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  1. There are still loads of them and it means exactly what TWhits says. https://goo.gl/maps/p318i1cTAJo
  2. https://www.cranegardenbuildings.co.uk/articles/planning-permission-for-garden-buildings
  3. You can see the lights here - https://ibb.co/bF4YJv the cable runs along the wall behind them. It's two of these lights that need re-siting on other pillars further round the wall.
  4. Perfect. Thanks for replies and the link.
  5. We have a number of lights in the garden, all powered by a continuous ring of armoured cable. A couple of these lights now need to be moved so my question is, can an electrician make, if you will, new t-junctions coming out of the cable to place the lights in their new positions? Thanks.
  6. The point of my link was that you should simply Google the error code you have received. There are over 200,000 results from yours so someone, somewhere on there will already have answered your problem, generally on the first couple of pages. If you are simply looking at the top result, then yes, it probably will cost, as Google features ads at the top of its results.
  7. We've lived in Chapeltown since 2004 on the Blackburn Estate - it's really quiet and friendly. Can't tell you about the schools as we don't have kids. I believe the Wagon pud right in the centre can get a bit lively but we don't go out drinking here so have no personal experience. You can see greenery all around the edge of Chap and it feels quite like a small market town, but only a short drive from the amenities of the city. I'd say go for it.
  8. We got our cats back in less than a week (round trip to somewhere in Lancashire, organized by the vets).
  9. I've had bits from ukwaterfeatures.com. Info@ukwaterfeatures.com
  10. This is a good resource in the meantime: http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/sidebyside.cfm#zoom=12&lat=53.3654&lon=-1.4520&layers=6&right=BingHyb
  11. Is your Google not working? https://www.facebook.com/ClimaxSheff/
  12. You're absolutely right. The raw food they currently enjoy is 49% heart
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