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  1. One Sunday morning some years ago I was in my car at the crossroads on West Street when a group of naked cyclists went zooming past. Very surreal!
  2. I went last Friday. It was very quiet. Got parked on the ground floor and only about 6 other cars there. As gluedtopc said it's still free. There is a cafe open in the main area as well.
  3. Oi RiffRaff ! Less of the 70! I still consider myself a fit young chick.
  4. I think someone's idea of 'elderly' changes as they themselves age. I used to think of someone in their 60s as elderly but now I'm 70 I think differently.
  5. I can tolerate the cold and wet at a push but not the white stuff. Hope we've seen the last of it for this year. Roll on spring ☀️🌳🌷
  6. What a lovely story 😃
  7. Hi Janus. That sounds like a really good idea. I've no experience of support groups myself but if you look at 'wikihow - how to start a support group' it gives what looks like some useful information. Good luck with your venture.
  8. Last night's Hadrian's Wall walk with Robson Green. It brought back happy memories of walking the wall (not all in one go though)..
  9. You could try looking on Google maps Street view. Might ease your mind 🤞
  10. Hi Patricia. I also take Lansoprazole to counteract the effects of other pills including BP medication. I've been on them for nearly 3 years now. Within the first year I suffered with IBS for about 6 months. Then it cleared up for a couple of months before returning for a brief period. I've not had it now for nearly 2 years. To be honest I put the IBS down to stress caused by my husband's ongoing severe health problems. I continue to take my medication as I think for me personally it's safer to do so and as I said the IBS isn't too much of an issue. Hope this is of interest to you. 🙋
  11. That's very interesting wornout. I think it's the usual case of different people having different experiences. Mine was great the first couple of times but then they started saying the doctor hasn't sent the prescription when I knew they had. I eventually cancelled them when they said they hadn't got the prescription but I could see it was there on my account ready to be sent. I've been tempted to try another on line service but I'm loathe to after my experience with Echo. I'm glad you've been satisfied with them though because I think it could be a really good service.
  12. Yes I realise she's aware other people have problems. I was being facetious - sorry 🥴
  13. Hmmm. Holly Willoughby says she's tired and weary after a week of working and home teaching. I wonder if she realises that she's not the only one struggling.
  14. Caroline, have you tried asking a volunteer to collect your mums prescription? I think you should be able to get a list from your local council or your medical center. I tried using Lloyds Echo which I thought was a really good service. However I soon experienced problems with them, missing items etc so I went back to using my local pharmacy. I've seen that Boots and Co-op do a similar service so it might be worth your while giving them a go. Hope you get it sorted. 😃
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