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  1. Simple fact is Car Boot, we now have your precious Brexit and it is looking like it will be a No Deal Brexit. I can rail against it all I want, it isn't going to change anything so I am looking for constructive dialogue. 1. The EU Commission is made up of representatives of national governments, it is one of the strongest political organs on the planet and the UK chose to leave it's seat of power on that table. But I concede that a No Deal Brexit will give the UK back control over its own national affairs at the expense of international influence. 2. This point I will never concede, the UK has had a low unemployment rate for decades. Reducing access to labour for the national market will act as a constraint, limiting the ability to be self sufficient. This will drive up cost for internally produced goods as well as force higher imports from other parts of the world. Factor in that the median average income per household in the UK has risen steadily year on year, 'despite' being in the EU. Chances are that this will now change - we will have to wait and see. 3. Can you elaborate on this, as to me this is the interesting and rather crucial area of discussion that we need to have.
  2. Excellent, I am genuinely impressed by your impressionability. So what are the advantages for the working class again?
  3. Excellent, I assume you are guaranteeing we will have better food standards in this country then, yeah? See below. I am delighted you are finally getting the outcome you want, now can you please explain how this will benefit 'us'? You know, the cornerstone of socialism 'for the benefit of the people', please do explain Car Boot. I am VERY curious.
  4. You are of course aware that these mishaps also occurred in UK pork as it operates under the same rules as the EU for meat production. How is lowering the standards going to benefit the UK again Peter?
  5. I know this will come as a complete shock to you, but there is something called 'control room', they coordinate dispatches for all emergency services from there. If another service had to attend, they would have coordinated that. My dad is a retired paramedic. People like you are the reason he suffered a burn-out after a long career. He and his colleagues frequently got verbally and physically abused by people 'demanding an explanation'. He personally saved the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people, including dumb idiots like you, because when it really matters, you wouldn't complain, would you? When your daughter has broken her neck falling down the stairs and it takes hours to find a suitable and stable way to move her, or you are completely oxygen deficient and need to take oxygen on for an hour before you can be moved; you wouldn't complain then, would you?
  6. June 2016, The Consequences of Brexit first post was placed on this forum. We are now hundreds of pages into it and over 4 years later. We've had two elections in the meantime, essentially because the government could not find a way to make Brexit work. On the 1st of January this country will no longer be part of any trading block. It will be able to determine its own future. This is (according to Car Boot and other vocal Brexit supporters) what the people wanted. Sadly I haven't got a clue how to make Brexit work. I therefore propose this new thread: 'This is how we make Brexit work.' Feel free to take the floor vociferous pro-Brexit folks. Tell us of all the benefits we will have going forward.
  7. I like several of the additions in the past years, I am not sure this is one of those, but as mentioned, that whole area around the old market needs investment right now. It is easy to sit in an armchair and reminisce how everything was better, the difficulty is sitting in that same chair and remember all the bad stuff from 'back in't day'. I still hear people go on about 'the hole in the road' - same effect, remembering how unique it was and conveniently forgetting that for years it was full of druggies and alcos; most definitely not a place you'd happily walk your family to go shopping.
  8. I don't think this will happen soon (although there is a chance it will at some point). Tech giants are rapidly gaining resources, I have a feeling that we'll see even more of a significant realignment of our economy towards the Google (Alphabet), Amazon, Tesla sphere. There is a major problem there - none of those businesses are UK/EU domiciled. I'm going to really, really hate myself for saying this, but Trump's strategy of 're-Americanising' the global economy is going to pay off for them big time. Screw the environment, screw inequality - the filthy rich get even filthier, the poor get even poorer and this time it isn't due to a skills/knowledge gap, it's due to monopolies created by (our!) poor economic policies of the past decades. Edit: Just to add: The issue is that the old stalwarts of our economy (economies, also including EU because I am me) are dying on their feet.
