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  1. I was just having a look at Google maps of Sheffield and I thought I would look up one of my favourite pubs I used to go in quite a lot in the mid sixties. That was the Atlas on Bawtry Road in Brinsworth, we even had a couple of Christmas parties there for the melting shop. But alas, it has gone. You could get a great pint of Toby one of the few places that sold it! Does anyone know when it ceased to be?
  2. An interesting comment "Things were so much simpler then". Well I don't agree I say life was so much better then. Most people were employed, in Sheffield it was the steel industry, which was my background. Then the flood gates opened and masses of immigrants with chips on their shoulders turned up and led by the example of American Lawyers to inspire them, along with Marxist social workers to give them ammunition. I forget who said it, but It became "A hand full of gimme and a mouthful of much obliged". A parody of of the old adage, "If you can't beat them leave them behind".
  3. Hi! Martin, The Industry was one of my favourite Pubs. I used to go in mainly on passing and did not really know the People that ran the Pub. I first started going in the sixties as I loved a pint of Wards! But moving abroad with work firstly to Germany and then Australia I used to call in on trips back over the years, I would say the last time I was in would be a Sunday in April 1989. I think I have a photo I took outside somewhere, I'll see if I can find it and post it on the site.
  4. Thanks for that Ben. I believe there were years of turmoil about the early seventies and even so in my life. Luckily my background in Steelmaking landed me a job in Germany and as they say "the doors opened". But getting back to more relevant matters, I would like to be able to get in touch with Dick by Email or phone, if at all possible. It would be great if could let him know. Keith
  5. Well! There you go. I never thought that anyone would ever reply. Your Grandad will remember me as Henley. The last time I saw him was in 1972. That is such a long time ago, but it seems like yesterday, 49 years! There is so much to ask, but where do you start? Is he still in Sheffield? How is the family? I have been in Australia for 38 years and still working in the metals industry, sort of, veins full of rust! What is Dick up to? Let me know. superstainless@bigpond.com. Keith Henley-Smith
  6. Now this has me wondering. I knew the person very well back in the 1970's because she worked at the same place as me. So how am I supposed to find out any thing if I don't ask?
  7. This may be a real longshot! Does anyone know of Janet Mason? She was the Works Nurse at Edgar Allen Foundry in the mid to late 1970's. She worked on our shift and she lived at the time in Rotherham.
  8. My favourite pub in the City was the Bull and Oak in the Wicker run by Frank Wainwright for many years 70's and 80's. When Frank died his wife Audrey took over and had the name changed over the door to Audrey Waring - Wainwright including her maiden name. I believe that when the Pub was ear-marked for demolition she spent some time in the Big Gun also in the Wicker. Not so sure about this as I had gone to Australia by this time.
  9. I knew a John Saynor, who I worked with in the Melting Shop at Edgar Allens in the sixties/seventies. I believe he lived in the general area Manor/Intake. He would be about 74 now.
  10. I used to know a Freda Cooper of Shiregreen when I was at Edgar Allens. Her Husband was Fred Cooper,I believe . Does anyone know of her?
  11. Anyone around from Thomas Turton & Sons Maltravers Street? The old Sheaf Works ancient building Now with The Sheffield Quay sign on it. That used to be Turtons' old offices and featured on paintings going back hundreds of years.
  12. The Bear in Dunham. My earliest recollection of this would be in the late fifties going into the sixties. At the time we lived at RAF Coningsby and we regularly did the trip into Sheffield to visit relatives driving on the A57 which crossed the Trent at Dunham Bridge. To us kids at the time the bridge was "The shilling bridge" as that was the toll for a car to cross and as we drove into Dunham. The next feature was in Dunham was the "Bear" in the doorway on the right hand side, across the road from the Bridge Inn, heading towards Sheffield. This was in place for many years and I can remember it was still there in the seventies. Over the last fifteen years I have been back to the UK several times and on many occasions have made the trip along the A57 back into Lincolnshire and Coningsby. Sadly the Bear has gone but you still have to pay a Toll to cross the Bridge!
  13. I often wondered about this sort of night shift behaviour. I did not work there but knew a lot of the staff at Firth Browns, mostly in the Labs and Melting shop management. It was sort of common knowledge about the Night Shift antics. The furnace crews were busy, but a lot of the others just turned up and got paid for doing nothing or just doing the minimum. I am talking about a period of the mid seventies onwards. Luckily I left for foreign shores about the same time, still in the Steel Industry but difference between Sheffield and Germany was eye opening with the efficiency of operations.
  14. I know of one of the former teachers. Miss. Maurine Chadwick who became Mrs. Shipley. She was the RE teacher in the days when that subject was compulsory subject, a bit hard going for us atheists/cynics. About eight years ago I caught up with a colleague of mine from Sheffield in Germany. Talk got round to days that are gone and school teachers. Well he knew of an association from Sheffield University where we both had been and was run by Derek Shipley . The Association is SU3A , Sheffield University third age, a sort of Club that runs social events, functions and outings to concerts for former college students. Derek Shipley is the husband of Maureen and they live in Bradway in Sheffield. But what's more my friend gave me the address of the Shipleys and urged me to write. So, I wrote. To my surprise Maurine wrote a lovely letter back to me here in Australia. She told me of her life after Waltheof, her family and said that she also remembered me as I had attended a Military school at some time which was a surprise as I was only at Waltheof for just over a year before being transferred to City Grammar. I did not know that many people were aware of that. Parents in the Forces. In her letter she included a press cutting from the Star about the death of Miss. Sarson. As far as I am aware the Shipleys still live in Bradway.
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