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  1. tzijlstra

    The US / Iran war...

    All the US are making sure is that we get to pay more for the black gold. Crude going up means we'll be at 1,50 per litre for Diesel soon.
  2. tzijlstra

    The US / Iran war...

    I'm struggling to see what there is to 'win' - last bunch of wars weren't exactly glorious victories were they? Iraq and Afghanistan still a mess, Libya an even bigger mess. Involvement in Syria amounted to 0.0 effect. What exactly does a 'win' entail other than toppling one bad government and installing an even worse one? All this is about control of oil, nothing more, nothing less.
  3. Can we all please agree that, if we had been on that bus, we'd have challenged the idiots that committed this heinous crime? If you don't feel comfortable doing so, ask whoever is sitting next to you to stand up together and get the rest of the crowd involved.
  4. tzijlstra

    Are Calais Migrants OUR Problem!

    ‘Seem to’ being the operative. How many ‘illegal’ immigrants are there in the UK? Some estimate more than a million. You ever wondered how they got here?
  5. A reminder: The United Kingdom is by far the most laissez-faire, pro-capitalist country in the European Union. It isn't even close, for a Brit to bemoan the EU about 'empowering the wealthy to impoverish, attack and belittle the poor' shows tremendous lack of understanding, knowledge and indeed sense about what the EU has achieved for hundreds of millions of workers in Europe.
  6. tzijlstra

    Are Calais Migrants OUR Problem!

    Sorry, but what do you expect? A police officer stationed every 400 meters of the coastline? I have said it before and I will say it again - people have crossed the Channel and North Sea illegally for centuries and there is nothing anybody can do to stop that. Also, a simple fact: Most illegal immigrants arrive in the UK via plane, ferry or train, legally. They then disappear. What is the next step? Banning anybody from coming to the country?
  7. tzijlstra

    Information education in schools

    As an information scientist and librarian this is a topic close to my heart. Let me begin by firmly pointing the finger at our education system, where, over the past decades, school libraries and school library services have been relentlessly ripped out of the system. Just because information doesn't come in the form of printed items anymore, doesn't mean that there is no need to teach people about information, in fact, it became even more important. Another major issue is that the obsession with 'fixed curriculum' means that kids are spoonfed from pre-designed programmes that simply do not include information literacy as a priority. This is again a major problem that exists in our education system. Kids should come out of primary education being able to distinguish key criteria such as - who wrote it, why did they write it and what should my response to this be. It is the basic foundation for criticality and academic ability. It shouldn't be a separate topic for schools, it simply needs to become engrained in what the kids are taught on a daily basis and to do that effectively schools need to have access to top-quality resources, provided by professional librarians. This isn't a new message, librarians and the School Library Association have been shouting about this for decades now, it is just that nobody listens unfortunately and thus we find ourselves in this hole. I disagree with this strongly, it is a similar argument to what my undergrad students keep telling me: "I don't get it, it is hard, so it isn't fun." Nonsense, we apply critical thinking on a daily, near constant basis. Simple things, from planning your week ahead to doing the shopping, to complex things, from planning your careeer and buying a house. It all involves criticality and it can be assessed, just not in the normative structures that we have embedded in our pedagogies. What is required is teachers who have a much stronger understanding of philosophy and cognitive processes.
  8. tzijlstra

    Euro Elections

    Pleased for Sheffield - both Shaffaq Muhammad and Magid Magid will represent the city well (should we remain) congrats gents!
  9. tzijlstra

    Who next for Tory Leader/PM?

    A bombastic populist with a lack of understanding of real issues? No thanks.
  10. Nope! That suggests a very strong surge for Remain based on the correlations of turnout and leave-vote, thanks for that, very interesting! I predict several (possibly dozens) MEPs will switch from Labour/Conservative/UKIP to Green/LibDem/Brexit Party as a result of this election, especially considering L00b's link. I wouldn't be surprised to see Conservative lose 20-30% of their previous vote, Labour will lose a bit, perhaps up to 10% of their previous vote, LibDem and Greens will gain about 25% and Brexit Party will take the remaining 10-20%. This is of course a back of a coaster calculation and merely my prediction!
  11. Don't know if this was reported before in the thread - but just as awareness really for those who think the EU is falling apart and Nexit/Frexit/Grexit whatever else is on the horizon: In the Netherlands the two pro-Nexit/anti-EU parties PVV and FVD lost in the exit-polls, pro-EU parties gained seats. The protest-vote that was overwhelming in recent provincial elections had suggested that PVV/FVD were set for major gains, the opposite happened. One analyst suggests that the key-reason is that PVV and in particular FVD were very clear protest signals and that it mobilised the pro-EU crowd to make sure a different noise was heard in the European elections. This was signified by the highest turnout for a European Election since 1989. Another interesting element is that Frans Timmermans' party (PVDA (Dutch Labour)) all of a sudden saw a surge, this is most definitely linked to the fact that he campaigned for a pro-EU agenda in the Netherlands AND for a stronger federalisation. The UK elections don't have an exit poll, but I suspect a very sharp increase for Greens and LibDems is on the horizon, as the ardent Remain voters will have ensured a trip to the booths yesterday. Similarly a rise for Brexit Party will happen as the ardent Brexiteers swing allegiance from Tory to Farage.
  12. tzijlstra

    Euro Elections

    As pointed out by ads36 - The EU Council proposed slapping hefty tarriffs on cheap steel from other countries (mainly China). This would have got through had Sajid Javid not turned against it and have the Tories veto the proposal. This should also serve as a warning for Car Boot (as exemplified in below quoted post) and other socialist voters who think the EU is a 'capitalist racket' - it is far from it. The UK is the most capitalist country in the EU by a long, long stretch. Tory motivations are blatant to see - remove worker rights, human rights act (which actually protects workers and working rights) and so on. This is at the heart of the dichotomy of Brexit voters.
  13. tzijlstra

    Euro Elections

    You do realise that the EU would have saved British Steel? Labour. Which means that anybody against Brexit should vote LibDem, Green or another Remain party tomorrow, anything but Tory, Labour or the other nutters supporting this farce.
  14. No, the only clear message here is - stop faffing about, the disenfranchised Brexit voters couldn’t be arsed and the remainers could. Time to pull the plug.
  15. Yup... the logic is strong here???

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