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  1. We had one but he walked out on us , Wonder if he suspected something
  2. Get them about twice a year , It is not a scam and they are the ones being exploited . The stuff they sell is overpriced rubbish
  3. It is just a rehash of old news and speculation
  4. It is basically an EFL screw up. Prior to 2017 EFL Rules specifically excluded profit from the sale of assets ( ground etc ) from the FFP figures . However the EFL changed their rules to bring them more in line with the Premiership BUT they forgot to include the sale of assets clause . This was first spotted by Derby then a few others including Wednesday took advantage of it . The EFL have yet to realise that when your in a hole stop digging as this has the potential to cost them millions
  5. The Law was changed a few years ago ,Planning permission is not required if the Conservatory meets certain criteria . Suggest you check out on Google
  6. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/january/club-statement/ The Prohibition notice against Sheffield Wednedsay ground restrictions has been deemed invalid - leaving SCC open to claims for costs and compensation . Given that they have also backtracked on the Rates claim against Wednesdayite . How do these people get jobs
  7. It is an old scam that seems to have resurfaced , I think the original scammers bought an old mailing list from Sky . Had the Amazon one a few times before Christmas , you can tell that it is a computer voice . We are now back to Stephen & Nigel calling with heavy Indian accents from BT Openreach about my internet fault
  8. Just what we need another quiz show
  9. The Scots are banking on the fact that they would be able to rejoin the EU . But the EU has said on a number of occasions it is not going to happen Plus it would be most definetly blocked by Spain to keep Catalonia in check
  10. many years ago I used to work for a student property lettings agency and we had such gems as The washing machine keeps stopping and starting every 20 mins The washing machine has turned all my clothes red and my favourite None of the lights and electrical appliances work but I don't think it is a power cut as a bus has gone past with all it's lights on
  11. Both Universities actually made money by selling off their halls of residence and properties . Sheffield Hallam got involved with the infamous Morris Properties from Leeds
  12. Ancestry is a bit vague , gives ancestors as coming from British Isles given we are a hybrid race of allsorts I expected more depth
  13. Why not try reading the whole judgement instead of the Star's whitewash Para 294 of the judement is very interesting . McCabe is described as Manipulative & devious and being Disengenueos . " It is clear that to a degree he ( McCabe ) has recast events in order to suit the case that is being advanced on his behalf "
  14. Because they can tick a box that says " dealt with "
  15. Bit low on the wages Bale is reputedly on £ 610,000 per week wich is roughly 35million euros
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