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  1. This is a small rant - have I got it wrong? I used to like Sheffield as a city, I still do just not as much. There's no identity anymore, there's no strategy about the future shape of the city. The new chinese quarter near Bramhall Lane looks appalling at the minute, the road network is awful, there's litter and graffiti all over. I like the different parts of the city but it's trying to be everything to everyone and hasn't got an identity anymore. I want to like our city but at the moment it's hard. If I've got it wrong tell, but tell me why ....
  2. Why is it difficult for people to understand why these parking spaces exist, have wider spaces and are located close to the doors of the store? I include blue badge holders who feel they can also abuse this facility which is there for 'parents with children', where you need to open the door wide to access the child in their car seat and close to the store so you are not pushing prams across busy car park lanes where shoppers are not thinking about where they are going. I had a 'conversation' with a 'lady' driving a Mercedes convertible last summer who parked in one at Morrisons without any kids. She was about to drive off ... "Invisible kids?", I said "I've got kids, but they're at home", she replied "Oh, that makes it OK then ...", I asked Thoughts/experiences anyone?
  3. Looking for an automatic (electric) roller shutter for my garage at home, any rec's from the Shef experts pls? ---------- Post added 02-02-2016 at 10:12 ---------- Anything anyone?
  4. Excellent initiative, I wish you well. My 11yr old daughter has autism and initiatives like this will no doubt help the overall lack of awareness of this increasingly common difficulty. Would be interested to hear about progress on this thread, please keep it going.
  5. Look about 10/15 years old ...? Water filled but possibly used ?
  6. Ronnie Pickering .... RONNIE Pickering ..... RONNIE PICKERING .... 'who's that?' ME! (points to self repeatedly) ...... Complete clown
  7. I have 2 old fire extinguishers that were left in the garage when we moved in years ago, need to get rid of them. Any idea's folks?
  8. Survey of all labour supporters carried out between Sept '14 and Dec '14, published on the labour exec website and widely available in all good bookshops.
  9. Probably means you have to get that 55" TV instead of the new 60" version, or you have to suffer the 32Gb iPhone instead of that meaty 128Gb one ......
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