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  1. 'lending, spending and giving away you will find employment every day but begging, borrowing and keeping your own are the finest three things to be known'. The thing is the quality of person worth lending money to is the kind of person who wouldn't ask and offering could cause some embarrassment, my excuse any way.
  2. Just before your time? https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=10227473865685599&set=gm.2713596448788045&idorvanity=2510989629048729
  3. Depends on what other info you have, first husbands name ? if so you may find match on a family ancestry site, if local - Sheffield indexers, nationally - familysearch.org, both free.
  4. Thanks to the posts and links, some interesting and enlightening information. I reckon we have been very close to hitting "I canae giv yer no moor captan" a few times over the last few days, we will have to see if 26.2gW of gas generation gets beaten. It's the compound effect of various issues, loss of some nuclear due to maintenance, little wind and sun, and when europe is struggling themselves they will understandably put themselves first. I bet there were some very nervous people who are responsible for balancing out the grid, bet they got hammered last night, once the demand started to drop and wind picked up, crisis over - for now.
  5. Failed first time, embarrassingly "not making due progress", had bike nicked just before so had to borrow one, it was a right piece of s#*t. Then some silly bugger stepped out in front of me just before the tester and I couldn't get up to speed despite being flat out for when he stepped out. Being trying to make up for it ever since.
  6. Same problem as the nation, lack of wind and sunshine - that's when those people unless they have a nuclear generator in their shed turn back to the good old grid to bail them out. It would need some heavy battery power to carry an average home - all electric, in the wintertime through four days or longer. Then need to have surplus to charge back up and power everything even without an electric car, which one would usually expect to be charged overnight when there's no sun. With lights, heating, demisting and lower efficiency an electric car drops to nearer 1km per kwh in the winter time. Look at the solar power generation in uk wintertime https://www.solar.sheffield.ac.uk/pvlive/ I think it's good so long as it isn't taking agricultural land but not much of a solution for present living habits. Anyone who live off grid, boat or camper adapt to it, usually using other fuel sources for heating and cooking. Sticking a big windmill in the garden don't go down too well with the neighbours.
  7. I look at those generation figures a lot winter time when there's no wind (sad perhaps, but i find it interesting) and I have never seen gas use that high, I didn't really believe we had that much.
  8. A grid crash or selected blackout - not really 'doomsday scenario', bloody inconvenient to say the least. An inconvenience that can be eased with some warning, unfortunately not private all ex government organisations have proved to be competent and honest. If it does go bad then we will have to wait for the tv series about it to find out why.
  9. We cannot make the sun shine anymore or turn up the wind, a measure of how close we are to scotty saying "I'm givin yer all I got, I cannae give yer anymore " is the generators that pick up the slack ie, gas, coal, hydro and pumped hydro. To me coal and gas must be pretty much flat out, the question of pumped is how much water is in the pond to use as well as the 1.5 (whatever it is) gW it can supply as needed. It's not so much the percentage as that depended on what ever the demand was at that time it's the amount available.
  10. I don't know how much actual capacity of gas generation there is, it's claimed to be 28gw which i would think is like my car has 100bhp ..🤥.. At 10:10 on 11/1/24 we are generating 26.2gw with 1,3gw from coal, 0.8 gw transfers and at this point pumped hydro down to 0, the highest gas use I have ever seen and a surprise we have that much. It looks to me like things are a bit tight at the mo, and peek demand still to come. https://grid.iamkate.com/ Constantly changes, worth keeping a check now and then. I doubt we will be honestly informed of the real situation as it's too political, just turn out some spin and hope for the best, with a bit of warning hospitals and other critical users could fire up their generators in advance. Australia when it was struggling, the government put out an announcement asking their folks to try to cut back a bit to get through the current crisis. In this country it seems to be all about money, "yeah i'll run the washer later - if they pay me". Big question is what's going to happen if supply falls short of demand, what gets switched off, we won't really know unless it happens
  11. I had already seen the diffusion tube results info, why stop at 2022? we need the last years to see any benefit from the CAZ.
  12. Not sure what you are saying, I haven't got a newish van but a quick google, https://www.autotrader.co.uk/vans/content/everything-you-need-to-know-about-how-to-tax-a-van £320 a year VED? plus all the other taxexs that have to be paid running one, especially if it's down for personal use as well. Why are you bringing new vehicle into this anyway ? this thread is about older vehicles (pre 2016) that are euro 5 so have to pay, newer euro 6 don't. Most people I know getting stung are older campervans and self employed people not earning great amounts so can only afford/ justify an older second hand vehicle. They are getting stung when they forget to drive around avoiding the ringroad (further and more congested roads so making more NO2). I agree about peoples driving habits, accelerating and braking hard, thats why any environmental tax should really only be on the fuel, although thats a CO2 issue rather than NO2 which is what the CAZ is supposed to be about. It would also cover badly maintained and "chipped" diesels, puthering clouds of black smoke when floored.
  13. I haven't claimed anything accept the council are bragging about the success of their scheme without substantiating it by showing reduced pollution figures and I can't find any historical data for pm10 , pm2.5 and NOx for the last few years to prove one way or another. You do have to prove change otherwise consider it's still the same. Did find a site that showed Attercliffe has a pollution score of 1 to day and city centre is 2, which is odd as all the polluting vehicles will be going that way to avoid the CAZ charge.
  14. The CAZ isn't about co2, its mainly atmospheric particulate matter (or getting some more money) I was trying to find some historical data on NOx and atmospheric particulate matter for Sheffield centre, it is annoying to read the council spinning on about how they have made over £3m and reduced the number of older diesels in the city centre without showing how much they have actually reduced pollution by, which is what it is really supposed to be all about. Although practical effort to improve the air quality is a good thing this is just daft, as said before like pollution just stops travelling at the edge of the CAZ from outside or the diesel trains emissions don't count.
  15. " we are examining the necessary processes involved in order to facilitate a resolution to this issue", (how can we fix the leak) Answer- send a decent tradesperson out, sign a purchase order for the materials and any access equipment needed and let him get on with it. We need less pretentious chiefs talking bulls@#t, more able indians - at this point we will settle for some cowboys, at least they would be able to deal with the bull. Ahhh that's better, spleen much smaller now.
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