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  1. So HSBC would move to HK entirely, at best you might shut down it's UK retail arm. You'd put 10,000+ people in the UK out of work, and you'd lose the huge tax payment that HSBC makes. You'd also scare every other large financial institution into leaving as well, taking their jobs and their tax payments with them. You'd be hard pressed to find a single more self destructive act you could possibly do to our economy.
  2. You know that we're going to be massively worse off after leaving. We'll have LESS money. Not even brexidiots are denying that anymore.
  3. Cyclone

    Nice - price motorists off the roads

    Lots of families were dual income 30 years ago, that's not a new thing. Are there any stats about school closures? All the ones that existed in my village are still there, 4 of them I think, 5 maybe. So what? So it contributes to congestion I guess, wasn't that what we were discussing? Isn't that why Nice would like to make it more expensive for motorists? But you popping to the shop at 1830 in the evening probably isn't make a big difference to the congestion that most people notice, which is the commute congestion. In fact if you're in a congested area you probably actively avoid going to the shop at rush hour, I know I deliberately time my journeys to be better. I'll be visiting my parents tomorrow, I don't cycle the 18 miles there and back, but I do make sure I leave home by 1600, no later, to avoid the worst of the traffic, and head back at 1900 again to avoid any bad traffic.
  4. Yorkshire has lots of people willing to work for less than people from Surrey. So what's the difference? Would wages rise, or would the work simply go to another country? Is there actually any evidence that immigrants suppress wages? It's very well established that immigration to the UK makes a net contribution to the economy, so the taxes paid more than compensate for the services used. If the government doesn't use those taxes to improve services, well, that's a policy decision by the government, not an inherent problem of immigration.
  5. You should ask GinTreeS7, he was the one who mentioned them first... Not drinking would certainly make you the odd one out.
  6. Can you explain why though? What practical problems are created by enabling free movement on a larger scale?
  7. What's the actual difference. We all know that they're different countries, but so what. What's the difference between free movement at different scales. How does the scale of the unit you define (ie city, county, country, continent) make any difference? What's the practical problem of allowing free movement between the UK and France that isn't a problem when it's between Hampshire and Berkshire?
  8. You can't answer the question can you.
  9. Cyclone

    Nice - price motorists off the roads

    So all these short journeys (75% of car journeys are under 1 mile) are (you claimed) school runs. And now they're school runs for infants specifically... And no, I didn't ever suggest that anyone cycle their children to school. You're mistaken. I said that I had walked to school in late infant/early junior. To clarify that for you, somewhere around the age of 7 (late infants) or 8 (early juniors), was when I walked to school on my own.
  10. Cyclone

    Nice - price motorists off the roads

    You keep banging on about 6 year olds, knowing that I never said that. Can you see me saying anything about 6 year olds here? No. You made that bit up and keep repeating it. Children these days do not have the same freedoms they had 30 years ago. I didn't say that this meant walking to school at age 6. You're just making things up that haven't been said.
  11. Why? What's the difference between the freedom to move between the UK and France and the freedom to move between Yorkshire and Lancashire? The point is that the EU didn't stop us, EU rules don't and never stopped us. We chose not to stop it, and then you fell for it when politicians told you it was the EU's fault.
  12. Cyclone

    Nice - price motorists off the roads

    Going back to what I said though, it wasn't primarily about young children walking. The numbers of secondary school children driven to school has increased massively hasn't it. I walked to school, primary was 0.2 miles according to google maps. I walked to secondary school, 1.3 miles. The bus to secondary was 5p when I started, but I rarely caught it, probably 10 - 20 times in my entire 7 years there. I probably got a lift <10 times in that 7 years. Parents fears may well be the explanation, or maybe it's a bigger change in attitudes. Despite the decreased risks to children, they're not allowed the same freedoms I had 30+ years ago.
  13. Cyclone

    Nice - price motorists off the roads

    Well, something changed over the last 30 years to massively increase the number of children driven to school. And it's not "danger to children", they're safer than they ever were from both road accidents and any other form of harm.
  14. Cyclone

    Nice - price motorists off the roads

    It must be difficult to find a "built up area" where the nearest primary school is a mile away though.
  15. Why? Does it just make you uncomfortable, the homeless people having nowhere to go? Or are you worried that they'll attack you or something?

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