  9. I can categorically state that this is not true. The tax pressure in the UK is significantly lower than in Nordic countries. The Netherlands is comparatively cheap when put next to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, but compared to the UK It is very expensive. Here's a simple one - Healthcare in the Netherlands for a family of 4 is around 350 Euros a month and then you still have 'personal excess fees', personal income tax is higher than it is in the UK, council tax is more expensive, there is an additional monthly fee for 'watership management' and so on. The UK is the most capitalist/low tax nation in (or now out of) the EU that I know of, bar maybe Cyprus.
  10. Our Central Library is a lovely historic building, however it was purpose built for a job that has changed significantly. Library use has changed dramatically, folks still have this idea that a library is for borrowing books and that is it. Modern libraries offer far more than that, they are community hubs that facilitate interaction for the citizens of the community it serves. This has been understood in more progressive councils and indeed countries - Birmingham, Newcastle, Worcester - all built to fulfil a broader function that appeals to a much more diverse audience than those looking to borrow books. Abroad the most recent example is that of Oodi Helsinki. Replacing a crumbling 1900 building for a state of the art facility in the heart of the city that draws folks into the city centre. Library managers all over the world know that we (I am one) need better and more fit for purpose facilities to ensure libraries can continue to serve their purpose to their community in a relevant and valuable way. Unfortunately there are people in charge who just look at declining user figures and use that data as a means to shut down libraries. We have already seen a spate of that in Sheffield and it will continue to happen until the council actually unlocks a way to build a facility that appeals more widely and is more fit for purpose.
  11. So Tony, care to provide answers to the above questions? Or are you really a bit like Car Boot, avoiding the points of criticism you can't deal with and yelling one-liners instead?
  12. The swing in votes to Tories mostly came from those same poorest voting them in due to Brexit. Play with fire, get burned.
  13. Just read an interesting analysis by a medical doctor who has been treating Covid patients all year - after diagnosis, the first five days of showing symptoms (allegedly where Trump is now) show respiratory issues picking up: 'cocking the hammer' - it is after 8 days that the gun is fired and severe Covid becomes life threatening, in particular when the patient has shown severe respiratory issues during those five days. They administered the remdesivir and steroids because he has/had severe respiratory issues, no other reason to do so. First conclusion - he is out way too soon. Second conclusion - not only is he still a superspreader, he is likely to crash even harder than other patients because the steroids will drop him like a brick after the course is finished because his immune system is all over the place now. Third conclusion followed when someone asked if he was compos mentis (full control of the mind, ie. accountable) considering the amount of medication he was likely on - no. Great job President, really nothing to be afraid of!
  14. Just as a matter of interest, I'll try and dissect how this relates to Brexit, as it invalidates the argument for Brexit. The theory of localism only works provided there is: A) No global market and no demand in the local market for products only available on the global market, or: B) Abundant resources in the local market to enable production of all core products in demand, or: C) Purchasing power at least equal to or better than competing 'localities'. A - we know is false, there is a global market and there is demand for products on that market. C - we know is going to be impacted by introduction of tariffs So B is the one of interest and the area where Brexiteers pin their hopes: We are apparently going to diversify our economy, rebuild manufacturing and become a proud exporting nation (once this rebuild is finished). That than leaves a few questions that I am sure you will provide a full answer to: B1: Where is the workforce coming from? There is scarcity on the job market as is. B2: Where are the resources coming from? The UK will be competing for raw resources with the likes of China, US, EU, India and many others. B3: Is the market here big enough to warrant investment of IP by multinationals? In other words, why would Nissan maintain their production capacity in Sunderland, knowing that it only sells 20% of cars manufactured in Sunderland in the UK? B4: How are locally produced products going to be competitive when the supply chain has now been extended to include waiting times at borders, bureaucratic checks and so on? Pedagogically a good lesson is one that raises questions and triggers critical debate, not one whereby a flawed theory is spelled out as fact. So once again, I am looking forward to the answers.
