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  1. Looking for one of these for my grandson's tripod. Can't find anything online, that says it will fit this model. Maybe these are obsolete. Would it be easier to just buy another tripod?
  2. 50% of dog owners should never be allowed anywhere near a dog, in my opinion. Same applies to pub owners/tennants.
  3. We've got the same here. Asked the offending neighbour earlier today if he would mind stopping his dog from barking for the rest of the weekend. His response? Yep......A mouthful of verbal. If these people are dumb enough to let their dogs barking upset all the neighbours, then you're never going to get a reasonable response to a polite complaint. It might help if he actually took the dog for a good walk rather than just giving it the free run of the garden, the great useless, lazy, idle cretin.
  4. Had a very near miss this morning whilst biking along Taplin Rd , a small red car came whizzing down Oakland Rd and straight across Taplin, no looking, giving way etc nearly took out a car and myself. A split second later I would have been a gonner. Would never put me off biking the 8 miles to work though. I do pity the poor souls queuing up on Parkway and Mosbrough bypass in a morning, it must be a soul destroying experience having to go through that every day.
  5. Yes,saw it passing over AMRC Catcliffe about 1540. It was that unmistakable growl of the RR Merlin that drew my attention skywards to it.
  6. Magneteer

    Pub's name at Anston

    Wasn't there a pub called the Saxon at Anston ?
  7. Magneteer

    Rising Beer Prices!!

    Steel city ale: I don't know how it's got my name against that quote, I think it was Choogling.... however, I do like Bradfield beers, a lot and also Sam Smiths Oak Cask is well worthy of the price, although Sam Smiths used to be awful stuff back in the 70's / 80's.
  8. Magneteer

    Rising Beer Prices!!

    I believe he's comparing the vast difference in taste and quality of the locally produced ales and the mass produced fizzy, keggy smooth-flow bland stuff..... and has a very valid point.
  9. Magneteer

    Parking on Stannington Road

    It's worse when a lone car parks on the left, lower down near the crossing. It makes it total gridlock at busy times and must be hell for the bus drivers trying to maneuver around them and causes long queues back to Hillsborough. Double yellows on that short stretch would seriously help with traffic flow.
  10. Magneteer

    Honda Cars - Servicing

    We take our 06 Honda Jazz to Frank, Loxley motors, full service £120 Excellent service Honda wanted £485......how we laughed.
  11. Magneteer

    A little poem about trees..

    A great poem, using the tree issue to explain NIMBYISM.
  12. Is it compulsory to jump up and down on the back wheel, once you've used one?
  13. Photo 1: 4th from left top row looks like Phillip Ward, 2nd from left front row looks like Mick Green and the chap flashing the stripes is Taverner. I'll see if I can dig out my Cove photo from 1973. ---------- Post added 06-03-2018 at 17:11 ---------- ---------- Post added 06-03-2018 at 17:09 ---------- ---------- Post added 06-03-2018 at 21:04 ---------- I joined 106 Sqn in March 1973 and went down to Cove in May for the 2 weeks recruits course. I must admit that after 2 weeks of square bashing and being given the run-around, I’ve never felt so fit in all my life. Then, in July ’73 I boarded an RAF VC-10 and flew out to Germany for 2 weeks based in Hameln (Hamlin) building various bridges, laying mines, and doing demolitions on a working railway bridge over the River Weser. Other annual camps were at Weymouth and Scotland Then there were the weekend camps at Ripon, Leek, Beckingham and Proteus (Notts) among others. After passing my driving test with the Sqn, I joined the Signals section and soon found myself behind the wheel of an air portable Landrover and Sgt. Les Mc bride having to remove the spare wheel from the bonnet so that I could see over the top! I’ll recall some names : Dave Gabriel, Frank Melles, Andy Vernals, Colin Early, Dave Summers, Dennis Wells, Jack Lindley, Ron Ward, Mick Foster, Andy “ Pitprop” Burgess, Brian Hobson, Clive Morley, Eric Matthewman, Phil Ward, Phil Scott, George “Robbo” Robinson, Alan Sayers, Albert Bolton, Percy Simmonite ( what a character he was, great chap) Andy Farquar, Gordon Opie, Mick Booth, Chris Girling, Buzz Hives, Lenny Hadfield, Keith Hill, Tony Wilson, Jim Mc’cardle, Les Preston, Mick O’Reagan, and Albert Collins ( snr & jnr). I’m sure I’ll remember many more in the coming days. The bar at Somme Barracks was run by an ex Sapper Bunny Warren, a Dunkirk survivor.
  14. Magneteer

    Fare payment on buses.

    I would seriously suggest, with all due respect, you might well benefit from a good long walk and a few pints in the company of a few friends'
  15. Magneteer

    Peacock - Stannington

    Yes, the Nags Head and Wisewood are probably the best 2 pubs in the S6 area for food, although I don't rate the Sunday Lunch at the Wisewood (awful roast potatoes, far too large) but their fish and chips, steaks, burgers etc are excellent.

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