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Turning off routers


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I meant the thread had become pointless because opposing points of view had been expressed and no definitive answer could be achieved as both had been proven to have caused no problems and from what I can recall neither had been definitely identified as the cause of a problem.

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The definitive answer is, routers should be left on.

People posting turning off and experiencing no drop in throughput, are just used to the throughput they have, which is experienced when you turn a router back on after being dormant for so long.

The short of it is, a router is meant to be left on, it's how they're designed, there's no ifs of buts.

Of course people have only my word on this point. I have, however, been working in telecommunications since 1987 which stretches back further than most main stream ISP's have been in business, and I've been on top of data coms technologies whilst they've been developed. So when someone says "well I've never had a problem" just relates to just that, 'their' experience, which means they don't understand the fundamentals of how routers work, and requirements for optimum performance.

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A question then, I switch off, not power off my modem at night does this make the router not visible to the network and thus cause the network to reduce the speed as it repeatedly tries to make contact as mentioned in a previous post and should I switch it off or perhaps we need another thread "should I switch my modem off at night"


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Just had a look on Virgin Media forum and it said cable does not suffer from the same issues of slowing down speed when connection is lost, I am on cable.

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I credited you with more sense than the last load of rubbish you have just written.By the way you spell I think you still live in a cave.End of.


Then perhaps you could point out where I have written rubbish and why, rather than attack my spelling. I tend to find that when people attack the poster, rather than the argument, it's because they have no ground for attacking the argument.


Oh you might want to look at the last sentence - you are missing an object in it.

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I bet none of you turn your fridge or freezer off at night. Turning off the router is just as daft.


Will your food defrost if you turn your router off?


I don't think anyone is concerned whether you save any money, or how much, by turning your router off.


There are, and always will be, discussions on whether you should turn off AND unplug any electrical device not being used.

Many moons ago, this used to be common advice, as some electrical appliances could overheat and possibly catch fire.

Whether it's a good idea to let appliances a chance to cool down, to increase their longevity, then who knows!


Although each individual household would not save much, the overall savings globally could be quite significant.

I must admit, I don't turn mine off overnight.

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Letting devices cool down can DECREASE their longevity, as its common for the PCBs to warp over time with the heat/cool cycle. Its what caused the Xbox 360 RROD.


Its also why you could sometimes temporarily get a RROD Xbox 360 to work if you overheated it, as the PCV would heat up, expand and get pulled back into contact with the chips that has broken solder joints.

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I always keep mine on (as well as the fibre box). I can't be bothered to wait for the thing to power up every morning.


Besides, once it's off every mobile phone in the house would revert to using 4G, wasting my data allowance when they automatically poll for updates to Facebook etc every 30 seconds through the night..

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I turn mine off every night and I am still getting the same speed as I am paying for.
Ya and you should I think........ If you take your router OFFLINE long enough,your IP will be released and given to someone else..... (Next time you bootup your modem you will have a different IP)


I usually ALWAYS disconnect mine........

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