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  1. Yes, one in particular was practicing flapping his wings this morning. Hope he stays away from the edge.
  2. It's just two women that have fallen out. Most would get on with their lives and not speak to each other again. 🙄
  3. The pigeon population has certainly taken a hit.
  4. My point exactly 👍😁
  5. Is it just me that find it offensive when people use the name Karen to describe a woman that's racist or generally not very nice. I'm related to a Karen and she is the complete opposite of this stereotype. We wouldn't put up with calling people names because of their race (quite rightly) but it seems to be ok to pick on Karens!
  6. Pigeon pie for super tonight. Bit gruesome. The chicks didn't get a look in. The parents kept it for themselves.
  7. Feeding time Padders. Unfortunately it's got it's back to the camera. There are now 4 chicks.
  8. They were fed about half an hour ago Padders so that might be it for today. I missed it but my son told me. We saw them yesterday feeding at around 3:30 and then again at 6:30 so that might be a time to watch. Shame about the poor little creatures that are being ripped apart though 😱
  9. The 4th egg hasn't hatched. It's still in the box though, or it was earlier today. The 3 chicks have got healthy appetites. I've managed to catch them feeding a few times. It's very addictive viewing 😊
  10. They'll be asked about 15 standard questions. Things like spell world backwards or count from 20 backwards. Also they'll be given 3 simple words to remember then asked to repeat them later. It's important that your relative stays calm and doesn't stress about it. You can find more information on the NHS website. Good luck.
  11. Oh heck. Now I'm really confused. I think you ought to just put your feet up and open a bottle of wine. If anyone asks where you're from just say 'earth'.
  12. The UK is a sovereign state consisting of 4 countries - England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland
  13. Bet that's made your day Padders 😁
  14. That's made me laugh. My mum had similar sayings. She also used to say 'are you having you hair cut short'???? No I'm having it cut long. If she'd lost something she'd always find it in the last place she'd looked. Don't know why she didn't carry on looking for it after she'd found it. If she had a pain, say in her leg, it was always 'just like toothache'. đŸ¤ŖđŸ¤ŖđŸ¤Ŗ
  15. I agree. I don't watch it much myself but from what I've seen its just harmless fun. Much better than the likes of Keith Lemon who just comes across as nasty. It's better than watching the news anyway ☚ī¸
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