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  1. If anyone is going to Clumber Park be aware that ollerton road is closed off for 4 miles due to someone dumping asbestos (!) along the road side. We went yesterday and were diverted up to the A1 roundabout.
  2. Hi ECCOnoob. In principle I agree with what you're saying which is why I just hang up on them. However at the moment I'm going through a really stressful period with other half seriously ill in hospital. I'm expecting phone calls to report on his condition and these nuisance calls are really not helping. Also I've got a 98 year old mother who is also plagued by the same type of calls despite us having tried to block them. They upset and confuse her. I really feel that's I've gone beyond worrying about some unknown callers feelings. I wouldn't be expected to suffer from harassment at work so why should I put up with it in my own home.
  3. I never realised I could have so much fun on the phone. 😀
  4. I certainly haven't consented to the calls. I didn't realise it was illegal. I might have to give the swearing a go 🤣
  5. I'm sure this must have already been discussed but I was just curious having received yet another phone call telling me I'd had an accident which wasn't my fault. Does anyone ever say 'oh yes, that's right, I did'. Surely if you'd had an accident you'd sort it out not wait for some random phone call. I get 3 or 4 calls a week which I find is as I've never had an accident. I just quietly put the phone down but it really gets on my nerves.
  6. I don't remember whether my Dansette had 16 rpm but I do remember my nan had a record player the size of a fridge. It had 78 &16 rpm. She had some really old records that played at 78 rpm but nothing for 16rpm. My sister and I used to like playing the records at 16 rpm and laugh at how it made the voices really deep and low. We also liked playing them at 78 rpm because it made them sound like pinky and perky. When we were really bored we used to put the old 33 records into boiling water and mold then into vases or ashtrays. You can't do that with a cd.
  7. Hi. My mum had a stroke last year. Even though we visited her twice a day I think she would have really benefited from having someone else to speak to. After a few weeks we were running out of conversation. She used to like it when the nurses popped in for a chat so I think just by talking to people about everyday things you will be helping a lot. We tried to encourage her to do simple things like colouring or drawing pictures. When she was able to walk with aid she was frustrated that there wasn't always someone their to help her . I'm sure whatever you do it will be very much appreciated especially by their family! 😃
  8. I was told by customer services that you can't park near Argos and walk across to the homebase car park as that is classed as Drake house and employ different car parking attendants.
  9. Thanks Enntee andKaufman. That makes sense. 😊
  10. I'm a bit confused. At Christmas I asked at the customer information desk at Crystal Peaks if I could park in the Argos / Tkmaxx car park and walk down to the main shopping area. I was told that I could as that part was CP retail park and is part of Crystal Peaks. Has that changed?
  11. In the fifties when I was in infant school my class won a road safety competition. The local vicar came to present us with our certificates and prizes. Footballs for the boys and beautiful pink brush and comb sets for the girls. When it was my turn I was presented with a football and a certificate with the male version of my name on it. The teacher swiftly crossed out the name, wrote my name in and told me I'd have to put up with the football as there were no brush sets left. I think it's safe to say I've not been left permanently scarred other than an intense dislike of anything to do with football 😄
  12. Well said. Earlier this year I was rushed to hospital by emergency ambulance. I regret that I never got chance to say thank you to the ambulance crew, the doctor and nurses that saved my life. I wish them and everyone in the NHS a very happy Christmas.
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