  15. The letter of notification is the start of the legal process. What do you think your friends in the Government would reply? You expect them to repeal the Internal Market Bill? If they don't, there will be a precedent set whereby the UK screws over the Good Friday Agreement, don't you agree? I recall you saying you didn't care about Northern Ireland, or indeed the Scots - maybe you ought to apply some logic to what is going on. No need to threaten it when the UK is withdrawing from the agreement that requires no hard border.
  16. The European Court of Justice. 'Oh, but we don't acknowledge that as a court'. No, you don't. But at the same time you expect the EU to be 'lenient' and 'flexible' towards the UK leaving. Let me paint the obvious: The EU launching that court case wasn't to try and alter the UK's stance, it was to say: We have systems in place that you are flouting and we will start withdrawing the benefits you thought you were negotiating. The UK is, and will always be, the smaller partner in the UK/EU trade and a grievous process to force a 'no deal' which is what the Government is trying, is going to be met by increased hostility. Now going back to that border - the EU doesn't want that border, it simply states that the interests of the EU have to be protected at any international border - the Republic and NI weren't going to have an international border. Johnson promised a 'fix' and the EU agreed to see what that fix would be, now there will be an international border as he has just withdrawn from that fix. What do you expect the EU to do, just sue the government at the ECJ or actually enforce the border agreement that Johnson is withdrawing from? A border agreement that the US and EU agreed to ensure peace in Ireland by the way. What is your response to the UK unilaterally blowing that agreement out of the water? Even if you don't acknowledge the ECJ, surely you acknowledge that the EU and the US are international entities of import to this nation?
  17. No, the EU don't want a hard border in Ireland, they have made very clear that they don't hence it was included in Johnson's 'deal' that he is now rescinding on. Hence they are suing the UK government to ensure that the agreement that was in place is kept in place. The fact that Johnson is prepared to pull the plug on that 'deal' shows that he doesn't care if there is a hard border in Ireland or not. Quite frankly, why should it bother him and his mates? That isn't where the bankers that they are trying to protect through Brexit are based.
  18. Thanks Sidonica, we'll see how long I last the below post doesn't bode too well - typical deflection from the real questions.
  19. Rolls Royce, Bombardier, Airbus, British Airways, Ryanair, EasyJet, Thomas Cook (RIP), TUI, Royal Shell, BP, the airports, ferry companies, SME pubs/restaurants/hotels, small shops... they're all about to collapse.
  20. Excellent question El Cid. I truly believe that if individuals can not develop and deploy themselves than that works against the collective good. As long as those that succeed remember that not everybody will be as successful than you have a recipe for success by developing individuals.
  21. Hi all, remember me? I first launched this topic way back when (the day after the result was clear). I warned back then that the folks voting for Brexit did not understand the consequences. We've had thousands of posts since with people going back and forth on this. Quite exciting really, democracy and dialogue go hand in hand! One of the things I posted repeatedly was that people did not understand what they voted for, as they had voted 'against'. Dissatisfaction with the UK government led to the Brexit vote. Can any of those 'hardcore Brexiteers' please explain how they can still support the government despite the PREDICTED issues in Ireland, the PREDICTED issues with border control at the Channel Tunnel, the PREDICTED threat to the UK Car industry, the PREDICTED threat to the UK banking sector, the PREDICTED issues with setting up international trade deals (from chlorine chicken to the UK accepting deals that are less valuable than those between third states and the EU?) all coming through in rapid succession? I'd really love to know because frankly, any pragmatic argument to stop Brexit is coming true and I don't see what the benefit of Brexit is any more than I could way back when.
  22. Have a look at CityGrab app - I believe there are a few on their that deliver.
  23. Not used cash for about 3 years. But sure, I'll donate it to the LibDems when encountered.
  24. Boris has made openly racist comments. Mirror <-- you should look in it.
  25. Bit of a blast from the past! Thanks for reminding me We did end up sending the car back to the Netherlands. Now an S60/V70 family.
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