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  1. There is a thread on this very subject on the Sheffield History website.
  2. I remember a Ray Griffiths when I worked for BT. No contact details myself, but could try asking a few people who may have.
  3. I did hear that a body had been recovered from the river.
  4. Ah, thanks for that Nikki red. How sad......R.I.P. little man xx
  5. Driving back along Holme Lane at about 12:00 today, I noticed dozens of motor bikes heading towards Hillsborough. There were also a load of police bikes in the procession and some bikes with flowers on the handlebars so possibly a funeral for some much loved biker. Anyone know what the occassion was?
  6. No you don't need a phone line. Their transmiiter is located on the roof of the flats at Stannington.and they install a small dish receiver on the side of your house. You can have a landline with them too if you want one, but we didn't bother as we just use mobiles .
  7. Yes, it's been fine. Last time I checked, we were getting 25mb, using their Air-fibre system. Have had no problems streaming films, internet, etc.
  8. Been on Pine Meda now since March last year, after we binned Sky due to crazy price increases. All communication with them was good and the install carried out in a professional manner. The service since has been trouble free and we are completely satisfied with them.
  9. As a regular plodding commuter cyclist kitted out with lights and hi-viz, I've often noticed this phenomenon, and quite puzzled by it all. They seem to be what I call the 'Proper Cyclist' types. The really fit ones who are out at weekends, riding 4 abreast on their £5k bikes in all the lycra etc. They can also be seen at rush hour, weaving at high speed through the standing traffic, no lights and all in black usually. I suppose they must know what they're doing though, never seem to see any of em coming a cropper.
  10. Have you any idea what regiment he was in ?
  11. There are several very different types of intelligence, all of which humanity needs to survive. Someone like, say Wayne Rooney, would be considered as unintelligent by many people but in fact he possesses a rare form of intelligence which includes things like very accurate spacial awareness, timing, etc. Someone may be a professor of chemical engineering and could easily explain the molecular structure of petrol, but wouldn't have a clue under the bonnet of a car. You said SHE doesn't let you finish talking. I think you've answered your own question 😂
  12. I know parents who drop their kids off at school, only 200 yards away and will drive similar distances to the local shops. 90% of the staff where I work, are quite happy to stand waiting for 5 minutes for the lift to take them one floor!!! Combined with a poor diet, it's easy to see why there are so many fat folk around these days.
  13. Paul Mc'cartney's "Blackbird" a beautiful song and guitar playing.
  14. Yes, it used to be dead easy to use, just scroll down and quickly see what was for sale or wanted etc. It often happens where things get changed or "improved" just for the sake of it. Don't bother with it now. Oh well, as the saying goes " Nothing good lasts forever"
  15. Luxury!! The bike will have been dumped due to the chain being broken , like Bassett says. It is well beyond the abilities of many adults let alone kids to repair a chain or even a puncture. Chuck it in the skip and we'll buy a new 'un.
  16. There's one at the top of Stacey Bank, behind the Nag's Head at Loxley, S6.
  17. If this is true (and I really hope it is), it can only be a good thing. We need to see more of these struggling local pubs taken from the hands of the greedy pubco's and run by our local breweries who actually know a thing or two about good beer, pricing, and how a good pub should be run. I also heard that Bradfield Brewery has acquired the the Wharnecliffe Arms.
  18. I would say that the local walk in would be the ideal place to go ( if you can "walk -in" so to speak )
  19. mmm, I think your'e over egging all this, the pair of you. In 20 years of commuter cycling I've never seen or experienced that style of overtaking, in fact I mainly witness drivers with cyclist empathy, although there are careless drivers out there i'm sure.
  20. Ah you mean they are likely to take some form of revenge ? Don't think so.
  21. Well, if a motorist decides he's going to take less care in his driving, then he is surely going to come a cropper at some point.
  22. I cycle from malin bridge to Amrc at Catcliffe in about 40 minutes as opposed to 30 in the car. Yes I do use the pavement sometimes ( like cops on bikes) when I consider it neccessary and ( wait for the howls of anguish) go through reds sometimes ie, peds have all crossed the crossing, shall I sit here another 20 seconds till the lights change? Think not. Can't honestly see what all the fuss is about.
  23. They're all too busy tapping away on their phones to notice, not that I'm tarring them all with the same brush of course.
  24. FYI, it's been £2:50 a pint for about 9 months now, but it is quality beer and well worth it.
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