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  1. Been shaving my head for 20 years - I think the less hair you have the shorter you need to keep it. Just buy some clippers for approx 20 quid and they'll last you a year or more. Save a fortune in barbers costs.
  2. But I thought we could leave the club and still use the facilites! 🙄
  3. It used to be a four minute warning, it's now 3 mins 20 seconds 🤷‍♂️ I just hope our trident boats are fully out to sea (I'm sure they are) ready to retaliate.
  4. C'est la Vie. Maybe a digression but, there are many people in Sheffield that will be paying for South Yorkshire's finest (via their council tax) for the Hillsborough disaster who weren't even born when it happened 🤷‍♂️ I agree, there should be more personal responsibility.
  5. Latvia has over 100 miles of border with Russia and joined NATO in 2004. You also understand that the head of the EU has nothing to do with NATO membership?
  6. Squash them like a bug. You've seen how poorly the Russian military has fared against Ukraine, a country without the latest military equipment. The only thing Russia has had some success with is its long range weapons such as missiles and artillery. I would imagine they would be taken out in the first couple of hours by NATO air power in the event of an invasion. The only thing Putin would be left with is his nukes which would, essentially, be the end of the world.
  7. I appreciate it's a bit anecdotal but taking SF as a rough snapshot on life, I do wonder what Boris has to do before certain posters have to realise he's a busted flush?
  8. There's the easy way, the hard way and then there's the Wednesday way...
  9. I had it back in November. For the first few days I just had a runny nose, then about 5 days in I lost my sense of taste and smell. Didn't feel ill as such through it all and was able to work from home. Smell and taste returned about a week later. Was double jabbed at the time for which I was very grateful.
  10. Why is it that all the anti-vaccers/anti-maskers all seem to know someone who has had an adverse reaction to the vaccine/mask wearing? I know hundreds of people and don't know anyone whose had a bad reaction to either 🤷‍♂️
  11. Remember to read your meters today to make sure you know what you've used (at the "cheaper" rate) before the prices rocket tomorrow.
  12. It depends on the type of nuke. Strategic ICBM's are probably 50/50 with the anti-missile technology out there however tactical nukes (smaller battlefield weapons) can be incorporated into a tank shell. That's not going to be shot down.
  13. We use BHP IT for our Sage support - they're pretty good when we have issues. No idea on cost but they are based in Sheffield. https://bhpit.co.uk/
  14. Stop putting actual maths into the equation, just remember that anything bad is Covid, anything good is Brexit and you'll understand like a true believer... 🙄
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