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  1. Thought the Blades thoroughly deserved the win. Arsenal, whilst looking lively in midfield, were shut down by a very solid defence. As for the season I can't see them getting relegated, just hope we can join them next season
  2. Exactly, they're not trying to stop us shooting ourselves in the foot - they're just trying to make sure we've got a steel toe-cap boot or something to minimise the damage.
  3. It's statements like this that makes me think we should never have a referendum ever again
  4. Don't think he's the reincarnation, I think Boris is the one that Cromwell would be referring to.
  5. I'm sure he'll come up with a Daily Mail source soon or possibly a Daily Express one, might be behind the warning for the worst winter in history though. I've got October the 15th on the work (well, now ex-work 😐) sweepstake on the Express warning, 50 quid in it
  6. 'The first duty of a member of Parliament is to do what he thinks in his faithful and disinterested judgement is right and necessary for the honour and safety of Great Britain. His second duty is to his constituents, of whom he is the representative but not the delegate. Burke's famous declaration on this subject is well known. It is only in the third place that his duty to party organization or programme takes rank. All these three loyalties should be observed, but there in no doubt of the order in which they stand under any healthy manifestation of democracy.' - Winston Churchill Well done to the MPs that followed Winstons words in the face of deselection. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Member_of_Parliament_(United_Kingdom)#Responsibilities
  7. Good luck with that, been asking that question for over 3 years without getting anything remotely convincing as an answer.
  8. This has got to force a vote of no confidence - perhaps that's what Boris wants ?
  9. Not bad that Stokes fella is he? 😮
  10. So 3 and a bit years down the line and as far as I can see the benefits of Brexit are as follows : Brexiteer : Parliament will be sovereign Parliament acts in a sovereign manner to stop no-deal Brexiteer : No, no that sort of sovereignty ! Brexiteer : We will have hard border controls What about the Irish border Brexiteer : No, no that border ! The best reason I've actually heard is a bloke in the pub just after the referendum say he voted for Brexit as he was a plumber and was tired of "European" plumbers coming over and undercutting him. Not the greatest of reasons but at least it was one I could understand. Have I missed any ?
  11. Thanks Loob, I'll be fine though - the IT industry is fairly healthy at the moment so I should be ok. A couple of months "holiday" though 😀 I can understand the betrayal feeling and I think you've been right in the past when you said we might need to do a "hard" brexit and suffer for a while to let the brexiteers see the consequences of their actions. Of course that then means rejoining with Schengen and the Euro etc, etc. Maybe, in the long run that could be the best thing to happen as it will finally see off the last bit of "Empire" feeling in this country and allow us to progress in a modern integrated world. I know I'd rather be the 28th country in the EU than the 51st State of the USA.
  12. No point discussing it with the cultists. They'll believe anything their cult leader tells them. We need to focus on the undecided ones. I've noticed your tone recently Loob (and I can completely understand it), however - bear with us please. We may be a stubborn country but I do believe we'll make the right decision. in the end. If not, well I get made redundant on the 31st August primarily due to Brexit so I'm up for some civil disobedience, nothing left to lose.
  13. Remember, the leave vote was bring back sovereignty to the UK Parliament, now it appears they don't like that either. I forget who said it but there was a quote that said (might be paraphrasing slightly) - "If you're in favour of a no deal Brexit, you're either very rich or very stupid. If you're not sure which one you are, check your wallet."
  14. As usual Newsthump is bang on the money about Fartrage slagging off the Royals 😂😂 https://newsthump.com/2019/08/13/daily-mail-readers-relieved-that-nigel-farages-anti-royal-rant-actually-just-racist/
  15. Short highlights from Sky : https://www.skysports.com/football/sheff-wed-vs-barnsley/409370
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