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  1. Have a look at CityGrab app - I believe there are a few on their that deliver.
  2. Not used cash for about 3 years. But sure, I'll donate it to the LibDems when encountered.
  3. Boris has made openly racist comments. Mirror <-- you should look in it.
  4. Bit of a blast from the past! Thanks for reminding me We did end up sending the car back to the Netherlands. Now an S60/V70 family.
  5. perhaps you have a rodent problem that you didn't know about. They can burrow through insulating material in all sorts of cavity spaces, the leak might be pulling water through a nest.
  6. The drivers receive advanced training and operate under pretty strict guidelines, they don't have the same rights as marked police cars.
  7. An acquintance (so yes, could be fake news) works as a mechanic on police cars. The unmarked ones come in all shapes and sizes. Recently I encountered a 2nd Gen V70 (<2012). Majority of them are intended to be unrecognisable as police.
  8. Really? And you’re telling me I need to get in a real world? My real world is both heating up and has prosperous Brits believe they live in a warzone apparently...
  9. As the starter of this enormous thread - just noting yet another consequence - we are heading for our FOURTH prime minister in less than four years as things stand. We are heading for our second general election. Consequences. Have them. Anybody who thinks it is good for the country to have a government and parliament consumed by a single issue? Please speak up.
  10. So let me halt the debate there. Essentially what you are doing here is looking for the problem areas, not the areas of opportunity. Flip it on its head and tell me what is stopping the folks in Stannington or Ecclesfield?
  11. If you don’t have parking, where do you park your car? That is where you put chargers Look at oplaadpunten.nl for the noticeable difference.
  12. Ah, all the range anxiety and misinformation you'd expect on a general forum in a post about electric cars have already appeared I see. Range anxiety is an illusion upheld due to poor rule making and investment in this country. Most of Europe is miles ahead in electric car infrastructure.
  13. The UK isn’t in the Eurozone and state spending is curbed under it’s own volition. FACT. The UK has privatised more than any other EU nation. FACT. The majority of Brexit backing MPs and bosses do so to profiteer. FACT.
  14. Seconded. Been a while since I've been excited about Wednesday, I think the score was the right one in the end (although 1-1 should have happened). I'm not counting my chickens until the 1st of January, but I have a feeling Sheffield could well be represented in the Premier League by two teams next year. In fact, I am putting money on it...
  15. Has anybody got any data? Quite curious to see if accidents on the M1 stretch by Sheffield have indeed gone up or not. The reason I ask is this - in the Netherlands they changed the hard shoulder to 'rush hour' lanes and even though people kept claiming that it would increase accidents, a study over 5 years showed that it didn't, in fact, compared to 30 years ago there were fewer accidents, despite having twice as much traffic.
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