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  1. Anyone seen random chive, last seen in Scunthorpe with fake girlfriend called Louise
  2. Great place, great staff but the clientele OMG. Loads of drunk loud mouth scroats.
  3. I appeared in the original but not the sequel ....
  4. Exactly ...... very odd indeed. Busy listening to some rock music, catch you next time Def Lep are in town and your missus can't sleep.
  5. Keep going, you'll be on 10,000 posts soon ..... Pour some sugar on the animal before getting in your rocket for some action
  6. Whinge whinge whinge ......... ZZZzzz ZZZzzz (that's me sleeping, unlike you last Monday) I guess some people just get off on it, try listening to Def Leppard instead, oh I forgot ..... you did 😜
  7. Look forward to it, as it only happens once a decade, I'll enjoy watching people enjoying themselves. Have a nice day sweet cheeks ..... don't forget the ear plugs lol
  8. Thanks for replying ..... to every recent post on the forums ..... with your thanks
  9. Anyone have a clue what's happening around Halfway (Morrisons) and Mosborough currently, gridlocked since yesterday, 4 way lights on the Morrisons roundabout, no warning or signage so have to presume some sort of emergency works?
  10. So, the nurse was lying then? She looked knackered. I asked about her breaks for the reasons (and doubters) above, she told me that she had a 1hr break after 6hrs, a 2.5hr break at 12hrs and a further 1hr break at 18hrs. She managed to sleep for a couple of hours during the longer break in a staff rest room. But you know better clearly with your directives and legalities, it's the real world at the moment. Maybe pop in and see for yourself instead of judging from a distance in the ivory tower.
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