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  1. Still getting a rise of 2.5% which is in line with wage inflation -so I don't think there are much grounds for complaint
  2. I think it is more to do with the club not responding to any emails . The communication from Hillsborough has been poor
  3. Whilst not a fan of Chubby Brown -people have a right to see him . The next thing will be banning Books that don't conform and we all know what happens next
  4. jury still out on Ingrid , Frau Sneyers was one of the highlights of the belgian series
  5. have to agree the original Begian series was excellent , this one is dire . Casting is strange , only Juliet Aubrey and Frances De la Tour seem to fit . The Donckers charater is devoid of personality and wooden , Ben Miller doesn't work for me
  6. Don't think it will last long not with " Serial Failure " Carey Brown running it
  7. I f you are looking at Greystones move quick prices are begining to rocket
  8. Hillsborough is fine as long as you don't walk around in a Red and White stripped shirt
  9. Maazi in Hathersage only place I bother with now -excellent
  10. What is the problem , the owner of the club is also the owner of the ground ,so he doesn't have to pay the rent if he cares not to
  11. Had one a few times a legacy of my rugby playing days . Last time my GP put me on some serious pain killers as I was in Agony. After a week being on another planet saw a Physio who sorted me out in 6 weeks
  12. The only posative thing to say about Joe Biden is at least he isn't Donald Trump
  13. go to the war graves https://www.cwgc.org/find-records/find-war-dead/ Just put in the exact date of death and served in the Navy . Lists all the people that died on HMS Barham so you will have to go through them to find any Sheffield detail
  14. Have you tried the newspaper archives for that period . Bear in mind the Admiralty did not confirm the sinking till the end of January 1942
  15. To go back even further, that is why the " Sheffield Pals " were different from other Pals battalions in WW1. They were more clerical workers and university based . Many specialist steel workers and machinists could not be replaced by women My grandfather although in the T A before WW1 was a specialist knife maker and not allowed to go , My father was a Sgt in the Airborne Artillery and fought in Burma
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