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  1. Is it for grass outside? these would offer some protection and still allow water through, depends on how heavy the plant is i suppose. https://www.toolstation.com/grass-protector-mat/p23709
  2. Is this it perhaps; https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=PV3OJ5NYGCK00
  3. The"poor residents" welcome this rat infested dog poo riddled fly dump waste of space being developed - at least cleaned up. The obvious to even the most thick of us is to clear all the brush (upset a few pretend ecologist), evict roland the coypu and family, cover over the old goyt, and make a nice car park co funded by SWFC - a take it or shut down the ground offer ( would need some local administration - elected or being paid to turn up and can't be sacked for doing nothing - with some ability in the field they are getting paid for which we are definitely not seeing at the moment), and make a park and ride and football parking as and when. And that's from someone who would love to see the ground go but with a "live and let live- if logical" reasoning. When or if, we we ever get any administration of this country with any competence and the old victoria line is opened as a light railway the car park would be ideally positioned for the electric cars to be parked and recharged whilst the occupants stroll up to the new station at wadsley bridge and catch a nice electrically propelled air conditioned train in excellent comfort to wherever, no further deforestation required but a new cycle path perhaps. Now look what you have done you've set me off again...... Whilst still unclear what the notices are supposed to be telling us which we really wanted to know, and sending us in a mad endless loop to oblivion, there has now been a notice on the planning portal that the decision has been deferred yet again to the 29th november,- G.B. administration at its best not quite upto brexit incompetence but getting there. .😣. .😥. .😣.
  4. It's only old technology (the current bbc digital text is 20 years old now the old ceefax analoge service died years ago) because it is streamed rather than on demand, if a streamed service is adequate as this is then why does it have to be on demand. It might not get a lot of use now but there is a massive amount of customers that have access to it should other systems fail. Look how often websites "go down " when over patronised, everybody in the country could be reading the same teletext page at the same time. With an income of 5 billion pound, running a data service that the cost of will be a drop in the ocean i would think it is less about it's cost and more about overpaid administration wanting to get rid of things that they don't like. To me it's still worth keeping.
  5. Sorry linking not going well, I too a daft poster it seems. Try this open pdf doc 18/9/2019 https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=PKYV3ONYMDJ00 The phrase "The development does not accord with the provisions of the development plan" is the only bit that seems to be making a statement what ever that is, otherwise it tells you to go to the planning portal page above where you click the link which shows you the picture that tells you to go to the planning portal page above where you click the link which shows...... I seem to be stuck in an endless loop and now need a reboating. What is the purpose of this notice???
  6. Any body know what these signs are supposed to be telling us: https://planningapps.sheffield.gov.uk/online-applications/files/CEFB6AD7E0B6DF17CF62CFE47B87EB40/pdf/19_00037_FUL-ADDITIONAL_SITE_NOTICES-1398439.pdf The planning app is way past its end date but yet no decision has been divulged, we just now have these daft posters.( the ones on the lampost not me- i am often considered daft but the ones on the lampost is what i mean)
  7. Do you not still marry in the brides parish church? Also it would have to be the appropriate denomination presumably.
  8. Just seen 3 cars and a van full of em on penistone road holding up the traffic, must have been at least 15 policeman how many points do i get for that. interested if any body has phoned to report a crime 11:30-12:00 today and being told there was no officers available, these probably had more important things to do than catch burglars.
  9. I,m gutted, just paid 40p for two return train tickets to brid now i find i've wasted 40p ..😓.. ..😢.. ..😠.. arghhh, i won't be sleeping for quite a few nights now.
  10. did the cafe have a clock than went anticlockwise it that isn't a some kind of paradox.
  11. Sorry but I struggle to understand that statement, you are saying syp have placed an order on SWFC to close leppings lane to other vehicle traffic whilst derby matches are on because they (swfc or syp?) are being heavy handed with fans? If its syp then surely a stream of vehicles (especially a few hgv's ) would be beneficial if there was fans without tickets amassing on leppings lane after kick off , a good time for a spot of unseasonal snow ploughing perhaps. Surely SWFC cannot shut leppings lane it takes authorisation from the local council, obviously the sensitive nature of football hooliganism gives the police special powers but it is not an emergency action but a pre planned council authorised action - if not it would be illegal.? I would genuinely love to know the true facts of the reasoning for the closure throughout the match. I have to say you don't see police officers on the lepping lane closures just yellow jacketed guys that, well stop more women going home with there shopping than groups of males whom look some what intimidating (don't blame them to be honest, they won't be getting paid enough to be receiving a bit of abh), perhaps the ground has been granted controlling powers over Leppings lane, not informed locals but that's nothing new.
  12. Generally closed throughout match for derby's has also been when a team called Millwall are playing, perhaps part of Millhouses 😉.
