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  1. tzijlstra

    Building a new PC

    Yeah, some leaks - a new Mac Pro (modular) and a new iMac Pro (non-modular) are supposed to come out this year, we'll see!
  2. tzijlstra

    Gym advice for v overweight

    As someone carrying surplus as well, do yourself a favour, start walking, start swimming, cut out the crap from your diet. I lost three stone in a year just by walking and changing my diet (note, NOT dieting!). I used to be out of breath taking two flights of stairs, now I only take stairs at work (5 stories!). I aim for 7000 steps a day, which is easily achievable even with an office job and I no longer eat takeaways once a week or crisps every other night. It genuinely has been all I needed. Going to the gym, apart from aerobic workouts, is aimed at building muscle, you won't lose weight. You will also dread going/find it difficult to find the time to go. Start with the simple! If you like swimming,try and get to the pool for an hour a week. Weight'll fly off. I'll be starting the couch-to-5K soon, I couldn't before as my knees were suffering, but now I am at a point where I trust them to cope with regular running. I aim to lose another three stone this year and then two stone a year for the next 4. That should bring me to regular weight.
  3. tzijlstra

    Building a new PC

    I only play strategy games (HOI IV, Prison Architect, Dwarf Fortress) and sims (Farming Sim 19, FM2019) these days so not worth it for me, but if I did still play FPS I'd be tempted as well. Instead I am going to pause my PC project (I actually packed it away for now) and carry on saving up for a new iMac (Pro?) that is rumoured to come out in September.
  4. tzijlstra

    Building a new PC

    For anybody interested in this topic in the near future: AMD Ryzen is by far the best value for money chip going at the moment. As Zach pointed out - don't go for the X versions (unless you are a whizzkid overclocker with watercooling). In terms of graphics cards things are very murky at the moment. I've been looking to upgrade from a GTX1060 but genuinely see no point as the market is all over the place now.
  5. tzijlstra

    Honda leaving - possible alternatives?

    How much does it cost to develop and then produce a car? I have a feeling 2 billion, including a complete retooled factory is not going anywhere.
  6. I mentioned it was one of several. Schengen regulates part of the border - in this case it refers to the movement of people for those outside of the Schengen treaty wanting to come into the Schengen area. There are several other EU laws related to the external border of the EU. The UK will be outside of the EU so will be subject to that regulation each time something has to be moved across the border into the EU. Similarly, the UK has laws that apply each time something has to be moved across the border into the EU. These are unilateral, sovereign laws that already exist. It doesn't matter whether that EU-law applies IN the UK, it will apply TO the UK (and in some instances already does as the UK is not in Schengen) with relation to all traffic across the EU/UK border.
  7. Here's one of several: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=celex%3A32016R0399
  8. tzijlstra

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Sajid Javid chose what, at the face of it, was the easiest option. This story will hunt this 'government' for years to come.
  9. I made quite a nice packet of checking Y2K compliancy as a 'whizzkid', a lot like Rees-Mogg and Boris are with Brexit, except that I didn't have millions to start off with Y2K was real, despite what people thought afterwards, I replaced/upgraded several legacy systems that would have caused economic damage to SMEs. As you say, being aware of the potential disruption helped a lot.
  10. That in combination with the branch in Hillsborough closing made me move to Nationwide. Guess what - when you go into Nationwide you get a sensible option: Talk to a cashier or use the automated machine.
  11. Isn't it? Are you saying it did not contribute to the decision? Because noises from the Japanese government are that they are hacked off over Brexit happening 30 years after the UK invited Japanese business in with the main reason given by Maggie: Access to the entire single market of the EU. Obviously well behind you on that one. Edit: Oops - BMW will transfer main production of the Mini, icon of the UK, to the Netherlands in case of a hard Brexit. Not only that, the Dutch plant has seen a 40% increase in staffing levels since last year. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-autoshow-paris-bmw/bmw-would-up-dutch-production-in-hard-brexit-scenario-ceo-idUSKCN1MC0ZL?utm_source=reddit.com&utm_source=reddit.com&utm_source=reddit.com Darnit, I am so lost...
  12. Repetitive this, isn't it? I will add to it: Honda will not acknowledge Brexit as (part of) the reason it closes Swindon because it hopes to still sell cars in the United Kingdom. Closing the factory alone is already damaging its reputation here, why add to it by slapping a: Cause of Brexit! poster on the shutters?
  13. Except that Honda would potentially lose sales if it acknowledged the decision was down to Brexit. The line they are giving now is marketing driven, that is how business works.
  14. This is reasonably good news - major concern about the lack of increase in GDP however, normally an overheated employment market means more economic output, that isn't the case, the fact that inflation is set to drop as well is also bad news. This together means that we are heading for longer working weeks for everybody.
  15. Ignore my question re. Honda at your peril. Another question - do Rees Mogg, BoJo, Govey and co stand to profit from Brexit?

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