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  1. It boils down to 2 options either she didn't tell the Council in which case she has no option but to resign or she did tell the council in which case the people that hired her have to resign . Simples
  2. I thought that was at Pinegrove Country Club Stannington -I know he got walloped there
  3. Simon Jordan on Talk Sport had a bit of a different insight on the Sharp incident this morning
  4. I was coming down ringinglow Road about 20 mins after his accident . The car he hit was totally wrecked
  5. Both are past their sell by date and are just trying to stay relevant
  6. France has the highest wholesale electricity prices in Europe but they are heavily subsidised by the state . However there is a major Oh S**t looming on the horizon .An on going investigation has found endemic corosion in the French Nuclear Power Plants which has lead to 26 out of the 56 reactors being shut down . The French are now scouring Europe to try and buy anybodies surplus Electricity
  7. The AA are very competetive on all their Insurances only problem is trying to make a claim
  8. Got a friend in Spain his prices have doubles
  9. My Neice tried to cancel Sky it took her 4 hrs . I kid you not , kept on hold, passed from one person to another .She would have probably stayed at a reduced price if they hadn't messed her about so much . A bit like Hotel California you can check out any time you want but you can never leave
  10. Mrs Lobster was at Sheff Univerity with him . Thought he was an attention seeking narcisist . Glad when he got kicked out as he disrupted every class he was in
  11. £700 over 8 days equates to £5250 over 2 months which is £ 1000 more than Avis quoted . So far Rainworth has beeen the best option
  12. So his wife is non dom for tax purposes but he isn't - Bizarre .He must be very naive to think that this wouldn't come out
  13. I have a friend coming over from Canada in July/ Aug . He wants to hire a car for 2 months usually goes with Avis but they will only offer 3 weeks hire at a time . Over a 2 month period cost was 7000 cdn dollars . Any body know a reasonable and reputable long term hire firm Thanks
  14. The number of Idiots appears to be rising and most appear to work for call centres . I cancelled Sky Cinema last week mainly because the films are rubbish . It took me 45 minutes , the halfwit tried for 25 mins to sell me Superfast Broadband despite me telling him the fibre line stops 100yds down the road
  15. My Pub Landlord has the best idea . He is going to be open all day
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