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  1. Just trying to get mrs R. to get up early for a free game at 8.00 am, you should see the look she is giving me, it's making her sherry curdle. 😒 i can't repeat what she said. Any body know how you go about playing at oughtibridge (coronation) park .
  2. Yep very nice in a pie, can be a bit vicious, i remember my dad reaching over a box with one in and it jumped up and bit him, how we laughed, shouldn't be a problem in Morrisons though. One of the nice things (there are many) of fishing, you eat whatever you catch (more or less - some of the ugliest fish are the tastiest) rather than whats popular, it literally makes me cry when i see dead fish trawled up and thrown back to the seagulls.
  3. To do it he would need a 8th gen cpu to run it. 2 pos options are; 1. buy (borrow?) an 8th gen (cheapest it will take) stick it in - update - then swap for 9th gen and sell 8th gen, if it cost /lost £10 still worth it but risk of stuck with 8th gen for long time. 2. Buy pre-programmed bios chip from ebay (less than £10) replacement will require soldering. "😓" In the old days they used to be plugged into sockets making easy reprogramming then icsp became an option, sometimes now they have to be removed to reprogramme any way, if that's your case then unless a shop has a spare 8th gen kicking around to perform option 1 then they will probably want to be charging some for the service making doing option 1 yourself more economic, but certainly keep asking around.
  4. You beat me to it, as someone who walks regularly along penistone road breathing all the crap from vehicles just ticking over and crawling that short bit of parkways speed reduction is just an irrelevant pitiful misguided exercise in my opinion. One of the few Sheffield arterial roads that still works to some degree having bridges over crossing roads How much does reducing the cruising speed of cars reduce the NOx and particulates anyway, i thought the were mainly caused by ticking over and accelerating? If we can give loads of taxpayers money to foreign firms to build wind farms to reduce climate change then why can't it be spent on uk firms to build road bridges/ underpasses to reduce a more immediate health effecting issue.
  5. You would have to be getting a bit nervous when seeing one outside the window knowing what it might be going to due. hoping there's no miscommunication. Perhaps find the cutest child on board and hold it up to the window. 😱
  6. I think the most relevant statistic is: Turnout was 48.4%, down from 67.5% in the 2017 general election. At such a time with all what is happening in the political world you would think motivation to vote would be higher, either over half the voters thought there was no one worth voting for or lost any belief in the UK electoral system. The constituency will be represented by someone selected by less than 16% of the population. Can't help but wonder what kind of turn out there will be for the next General Election, something needs fixing.
  7. So you are saying all the people that have seen foxes killing cats are making it up how arrogant of you. There are a big variation in cats, i have seen some chase Alsatians off and get the better of a rottweiler but others just don't have the ability and some would be unable to stand up a single fox let alone 2 or more. A fox is a wild animal and although welcome for rodent control in built up areas and a pleasure to see and i certainly wouldn't want them persecuted, they also shouldn't be encouraged to associate with people. They are beautiful creatures but have there natural vicious side, bit like the missus (i hid her reading glasses so she won't be able to read this).
  8. Very nice site, if you haven't found it already bottom right little square you can click and hold and pull the frame larger. As it says they are for information only so don't be one of those obnoxious ramblers that insist on walking through someones rose bed because its on the map, sometimes there is an alternative although unofficial path ie. around someones property rather than through it. Farmers have it rough with vandalism and agricultural theft so understandably tetchy about strangers on their property, running away from a pursuing bull mastiff is good exercise but really not recommended. .... 🐶 ...... ....l..... careful now. It still shows the footpath from Penistone Road to Claywheels lane but Hagues had the council officially remove that one so there will no doubt be others. There's plenty of good ones there so use them or loose them.
