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  1. BBC reporting that twelve ships isn’t enough to enforce fisheries exclusion zone around Britain. It’s also not enough to enforce the ‘border’ then. Anybody given any of this any thought?
  2. Euhmmm the story is slanted pro-Brexit, debunking the idea that 45,000 cattle will be culled and you still think it is anti-Brexit? Is this where ‘remoaners’ can genuinely say - learn to read?
  3. This forecast model they discuss relies on Foreign Direct Investment, since they wrote this piece FDI has collapsed to the point that it is now negative - ie. UK businesses are investing more abroad than foreign business is investing in the UK. They also refer to ‘19th century trading partners’ hurrah! The world hasn’t changed at all since then, Britain still is an empire! Finding opinion pieces such as this one you cited does little to convey any confidence in Brexit or the economic future of this once great nation. That all said, there will be opportunities for the UK that didn’t exist whilst part of the EU, mainly for the rich to get much, much richer.
  4. I am a manager involved in recruitment. Tell me which clients are interested in ‘where’? In my experience the view you have is outdated. What is the area you recruit for?
  5. As usual there is a massive degree of nuance involved. The Augar review indicated a very different truth - we are telling our kids they have to be superstars to get degrees, therefore killing off the vital upskilling of those less interested in pursuing an academic degree. Again, as a recruiting manager I don’t really care about your degree topic or where you got it, I care about your ability to do the job I have for you. This is true for most if not all recruiting managers I know. Of course this is different for specialised jobs, I’m unlikely to recruit a cataloguer without a proper information science/librarian degree, but whether you got that at Teesside or Sheffield? Nope not interested.
  6. As a librarian - love this, well done hauxwell! If we don't use libraries, they disappear. Never worry about asking a librarian anything, that is what we are there for.
  7. Just want to add some nuance to this - this is an increasingly outdated concept. Employers want to know you have picked up the transferrable skills, the actual degree (at undergrad level) isn't all that important. Critical thinking, communication skills and digital skills are more important than whether you did interpretive dance or geology.
  8. You are wrong, they award proper degrees and as a recruiting manager I don’t care where it is from. Get it
  9. Excellent reason to leave the EU. Why care about thousands of jobs, the value of the pound or anything else that has already been shown as a negative when we can design our own banknotes. (which the UK already can and could by the way, just like the blue passport...) https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johan_Cruijff_Vijfje#/media/Bestand:2017_Johan_Cruijff_Vijfje.jpg I can list over a hundred others.
  10. I'm surprised by the fact that you missed the subtle inference that I agree, the way that Von Leyen was appointed is shambolic. It is however nowhere near as embarassing as having 52% believe the EU is bad for them. Especially in a country where the ultimate ruling oversight body is not elected (as opposed to the EU) and where the executive (Government) are handpicked without any form of democratic process. My argument stands - the UK is less democratic than the EU. Seeing someone's biased rant on Facebook will not change my point of view.
  11. Almost as embarassed as ai am about the fact that 52% could be convinced that the EU is bad for them.
  12. No I won't. The Prime minister of the UK is not 'directly voted for', nor are any of the members of the cabinet. Nor are any of the key civil servants. Your lie is that the commissioners are 'undemocratic' and by extension that the EU is undemocratic. All that your post proves is that you haven't got a clue about democracy, how it is supposed to work and what your role in it is. I'll do you one up - the EU is MORE democratic than the UK. At least the oversight office is elected, in the UK we appoint folks some other folks like to be members of the House of Lords. I'd heartily recommend becoming more informed about these matters before you post your next uninformed and extremely biased point of view.
  13. The dumbness of this ‘unelected leaders’ thing is becoming too rich. Can you tell me when you last voted for a prime minister Angelfire? Or a foreign secretary? Or an ambassador to the US? You can’t? Then stop perpetuating this nonsense lie.
  14. I wonder where socialist comrade Car Boot is? Gone awfully quiet since Corbyn reiterated Labour’s position?
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