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  1. I see you also use the metrinch measurement system, 5mm seems rather thin are you sure? they are some advertised at 10mm, i could measure ours tomorrow, sure its thicker than that. As it is to carry public footpath traffic there is probably a regulation/spec for it. Definitely try Switfy's , always worth a look around. If unable to get one to fit existing frame 2 possible options - dig out old frame and cement in new frame c/w grate or stainless fabrication to fit existing grate (secure well). They are often covered over but its good to keep open as ventilation for the cellar, perhaps not necessarily to the same degree as original so a drilled plate could suffice. Some put in a vertical vent and fill the hole in to stop water going in, something i have considered myself although the rate water comes in at through the walls its not going to achieve much. I doubt we will be going back to coal fires so don't need the shoot.
  2. I'll second that, i've tried several sprayers including electric, water based just doesn't like soaking into a vertical piece of wood. Also you still have to brush about 4 inches around the edge or it will end up covering what ever is on the other side of the fence, it took me a full day to polish the paint of my car my neighbour spayed it with, it still has some red spots on its matt surfaces. Another beauty of using the sprayer to put the treatment on the fence is it isn't dripping off the brush after dipping in the paint, I have thought about drilling a hole down the middle of a brush and connecting the spay pipe to it.
  3. My Dad lived on a farm at Bradfield during the war, he said they used to have an Italian POW that used to come and work on the farm. He was dropped off in the morning an would start walking back in the evening getting picked up on the way. One day on being dropped off they could see he wasn't very happy, asking him what was the matter he told them the the evening before the guards never came and he had to walk all the way back to the camp. Despite all the anti Britishness we keep getting we must have been doing something right in those days, - as a society i mean, obviously not pow guarding.
  4. Why does the SAR / Coastguard helicopter land at Parkwood springs still? Is it too big for the hospital landing pads?
  5. Other parts of country will be different transmitters so not really applicable to your case. Do you know which transmitter you are on- where abouts are you and which way is your Ariel pointing? This is an excellent site for information; https://www.aerialsandtv.com/knowledge/transmitters and their shop is here in Hillsborough. Do you have just the one TV fed from the one Ariel? if not are other TV's ok? are your neighbours receiving terrestrial tv ok ? (obviously if there are only using sky or cable or internet tv then not applicable) , Are you using a splitter to get the signal from one Ariel to more than one tv. If you identify your transmitter you can look for issues with that transmitter. If you go into your TVs setup menu you should find some where it shows the signal strength and quality, you may have strong signal but poor quality indicating interference. Check on all muxes being used especially the one carrying ITV channels. How modern is your Ariel and cabling, is it from the old analogue days in which case often not good enough for modern digital signal and the transmitted frequencys have changed so your ariel may struggle for some of the frequencies now being used and a more appropriate ariel needed (wider bandwidth) We have a TV in the kitchen which has a dodgy connection from its ariel socket to its circuit board which effects its reception ( i will get a round tuit one of these days, just keep wiggling it for now) it can be one or more of so many things.
  6. History will remember it all started in Llandudno.
  7. I suppose you did't get much for £140 million all those years back in 2016, no doubt the people who have pocketed the cash are saying 4 years is a long time in IT, it's a shame with all the money they got they didn't chuck in an old server gratis to give public access to the web cams. https://www.capita-one.co.uk/resources/article/sheffield-city-council-extends-contract-capita
  8. You really need to identify if the problem is with uhf freeview or the broadband so you know who to deal with, what are you looking at whilst the problem is occurring, can you see signal strength and quality readings on the youview box for freeview channels? I suspect uhf if picture going blotchy or pixelated as as the tv plays whatever it gets no matter how nonsensical whereas broadband streams with a buffer often checked that the info is as sent which usually causes frames to just freeze. Down the uhf side there are lots of possibilities - interference which can be external (we suffer due to the metal work of the football ground) or internal - is there a splitter or 2 aerials? signals can bounce back from one end affecting the other and all manner of other weird things happen. I had a splitter that was great on all but one mux frequency which loses all the channels on that muz. Aerials and cabling deteriorate over time and there has been some messing about with transmitters (s6 would normally be crosspool). It depends on how good your aerial guy was as to his examination ruling out an uhf problem, the guy in hillsborough https://www.aerialsandtv.com/ is good technically, his website is one of the best in the country in my opinion. If its broadband then i presume it will be openreach job ( although can still be affected by interference), talktalk will want you to plug the router directly into the test socket eliminating all the rest of the houses phone line wiring. Incidentally we are having issues with talktalk (mines just basic slowband) and i have noticed there has been work going on - new cabling to some of the tellywag posts so might be connected. I was hoping it might go away on its own so i don't have to have an engineer traipsing around the house, its manageable at the moment so i am going to soldier on for now. ps. i am in s6 and i have reported my broadband so that was less than honest of them for starters, i find the community forum site https://community.talktalk.co.uk/ better than the direct help ( i was chatting about my problem and he just disapeared never to be heard of again, how rude.