  9. The candidates should really state which European political party they will be joining if any. Those party's all seem to be pro or anti EU (which does seems to include like the "European Conservatives and Reformist" whom seem to be more reform than scrap it - i don't really know) whereas some UK parties are divided, with others not really stating their EU'ness. Is the Yorkshire party pro or anti EU? Will the outcome of this vote affect Brexit anyway? Do you vote for a party that isn't anti EU even if you are a brexiteer in case brexit doesn't happen for a long time if at all and feel the top candidates of that party would do a better job whilst we are still in the EU ? its all a bit too much for someone who just wants a quiet and simple life, perhaps you just like the cut of their jib 😁. Put another way we can take Brexit and UKIP as anti but not necessarily votes for the others as pro. Does the UK party leader control the MEP, ie. does a Labour MEP follow the orders of Corbyn? It did seem so with Cameron and his MEP's In the last few hours of researching whom to vote for has made me a lot less of an EU fan (as it is now) i have to say, that narrows it down at least, now might flip a coin. Perhaps the EU as an organisation is possibly that broken it really does needs scrapping and starting again, much like our own national administration selection system.
  10. Have to say i have spent a couple of hours reading through this thread and i personally find it very unhelpful, i appreciate its a forum but perhaps some more relevance to the prospective options. I looked on Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Parliament and to be honest reading how it works make me feel it really should not exist at least not in its current form. Interesting the actual meps belong to political parties in the assembly, we only see the uk political party they associate to, remarkable that 278 of the meps are in opposition to the eu, thats more than a third of the elected assembly, so its not just the uk. The choices, UK political party, leader ( i have left the other prospective's out to keep simpler but if any body knows just reason they should personally not be elected then please share). The Brexit Party: John Longworth :- Easiest, supporting the referendum on leaving the eu, almost a second referenum its self. Succesful (rich) businessman Change UK: Diana Wallis:- Pro EU, members from different political parties but rather Liberal democraticish i think.? Conservative: John Procter:- if you believe in the eu and support Conservatives? English Democrats: David Allen:- who, what now, more research needed. Green: Magid Magid:- if you believe in the eu and like greens Labour: Richard Corbett:- if you believe in the eu and support labour Liberal Democrats: Shaffaq Mohammed:- if you believe in the eu and suport Liberal Democrats, Sheffielder The Yorkshire Party: Chris Whitwood:- as proud a Yorkshire man as i am,i'm not sure the EU will recognise Yorkshire Independence and non UK meps won't understand us - vot is this eck and vi should i go buy it. UKIP: Mike "Right hook" Hookem:- Anti EU, will be taking votes away from Brexit Party, a Non-Inscrits still i belive, ex military and working class background . Please contribute any relevant info to party or candidates. There isn't any protest vote to choose as such like monster raving looney party but brexit and ukip are close enough i reckon. As i understand it (never voted in EU election before- i know, but well its a long way away and my head hurts ..... head down in shame) we will get a choice of putting a single tick in the box associated to the political party (the uk one). Then (described here- https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-27187434 - head hurts more now and starting to lose the plot.) the proportion thing happens which means a vote for say Ukip if you were dithering between ukip/brexit wouldn't be a wasted vote as after all the dividing down the first candidate would still probably be elected. I think with this system you will definitely get the first choice of all the main parties elected just how many of the supporting cast. Of course as a nation we will be looking at the total votes for/against the EU.
  11. I had a cctv system it was called HView, i had problems with it and my internet when it was connected, on looking it up on the web i found not only had it opened a back door on my network it was also sending images from my cameras to someone in china ???????????? What on earth do the Chinese want to see my back yard for? if the got a picture of Mrs Ritus sunbathing it served them right, probably still getting counselling. 😱 I think their obsession with spying on the west is embedded in their technology peoples way of life.
  12. Perhaps if the part not closed of includes the dog toilet, bowling green, walled garden, library, running track tennis courts, it was certainly all of the open flat area for 2 weeks. I see they conveniently included the arena and bowling green on the plan which are definitely not parts of the public's park.
  13. I had just cut the link to post myself. On the map there you can see where the nuke missiles have hit, what you done now trumpy? https://downdetector.co.uk/problems/virgin-media/map/
  14. Being able to receive calls led me to believe it wasn't a cell network fault, as nobody is able to log onto virgin mobile website to see if there's a fault makes it look like like virgins computer network side, probably not authorising calls through the ee network. Cleaning lady might have unplugged there computer to plug vac in 😒 Yes rebooted, next is booting virgin as out of contract to be honest its the first time we have had a problem, it just stinks that there's been no info from virgin for 2 hours for something relied on so much. There's no indication of a problem until you try to make a call so any body with a virgin mobile should check if relying on it.
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