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  1. Mmmm..... No doubt someone will be getting impatient to build apartments on these sites.
  2. Magneteer

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Yes, I know what you mean. I've tried tuning in on the way to work to hopefully catch up on current local issues/ news etc and weather etc, but it's mainly inane waffle and banter. Radio 2 has also seriously dumbed down and now also not an option for me. These days I tend to just use playlists or listen to Magic, Smooth and LBC for news /debate etc. I'd rather listen to a few ads then the drivel on Radio Sheff and R2 these days.
  3. Magneteer

    Pine Media in S6,

    I'm just in the process of ditching SKY ( after a ridiculous price increase) and looking for a reliable replacement. Not bothered about the TV as most of it is inane advert interspersed drivel anyway, and I can also ditch the landline as we mainly use mobiles nowadays. So, I see they have a 20mb Airfibre service which I'm seriously considering. Do any other Forumers use this service? Is the customer service ok? etc. Any thoughts / advice would be much appreciated.
  4. Magneteer

    Pine Media broadband

    I'd like to ask the same question as I'm looking to change my broadband provider. Pine Media have been around for a while now so there must be a few people out there with opinions, good or bad.
  5. Magneteer

    Big lips and botox. why?

    I must agree, I find it looks awful. It makes otherwise attractive women look like Donald Duck, or someone who has been smacked in the face with a cricket bat. Ugh.
  6. Magneteer

    Heinz tomato ketchup

    I find most of the own brand beans far tastier than Heinz. It's the same with Cadburys chocolate, awful tasting stuff nowadays, much prefer Aldi chocolate and at a fraction of the price.
  7. So is burglary..........they don't seem too interested in that either !
  8. Looking for one of these for my grandson's tripod. Can't find anything online, that says it will fit this model. Maybe these are obsolete. Would it be easier to just buy another tripod?
  9. 50% of dog owners should never be allowed anywhere near a dog, in my opinion. Same applies to pub owners/tennants.
  10. We've got the same here. Asked the offending neighbour earlier today if he would mind stopping his dog from barking for the rest of the weekend. His response? Yep......A mouthful of verbal. If these people are dumb enough to let their dogs barking upset all the neighbours, then you're never going to get a reasonable response to a polite complaint. It might help if he actually took the dog for a good walk rather than just giving it the free run of the garden, the great useless, lazy, idle cretin.
  11. Had a very near miss this morning whilst biking along Taplin Rd , a small red car came whizzing down Oakland Rd and straight across Taplin, no looking, giving way etc nearly took out a car and myself. A split second later I would have been a gonner. Would never put me off biking the 8 miles to work though. I do pity the poor souls queuing up on Parkway and Mosbrough bypass in a morning, it must be a soul destroying experience having to go through that every day.
  12. Yes,saw it passing over AMRC Catcliffe about 1540. It was that unmistakable growl of the RR Merlin that drew my attention skywards to it.
  13. Magneteer

    Pub's name at Anston

    Wasn't there a pub called the Saxon at Anston ?
  14. Magneteer

    Rising Beer Prices!!

    Steel city ale: I don't know how it's got my name against that quote, I think it was Choogling.... however, I do like Bradfield beers, a lot and also Sam Smiths Oak Cask is well worthy of the price, although Sam Smiths used to be awful stuff back in the 70's / 80's.

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