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  1. I know someone else who has got a claim made against her for unloading at BHF or loading from Glenmills she isn't sure which. I presume Glenmills have a door at the rear for deliveries / collections, it would be a weak argument to park there if carrying something from the front, in court would the judge rule "carried it so far so could carry it to carpark"? She said both shops instructed her to go to the rear which is past the sign and a.n.p.r. to load unload, chap at BHF said you get 10mins. As the camera faces away from BHF in my opinion it is unreasonable to claim financial loss from someone passing the camera, possibly waiting if another vehicle is there, turning around backing up, pressing bell and waiting for someone to open up (BHF), loading into vehicle driving off back past camera. no matter what bargpole thinks. Its convincing a judge that's the issue. The sign says "permit holders only" so people presume they qualify as they are instructed by the relevant shop or whom you would consider a holder of permission, it doesn't have any time period on it. I am sure if it went to court the judge would rule in your favour, the only question is being able to prove you were loading / unloading unless you have kept a receipt for a bought item, unfortunately this lady got very distraught over it and is going to pay it to make them go away and leave her alone, its like feeding rats. IF YOU USE GLENMILLS OR B.H.F. REAR LOADING BAYS AND GET A PCN, DON'T IGNORE IT, DEFINITELY DON'T JUST THROW IT AWAY. TRY ASKING IN THE SHOP TO SEE IF IT CAN BE RETRACTED. Write to PCN company informing them of the reason for being there and instructed by shop and so haven't broken the car park rules of contact and therefore you will not be paying the claim. APPEAL TO POPLA . state instructed to drive vehicle to loading bay in permit only area by shop tenant. Photograph of sign showing nothing stated about time limit or how "permit holder" system works, taken as having verbal permission from shop tenant. Hopefully it won't go to court, if it does then its up to you, personally I would go to court, you do risk paying more if you lose and I haven't been able to find out how much yet and it will be very stressful. sign up to pepipoo get the detail right. It would be interesting to hear from anybody who have challenged a PCN for passing the camera there.
  2. Worth a try , unless an update has gone wrong then it probably has a component fault. If you crack it and it loses its programming again you can keep re flashing it, might get a few more years out of it perhaps.
  3. https://www.sheffieldindexers.com/ good local info free site, especially parish records, people on there help as well. I don't think you can beat ancestry.co.uk, does your 14 days free include full access to all info?
  4. We were saying last week how high the loxley was running compared to the don. Sluice stuck? as said lowering flask for maintenance? Just making as much room as possible for oncoming rains? - my vote, as a compensation reservoir it was intended to maintain flow of the river in dry times and usually kept full and would go over the over spill after heavy rain, now it is probably more use to hold back deluge so is kept lower.
  5. And then there was one. Seems such a short time ago we were being so amused by the playful antics and wonderful music, is still keep braking out into "I'm a believer" when feeling good, thanks lads good memories.
  6. Funny you posted this, I was just thinking the same last night walking along Penistone road. Difficult to pick out the dog crap on the path but to look at the lights was almost painful due to their intensity and colour. Light is very complicated perhaps its lack of reflected light, the colour spectrum of the LED's being absorbed more by surroundings. Some OBA in dog food and more UV in the LED's might help my case. It is illegal to drive a vehicle on the public road with LED lights if the vehicle originally was equipped with tungsten its even now (post Brexit) been added to the MOT so a vehicle fitted with them should fail. Cars OE led would have to have type approved or OM light units as replacement which would comply with regulations and been tested by the government body to be allowed to be sold in the UK. But still they come.
  7. Firstly thankfully no deaths and injuries relatively light, could have been much worst, the worst being the driver, hope he recovers with out too much long term effects,at 74 he must have been close to retiring unlucky fella. The initial reports were rubbish, even BBC reporting hearsay, no expert but what i read didn't sit with me when looking at the pictures. What's being said now still a little hard to understand that the track was so much more slippery that the train overshot the red light by 220 metres, how much of an increase in distance was that, after all steel on steel isn't that good to start with. OK we have to wait for a thorough investigation but the thing for me though is we have been hearing about leaves being an issuer for years, surely it's a bad idea to have so many trees lining the track around junctions? It seems to be very common.
  8. Certainly don't just ignore it unless just about to permanently leave the country. The usual parasitic action is to offer discount if paid without argument immediately, if so then its down to how you feel. They have fined a lot of people at this site so you would think they must have got their case pretty tight by now, but if not then it won't cost you anything to take it to popla, it will make them work a bit harder for their money.
  9. EE unlocked my phone for me straight away no fuss.
  10. For the last two years i have been mulling over going over to Lincolnshire to help with the harvest, I having worked for the nhs and subsequently support services to it would consider my time harvesting food the most worthwhile employment I would have had. Perhaps organise a car full, get a cheap caravan to doss in. Not sure how dire the situation really is as i don't believe any thing I read any more, I would like some reassurance from an organisation we could believe.. Too many people in this country have to low regard for food production and distribution, without doctors a few more of of us would die, with out food many would a die. So many want to give money (especially tax payers) for foreign countries that have people starving but would see our own produce rot because labouring to process food is either beneath them, too much effort for the money, "boring", or "dirty". bear in mind its one planet, there is so much food what we want but don't grow we take from others. Worst still, the "why should i physically exert myself doing this", brigade, "i can pay to go to the gym" and be trendy for exercise. When i was young we used to help local farmer lead the hay, started when at school age which the money seemed great (we didn't get the money from parents to behave, just good hiding if didn't) in the barns filled with dust, hot summer (70's) it was quite horrible but still once working carried on, as we used to say some daft gits pay for this exercise., and gyms were a lot rarer then and usually sweaty men in vests.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUe8KGyILd4 I reckon it's the only way I will get the buggars to shed a tear at my demise.
  12. Does this fit the time and place? https://globe.adsbexchange.com/?icao=40499a Unless it was penguin chasing (they whine some when flying) then it might be in need of a service.
  13. What transmitter are you picking up from? If your Ariel is pointing to Crosspool then the only "Great tv" channels (was Sony before) are channel 33 "Great movies" and 41 "great movies action", the other great movie channels like "great tv" on channel 49, "great movies classic" ch 51 are transmitted from Grenoside (Skew Hill) on mux channel 31 along with "Sheffield live" channel. It's so people picking up from Emlymoor in the intake area get a local Sheffield channel as its inline. People picking up from Tapton (Crosspool) must just be unworthy, it was removed in 2020 for 5g. One of our tv's (in Wadsleybridge) can for some un explicable reason pick up the local channel - transmitter about 90 degrees different direction? if the weather conditions are right, better half watches them quite a bit and has commanded me to fix it. 😟 Its difficult getting up to date info as its constantly changing and many web sites don't keep up,.
  14. The pretentious ones from Neepsend - sorry - Kelham, who think the canal water tasting ale is trendy and fashionable call it "Victoria Quays" Watter, along with calling birds custard "crème anglaise" I was a fan of old Stones, best pint i had was in Leeds ironically, not that it helps with your question which i can't sorry, have you tried Bradfield brewery ales, i like farmers ale. I will look out for the new stuff from true north though look forward to trying it myself.
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