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  1. Pasted text seems to inherit the HTML code from the site it was pasted from, without the opportunity to amend it. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe that PhPForum allows a button to strip 'markup'? If so, it might be worth utilising that
  2. /etc/samba/smb.conf but I highly recommend checking documentation before you do anything next!
  3. My point was that if the NAS runs MS, it is likely to be Samba, not that it can't be Samba if it uses another FS
  4. I like it, this forum needed a refresh for a long time. I echo questions about whether you are intending to make further changes to the set-up, the place can do with a refresh, maybe run a beta with proposed category alterations? Also, noticed the Calendar and, without testing it, believe users can add events themselves, if that is the case, huge thumbs-up and looking forward to use this with my new social enterprise to announce training sessions on digital literacy etc. All in all, it looks like the forum is in good hands, so thumbs up from this oldtimer.
  5. Yep, pretty much the above. If it is Samba (very likely if the NAS is running one of the Microsoft File Systems) than you need to ensure you have r+w rights from your laptop. Been ages since I did this stuff though, so make sure to check the most recent documentation available for both Mint/Ubuntu and Samba.
  6. An American bank apparently came up with this plan. They believe there will be 3,5 billion euro per club to take part, they say this would cover 'corona costs'. No wonder the English clubs jumped at the chance, they are all ran by corporates that want to squeeze as much out of the game as possible. This is genuinely a move to screw the fans over, they will charge VERY significant money to see this new league. Worst of all: Hardly any promotion/relegation possible from this new construction.
  7. I think European football is ripe for an overhaul, frankly I have no interest in the Champions League and even less in the Uefa league or whatever it is called these days. Creating a super league isn't the way forward though. I think they should do the reverse, go back to Champions only for that league and the numbers 2 of each league going for the European Cup.
  8. The Mauritanian on Amazon Prime Video Story: A real life story about a civil rights lawyer campaigning on behalf of a prisoner of Guantanamo Bay who is held without charges. The man is from Mauritania, hence the title. Rating: 9/10 Why you should watch it: We've all heard of Guantanamo Bay, it still exists to this day, detaining 40 'prisoners' without charges. It was due to close but Obama signed an order to continue it, as did Trump. The horrendous treatment of the prisoners is something we've heard about, but this film really brings it home. To me it is a must watch, emotional, strong and very confident delivery. It has Jodie Foster and Benedict Cumberbatch if you are drawn to 'star power'.
  9. I think the real question is: Should the UK be properly federalised. Do away with the daft discrepancies between the national (Wales/Scotland/NI) governmental rights and make the whole country up out of ten federal states united under a clear constitution. (The nation states and six federal parts of England) Each area its own federal government, with the national government in charge of defence, national infrastructure, monetary policy, international affairs. Just campaigning for the North to have its own 'assembly' doesn't really solve the underlying issues.
  10. For any of you who want to see how the US/NATO actually ended up on the wrong side of the fence, I highly recommend you watch The Mauritanian on Amazon Prime.
  11. How did China and Russia react when the NATO invaded Afghanistan and Iraq? Don't want to come across as facetious, but it is important to keep that perspective in play. Since the nineties the NATO has 'ruled the world' and that is now being countered by advancing economies. That doesn't mean I would approve or condone or indeed not speak out loudly against either of those events. It does mean that the picture isn't as simple as expecting the US to counter with its own aggression.
  12. I'm not even going to dignify this with... wait. OK, I am. LOL. You didn't do a good job googling then. https://lmgtfy.app/#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=Is the UK still in the ERDF https://lmgtfy.app/#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=consequences of UK leaving erasmus%2B for research funding https://lmgtfy.app/#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=UK International Development Fund impact on research I'm not going to continue, as I genuinely can't be bothered trying to convince a brick of immoveable resistance. I sit on plenty (well sat, since my resignation) of boards at University level to know what is happening. You can dismiss that, but a sentence like: doesn't particularly inspire confidence that you will get the point I am making as you are conflating three issues. Which is fine.
  13. But... what exactly is the UK doing now that it couldn't do as part of the EU? All those countries 'we are going to get world beating deals' with, are already in far negotiation with the EU, the UK has just put itself at the back of the queue. The PBS for immigration could already have been implemented, the EU was not preventing that. You and many Brexiteers alongside you keep saying the EU must be worried for this 'global age' or the 'golden dawn of Brexit UK'. Can we at least hear what the tangible effects are?
  14. That's pretty much how I feel. I can't see us getting anything more than a draw, this team is so flaky and up and down that it is basically impossible to make a sensible prediction though. The one prediction that is nailed on: We are going down.
  15. Wellcome Trust welcomes participation in Horizon 2020 but warns that there are plenty of hurdles left: https://cms.wellcome.org/sites/default/files/2021-01/what-does-the-uk-eu-post-brexit-deal-mean-for-health-and-research.pdf EU students now have to pay full International Student Fee to study at UK Universities: Applications down 40 %. This last year there were 150,000 EU students. Since January 1st the UK no longer participates in ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) this fund was used, amongst others, to fund the AMRC Factory 2050 and other key investments in Sheffield's research environment. The loss of Erasmus+ means that UK Universities in European Research Alliances are unclear as to whether they can remain partners, the UK government has not committed any funding towards this significant group of partnerships. Although commitment to Horizon Europe is welcome, this is a limited time agreement. Once Horizon Europe ends (2027) there is no agreement in place. The fall in International Development Funding in the UK directly impacts on Universities that used the money to work with parties in nations eligible for this funding. The millions the government has pumped into Covid Vaccines were welcome investments, but clearly one-off. They also only arrive at a very narrow field in Universities and then only at very few Universities. This money has done very little to structurally improve the research landscape for the UK. So, in sum, my bit of truth is seeing Universities shedding staff at enormous pace, not due to Covid, this is something that started with the Brexit referendum, UoS and my current employer have had several rounds of voluntary redundancy already. The department I work in has seen at least 50% of senior staff roles disappear. A further 25% squeeze on basic front-of-house roles. We have programmes where a recruitment stop essentially meant that lecturers had to spend all their time trying to keep things spinning, whilst coping with the pandemic and learning to deliver from their kitchen table instead of in a lecture theatre. Internally all our communications about cuts are linked directly to Brexit, externally there is no such signal because it would potentially harm the position of the university with the government, not to mention that it isn't a great marketing message to potential students when you have to explain why you cut your staffing levels with 10% across the board, again. I haven't provided many links, you can Google
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