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  1. I had a Saturday job at Paragon Jewellers in the 60's. It was situated on the corner opposite what was Debenhams. I think it eventually closed and another jewellers opened up there, maybe Samuels but I'm not sure.
  2. In our house it used to be whoever wasn't in their jimjams. However since hubby is now not well enough the job falls to me. 😃
  3. Glad you've had a happy end to your hedgehog story and hope he's learnt his lesson.
  4. RSPCA (wildlife advice); 0300 1234 555 RSPCA Sheffield branch; 0114 2898 050 South Yorkshire Animal Rescue 0114 2349 656 A local charity established to care for sick animals that cares primarily for wildlife. Hedgehogs While it is often rare to see a hedgehog, it is a great privilage, however if you see one that is active during the day, something is probably wrong with it. You can either monitor it in the garden or follow the advice given by the British Hedgehog Society on their website British Hedgehog Preservation Society; 01584 890 801
  5. I used to go to Dr Patel at Heeley. A really good doctor. Only fault was he used to prune the roses in the surgery garden despite having a waiting room full of patients. Dr Sweeta took over from him. She was very good as well.
  6. What a shame that a thread originally started to help people get their vaccine has been sabotaged by people determined not to have it. Their choice of course but thankfully the majority of the population are doing the right thing.
  7. The Domino's advert with the yodelling men. Really annoying.
  8. I've not noticed this bit I haven't been out much lately. What does surprise me is how people can get away with sticking a car on a grass verge with a for sale notice on it. Surely that's illegal.
  9. A couple of years ago I bought a lovely scarf from Sainsbury's. It's bright orange, green and cream. It was only when I got it home that I noticed the label says it's made from 100% plastic bottles. It fascinates me because it's so soft and silky.
  10. I recently bought some whisky off Amazon for my son's birthday. The delivery man had to ask me for ID. He was very apologetic but we had a laugh about it as I'm 70 🤣
  11. Yes it would be lovely. We used to take my son there and it was always really busy. All the parks were in those days. Hillsborough park had a boating lake which I used to love as a child.
  12. I always wonder how they'll feel when they get old and they're stuck with big eyebrows and white teeth which will look like false ones by then.
  13. Don't know if this would be any use to you but I've recently used Woven Labels UK through Amazon for some embroidered name tags. They were reasonably priced and arrived very quickly. I think they do bespoke items.
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