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  1. I would say that the local walk in would be the ideal place to go ( if you can "walk -in" so to speak )
  2. mmm, I think your'e over egging all this, the pair of you. In 20 years of commuter cycling I've never seen or experienced that style of overtaking, in fact I mainly witness drivers with cyclist empathy, although there are careless drivers out there i'm sure.
  3. Ah you mean they are likely to take some form of revenge ? Don't think so.
  4. Well, if a motorist decides he's going to take less care in his driving, then he is surely going to come a cropper at some point.
  5. I cycle from malin bridge to Amrc at Catcliffe in about 40 minutes as opposed to 30 in the car. Yes I do use the pavement sometimes ( like cops on bikes) when I consider it neccessary and ( wait for the howls of anguish) go through reds sometimes ie, peds have all crossed the crossing, shall I sit here another 20 seconds till the lights change? Think not. Can't honestly see what all the fuss is about.
  6. They're all too busy tapping away on their phones to notice, not that I'm tarring them all with the same brush of course.
  7. FYI, it's been £2:50 a pint for about 9 months now, but it is quality beer and well worth it.
  8. Or, are we talking tea urns ?
  9. No it's not. The local elections and Brexit are now completely intertwined. Unfortunately you can't separate the 2 issues. The whole political system is in the process of being turned on it's head.
  10. The local elections "should " be all about bins and roads etc, but the electorate have had to use them as the only weapon they have available to them, to batter the main parties severely around the head in an attempt to make them listen. Things like Brexit and Donald Trump etc, have happened purely because politicians "refuse to listen" and "think they know best" . Don't worry, I'm sure the bins will still get emptied.
  11. Not in certain areas of Sheffield they don't / daren't !!
  12. Mmmm..... No doubt someone will be getting impatient to build apartments on these sites.
  13. Yes, I know what you mean. I've tried tuning in on the way to work to hopefully catch up on current local issues/ news etc and weather etc, but it's mainly inane waffle and banter. Radio 2 has also seriously dumbed down and now also not an option for me. These days I tend to just use playlists or listen to Magic, Smooth and LBC for news /debate etc. I'd rather listen to a few ads then the drivel on Radio Sheff and R2 these days.
  14. I'm just in the process of ditching SKY ( after a ridiculous price increase) and looking for a reliable replacement. Not bothered about the TV as most of it is inane advert interspersed drivel anyway, and I can also ditch the landline as we mainly use mobiles nowadays. So, I see they have a 20mb Airfibre service which I'm seriously considering. Do any other Forumers use this service? Is the customer service ok? etc. Any thoughts / advice would be much appreciated.
  15. I'd like to ask the same question as I'm looking to change my broadband provider. Pine Media have been around for a while now so there must be a few people out there with opinions, good or bad.
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