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  1. depends if it was set to do it at a quiet time... and without knowing what the 'jibbersh' is we can only speculate. If it had a little android displayed then rebuilt the apps.. it was an update.
  2. probably did an update but didnt have enough juice to power back up.
  3. just download the latest creation tool and update. no need for external media to load it onto first. ( theres always a risk with major updates but MS have got a lot better in that area of updating ) also once updated and everything running well, run the disk cleanup tool as an administrator and remove the old version of windows ( will free up 20gb or so) with the caveat that you cant roll it back once you do.
  4. I had the same recently when setting up some FB pages for work. My account activity look suss according to FB and locked me out of both the work pages and my personal account. I had to wait a full 24hrs without attempting to log in and it reactivates,
  5. clicked the bell for each subscriber? youtube being yooutube? wait until it unsubscribes you.... lol
  6. so you want to download youtube clips or the like? I use "video downloadhelper" extension in firefox. can output all the various file types you would need.
  7. 3 bars in the top right corner > logins and passwords option about halfway down. then just search the website you need it for... its that easy on firefox
  8. its not OTT, Its the linux way! lol would love to understand the thinking on how changing to linux just to use RDP ( which is already native on the machine the OP is using ) to solve the issue.
  9. as above really. If they are all on the same network in different rooms, RDP is great, in the same room, KVM switch is the way I would do it. Without getting to complicated for access away from the network, teamviewer does the job. Then you get into enterprise stuff.. I run software from Itarian at work and that gives me everything from mobile device control and monitoring to remote desktop access, monitoring of systems, batch device update control and a support ticket system. Anything computer related is registered in 2 offices and controllable from anywhere I am.... current have 56 devices run this way including 3 machines located in the Philippines and I was lucky to start using this system before they started charging for it. unfortunately im only scratching the surface of what it can do as im not a network administrator.... just a guy that likes computers at work. lol
  10. how long does a cmos battery last....... years. laptops usually have access panels underneath, pop them off and have a look. doesnt sound like thats the issue though. As others have said, need a bit more as a black screen could be anything... does it try to boot? does it boot with a power cord in? what was the cause for the overheating etc etc
  11. I just tried bbc radio sheffield online, no vpn, normal firefox browser and it works just fine.... im in australia btw. bbc tv online or bbc iplayer is a definite no though.
  12. press and hold it..... does the menu appear? mystery solved.
  13. just another email scam.. delete and move on. nothing to do with windows or MS updates.
  14. geeze.. talk about scaremongering. Your W7 machine isnt going to stop working. It just wont get security updates. Suggesting to someone to run windows in a linux VM environment is just dumb, especially for those that arent tech savvy.
  15. two words..... rainbow tables. I used to have an app that would brute force wifi passwords to see what worked and what didnt based on standard wifi passwords per ISP. It was suprisingly good at passing them! it certainly prompted me to change all mine!
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