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  1. I've just been to my NHS dentist. Everything was fairly normal. I had to ring reception from the car park to be let in, use hand sanitizer and wear a mask except for during the examination. Dentist and nurse both wore gloves and visors. Fortunately didn't need anything doing but o/h need as a filling and was given an appointment in 2 weeks times.
  2. My NHS dentist contacted me to say my check up is due this week. I'm going on Wednesday so I assume they'll be doing any work that's needed. (Hopefully none). Might be worth ringing your dentist Patricia.
  3. My mum is 99 and she's still having procedures. I don't think they would risk anything involving general anaesthetic though with anyone that age.
  4. RIP. He did a lot of good work for the country. Reached a good age.
  5. Timpsons, Atkinsons or just out of town (Shalesmoor) is Harrolds.
  6. I've remembered the site I used. It was commonwealth war graves. It lists Frank Osbourne, service no. D/JX176692 Died 25 Nov 1941 age 22. Commemorated at Plymouth Naval Memorial. Panel 48 column 1. Hope this helps in your search.
  7. Have you tried the National Archives? Also years ago I was trying to find details of someone who died on board during WW2. I eventually found the information on a forces memorial website. Unfortunately I can't remember what it was called but I think it might be based at Bournemouth or Plymouth.
  8. There's an HMS Barham Facebook group. That might be somewhere to start
  9. Anna, you have completely echoed my thoughts. I've also found the winter much harder but I've tried to focus on a (hopefully) brighter future. Other than looking forward to seeing my family and friends I'm also looking forward to getting plants for the garden, catching the bus into town, getting dressed up to go out for a meal etc etc. Nothing major just normal everyday this that we used to take for granted.
  10. Yes Rolling J, you're probably right. I assumed it was from the chemist as I'd just been there. The email was in fact very similar to the one I was sent from the chemist to say my prescription was ready.
  11. This is a new one to me. Just got back from picking my prescription up from Lloyds chemist when I got an email supposedly from them saying a new payee had been added to my account. If I hadn't authorised this I should go to the attached link. I deleted it obviously but I found it strange that I'd just been to Lloyds. I don't pay for my prescriptions so no transactions took place. 🤔
  12. I worked in Leeds for a few years and anyone who came from Sheffield was automatically referred to as a 'Dee dah dooley'. I'd never heard it said before so they had to explain it to me even though I'm Sheffield born and bred. Funny thing was though, their accents were so strong I could never understand anything they said. 😀
  13. As I said in another post, he was standing up for the Queen and I admire him for that.
  14. I admire him for standing up for the Queen. Seems to me that not many people have given her much thought in all this. No matter what your opinion is on Harry and MM is, the Queen is still in her 90s and has a husband in hospital.
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