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  1. Hi All Thank you for your feedback. It is not the charge of leaving the router on it is the fire risk. I have been leaving it on now 24/7. If I am a way from home for a very long lengthy time ie holidays I will turn it off.
  2. I always turn off my router at night. Lately I having been having a very slow connection. Should I leave my router on 24/7?
  3. Why does the barking never bothers the owners. Can they sleep thro the noise.
  4. the Sheffield Market will close on the 18 November 2013 there is a count down clock in the entrance. I think the butchers will be the last to leave. I think they will leave on the closing date and reopen the next in the new market. In time this old market will be just a memory, like The Rag and Tag. Does any one remember the Rag and Tag. What's the saying "good old days". Time has to move on.
  5. Come on people. I can remember when you couldn't get all your needs from 1 shop. There was the green grocer, butchers, grocery, papershop,etc you had to visit them all and you queued then. They added your purchases up mentally and wrote them done on a paper bag. Shop and get the best from all the supermarkets.
  6. OK I asked for the sarcasm didn't I LOL Well I am easily satisfied and I shall shop there again free bag or no free bag. PS I don't get out much.
  7. Been to the new Aldi Ecclesfield. Pleasant experience well stocked and was given a free bag
  8. Are you sure Yog sothoth I am a little concerned that my guttering needs attention
  9. I think I have a bees nest in my guttering! They look too big for wasps. I haven't seen any wasps around but I have seen loads of bees, some big ones, feeding on my flowers. What do you think? I will have to get rid of them
  10. I so sympathise with you Redted. I have a similiar problem. The tree in question is also a sycamore,which is not a native tree to Britain,in a neighbours garden at the bottom of my garden. The tree is so large that in the height of summer the sun does not clear the top. This tree is at least 40+ years old and was a small tree when I moved in to my home. It has been trimmed ONCE. It is still growing. And the leaves in the Autumn. I collect 5+ black bags of the leaves. This year is the worse year I have know it to drop such large amounts of "flyers". I spend all Spring and summer pulling up the small saplings from my garden. The surrounding gardens have saplings growing now. Half of my garden is in shade in the afternoon. I have had to replan which plants to grow. I have won battles with the tree's ofspring but sadly I am losing the war. I am getting older now and I find it a struggle. Over the years it has impacted on my life and, at times, I must confess it has caused me hard work and stress. I have crusaded for decades to get this tree at the least Lopped but to no avail. When the property is empty, belongs to Sanctuary,I have asked them if they could just trim it. But no they will not. The birds do not nest in it.
  11. sheffield as a city has improved except for the amount of trees growing on streets and in peoples gardens. As always it is not the place it is the people. Sheffield use to be full of working people in industry. At night people met to socialise in pubs and clubs and thats where you met and made friends. Now people do not know their neighbours due to overgrown hedges. I don't see some of my neighbours because of high hedges. People keep to themselves now.
  12. I too, last year I think it was, got 2 packages with some mail which was a few months old and had not been delivered. I even get mail with a different number delivered to my address. And from a few streets away delivered to my address. I have had mail "go astray" in fact I subscribe to magazines and one of my last ones haven't been delivered so I rang the subscribtions office and they said they have had problems with The Royal Mail and will send me a replacement!
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