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  1. A few of us were having jam sessions in a couple of pubs in S6 until Covid put a stop to everything. Once we're up and running again at whatever venue I'll come back and let you know.
  2. If your'e not in a mad rush, I'll have a dig around when we go back to work next week. Somehing like a piece of 1" m.s heating pipe should do it.
  3. I wonder then, if the concrete pad which the tram lines are set in could at some point start to subside as a long term result of all the standing water. Then we would be in for some serious disruption whilst major repairs were carried out. It does seem strange though that this situation is allowed to continue on one of the busiest junctions in Sheffield. This thread has produced some great responses in regards to getting this situation dealt with along with some pretty lame excuses not to.
  4. You'd be digging away from from the tramlines, they dig footpaths up all the time ( no big deal) and no need to touch the bridge, go through behind the bus stop. The short disruption would be well worth it.
  5. This has been ongoing now for years and I am amazed that nothing ever gets done to rectify this. At the junction of Walkley Lane and Holme Lane whenever there's moderate rainfall there's a huge puddle forms, with enough dirty water to fill a swimming pool. It looks like something from the middle ages or a Dickens novel and any passing pedestrian is liable to suffer a serious soaking. Now, I'm no drainage expert but should it take anything more than a 15M run of drain pipe, discharging into the river. The place looks a complete eyesore, but it now seems to be a permanant feature.
  6. Fully agree, they made a complete pigs ear of it. The lottery was a good earner for the charities it served and the higher prizes were worth having a gamble for. In the nineties a 15-20k jackpot was normal and most people I know had a punt. In our work syndicate, there were 16 of us and one time we won £1600. But once it was re-hashed and put up to £2 a ticket, no one was bothered so we called it a day. The income now can only be a fraction of what it was 20 years ago, and I don't know anyone who plays it now,
  7. Top class goal-keeper and coach. Will be sadley missed by fans and fellow players. R.IP.
  8. Nice one ! A couple of those photos from the 1980's look like they could have been taken in the 1880's
  9. I worked on Osbourne House in 1975 when the Council did a full refurb on it. I worked on the new heating system plus it had complete new electical system, roofing, decorating etc . Shame to see how run down it's become in recent years
  10. Missed it . Damn. Would have taken the day off if I'd known. No publicity probably due to Covid, but it did a flypast/ bombing run over Derwent. I'll bet there a few walkers taken by surprise though! Have just watched the video on Fbook as they had cameramen in front and rear turrets. Awesome.
  11. Did you manage to get hold of any pipe cliffelad ?
  12. Not so much a housing shortage as too many people. And I doubt they could resolve all concerns when they're trying to build 300 houses in a beautiful wooded valley.
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