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  1. As probedb says it depends on the format you are starting off with but for "conventional" dvd format I always save as mpg format , the same as used in the dvd files (vob) most early players ( i have a cheap and rather old DVD player that has usb slot which can only play this format) the files won't be as small but less loss and more likely to work if you take it some where else to play it ie. a friend house. If it is conventional DVD You can just save as a DVD in a folder ( explore DVD and save all the files to a named folder - that to me is a bit messy you get a few files you don't need). There is a lot of software that can do it as no encoding changes required, i still use or at least used up to a few years ago, (i have saved all my stuff i wanted to save), dvd shrink and clone dvd that came with a DVD burner about 20 years ago, does or at least did the job for me and very easy to use as no complicated bells and whistles menus to negotiate. The last videos i have saved were from my cctv which had to have the format changed which i did with VLC player, i think a bit slow but its what i was using to view and the files weren't very big. What type of file you save them as is personal choice but the amount of bytes per £ you get on hard drives now doesn't really necessitate more highly compressed and less versatile video. If you have a desktop/tower PC pick up a second hand hard drive for peanuts(so long as you keep the originals if it dies prematurely not the end of the world) and chuck it in - it will not be worked very hard like the os drive so should last for years, some of mine are more than 15years old and still working fine. If you only have laptop then an external hard drive is still a good idea for storage to me, our tv can now play a video from the pc or networked drive over the ethernet or wifi. In the kitchen i have the pc connected to the old "dumb" tv via hdmi cable so we can watch an old holiday vid, you tube etc or catch up straight on that which is how we watch most of our saved video. I am no "expert" in the world of digital video but that's how i have saved and use mine.
  2. I was just waiting for my other half as we were going shopping so had a quick look on here to pass 5 mins and couldn't resist a quick look. I thought some of the more serious ancestry people would have posted hang on a popup.... new post .. ah there you are. You are not the only person to have searched, here is a nice thread about him; http://pub11.bravenet.com/forum/static/show.php?usernum=907514572&frmid=22&msgid=1149190&cmd=show Nice that he went on to a good age his stint at wadsley may have been beneficial, it often wasn't in those days.
  3. source of reasonable information for free; https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:XWKG-LB8 ancestry,co.uk better if you don't mind paying. Possible same people but could be coincidence, worthy of further investigation; https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:J3M9-92D
  4. Harolds in the past have reccomended to me GT85, available from may places. I use it on vehicle locks and never had any issue.
  5. Interesting, your aerial is pointing towards emley so not picking up sheffield live etc. from crospool (mux ch35) so presumably picking up grenoside on mux ch31. That is about 45degrees from the direction your aerial is pointing and about the same angle from the grenoside transmitter makes to Manor/intake which it points so i would think some thing of a peripheral reception in both ways. It doesn't help me though, i really need to know if anybody is receiving mux ch35 from tapton, except that it supports the info on Justin's web site.
  6. We don't have a line of sight to it we being down in the bottom of the valley. Can you get sheffield live? not that you would want to watch it but just to see if you are picking up that MUX.
  7. Can any body clear up the situation regarding the local mux (sheffield live - i know 🤔 but there are other channels some sony channels the boss likes),we get it (only any good when not raining or high pressure) on channel 31. I am leppings lane area and tuned into crosspool transmitter. According to https://ukfree.tv/transmitters/tv/Tapton_Hill it is transmitted on channel 55 (at low power) and com 7 mux is transmitted on ch31 . According to Justins site https://www.aerialsandtv.com/knowledge/transmitters/sheffield-crosspool-transmitter its now on ch35 at 400w, ch 31 is turned off along with ch 37 and Grenoside transmits on ch31. Is Grenoside still transmitting on 31? if so how does my kitchen tv pick it up when the aerial its at 90 degrees to the direction its pointing, especially as its being transmitted in a 30 degree arc to manor direction? no other tv's on the same splitter get it. There is very little info about tv being transmitted from grenoside, it usually just gets listed as a radio transmitter. Is Tapton/ crosspool still transmitting on ch35, if so why can i not recieve it? I am able to get ch 21 - ch 45 clearly although 45 has less power so my system seems happier at the lower end of the spectrum so perhaps the lower power tips it. Any body else in the area geting the local channel and if so on what Mux? I think things have been changing that much that organisations / websites have given up trying to keep up, there is a lot of conflicting information around, i am having most cofidence in Justin at the moment.
