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  1. I've had it for years, started in my early thirties. Would'nt wish it on my worst enemy, it's a horrible condition but I don't get it as bad as in the early years. I've tried all the creams, steroids, puva light etc but nothing really cures it, not for long anyway. These days I try not to worry about it too much and just use the occasional dab of Calcipotriol around the eyes and ears when it flares up, and Diprobase moisturiser cream on a large patch on my lower back. The Enstillar spray worked ok but I think the doctors are reluctant to dole it out as its around £100 a tin. Alcohol does seem to make it worse too as does sugar although I've cut out most sugar.
  2. PWD later to become SWD, had a few local depots dotted around the city ie. Greenhill, Crookes, Bramhall Lane( joiner's shop and transport) and a section based in the Polytechnic, Pond St.
  3. The central depot was on Worthing Road until about 1978/9, when it transferred to Manor Lane. I worked in the Heating section.
  4. They could install something similar in prisons where a sentence could be served, not in years but in Mega-watt hours (or Giga watts for really serious offenders) rather than years.
  5. I find George Carlin (deceased) and Rich Hall (both American) very clever/funny. Both good at observing this crazy world and the crazy people who populate it. Modern comedians just don't do it for me and it always amazed me when watching "Live at the Apollo". The audience would be laughing their heads off ( I'm guessing out of politeness) at some weak jokey/wokey banter and I'm thinking " What the hell is so funny". But it's probably just me whose hard to please.
  6. Fire museum......formerly West Bar Police station
  7. St. Lukes lottery for me
  8. We used to go in Weston Park at lunchtimes and sling it between two convenient trees. Never had any problems or challenged etc.
  9. Well, a Yorkshireman is very similar to a Scotsman, but with all the generosity squeezed out of him!
  10. I like this here rapper's lament Sir Nigel. It is a most awful, tuneless form of (musical ?) expression, even when done by the so called experts. So, to capture the plight of this rank amateur in verse I found quite entertaining.
  11. Ha! You just couldn't make it up. What a useless set up that is. I'd be tempted to switch banks personally, if that's a typical example of their efficiency. It's like going back 40 years in time.
  12. The most fascinating A B I've ever read was 'The Lonely Sea and the Sky' by SirFrancis Chichester. This man was also an aviator who flew round the world in a battered Tiger Moth before sailing around it. It's hard to believe some of the daring exploits some people have lived through and I found this book very hard to put down.
  13. It's not just solely for the shop users. You can park there ( for a limited time) and go wherever you like.
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