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  1. You've almost got it. There was no explanation whatsoever of what it meant. So no-one can claim that it meant a no deal exit, something that not even the most fervent brexit campaigner mentioned until well after the vote.
  2. Cyclone

    Euro Elections

    Only if you count every pro EU vote together against every anti EU vote.
  3. Cyclone

    Euro Elections

    Can you vote from Russia then?
  4. Are you not concentrating? There isn't an "as voted for", because the brexit you voted for (as described by the leave campaign) doesn't and can't exist.
  5. Before the vote though they claimed we'd stay in the customs union, we held all the cards, easiest deal in history, £350million/week for the NHS, and so on. All shown to be lies or impossible. Nobody even mentioned the Irish border problem, because we were never going to leave the customs union, nobody thought about WTO or mentioned it, because clearly leaving the customs union would be insane... And then, the EU turned out not to be a pushover and they said we couldn't have our cake and also eat it... If only someone could have predicted that.
  6. Cyclone

    Is austerity working- and will it ever end?

    Is this really the same report that's popped back up into the media again? How strange, I assumed it was something new.
  7. Cyclone

    People going to work on bikes.

    Impossible to enforce really, but then many laws are. That doesn't mean that most people don't obey them.
  8. It's a nightmare for everyone, it's just that some of you (and it's a minority even amongst brexiteers) don't realise it.
  9. The company has given the reason as brexit, economists are giving the reason as brexit...
  10. They're not moving for another 11 months so we'll have to wait a while.
  11. So, British Steel has gone into administration this morning. Slow handclap for the brexiteers.
  12. Cyclone

    Understanding the universe.

    There are more prosaic and practical examples. Count the time between seeing a lightning strike and hearing the boom, that's due to the difference in the speed of light and the speed of sound in air. Neither are instantaneous.
  13. Cyclone

    Is austerity working- and will it ever end?

    Austerity in the news today, seems like the UN isn't impressed with it. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/un-poverty-austerity-uk-universal-credit-report-philip-alston-a8924576.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR3wdsKl2gAS4ytVq7c4vNNLzsfJ5W83mQbYgwT6nJYxMPH80IC9iu3b7fA#Echobox=1558512170

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