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  1. I walk every day for at least 45 minutes at a good pace. I have noticed one couple who I have seen often for the last six months and when I first saw them they were very over weight but now you can see a big difference in their appearance. Good for them.
  2. Thank you both for those replies I will try it the next time I go out.
  3. I am not very techy but I can follow instructions. It is a touchscreen one and it is android. It was new out last year.
  4. I have an Alcatel 2019 phone, and, my question is, should I be able to connect to the internet when I am out of range of my router? If I can how do I do it?
  5. I think it would be vigorous enough if you included some hills and walk up them at a good speed.
  6. What gets me is, on White lane there is a grassy area all down one side and yet you still have to dodge the dog poo on the pavement. I don`t know about White Lane, they should drop the W and replace it with an S. And most dogwalkers are on the pavement and you have to walk on the road. Thats my Meldrew moment over.
  7. Thank you both for the information and I will leave it as it is.
  8. I have a desktop with a wired network connection. Is it necessary for me to install a Wi-Fi card into the desktop or wont it make any difference to the way my P.C works at the moment?
  9. I have been in Sainsbury Jackson at Gleadless Townend twice in the last few days and each time there was a different young man without a mask. They were both in their 30s and should know better. How would they feel if their parents caught Covid 19 off them and died.
  10. mhimsworth, I was very interested to read your input to this topic and could I have your permission to forward this information to the War museum in Volgagrad ( Stalingrad that was)? I am sure they would be very interested to know this.
  11. Thanks for that information and I have just done what you suggested and removed it along with a couple of other things I will never use. At the side of the 3 dots is the ink blob I mentioned which takes you straight to the extensions. Cheers.
  12. When I clicked on the icon it said extensions and the virtual keyboard was in that. I have had the chromebook for a while now and that is the first time it has happened. I powerwashed the chromebook a couple of days ago and maybe that was the problem.
  13. I did what you suggested and turned the on-screen keyboard off, but, a different one appears. Got it sorted. It was the virtual keyboard on chrome which I disabled at the top of the web page I was on. The icon was at the top right hand side of the web page and it looked like a blob of ink, that is as near as I can describe it. Cheers for your help.
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