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  1. In Ukraine where it gets to cold for the salt to work, or so I heard, they use ground up slag from the steel melting furnaces and it works a treat. At least in the city I was in.
  2. Well I have tried everything you all suggested and nothing works on my P.C. And as for setting up a new directory that is way out of my league. So I will make a copy on each device I use to make sure I can present the presentation when I want. Thank you everyone for your time and effort.
  3. I found the PPT using Linux. The powerpoint on my Windows is 2003 version. I will now try to create a directory.
  4. How do I set up a new directory, please.
  5. I have just tried to save one as PPT but there is no PPT save option on the drop down box. I will make a new presentation using Powerpoint and see how that works out. Cheers.
  6. I tried what you suggested and the `insert as link` box is unchecked by default, by the look of it. I put some music on the presentation using Linux but I just got the same result. Cheers.
  7. If I make a presentation with Libre impress and I add music to it, when I copy and past it to a memory stick and play it there is no music. I have also tried to click and drag, with the same results. Could it be the way I am saving them or is it just not possible to copy and play them?
  8. On the last map in your link, where the L is in Alma street is where the goit leads into the rolling mill.
  9. We got closed down in 1986 and it was there then because every so often we had to clear out all the rubbish from the filter grates that lead into the mill.
  10. Walt & Mrs. Richmond kept the Manchester Hotel on Nursery St. for a good few years.
  11. There was a building on top of them and by the side was a runway for water that went into Ibbotsons rolling mill on the other side of the road. Probably did have a water wheel but when we used it, it was empty.
  12. Probably because it was free and people parked there and went to do their xmas shopping.
  13. I agree with you there. Some people are old in their 50s but some people like me in their 80s are still active and as daft as a brush.
  14. I went for a walk this morning and to see some of the antics of the drivers are unbelievable. Engines revving as if they were doing 70 M.P.H. on the slightest incline.
  15. When I saw the title of this topic I thought you were talking about food.
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