offence taken, I will pm you my details
  21. smithy266

    Photo editing

    Not in a rush then.....
  22. smithy266

    Photo editing

    Quite a straightforward job....I am in Unstone, if that isnt too far for you.
  23. My own website, and facebook....and am in lots of different facebook groups.... Cant be doing with linkedin or twitter.... Try starting a facebook cactus appreciation society?

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