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  1. I know of one of the former teachers. Miss. Maurine Chadwick who became Mrs. Shipley. She was the RE teacher in the days when that subject was compulsory subject, a bit hard going for us atheists/cynics. About eight years ago I caught up with a colleague of mine from Sheffield in Germany. Talk got round to days that are gone and school teachers. Well he knew of an association from Sheffield University where we both had been and was run by Derek Shipley . The Association is SU3A , Sheffield University third age, a sort of Club that runs social events, functions and outings to concerts for former college students. Derek Shipley is the husband of Maureen and they live in Bradway in Sheffield. But what's more my friend gave me the address of the Shipleys and urged me to write. So, I wrote. To my surprise Maurine wrote a lovely letter back to me here in Australia. She told me of her life after Waltheof, her family and said that she also remembered me as I had attended a Military school at some time which was a surprise as I was only at Waltheof for just over a year before being transferred to City Grammar. I did not know that many people were aware of that. Parents in the Forces. In her letter she included a press cutting from the Star about the death of Miss. Sarson. As far as I am aware the Shipleys still live in Bradway.
  2. A friend of mine in Sheffield who lived in the Woodside/Pitsmoor area in the fifty's and sixties said that she and her sister often went to "The bacon box'' with their parents. I think it may have been part of a Club in the area. Does anyone know of the place?
  3. A good friend of mine from days at Edgar Allens', Graham Samms, went to work at Barwoth Flockton in the early seventies.
  4. Bit of a long shot! But can anyone remember the Parkin Family who ran the Matilda Tavern in the early 1940's. I was talking to a family member who recalls going there when she was seven or eight years old during the second world war.
  5. I was just reminiscing about a lad that I used to work with at Edgar Allens in the late 60's and early 70's. I was a Shift Supervisor in the Melting shop and Dick Bond was the shift Chemist on my shift. He used to live in Intake with his parents and he had a couple of very pretty sisters. This was in the Newlands Road area,I think. Dick went off to work for Ladbrokes the betting people in the seventies. He married his long standing girlfriend about 1969 or 1970. You know how it is when you get something in your mind for no reason at all and you can't stop thinking about it. Can anyone throw any light on the subject?
  6. Hi! Laura, I don't think that there are any of the "Old Haunts" left in the area of Tinsley Park Road. The ones that spring to mind are "The Gibbet" on Broughton Lane which was still open two years ago when I was over. There was another at the end of Broughton lane " The Wentworth". Of all things there is a fairly new one, or maybe refurbished called "The Don Valley" on Attercliffe Road near the junction with Worksop Road. Hope this helps. Its 37 years since I lived in Europe and Sheffield. Just memories!
  7. This has got me intrigued so I got the Sherlock Holmes kit out. The original Fishermans building, although very similar to the Veolia offices has a lot of structural differences. But I would suggest that when the old building was demolished and the bricks may have been recycled and used in the later one. There seems to be an inconsistency in the colours The modern building has concrete slabs over the windows and around the door and the original had fan shaped "key" work above the windows as well. The widows themselves are different on the ground level. Around the door itself there was a brick type extension on the original extending to the window above protruding out by about the length of a brick framing the whole front. This is not on the modern structure.
  8. That's the one. It seem odd that most of the buildings on that part of the road from the sixties have gone, but not that one!
  9. I just had a look on Google maps street view, and The Fishermans was still there in July 2015 and as I said two years ago. Its now the offices for Veolia recycling. On the picture from 2015 diagonally across the road is a site, demolished at the time, I think was the Friendship. That Veolia outfit must be pretty big, they are all over Melbourne!
  10. I used to call in this Pub a lot, usually on the way home from work in the mid sixties. As I recall they had a really good selection on the Juke box, some of which I can recall. Jeff Beck Hi-Ho Silver lining, the Everly Brothers Bowling Green. I used to finish the morning shift at Edgar Allens at two and on the Motor bike to get a few pints in before three. Used to sit in the concert room at the rear where the Juke Box was. I think the reason for calling in was there had been an accident at the bridge on Broughton Lane and a diversion was in place along Tinsley Park Road to Coleridge Road passing the Fishermans! So give it a try! The building was still there two years ago I went past for a look.
  11. I'm quite surprised at the lack of information about Hadfields an the area that the site used to be in. Given that the amount of people that worked there I would have thought there was more interest. I never worked at Hadfields, but a lot of my colleagues did and one of them, Rod Green, was Melting Shop Manager. I worked at Edgar Allens on the other side of Vulcan Road. As I recall Vulcan Road ran from Weedon Street in a big arc and ended at Sheffield Road just below the Tinsley rail and canal Bridge. On the northern side and north west was Hadfields, where the main site of Meadowhall is now and on the other side and across Sheffield road as far as the old railway line was located that was the site of Edgars, now mostly the shopping centre car park! When I worked there a lot of buses, the works specials, ran along Vulcan Road at shift change times. That's how busy things were in those times. The orange fumes were the effects of Oxygen lancing in the arc furnaces to make steel, in the days before strict pollution controls. Mostly iron oxide, but there were also other metals that were a bit of a "problem" if you got a lung full of it! Sort of going further back towards Wincobank and that area was Shardlows and Arthur Lees operations and of course the other way was River Don Works and Firth Browns and Jessop Saville. The great names in Sheffield Steelmaking history!
  12. Dave Beardsall it was! I believe that Dave was offered the Post of running the Operation for ELG in Chicago and went there for a while. I don't know the full story but he returned to the operation in Campbellfield. He could do this as he and Jim had taken out Australian citizenship and could come and go in and out of the country as they pleased.
  13. Recycling Processes in Melbourne was run by a good friend of mine David Stewart. His main business was stainless steel scrap and other high alloy, mostly Nickel alloys. I had known David for many years and when I became Technical Director of Graham Campbell Ferrum I set up a Stainless and High alloy division which became very successful. I used to buy Nickel and other materials from David. Things like Cobalt, pure Molybdenum and Selenium I always paid less than the going rate! David used to send 20 tonne containers of stainless scrap and Nickel alloys to ELG in Templeborough on a regular basis. David eventually sold out to ELG and they became ELG Recycling, with Jim Smilie in charge with David (forgot surname) as deputy. I still kept buying material from them. David worked for Spartan Alloys in Sheffield at one time. It's a small world indeed
  14. It sure was. Keith left to work for Tommy Wards on the scrap side. He went from there to ELG-Haniel the stainless people in Templeborough and became a Director. I believe his son now works there. I ran into Keith again when I developed a new form of Stainless Steel PAK 450 and I needed some one in Europe to make it. Keith introduced me to Richard Carrs in Hillsborough. Small world in the metal game!
  15. Sure is! Ray Wrigley was the Manager and I was his assistant. When Ray lost his son Stephen in a car accident things changed and I more or less took over from him. A very sad time. even then the writing was on the wall for the future of Edgars. Ray always said that whenever he was asked where in Sheffield did he work the answer was Meadowhall car park!
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