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  1. Cummings, the architect of Brexit states clearly he doesn't know what to expect from Brexit, he also admitted that the 350 million and Turkey joining the EU were tricks to mobilise the people. He makes clear he convinced Johnson to switch to Leave. NI Border is still a huge sword of Damocles and now Gibraltar is entering the fray again as well. There are shortages of fresh fruit and veg in supermarkets all over the country. Covid put a halt to things, but the consequences of Brexit are about to come crashing into the news cycle again.
  2. All true, completely overused!
  3. I would argue that one of the reasons for the referendum being desired again by Scotland is exactly because of Brexit taking Scotland out of the EU against the wishes of the Scottish population. Over 62% of Scots wanted to remain vs 38% wanting to leave, but because the country is part of the UK it got dragged out of the EU. So not quite sure how you see the two as conflicting.
  4. Someone asked me what I would vote now that we are moving to Angus and a referendum came up in the next few years... Here are some of the points I have in my head that I think are relevant to understand: Scotland isn't half as dependent on England as it is often made out to be by the English. This is illustrated very simply by looking at the main roads between England and the UK, it is genuinely a long distance, unlike for example Wales, where there is little to no economic activity. That physical distance means that the Scottish Central Belt (which is the economic powerhouse of Scotland) is pretty independent in terms of economic activity from the UK. Scotland also benefits from having its own distinct economic profile, this extends beyond oil. It is already big on renewables, the whisky/distillery industry is significant enough to carry on contributing to the Scottish economy independently from England, Tourism in the more remote areas won't stop just because of a Leave vote and it has a well established engineering manufacturing base it can build on. If it can control its own finances, independently from Westminster it can pursue a more common Northwest European strategy of slightly higher taxes and more social infrastructure. It can also re-apply to the EU and hopefully Scotland will rewrite its constitution to further develop the fairer democratic system in place there. The negatives are quite small in comparison, loss of military influence, although it would still be a NATO member, a border between Scotland and England (which is a hell of a lot easier to achieve than a border between NI and ROI due to the geography around the border) and loss of the Barnett Formula. The latter will probably be the most significant barrier, but the freedom to develop its own government finances once independent offset this. So pragmatically speaking, yep, all for independence.
  5. I'm not surprised there are no recent comments. Very poor result, although not unexpected. 4 points behind, two games to go. Yes Forest are poor and on a bad run and yes Derby has to play Swansea before facing us, but... Rotherham have four shots at getting there and I know they are even worse than we are, yet this puts them in the driving seat.
  6. Pasted text seems to inherit the HTML code from the site it was pasted from, without the opportunity to amend it. I'm not entirely sure, but I believe that PhPForum allows a button to strip 'markup'? If so, it might be worth utilising that
  7. /etc/samba/smb.conf but I highly recommend checking documentation before you do anything next!
  8. My point was that if the NAS runs MS, it is likely to be Samba, not that it can't be Samba if it uses another FS
  9. I like it, this forum needed a refresh for a long time. I echo questions about whether you are intending to make further changes to the set-up, the place can do with a refresh, maybe run a beta with proposed category alterations? Also, noticed the Calendar and, without testing it, believe users can add events themselves, if that is the case, huge thumbs-up and looking forward to use this with my new social enterprise to announce training sessions on digital literacy etc. All in all, it looks like the forum is in good hands, so thumbs up from this oldtimer.
  10. Yep, pretty much the above. If it is Samba (very likely if the NAS is running one of the Microsoft File Systems) than you need to ensure you have r+w rights from your laptop. Been ages since I did this stuff though, so make sure to check the most recent documentation available for both Mint/Ubuntu and Samba.
  11. An American bank apparently came up with this plan. They believe there will be 3,5 billion euro per club to take part, they say this would cover 'corona costs'. No wonder the English clubs jumped at the chance, they are all ran by corporates that want to squeeze as much out of the game as possible. This is genuinely a move to screw the fans over, they will charge VERY significant money to see this new league. Worst of all: Hardly any promotion/relegation possible from this new construction.
  12. I think European football is ripe for an overhaul, frankly I have no interest in the Champions League and even less in the Uefa league or whatever it is called these days. Creating a super league isn't the way forward though. I think they should do the reverse, go back to Champions only for that league and the numbers 2 of each league going for the European Cup.
  13. The Mauritanian on Amazon Prime Video Story: A real life story about a civil rights lawyer campaigning on behalf of a prisoner of Guantanamo Bay who is held without charges. The man is from Mauritania, hence the title. Rating: 9/10 Why you should watch it: We've all heard of Guantanamo Bay, it still exists to this day, detaining 40 'prisoners' without charges. It was due to close but Obama signed an order to continue it, as did Trump. The horrendous treatment of the prisoners is something we've heard about, but this film really brings it home. To me it is a must watch, emotional, strong and very confident delivery. It has Jodie Foster and Benedict Cumberbatch if you are drawn to 'star power'.
  14. I think the real question is: Should the UK be properly federalised. Do away with the daft discrepancies between the national (Wales/Scotland/NI) governmental rights and make the whole country up out of ten federal states united under a clear constitution. (The nation states and six federal parts of England) Each area its own federal government, with the national government in charge of defence, national infrastructure, monetary policy, international affairs. Just campaigning for the North to have its own 'assembly' doesn't really solve the underlying issues.
  15. For any of you who want to see how the US/NATO actually ended up on the wrong side of the fence, I highly recommend you watch The Mauritanian on Amazon Prime.
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