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  1. I borrowed a wheel chair from a neighbour and we went into the long stay car park. Got the bus there and saw him into check in and everything went fine. Cheers for all the help everyone.
  2. Yes he was because my mother took us to see him. When he sang goodbye everyone waved their white handkerchief, ( if they had one). This must have been in the late 40s early 50s.
  3. Isn`t this supposed to be a safety feature and could help save you and your passengers lives?
  4. That was what I was thinking. Cheers.
  5. He ( or should i say his family)will book his return ticket at the other end when he wants to return. I think the long stay car park is the better option for him, not only going but coming home.
  6. Thank you everyone. He is not all that bad at walking but he has to take his time and that is why we are going earlier so that if he does get tired he can have a rest. At he other end one of his family is going to collect him.
  7. I am taking someone to this airport and I was wondering if anyone knows how far it is to walk to the Wizz Air terminal building. He is a bit dodgy on his feet. Or is there a better place to drop him off? Cheers.
  8. I would go down and ask one of the people on the allotments who owns it. That is if you are near.
  9. This link is only for the fast track test and not the PCR for foreign travel. We went down this morning and they told us this. Thanks all the same.
  10. That looks great. Thanks a lot for that.
  11. Going for a wazz was a saying a mate of mine at work said a lot.
  12. Can anyone tell me if and where the PCR testing centres are in Sheffield, please. I tried the Boots on line service but it is far to difficult to get through.
  13. I don`t think I will. To be honest he sounds a bit of a nut to me.
  14. Thank you everyone for your input. I will phone 119 and get a written one just to be on the safe side. Cheers.
  15. I have just put the N.H.S. app on my phone with the records of my 2 vaccinations. If I went abroad could I still view this app with a local sim card in my phone?
  16. The only shop to my memory of your description was on the corner of Ladys bridge and Nursery Street. We got our clogs from him and he was dressed as you described.
  17. I beg to differ. I have had excellent service from my G.P. all through the pandemic. I have rang several times after 8 am and each time I got a telephone appointment for the same day. On 2 occasions I also got a same day face to face appointment. Brilliant. Jaunty springs health centre.
  18. https://ibb.co/Tb3ztQ0 Having another gо. Hooray it worked.
  19. Tried to put the photos on here from photobucket but no joy.
  20. Not yet. I am waiting for my ink to run out on this one first. It could take a while because I do not use it much. Cheers.
  21. If they sanitise their hands before they enter a shop then the danger is minimised.
  22. The three youngish men certainly looked fit enough to me, and if they are exempt should they be wearing some badge to say so?
  23. I cannot see this covid 19 going away for a long time yet, because I was in sainsbury jackson at gleadless townend and within 5 minutes three men at different times walked in without masks.
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