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  1. To rub salt in the wound you have to get out of the way for them.
  2. The times I have had to stop and let the car pass I have lost count of.
  3. And motorists who come off a main road onto a side road and do not give way if a pedestrian is already on the side road.
  4. That is motorists take any notice of the new rules.
  5. Everything is now sorted and he has booked his flight. Thank you everyone for your help.
  6. I read through your link bargepole and it seems the only document you need is the P.C.R. test along with all the usual things for travelling.
  7. I think you could apply that to most countries in the world.
  8. Yes he is a Russian national. I will e-mail your link too him. Cheers.
  9. I have a Russian friend who would like to pay a visit to his family in Moscow but he cannot find what exact documents he needs. He has been on the government web page to no avail. When he tried to book a flight with B.A., they would not because he has not been vaccinated. Is it mandatory to be vaccinated before you can fly or is the P.C.R. test enough? Any help would be great.
  10. Leslie Cass also had a shop in the Wicker ran by a lady who was the caretaker at Aizelwoods flour mill next to what is now called the harlequin, Nursery street
  11. I will second that. I am slowly getting fed up with the changes that are coming to the forum.
  12. Every one seems to want to blame Southgate but he did not take the penalties. You can only blame the person who took the penalty for missing it. Anyhow if he did get it wrong all of Europe will praise him.
  13. Just found an old book I had, called Pubs and people around Sheffield and there is a suggestion in there that could explain why the Marshall tavern had such a nick name. After the last war ended in 1945 a vast amount of bacon was imported from the continent in wooden boxes about 2 metres long,a metre and a half deep and a metre wide. When you walked into the Marsall tavern it was very similar to walking into a box because when you opened the door to the pub you had to walk down a little passage that was lined with wooden slats. I suppose some wag, ( as suggested in the book) said at one time it was like walking into a bacon box. That sound reasonable to me.
  14. Can anyone tell me how it got the nick name bacon box? This is the one that was on Pitsmoor road. I thought it could have been named after a street or a person.
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