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  1. I believe I commented on cafe's, not pubs. McDonalds actually did used to try to spot non customers, and smaller places are likely to be able to spot someone walking in and straight to the loo. The point though wasn't that you can abuse the customer only toilets of many businesses, it was about the community toilets scheme, which as I said is not advertised and so of no practical use. Presumably you think that in the past people did "mill around" for hours on end? Where is the customer toilet in the devonshire chippy then?
  2. Most things in life are coincidence. But that aside, misfiring is at least related to the fuel system, unlike an engine warning light that could be indicative of many different things.
  3. So that testing would indicate that the problem really is with the desktop and nothing to do with your cable provider. It could be a hardware fault, it could be a configuration issue. Could you move the desktop physically to the room with the router in it, I know this will be a faff, but it might help to rule things out. The laptop test, was it from the same location as the desktop?
  4. Engine warning lights come on though, and people fill up every 300 - 400 miles, so associating the two things is a leap, correlation, not causation.
  5. So... you've just demonstrated that you can be wrong about what is normal, not that you can redefine it.
  6. I don't think that anyone claimed it wasn't possible, just that it was unlikely.
  7. She quite clearly says that it is like "other forms of bigotry". Ie it is a form of bigotry itself. Homophobia being a prejudice and an opinion.
  8. Rush hour (even though it lasts 2 hours twice a day) is only a fraction of the day and not at all at weekends. When I use the M1 it's often got no temporary limit imposed, but the managed sections do still restrain peoples speed a little I feel, down to <80, rather than <90 for example.
  9. You don't call for things to be banned because there's no "not". You need a very clear and specific reason to make behaviour illegal. They shouldn't smoke it anywhere that tobacco shouldn't be smoked... Which is anywhere it might annoy someone else IMO, but legally is inside any publicly accessible building or enclosure. Edit - there's no evidence that being close to someone smoking will impair driving.
  10. In a 1998 address, author, activist, and civil rights leader Coretta Scott King stated that "Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood."
  11. I don't think that normal is something that people get to redefine for themselves. Because when they say that what someone is doing is not normal, they don't mean to them, or in their household or in their sheltered lives. They mean it in an absolute sense, they believe that what is being done is abnormal, and several other words starting with ab. And they need educating as to why they are wrong, not having their bigotries and prejudices pandered to and certainly not allowing them to stop their children being educated because of them.
  12. People can't define their own "normal". Homosexuality is normal, it's happened throughout history, it happens in other species, it's behaviour that occurs naturally, people might want to pretend that it's not normal, but it's clearly a pretence.
  13. Reduced it to approximately the speed limit though, not to 50.
  14. You haven't shown that there is any safety problem on this stretch of road though. See, you say nonsense like that without considering what you're saying (I assume), because 10 mph is safer than 50 or 30, so you've just said that you'd be happy with 10 mph limits everywhere if they were safer, which they are. Or indeed 3 mph, walking speed. I don't want that to happen because of the huge costs to society and to individuals. Why do you want to create such a burden on society? You know what's even safer, if everyone had to walk, everywhere. Very safe walking, actively good for you in fact. But not very efficient.
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