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  1. Does anyone remember the classroom block called the Hengist or Engist at Mansel Junior School? It was separate from the main building and consisted of 2 classrooms with a store room in between. Miss Dronfield always seemed to be the teacher in one of the rooms. (She taught Scottish country dancing as an after school activity). I always wondered how it got that name.
  2. Thanks for that information. I'll look into it 👍
  3. People with asthma, COPD etc shouldn't wear masks. I haven't been on a bus yet and probably won't for some time as my husband is sheilding. When we do he said he'll wear a mask anyway because people will wonder why if he doesn't. It's a shame there isn't a card available to prove that you're exempt from wearing a mask.
  4. I only watched it because there was nothing else on. Glad I did, it was fascinating. Can't wait for tonight's episode.
  5. Just watched 1917. Excellent, very moving. 10/10
  6. What I don't understand is why anyone would wish to jeopardize the progress we've made through lockdown by attending the protests. The murder in America was absolutely appalling as is all racism but the fact remains that this virus isn't racist, it will kill anyone whatever their colour. I'm sure there must be other ways for people to make voices heard whilst still adhering to the distancing rules.
  7. When I was about 8 or so I started collecting foreign dolls dressed in traditional costume. I don't know why I did it as I never liked dolls, they always frightened me (and still do). I used to lay awake for hours convinced they were going to get me. It wasn't long before they were shut away in a cupboard.
  8. Also Noel is a much better performer and songwriter imo.
  9. Ryan's daughter was another one. Good story & brilliant acting.
  10. I agree Patricia. And as for the mother and daughter duo, I can't believe that they learnt a new song in 15 minutes. The mother said she'd got the lyrics written on the back of her hand but on their first attempt you could clearly see writing on the palm of her hand. I thought the youth orchestra deserved the golden buzzer.
  11. Wicker Man. The original not the Nicholas Cage one.
  12. I'd be careful Cressida, he's got a habit of losing people.
  13. I'd go to the coast with my husband and son ⛱️🏝️
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