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  1. Some lights have to come on and then go out for the car tp pass the MOT
  2. How long before suppliers use smart meters to micromanage pricing..charging you more when demand is high through the day..
  3. On those things my sig. looks like the efforts of an 8 year old wearing boxing gloves
  4. "Profits" can be manipulated..ask any self employed person
  5. Thanks..I've had a very busy year and a few things dropped off the "to do list" Nothing much seems to have changed I see..
  6. So you're saying that if a bobby sees an illegally parked car he must wait for the driver to return before issuing a ticket?
  7. Why? What would be the problem with a boy playing with a pram and a girl playing with a truck ?
  8. Oh look Australia,part of the commomwealth,has British people living there,who'd have thought it?
  9. Not odd at all....Sounds to me you were suggesting he won due to his car...
  10. Whether the OP thinks it was the other driver's fault or not shouldn't they be reporting within 24hrs?
  11. How come his team mates haven't done as well if it's down to the car..?
  12. He made fewer mistakes than Vettel...doesn't that make him the better driver?
  13. Maybe not recent but UIncle Joe Stalin had a bit of a nasty streak...
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