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  1. Bit morbid, but does anyone recall something about a murder in one of the houses either on or around Havelock Bridge? I remember my form tutor at Newfield Secondary telling us that he'd once taught the lad who had committed it. I would imagine it must have been maybe '80s or early '90s?
  2. It wasn't failing in Nottingham, they moved because they needed more space.
  3. What? Just because you only know 1 person who plays video games doesn't mean it's unpopular, that's ridiculous. I only know 1 person who goes to the gym therefore clearly nobody else does so why do we need all these gyms?! Also, apart from the fact it's been open a grand total of 3 days, tickets for the opening weekend sold out fast so I don't know where your comment about people apparently not visiting comes from.
  4. You do realize the museum also has a lot of newer games, as well early access to games currently in development? You can even book time with VR headsets. It's most certainly not just retro games.
  5. I think it's a bloody excellent addition to the city, it was hugely successful in Nottingham, we had a blast when me and my partner visited a couple of years back. £11 is nothing to go and play a crap-ton of games to your heart's content. As someone else pointed out, you can barely go to the cinema to see a single film for that price, and I'm sure the people moaning on here wouldn't think twice about spending £11 on a few drinks down the pub.
  6. First episode I've properly sat and watched since Matt Smith left as I really couldn't get into Capaldi. Generally of the same opinion as most here in that it was fine. The only thing that really annoyed me was Bradley Walsh's character's partner and her grandson's bloody appalling 'Sheffield' accents. I do really like the fact they've chosen Sheffield as a base though, that was one of my issues with the Eccleston/Tennant eras, and even into the Matt Smith ones was that it was like the entirety of the UK existed within Central London. Quite looking forward to episode 2 though, hopefully it'll flow a bit better now the core characters have been established.
  7. Last I heard was that it was to be built on that bit of land between the M1 and Parkway at J33.
  8. Another recommendation for Charles Clifford. I had 3 wisdom teeth out there about 6 years ago, one was a straight forward extraction, but one had to be cut into pieces and another had to have the gum cut. I absolutely hate going to the dentist so I was cacking it, but honestly it was absolutely fine, in fact I genuinely didn't realise they'd even done it. I was getting ready to lie back in the chair and they said I could go lol. Even once the numbness had worn off there was barely any pain at all. It's worth bearing in mind that the anticipation is always worse than the actual event.
  9. Funnily enough we stayed there just over a year ago. Room and staff were great, but the bar food was pretty rubbish, borderline crap actually, at least for our evening meal. Breakfast was decent.
  10. Hah, we know it affectionately as Olivander's. No 1/35 stuff there though I don't think. In fact I don't think he stocks any kits now other than model railway ones. He always used to have a few Revell and Airfix bits stashed at the back right corner of the place but not seen any in for a while. Marcway is about the only place for 1/35 stuff now, although Wargames Emporium in Orchard Sq actually have a fairly decent if slightly limited selection of Tamiya and Italeri armour. There is also Hobbycraft if you fancy venturing out a bit further, again they do seem to have a decent Tamiya stock.
  11. I believe they a) used an old traffic survey for the lights, essentially making them obsolete, and b) got the lane markings wrong. (Source: Catcliffe Parish Council) There's absolutely no need for the lights since they opened it all out, it flows really well without them. Before they did the work, traffic regularly backed up all the way to the Plough roundabout at Catcliffe, now you very rarely have to wait at all. I suspect at some point they'll remove them and fix the lane markings, but until then they'll be figuring out who's to blame probably.
  12. Been watching rather a lot of box sets recently, more so than ever due to getting the full Sky package cheap, and Amazon Prime, plus a few cheeky Netflix trials. So far completed (can highly recommend them all): Prison Break (didn't interest me in the slightest when it first came out, but was hooked after a few episodes) Malcolm in the Middle (one of those shows that you've ended up catching most of over the years, but well worth a rewatch in chronological order) Trailer Park Boys (the latest season did drop off a bit for me and felt a bit forced) Alpha House (surprisingly only one season, but really enjoyed it, not my usual kind of thing) Parks & Rec (again, the last season is not as good as the sublime earlier ones) Community (very similar to Parks & Rec, really good stuff) Modern Family (again, caught a good few of these over the last few years but only really got into it recently) Currently watching: Lost S1 (Another one that I was never that bothered about but quite enjoying it now) Girlfriend is also into The Walking Dead and House of Cards but never really got into them myself.
  13. I think the Thirsty Flame does at Brinsworth/Catcliffe
  14. It's actually scary what people will do on the roads just to save themselves a few seconds. This is why I never drive anywhere without a dashcam now, too many drivers about with the IQ of a cheese sandwich.
  15. Nope, unfortunately. It even has a reading on the bill, but no clue that it's estimated
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