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  1. I just tried bbc radio sheffield online, no vpn, normal firefox browser and it works just fine.... im in australia btw. bbc tv online or bbc iplayer is a definite no though.
  2. press and hold it..... does the menu appear? mystery solved.
  3. just another email scam.. delete and move on. nothing to do with windows or MS updates.
  4. geeze.. talk about scaremongering. Your W7 machine isnt going to stop working. It just wont get security updates. Suggesting to someone to run windows in a linux VM environment is just dumb, especially for those that arent tech savvy.
  5. two words..... rainbow tables. I used to have an app that would brute force wifi passwords to see what worked and what didnt based on standard wifi passwords per ISP. It was suprisingly good at passing them! it certainly prompted me to change all mine!
  6. ugh... why do these threads always end in another MS vs linux epeen competition. Give it up... linux isnt the greatest still and Yes I have tried it. Im with you ghozer. Ever since W10 I have been running windows built in AV with zero issues. It even grabs the (*ahem*) 'files' I dont want it to!
  7. if you can boot into download try pressing the volume up instead of down. This should get you into recovery where you can hard format the tablet. The fact you can boot into download is good. It means you can still recover the tablet via Odin with the correct files.
  8. un install the gfx drivers and update. Had this on 2 desktop pcs that run twin and triple displays and W10. Royally stuffed up the multi monitor after an update and had to re install the gfx drivers to get it to work on both machines. I assume a laptop would be similar.
  9. Depends on what 'drone' it is. Edit: I should really read a bit more closely... I would send it to an official DJI repair shop. Ghozer... what are you looking to get into? I fly freestyle fpv quads so happy to answer any questions regarding quads..... (not drones... )
  10. I am also having issues with a GTX1070. Random black screening, openGL crashes, etc etc. I think its a driver issue. I have rolled back to 387.92 and it seems stable so far
  11. https://www.smartdraw.com/ use this at work and its great. I see it has a free trial.
  12. Yes. I have also had a few funky things going on after mine updated. You need to clear the cache partition via recovery and it should work fine after that. Usually its ( on samsungs anyway)pressing Power, home and vol up button when turning the phone on to get into recovery.
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