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  1. Well then my misunderstanding. ---------- Post added 30-03-2018 at 13:52 ---------- I did explain it. Did you find you were just unable to stop yourself typing this response. ---------- Post added 30-03-2018 at 14:03 ---------- People doing 80 on the motorway are not a good thing either way. If you're doing 80 on the motorway your speedometer is saying you're doing what? around 88. So you're a full 18ish mph over the limit. If you were doing this by accident then you're not really in control of the vehicle and the consequences of not being in control at those speeds could be very serious for yourself and others. Its dangerously ignorant. If you're doing this on purpose then you're very deliberately choosing to ignore the speed limit which makes you a dangerous idiot. ---------- Post added 30-03-2018 at 14:11 ---------- I do drive, but lets clear this up for you, I don't ever deliberately exceed the speed limit and I am very careful not to exceed the speed limit, where I do so by mistake I admonish myself for not sticking to the limit. It usually involves the speedometer reading a mile or two over, usually when going down a steep hill, so given speedometer accuracy I probably almost never actually exceed the speed limit. Back to work now, but you keep telling people that exceeding the speed limit is safe and doesn't mean they're dangerous drivers. I'm sure none of them will ever overtake you dangerously as a result of their impatience, go on encourage the flouting of the law as something its Ok to do. I'll stick to trying to keep myself and others safe by taking a zero tolerance approach to such a stupid and careless thing to do. Stay Safe Cyclone.
  2. If no one is going to try and have a crack at the consequences of brexit then this thread is pretty much done.
  3. Thats some special camera work. I feel a bit seasick.
  4. Not quite as bizarre a thread as I thought it was going to be. I have certainly had numerous occasions where a cup of coffee has driven me nuts trying to figure out where the sound was coming from, although it usually stops when I pick it up, - I had assumed some moisture on the bottom of the cup had formed a bit of a seal, and air trapped under the mug was heating up and expanding to escape through the seal and that was the buzzing/hissing.
  5. Yeah it did, but, was that because people suddenly became environmentally conscious, or because they were having to pay for bags that had previously been free?
  6. My personal experience has led me to pay a bit more and keep them as separate policies rather than combined, which became a pain to deal with and a real headache to search for competitive quotes.
  7. I think that as someone else has pointed out the European pipelines are supplied by a proportion of gas that comes from Russia. The claimed statistics vary wildly depending on source, but if we get a big chunk of gas from Europe, and Europe gets a big chunk of its gas from Russia, then Russia turning off the tap will affect us one way or the other as Europe will have less gas overall to share with us. https://www.britishgas.co.uk/the-source/our-world-of-energy/energys-grand-journey/where-does-uk-gas-come-from Does this discussion belong in a different thread?
  8. I'm pretty sure we have had a discussion on here before where you were postulating that it was perfectly safe and Ok for people driving better quality and better maintained cars above the speed limit. Im not going through your old posts to try and find it, if you've never gone down that line of discussion then apologies. I'm absolute certain that you have said you were happy for cyclists to not adhere to the rules of the highway code where it might discourage people from cycling, because more cyclists would change motorists behaviour and make cyclists and therefore yourself safer, so you can forget a retraction for that. As for the speed issue, the inability of a person to control the speed of their vehicle, which is a fairly basic requirement, is dangerous. It indicates a lack of awareness of what you are doing. Particularly to have exceeded the limit by the margin being discussed. To have deliberately chosen to exceed the speed limit by this margin suggests a dangerous lack of sensible judgement and impatience, especially given the likely nature of training received to hold a licence and the general information made clear and available about the problems and dangers caused by excessive speed. Such a lack of judgement is not likely to be restricted to speeding. If not reigned in it may result in the tendency to become over confident and even arrogant and take increasingly more serious risks, - dangerous overtaking, driving too close to cyclists, speeding up when approaching that amber light e.t.c. To accidentally speed is to be dangerously ignorant. To choose to do so is deliberately dangerous. Hence, choosing to speed makes you a dangerous idiot.
  9. Give over cyclone, we've been through this before and essentially it came down to this, - you speed so you think its Ok to do so, you cycle so you like people being allowed to do whatever they want on a cycle. You will quote the rules and regulations at people when it suits you and ignore or even actively encourage the breaking of those rules as and when it suits you to do so. You're basically a hypocrite.
  10. In this country we call them Tories, you know, the ones who gave us the referendum, think about it.....
  11. But that does not make the rest of us any less grateful for the sacrifice offered or made, or for the example that should humble us all.
  12. Because people speeding is a contributing factor to accidents with higher speeds generally making such accidents more dangerous. Peer pressure is often a way to force behavioural change by making it clear that it is unacceptable behaviour and hopefully you will feel OK in future about sticking to the limit. It seems to have been generally accepted amongst the posters on here that speedometers over read by about 10%. If that is true your speedometer was likely telling you that you were travelling at around 41mph in a 30mph speed limit. Why did you do this? were you aware of what you were doing? The likely scenarios seem to be, - 1, - you were deliberately speeding.- you are a dangerous idiot who shouldn't be allowed on the road. You should pay the fine. 2, - you didn't know the limit because you hadn't been paying attention, - you needed a reminder to be more observant. You should pay the fine. 3, - you didn't know the speed limit because it isn't properly posted, - you should feel encouraged to raise the matter with the authorities and should then be rightly applauded as a good person who has gone out of their way to improve the safety of others, all fines should be dropped and you should be officially thanked. And having read through the rest of the thread, - 4, - you weren't driving, - but you were responsible for the vehicle and failed to keep a record to protect yourself, - unfortunate, but, you have learned a valuable lesson, -pay the fine and keep proper records in future, be grateful the car wasn't involved in something like a hit and run that killed someone. It seems harsh but it would not have been unreasonable to expect that a speeding ticket could be issued. you yourself have stated your belief that most motorists speed.
  13. We elect our decision makers, - they make our decisions. What you mean is you have been duped into believing you should have a personal say in every decision. You have misunderstood or have been misled.
  14. I am sceptical. I have memories of collecting bags and bags of aluminium cans to take to the supermarket for weighing in. The need to collect and store the things for weeks and weeks on end. Even crushed they took up loads of space. The money earned was pathetic and it was horrible having bags of the things around so it never ever happened again.
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