  8. I think you are talking about a much bigger opening than say 6' achievable with two hinged opening french window type doors other wise thats what you would have been going for. 3 or more panels that concertina to one side either a runner on top or at bottom (which you will have to keep cleaning out - not lived with one myself but experience with sliding patio says avoid bottom runner like covid19). If its a proper old Stone built building rather than a more modern stone faced building then i cringe at the thought. There will be plenty that will do it if works short enough, claim to have adequate expertise, can show you similar examples of their work which seems ok and yours will probably be ok for many years but you really need a proper expert in heritage buildings to advise and inspect. Definitely not the type of surveyor normally used when buying a house or no matter what letters they have after their name, or expect council building officer to control the work and materials used with the right sympathy for your building type. You will be lucky to find a builder in Sheffield that is experienced with the lime mortar for start, and no builders foam, expect " whaaaaat, our kid allus yuese it, nowt fallen down yet". Sorry, getting a bit cynical in my old age. Old buildings are built in different ways, some are like dry stone walls where the two faces are built up and small loose material is put in the middle for support, nightmare stuff.
  9. My better half really likes the asda pharmacy at chaucer.
  10. You mean the fixed charge, Gas or electric that's for the whole infrastructure pipes cables storage etc. I think it is probably higher now than it used to be compared to the usage cost when more of the cost was covered by the useage charge as customers are supposed to be using less but the infrastucture still needs to be there and competition between companies to charge less per KWH.
  11. They can only save money by not having to pay meter reading services to send out their person twice a year to housholds than cannot read their own meter and submit it online ( whom can be then made unemployed and have to be supported on benefit by the taxpayer) which on the scale of things would be a drop in the ever warming ocean. I would not expect to see any financial benefit myself.
  12. Completely agree, yet again public money being used for a government backed con like cavity wall filling and condensing boilers, i find it hard to believe that the average person can believe that they will save any money with a "smart meter". Even the name is fashionable crap labling suprised it wasn,t called a"Digital I smart E meter", it just reads the meter electronically, no - "smartness" at all I know one person (not the sharpest knife in the drawer) that was telling me they had one and it was going to save them £100 a year, i asked where it was (the display part) - "i put it in the drawer out of the way" was the reply, "how will it save you money in the drawer?" i asked, " i dunno how it works but the people on the phone said it would so i must be right" was my answer. If you have to have a meter telling you how much you are using to not leave the shower on more than you need then you are a strange person to say the least. A plugin meter that you can keep a check on your fridge/freezer as their consumption can rocket when worn / faulty or stick it on the dish washer or washing machince/ tumble drier to compare the cost of different programmes and ask yourself if its worth it rather than getting a pot towel out to dry the pots or wait for a dry day and hang the washing out, now thats real benefit.
  13. http://www.signalboxes.com/tinsley-south-signalbox-and-station.php He doesn't say what exactly the building was, i think its on the right on this picture if so looks more canal than railway. https://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?action=zoomWindow&keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s26907&prevUrl= same buildings i think. https://www.sheffieldtelegraph.co.uk/news/tinsley-looks-back-sheffields-transport-heritage-471175
  14. In 1863 it was shown as "Hallam gate road" which now exists near by, the road seemed to have a real identity issue, probably due to the speed at which the area developed https://www.picturesheffield.com/maps.php?file=031 The block of houses are there then which to me indicates annie is spot on.
