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  1. No they don’t, not even close to it...
  2. Exactly my point... you are wilfully ignorant about the consequences whilst maintaining a utopic perspective. Shame is all on you.
  3. Odd isn't it, how the British, French, Canadians and Americans were the ones taking out Khadaffi and the BBC now not mentioning that this is how he was removed? Or indeed how Brexiteers are claiming NATO membership reduces the need to be in the EU? Keep making stuff up CB, at some point you will have to admit you are talking nonsense, if you had any grace or sense today would have been the day, with the IRA murdering an innocent journalist, but of course in your mind this is the fault of Europe, isn't it?
  4. Started on eCugs last year, continued with both for six months and have been off cigs since October now. Smoked for over 25 years so well pleased. Will give up the eCig as well, but have to say that health benefits are already very noticeable. I didn’t want to switch as I felt it was from one bad to another, but now very pleased I did anyway.
  5. So basically you don’t understand local elections or indeed elections full stop. just to bring that back to the thread - I suspect many Brexit voting folks voted it because of disillusionment with politics, originating in a complete failure to comprehend politics.
  6. tzijlstra

    Deer in Sheffield?

    I drive in this area to get to and from work, I see a lot more of them recently (Could be I now know what to look for) and they seem pretty laid back for deer. I don't think they are from the Chatsworth estate though, fairly sure they are all penned in by cattle grids and fencing.
  7. Sorry, but nonsense. A certain form of ‘manufacturing’ was sold off, the UK is one of the world leaders in added value manufacturing though. There is a reason that F1 teams are headquartered here for example. Unfortunately it is these specialised businesses that might well suffer from Brexit the most. Addendum, they could have under EU rules, not under Javid’s rules. Just a reminder that it was also Javid who blocked increased tariffs on cheap Chinese steel, not the EU...
  8. tzijlstra

    Debenhams goes into Administration

    Debenhams have been ripping concessions off for years and years and that was basically the business plan. No innovation, no embracing the future, so due to take a hit, but it will be the concessionaries that suffer most I'd say.
  9. Sorry, the ‘ruling class’ who are they? What is an ordinary people? Where is that magic line that decides where you sit and what do you actually think leaving Europe looks like? On what terms do you want to leave? Simple questions to answer for a man of your persistence no doubt?
  10. So Car Boot, what is your opinion of, pretty obviously anti-capitalist, comrade Corbyn meeting with May AND getting clearer and clearer he does not want a No Deal as you are advocating? When you say 'leave the EU' on what terms do you want to leave? I am aware I've asked the same of you in a multitude of varieties, but let's try again.
  11. tzijlstra

    LGBT issues and morality

    Correct answer.
  12. No worries - the city centre plan, I forgot what it is called these days... it’s the rebuilding and restructuring of the area around the Moor and Pinstone.
  13. Kelham Island is trendier, but as bendix points out: Public transport isn't all that. I would prefer KI if the price wasn't a main concern, my impression of the area you highlighted is that it will benefit massively once the city centre plan has finished. Hallam is also investing in the area with new teaching facilities. For me it is: Heart Kelham, Head CIQ. There is a serious number of excellent pubs, some real innovation in terms of 'experience economy' (from Peddler's market, to Cutlery Works) the way the Don runs through it creates some excellent apartment buildings that back onto nature, whilst being in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. If you want to know what it is about, go for a walk along the Don from Neepsend towards Kelham Island Museum on a nice sunny Saturday afternoon. The place will be buzzing with people enjoying urban life. Also, to refute Lazarus - some of the former mills have been turned into excellent housing, cafes and places to be. Green Lane Works and Alfred Becket & Sons buildings are shining examples of how to get regeneration right. The 'Little Kelham' new builds are excellent in design and 'fit'. Kelham Island is something Sheffield can justifially be proud of.
  14. Today I feel is where a decision about this sorry state of affairs will be indicated. What are people currently expecting that the House of Commons will come up with? Mind - I am not asking what you want the outcome to be, merely what the HoC will do.
  15. Funny, that is what I think about your 'sod it'...

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