  9. Have a google about, i first read the statement quite a few years ago made by evinrude their etac engine but other manufactures are developing similar, KTM for one. I have read Subaru were working on one. You get better torque for the same revs with 2 stroke, either can have valve timing tuned to peak at whatever revs you want, it was just easier with no valves to bounce. Firing every stroke a big advantage in engines with less than 3 cylinders unless connected to a big flywheel and then having 4 cyl 2 stroke is like having a 8 cyl very smooth very responsive. My old GPZ600r was Kawasaki's 4 stroke 4 cyl challenge to the suzuki / yamaha 500cc 2 stroke 4 cyl bikes but made considerably less power/ torque peaking at 1000 rpm more than they did and heavier to boot. And then there's the diesel 2 stroke and the king of engines the Deltic (max power @ 1500rpm) first loco that beat steam on BHP, so good one loco got pulled out of a museum for active service twice, but as hammy used to say that's another story.
  10. Said it before but...., i pay around 50p a mile in road fund licence as i rarely use the car, the annual mileage is known when MOT'ed so there should be a refund for people who leave the car and walk to the gym. Present system encourages people to use there car as the have paid so much. My car does a lot less damage to the environment than most hybrids and even some electric cars but i have to pay a lot more. Or do the environmental tax at source on the fuel itself .... oh wait they already do that. Go back to road fund license being tax to pay for the roads - proportional to the damage/wear done by the vehicle oh and lets have that little bit of paper back for the window, make it out of recycling the tons of paper crap pushed through my letter box each day. Now look you've set me off again.
  11. Modern fuel injected 2 strokes with special oil are more environmentally friendly than equivalent 4 stroke.
  12. http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/index.php?s=&showtopic=4008&view=findpost&p=22605 If the link works properly hollis terrace is just off upperthorpe road where it bends. It is just under the last letter "E" of the large word UPPERTHORPE on the left. You may need to zoom in to see it, its written over the houses.
  13. Its worth having one of these plug in energy meters and keep checking the energy usage of fridges and freezers, as the compressor gets worn the energy usage can go up quite a lot, enough to justify the cost of a new one. It would tell you when the heater element is on or compressor is running by the current being drawn. Those with small evaporator and fan are killed by iceing up, i have known them when door left open ice so severely up and then heater although working not being able to defrost, had to leave to defrost for 24hours or like you manually defrost. but once defrosted ok until some nit left door open again. I had one (in damp cellar) where the defrost timer died, it was a geared motor type job (possibly electronic now) i temporary fitted a switch to manually defrost and ran the energy meter and found it was running 10 times as much energy as newer one upstairs so wasn't worth fixing, picked up a second hand freezer whose lower energy consumption paid for itself in one year.
  14. anybody else completely lost signal or do i have to go on the roof
  15. What were Claytons ice cream vans called? i remember seeing the "Ronksley's", "mr whippy" Manfredi vans name but i can't remember Claytons being called by their own name - at least written in big letters on the side of the van. I remember the guy who regularly came up our road (bit of a grumpy chap never smiled - dealing with screaming kids all day probably would make any body like that though), my dad knew the Claytons and asked him how his dad was doing so presumably hew was one of the Clayton family but i just can't see the name on the side of the van.
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