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Did  Camelot  Spoil The Lottery For The Majority Of Us?

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From the start of the national lottery we used to run a syndicate. There  were about 6 members. Invariably  a 3rd of the annual ticket costs were paid for from the winnings we accrued each year. We never won big, but with a share of six tickets each week, it seemed much better than going it alone, and all for a quid each.

Before Camelot added 10 extra balls to the draw, the odds were 1 in 14 million. After adding  those 10 balls the odds went to 1 in 45 million, if the stats quoted online are correct. At that point we stopped playing.

I don't feel we were the only ones that lost sight  of the fun element. Doubling the price of the tickets will have also contributed to the lack of enthusiasm for many.

Something happens 'psychologically' when an item  only costs one pound . I remember watching a TV documentary about the pound shops. A similar thing was mentioned. You go in there and buy an item-"cos it's only costs a quid".

A Facebook group called 'Boycott the National Lottery'
has been set up by disgruntled punters. It does not surprise me.

I would have like to have seen Richard Branson  have a go at running the Lottery. I feel he would have improved things for Joe public.

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Fully agree, they made a complete pigs ear of it. The lottery was a good earner for the charities it served and the higher prizes were worth having a gamble for.  In the nineties a 15-20k jackpot was normal and most people I know had a punt. In our work syndicate, there were 16 of us and one time we won £1600. But once it was re-hashed and put up to £2 a ticket, no one was bothered so we called it a day.  The income now can only be a fraction of what it was 20 years ago, and I don't know anyone who plays it now, 

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I know where you are coming from Lobster.


I would just like someone else to be given a chance to have a go. Someone who will be more considerate towards the paying public.


Regarding the price rise from a pound, what was wrong with say a 10% increase or even 20%. But no, there had to be greed with a 100% price hike and spoil  good thing. 


If the ball quantity had remained at 49 and the price at a quid, we all could have benefited-the punters, the charities and Camelot. 


All businesses have overheads. I would imagine there would not be any great outlay of money for Camelot, compared to the majority of companies with a similar figure of turnover.



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Still have a go most Saturdays - a throwback to the "have to be in it to win it" days! - but always have a crack when it's a 5 x rolldown like last night's draw.

If I have any freebies left over from other draws,  I bang those in as well, so yesterday's effort totalled 14 lines.

The result?

The same one number, 3 times.

Not even a sniff of a free lucky dip!


Interestingly, Camelot's parent company has been the "Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan" for some years now. They also run the Illinois State Lottery in the US.  



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I'm with you on this Janus - I stopped playing when it went up to £2 for pretty much the reason you stated.


When it was £1 my head said it was just a quid, a bit of fun - when it went up to £2 it became (in my head anyway!) an expense. An expense that I chose to do without,

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i heard the income has increased and the amount paid out to good causes has increased,our festival and many others accross the land,plus many childrens centres and many charities all gain a huge amount,which results in millions of stall holders,good causes ,music industry ect ,ect all gaining work,the public gains as well via ,new parks improvement,its endless,at the momemt or since covid ,millions have been put in to help,just look at there site,plus theres tickets,thunderball,and more all helping our country,so your £2 helps millions,well worth a punt if you can afford it as its much more than a bet,and i on behalf of our group and millions more thank everyone for its creation.

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