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Turning off routers


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I always turn off my router at night. Lately I having been having a very slow connection. Should I leave my router on 24/7?


Leave it on.


If you turn it off the remote end will see the connections drop and will keep lowering the speed in an attempt to get it to work. Eventually you will be stuck on the lowest speed and have to tell the ISP to reprofile your link to get the speed back.

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I've heard of stingy Yorkshiremen, but this beats that definition. Leave your router on, it will cost you half a penny a night. That is less than 2£ a year and it will ensure you keep a stable connection with your internet provider, the people you probably spend 20£+ per month on...

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I find turning my router off every night has no impact on my speeds whatsoever. I tend to turn off everything I can at night, a certain amount of paranoia about leaving electrical devices running when I don't need to. Its not the cost, its a (perhaps misguided) safety thing.

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