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  1. It wasn't really the breweries, as many seem to think. It's the Pubco's such as Enterprise, Punch Taverns,etc who have owned most pubs for the past 20 odd years who have done the most damage. They are basically estate agents with the remit of screwing as much cash as possible from their tennants and customers and tend to make life difficult and expensive for their tennants soon after they've taken over a pub. ie they raise rents and beer prices at will, dictate what food can be served etc. The breweries these days simply make booze and sell it to whoever wants to buy it, ie supermarkets and pubco's. We genuine beer lovers who long for a pint of old style Tetley's, Wards or Stones etc now have to settle for some overpriced Smoothflow or Lager, served just above freezing point in some chart music infested hell-hole. I also think that many people who run pubs these days are very much like many dog owners in that they shouldn't be allowed anywhere near one! Sorry for the extended moan..... I'm just off for a walk to calm down and will call at the Nag's Head in Loxley to quaff a few pints of Bradfields quality ales.
  2. When we bought a newer static caravan, we were told that our old one would have to be scrapped at a cost of £350. That was a few years ago. So, instead I put it on Ebay starting at £1. I would have been happy getting a tenner for it. It went for £450 to a couple in Barnsley who needed some temporary accomodation while they did up an old house. I've also got a number for a Polish chap who buys old caravans that are still in decent nick and sends them to Poland.
  3. Facebook Womens football Celebrity gossip Fishing Modern music Royal family gossip
  4. They did seem to sound much louder than normal, more like flying tractors. Combined with the church bell clanging away for ages , a Sunday lie-in was out of the question.
  5. On the other hand we have worked in the posh parts of our City and been refused both tea mashing and toilet use so take your pick Hmmm .........Totley, Dore Fulwood etc It's where all the middle class, middle aged, Guardian reading, folk singing, champagne socialists live. Drive around any of those places at election time and you'll see loads of Vote Labour posters in the windows.
  6. The Stones stuff they serve up these days is a poor imitation of the real thing from back in the day, The best Stones that I ever sampled back in the seventies, was in the Rose House at Walkley, it was like nectar. Same with the Wards beer you sometimes see, nothing like the original. I do agree about the craft beers though. One I tried in Hilsborough looked like cold tea once it settled and tasted like it too ...ugh £5 a pint. I think the beardies only drink it to be part of that scene.
  7. You did indeed ....must have beaten me by a few seconds
  8. you need to contact your service provider not Openreach.
  9. A Yorkshireman is just like a Scotsman, but with all the generosity squeezed out of him.
  10. It's quite rife in education/universities
  11. I was being generous. I will cover it easily true, but that's how much I'd put in the tank before leaving.
  12. And then beat you on experience !
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