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  1. In the 70s we used to take my son to Graves Park to the bonfire and fireworks display. I believe it was run by the council. There were hundreds of people turned up for it but sadly it came to an end. I think this is a much safer option for children to enjoy bonfire night rather than buying them and setting them off themselves. We spend all year telling children not to play with fire then when November comes around it's ok for them to do just that.
  2. It's not on now but I used to like the Cravendale Cats with Thumbs advert. I can't think of any new ones I like but one that I really hate is the Viagra one. That man gives me the creeps the way he dances round the house. And he really should take his socks off. 🤮
  3. I hate snow. It's should be banned. Doesn't do anything except cause problems for everyone then disappears. I don't even like it on photos or Christmas cards. And don't get me started on kids who turn the roads into skating rinks. And I don't even live on a hill. 😠
  4. Unbelievable that anyone could do something like that. Hope your mum and dad are ok and aren't too traumatised. Absolutely disgusting.
  5. Sorry Ian. I suppose it's one of those situations when you have to be there to understand. 😃
  6. I don't think anyone who's just going about their work should have to put up with people making comments about how they do it. There seems to be certain jobs i.e. cleaners, postmen, deliverymen that are easy targets for people to have a pop at. Ian, I'm sure your experience was very annoying but spare a though for the poor delivery men. 😊 Hope your husband gets his rucksack back Jane.
  7. You're my world, you are my night and day You're my world, you're every prayer I pray If our love ceases to be Then it's the end of my world for me
  8. Living on my road is Eric Clapton, Captain Hook, Banana man and Woman in Bed. Dread to think what they call us 😂
  9. Baby, you can drive my car Yes, I'm gonna be a star Baby, you can drive my car And maybe I'll love you"
  10. dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones A dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones A dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones An' I hear the word of the Lord! Mmmh
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