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Turning off routers


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I bet none of you turn your fridge or freezer off at night. Turning off the router is just as daft.

What a daft statement.I turn my PC off purely for safety and have done for years.Do you leave your TV on all night?Another daft statement.

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Can you quantify that danger? Is it worth the effort of turning things off?


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The power supply on my refrigerator is in a sealed in double insulated unit and burned out last August. When I replaced it there were small scorch marks against the housing but nothing serious.


I had a PC base unit in my living room TV cabinet with plenty of ventilation around it and about 12cm between the back of the casing and the back of the TV unit. Power supply went pop and the resulting sparks that jumped out set fire to either the TV unit or a an envelope on the shelf underneath. I heard it pop and saw the flash. By the time I'd turned off the mains adapter and grabbed a torch to check down the black there was a nice pool of melting plastic, cable PVC and 3 inch flames.


I'm sure these forums are just heading the way of people feeling the need to out-do each other or rubbish other peoples comments without having any real basis to what they are saying. I seem to be spending more time defending advice I've freely given than actually giving the advice too.... surely my own fault but I'll stop doing now.


Ah, deploy the old anecdote. It happened once, therefore it's proof.

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