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  1. There's an ad on the classifieds. Someone got a ton of it for free in Loxley. Looks good soil too.
  2. The novelty will soon wear off and it will finish up in a cupboard along with the juicer and the pasta maker etc. I think with the amount of use mine got, it worked out at about £10 per loaf.
  3. Nowhere near as painful as Tooth-ache !
  4. my dad enlisted in 1952 (Korean war) and he said he went to the recruiting centre on Ecclesall rd which is a building just past the shopping centre ie tescos etc with the pillars on the front.
  5. A couple of years ago, I got talking to an ex miner in the Brown Bear during a Saturday afternoon drinking session, and he showed me a You tube film clip, showing two truncheon wielding coppers, dragging him away in handcuffs with blood streaming down his face at Orgreave. I was amazed to hear him say that he could never imagine himself ever voting Labour again as it was now just a woke middle class protest party.
  6. UKIP don't need to "Get in". Their job/purpose/goal is done, acheived.
  7. We bought a suite from DFS a few years ago. After a few weeks it began creaking like an old galleon, so we called them and they sent out a repair man. He tipped the chair upside down and took off the bottom cover and I was horrified to see that the frame was made from what was basically pallet wood. He whacked a couple of extra screws in and ......job done. I couldn't believe the poor quality of something that cost so much, but I think all suites nowadays are poor quality, like most things.
  8. Boots Folly stands in the grounds of Sugworth Hall which was the family home of the Boot family. Charles Boot had the folly built as a tribute to his late wife in the 1920's and also to keep his workers busy during the depression. So, I would guess that whoever owns Sugworth Hall these days, probably owns the Folly too.
  9. Well, that's fair enough P1. It's better to remove it to a secure site, but the car owners should'nt have to pay any storage fees if they weren't given enough notice of the roadworks. That should be done at Ameys expense I reckon.
  10. In that case it would be a no brainer for me........train it is!
  11. Yes, better still. But i think you would have to change at Nottingham, then to Boston then Skegness. Still a lot cheaper than a taxi
  12. why not get the train from sheffield to cleethorpes and a taxi from there to skeggy?
  13. Could they not just mothball it and preserve it for posterity ? I'm sure that stuff like that would be fascinating for people in future generations.
  14. Sismans also have a shop in Hillsborugh now, and they are very helpful.
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