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  1. Why? she did wonderful work for wards (tommy).
  2. I do agree to no ved and all road duty only on fuel but that will never happen, it got put up for cars registered after 2017 because the new system of low (as claimed) co2 was costing the treasury too much. Also charge electrics proportionally they do still have a co2 cost, plus electricity is going to become a scarce commodity as fossil fuel use is lost, it will happen eventually. Vehicle mileage is recorded at MOT and all on computers, that could easily be used to give refund for low use.
  3. Same reason I say my weight in stones, I weight more in kilos. Height in ft/inches, beer in pints (or yards) metric everything else. I would like to see V.E.D. being charged proportionally for mileage more than a reduction in petrol duty, if people are struggling then using the car less, especially if it's a bit thirsty should pay less, they could easily be making less co2 a year than more modern co2 fiddled makes and hybrid cars but paying much more. Driving style has a lot more to do with fuel consumption than the way the car is made, so many drivers are hard accelerating and braking, that at least is something we do have control over.
  4. I think your missing the nimby dig, the person not wanting the electrification near their house was advocating the same elsewhere, there are new houses next to the line at Oughtibridge with the new developments at Wharncliffe side and Deepcar all whom really should benefit from re opening the line in whatever means, real electric trains preferably.
  5. A lot of houses have been built by the railway line they might not like the disruption as new overheads would have to be installed for the electrickery 🤨.
  6. https://www.plumplot.co.uk/Sheffield-salary-and-unemployment.html 6% if correct seems reasonable, I suppose there's always going to have to be an unemployed pool hopefully each one is only for a short time. Presumably they are signed on job seekers as apposed to all the rest of the unemployed. Horrible statistic at the end for both Sheffield and England and Wales the working 16 - 64 is only 63% . As always statistics don't mean much, how many aren't included for whatever reason? Your details about the job are a bit sketchy full time proper employment? I think there will be a reason they cannot find anybody. A friend has been applying for several jobs a day for a couple of months but at 64 she is struggling, to be honest she is applying for jobs that she really shouldn't but as yet gets nothing from state so quite desperate. It isn't a good situation when some one sitting at home is better off than some one working, its not just the money there are many other benefits hardly any c/tax, and rent, free dental/ prescription, one person i know is far better off financially than us, i am waiting to retire to get some free false choppers, trouble is i won't be able to afford steak then.
  7. Gov helping by forcing the use of bio fuel, ok so we are chopping down the rain forest to grow the plants and taking food away from third world countries but you shouldn't let that get in the way of a political "we are being green" success story. I mean charging road tax by the mile would be ridiculous, people would be not driving unless necessary, loss of taxes all over the place. Any body tried a heat from outside air heat pump in the winter, ok when above 10 deg C, no good when getting near 0 just an icemaking machine. Question often asked but I have never heard a satisfactory answer - what happens when there's no wind or sun in this ideological future, nuclear? make more combustible rubbish so it can be burnt along with some gas - still making co2. The answer to net zero future for life and everything is - 32.
  8. I think the only way to repair that is to build a furnace, melt the old one down, make a mould pour it in and voila. Unlikely any weld repair would withstand uneven heating and cooling, it would be much weaker than the original which presumably stress cracked (or was it a blow to the head from Mrs Daddy, in which case you might have bigger problem)
  9. https://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/topic/203293-jenkinson-street/#comments https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=18&lat=53.39316&lon=-1.48865&layers=225&right=BingRoad
  10. Even the gov call it "Tax" that you must have to have your vehicle on a public highway - which we usually call a "road" and so commonly called road tax. I think you are pedantically getting at the point it, since ww2, no longer goes directly to highways agency but to gov's central coffers who then allocate some to highways as they see fit. If all the money raised through road fund licence and fuel duty in the uk was spent on the roads we would have had the best in the world. The table will turn If they carry on allowing electric vehicles to be tax free, as they replace ice vehicles the tax income will be less than money needed to maintain / improve the road network. I pay about £1/mile road fund licence alone, need to give drivers a rebate for reduced usage if sincere about environmental concerns.
  11. How times have changed, this lovely headstone was removed as it was considered inappropriate. Can you imagine what they would have made of the Shirecliffe monstrosity, probably been needing a headstone themselves. It was later reinstated following public support. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wadsley_Parish_Church
  12. Law brothers are selling really big tins of baked beans for £1 a tin, much cheaper than unleaded, car not too happy running on it though.
  13. Actually membranes under solid floors can add to damp problems in walls of older houses, sort of forces it into the walls, although the floor would still have to allow moisture to evaporate so the covering would have to be pervious to water vapour. My old father in law said it from his experience years ago, been proven right now by the "experts". Its been well proven and documented that damp doesn't "rise" in walls due to capillary action or at least only very very slightly, soaking the lower bricks in silicon can even add to the problem if the bricks are absorbing moisture by preventing it draining away. When I bought my house 30 years ago the surveyor said it had rising damp, the previous treatment had failed and we would have to have the silicone stuff treatment again (needed for mortgage) so we used a company called dow tekron, I asked their guys why it needed doing again, he said it had been done by cowboys, theirs was professional and guaranteed for 30 years, after moving in and going through paper work I found it had been done less than 10 years before by.... dow tekron, its just one big con. Ironically one place I have what would be classed as rising damp any where else is the aluminium patio door, you get about 6 inches of condensation at the bottom when temperatures are in the right zone. it's due to the air temperature being lower down there (stratification) falling bellow the dewpoint, warmer higher above the due point. It's usually some other cause, often condensation made worst by use of calcium silicate based plaster or using pva on the bricks which doesn't allow the wall to breath vapour away, although I don't know how a lime plaster can breath if its painted over with a modern plastic paint. The only breathable paint I have found is external mat. Personally I have plaster boarded leaving a gap to the bricks to allow ventilation, make sure any timber supports (vertical) are protected from dampness of the wall or else will rot and breed fungi. Ideally you would have a vapour proof cell preventing moisture inside getting to cold parts and condensing but its practically impossible, even changes in atmospheric pressure push it in, look at double glazing when it's blown, where is all that moisture coming from? the tiniest hole exposed only to the atmosphere. Its basically a mismatch of modern materials and techniques on old houses that had lime plaster open fires and loads of ventilation, there isn't any one magic answer to fit all, each situation has to be worked out and understood. https://www.heritage-house.org/damp-and-condensation/managing-damp-in-old-buildings.html Be very weary of any body that is hoping to make money out of you by their recommendations, it will be what they want not what is best for the building. Builders have the advantage it takes years for their work to cause a problem by then you have no recourse.
  14. The Hospital should have taken care of it, Rotherham and Northern General do it, perhaps she has been overseen or are they still waiting for her to heal to a certain level. Speak to the department that carried out the surgery, it really needs doing professionally (the height not the cobbling ). You get 3 pairs a year at Rotherham I think completely free any more you have to pay I think £25. Unfortunately the NHS can be a bit "uninterested" to older people and have to be pushed somewhat, great country to get old and buggered in.
  15. “We’ve got these heat lamps that are almost constantly on. It’s not just this season, it’s been over many seasons. What they are for is to encourage the grass to grow." You can see the light from those lights from miles away, not seen them for a while; Surely its not the grass but the drainage that's the issue with a water logged pitch, too much clay underneath holding water, nice solid base when the climate was drier but now we are damp most of the time 😳. Needs some rubble under there, is groundsman job still on offer, I have some rubble I need to get rid of, going cheap.
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