  15. Quite an enigma developing here, there is quite a few historical sites about the broomhall / broomhill area, they may be interested in this puzzle and perhaps offer some help. Annies suggestion seemed strange to me, it being on such a major road hard to see why houses built right on the side had the designation "terrace" so i had to have a look, even in the 1850's whitham road was classed as undefined and the houses weren't there. https://maps.nls.uk/view/102345217 So perhaps the houses were built in the 1860's whilst the road was undefined and the builder picked his own name "Windsor terrace" for his block - after all they had to be called something , this getting changed when the road was officially named some time before 1873.
  16. They used to have wood for sale in them.
  17. Another visit, it does seem a strange place to use, presumably for NGH - would it be able to land across from the childrens if the destination was over that end? It would be my luck to get picked of the top of a mountain (not very likely really) flown within half a mile of the hospital and end up in an ambulance stuck in the mud. Has the helipad gone from by the palliative care? Is there no where nearer a new pad could be set up with hard standing access, if not and this is the only place for it to land then we should be at least putting a tarmac road up to the pad. Best wishes to the passenger hope all's ok.
  18. Because it was so ridiculous i wouldn't have believed some one telling me and don't expect any one else to believe me without video evidence. Some thing that had to be seen to be believed.
  19. Just had the unfortunate experience of this ludicrous setup, all the way into town along it and back again only one cyclist was spotted and unbelievably he was riding on the footpath! All those bollards must have confused him. Never got car camera on when needed. The "not in touch with reality peeps" in charge of Sheffields roads need to realise many of us travel along Penistone road to get to the parkway and onward's, not to just go into the city centre. Like many I avoid Sheffield at all costs and wouldn't dream of taking a car there.
  20. If the link works this should show it. https://global.adsbexchange.com/?icao=407637 Right click the "k" on the right and it will give the altitudes and times. 750 feet over Shirecliffe.
  21. These are the two plane types Diamond DA42[9] and one Diamond DA62 of DEA aviation based out at Retford, flew up to Huddersield and back. Interestingly for whatever reason they were flying at half the altitude of the police plane circulating out at Treeton who i presume was looking for some one. I really must get a hobby or a life or something.
  22. I see you also use the metrinch measurement system, 5mm seems rather thin are you sure? they are some advertised at 10mm, i could measure ours tomorrow, sure its thicker than that. As it is to carry public footpath traffic there is probably a regulation/spec for it. Definitely try Switfy's , always worth a look around. If unable to get one to fit existing frame 2 possible options - dig out old frame and cement in new frame c/w grate or stainless fabrication to fit existing grate (secure well). They are often covered over but its good to keep open as ventilation for the cellar, perhaps not necessarily to the same degree as original so a drilled plate could suffice. Some put in a vertical vent and fill the hole in to stop water going in, something i have considered myself although the rate water comes in at through the walls its not going to achieve much. I doubt we will be going back to coal fires so don't need the shoot.
  23. I'll second that, i've tried several sprayers including electric, water based just doesn't like soaking into a vertical piece of wood. Also you still have to brush about 4 inches around the edge or it will end up covering what ever is on the other side of the fence, it took me a full day to polish the paint of my car my neighbour spayed it with, it still has some red spots on its matt surfaces. Another beauty of using the sprayer to put the treatment on the fence is it isn't dripping off the brush after dipping in the paint, I have thought about drilling a hole down the middle of a brush and connecting the spay pipe to it.
  24. My Dad lived on a farm at Bradfield during the war, he said they used to have an Italian POW that used to come and work on the farm. He was dropped off in the morning an would start walking back in the evening getting picked up on the way. One day on being dropped off they could see he wasn't very happy, asking him what was the matter he told them the the evening before the guards never came and he had to walk all the way back to the camp. Despite all the anti Britishness we keep getting we must have been doing something right in those days, - as a society i mean, obviously not pow guarding.
  25. Why does the SAR / Coastguard helicopter land at Parkwood springs still? Is it too big for the hospital landing pads?
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