  13. If only there was a way watches could be powered by another source like those radios that chap made that had a dynamo running off the stored energy of a spring. Hang on I think i have an idea, look out for me on Dragons den, this time next year i'll be a millionaire rodney. £8 for a watch battery that surely is a wind up. (ba dum chh) 😂 well somebody had to say it. I do still actually use a clockwork watch on the rare occasions i wear one, i sits patiently in its draw for months reliably ready for action at a moments notice.
  14. Absolutely crazy, the organisers are asking for public complaints about noise which will get the racing stopped, idiots. By the loudness i would bet they went up in the air above the stadium so spreading more, wouldn't have been so bad if they had kept at ground level so the stadium sides would have kept some of the shockwave in. Again complete idiots.
  15. He's gone back further north over deepcar perhaps didn't want to disturb you again.
  16. Same one again, probably reads SF and now doing it on purpose. Joking aside hope its mission is successful or false alarm.
  17. https://www.airliners.net/photo/Bristow-Helicopters/Sikorsky-S-92A/4042117/L?qsp=eJwtjLEKAkEMBf8ltRYiWFynIleJFv5A2Dz08HSXJHAux/27cbEbZmBmSvnt%2BPitFlBHBtb0oBUVVn4ZdTM9UaesEkz9%2BnzsT1Etqx9qGGHHPiUUh/z9RQX6S7DURvcYbwKg18a03YWXwcrI7QHnYaRl%2BQISdC4r Humberside A/P to kinder scout around 19:04 - 19:24 would have flown over that area strange why so low perhaps to avoid other traffic. https://flight-data.adsbexchange.com/map?icao=406C79&date=2019-08-02
  18. What a amazing lady, spent so many evenings in the wap, always a pleasure to be in her company. Sadly missed.
  19. Its probably not a good idea to train them to kill with their bare hands like foggy was.
  20. I am afraid somebody's racing pigeon was invited for breakfast at peregrine manor this morning, hope it wasn't a special bird. You would think all the fat feral pigeons in sheffield would have been a favoured choice, easier to catch but perhaps not as tasty? a diet of discarded chips doesn't produce such flavour some meat or perhaps its the challenge of a faster more elusive bird. Could domestic birds be fed something that makes their meat undesirable, perhaps some garlic in their corn? though could interfere with breeding. It has to be difficult to accept for people losing a animal to a wild predatory animal, hopefully research can find ways to help, we can't wipe out species so some losses have to be lived with but i do genuinely sympathise. The banded leg is in the box at the moment, a trophy perhaps?
  21. Why is your car VED free? if you would be "persecuted by paying additional tax through fuel" then it cannot be because it doesn't pollute, perhaps rather than "being persecuted" consider it a charge proportional for the use of the roads and amount of pollution produced and like any other charge pay it albeit grudgingly. The VED should be either proportional to the pollution caused as an anti pollution measure or to fund the transport infrastructure it uses, it certainly should not be an incentive to use a car more because of the charge is made anyway.
  22. They are the ones who are more likely to have an old landrover or similar workhorse and a little not so new runabout, paying twice irrelevant of there usage. I can't believe any government will really give a dam about "the rural poor" the wealthy and powerful country residents perhaps. By rural to that extent you have to be many miles from civilisation as we know it to be affected. Unlikely to make a special run just for fuel, would more likely fill up when visiting the supermarket or something which is more reason to make VED mileage relative - encouragement of making journeys as efficient as possible rather than "its costing me a fortune stood there so may as well use it"
  23. I completely agree , or at least there should be a refund for cars doing less mileage to encourage drivers to leave the car and walk, cycle or whatever. I pay about 50p a mile in ved as i only use the car when necessary, it would be cheaper to use a taxi if they would let me put bags of rubbish and cement etc in, its difficult enough to get one to take a dog. For many people a small economic low polluting car for general use whenever possible and a big old vehicle possibly 4wd for when necessary is a practical more environmentally friendly way of living but will be charged much more than a new vehicle with fiddled co2 output used all the time, The trouble is the state administration on all its levels only want environmental initiatives that produce money for them or help their business buddies and there company investments by selling new cars. I produce a lot less co2 and other pollutants than a hybrid that does high mileage and runs on petrol all the time but have to pay much more.
  24. Just trying to get mrs R. to get up early for a free game at 8.00 am, you should see the look she is giving me, it's making her sherry curdle. 😒 i can't repeat what she said. Any body know how you go about playing at oughtibridge (coronation) park .
  25. Yep very nice in a pie, can be a bit vicious, i remember my dad reaching over a box with one in and it jumped up and bit him, how we laughed, shouldn't be a problem in Morrisons though. One of the nice things (there are many) of fishing, you eat whatever you catch (more or less - some of the ugliest fish are the tastiest) rather than whats popular, it literally makes me cry when i see dead fish trawled up and thrown back to the seagulls.
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