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  1. Surprised we've not had a "but Corbyn..." response yet. That's been the go to deflection tactic for the last year or two. *Tories do bad* *Tory apologist - but, but, but Labour/Corbyn/Blair/whatever* Maybe I'm just strange in the way that I don't give a poo what a party who's not been in power for over a decade would have/could have/should have done, I'm more interested in what the people in power are doing now, and if they are doing a bad job, calling them out on it. I'd be saying the same things about Labour if the roles were reversed and they were doing the same things by the way.
  2. I think the term should be Gammon Flake these days. I no longer see "Snowflakes" complaining about stuff much nowadays, the only people I generally see whining are of the gammon persuasion.
  3. Absolutely - and they would have had a damn good reason to do so. Thankfully, the Queen is aware that a leader has to set an example and did so under difficult circumstances.
  4. It's an interesting theory but Liverpool is a smaller city than Sheffield and they seem to do OK.
  5. I agree, at a local election you vote, well, local. I'm in the Graves ward who generally votes Lib Dems. I will be voting for them again as they seem to be the only effective opposition to the slow sell off of Graves Park by the Labour council. People who vote in local elections on national issues confuse me 🤷‍♀️
  6. Went to Morrisons this afternoon - pleasantly surprised to see how quiet it was. I can only assume that instead of using the supermarket as a "trip out", people are now in town. Time will tell on the impact *shrugs*.
  7. https://coronavirus.data.gov.uk/search?postcode=S70+1AP (the post code is a random Barnsley one I picked. It shows the rates in Barnsley at 99.6 as of yesterday.) This compares to the 115 from the spreadsheet linked earlier so it is dropping but still 3x the national average (the 52 you mentioned is the rate in people over 60).
  8. We're down, let's just look forward to shifting some of the deadwood in the summer and moving on. Hope Darren Moore stays in charge.
  9. 6 degrees is forecast for Monday 8pm - think I'll be waiting until we can go inside. Hope the government doesn't cut any support (if they get any!) to the pubs until they can open fully.
  10. It's not 100% clear but it was used by Dickens in Nicholas Nickelby apparently.
  11. It's ridiculous - why does it have to be on so many channels. Every sympathy with the family but this is overkill.
  12. If anyone is interested, from today people can get free lateral flow tests. From 9 April, kits will be available through: Community testing sites operated by local authorities Collection from a nearby PCR test site during specific time windows Existing workplace testing programmes An online home ordering service with kits then delivered through the post Participating local pharmacies where a box of 7 tests can be collected to be used twice a week at home ( https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-56632084 ) The link to home ordering is https://www.gov.uk/order-coronavirus-rapid-lateral-flow-tests
  13. Does anyone know whether it'll be 2 separate voting cards, one for the council elections and one for the referendum? I assume it must.
  14. I heard they were going to fox readers by putting a factually accurate article in as an Aprils Fools The only one I've seen this year was online about SCC "re-introducing one of Sheffield’s much loved landmarks, The Hole In The Road".
  15. We already get the maximum allowed increase in council tax every year. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect a decent level of service for such price hikes.
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