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  1. I think it is a policy of the N.H.S. that if you do not turn up for a scan you will be referred back to your doctor if you do not cancel it yourself. I cancelled mine which would have been tomorrow and the consultant phoned me and talked to me and we came to some other arrangement. Great.
  2. Our delivery charge is £3-50 and I think that is for over £40-00 spend. If you look on their web site it will give you all the details.
  3. Went on the Sainsburys web site today and got a delivery slot for this Sunday so they must have got the info from the government and acted upon it. Great stuff.
  4. Got a text from ID today saying that there is no limit to the calls I can make to any line or mobile until the 20th of April in order for people to talk to friends an relatives without running out of calls. Good of them I thought.
  5. I registered for this a few days ago but I have heard nothing since. Could be the back log of the number of people applying. At the moment we are O.K because we have got a fabulous neighbour who has done all our shopping for us since we have been self isolating for the last couple of weeks. To top their kind heartedness they bought my wife a bunch of flowers with a little note saying "to cheer your day up" There are some wonderful people about.
  6. I went to school and worked with him in the melting shop at the E.S.C. He once brought me home on his new motor bike and scared the wotsit out of me doing 83 mph down Brightside lane. It was 6am so no police about. Their house just off ellesmere road was where I first tasted fried eel.
  7. All was O.K. this morning but we will have a better idea when we use it later.
  8. Well I was amazed yesterday evening when my wife asked me to get someone to put her windows 10 on her windows 7 machine. I told her about the media creation tool 1909 and she said can you try it on mine. We did and it installed exactly as mine did a few years ago when it was free for all. No product key needed and all her programmes on windows 10. I was amazed. It seems to be working O.K. this morning.
  9. You are right nikki-red. I went in it a few times on my way to the Pitsmoor club and it was a poky little place.
  10. This is the first time for me which is why I thought it was a scam.
  11. I had an e-mail from PC world with a £50 gift voucher which I thought was a bit of a gimmick so I popped into the shop to ask. To my surprise they told me it was true so I ordered something online and it was free and it showed me how much I still had left to spend. Anyone else had one?
  12. V.E. day for me, I remember everywhere there were bonfires to celebrate. I can remember a sailor walking across ours on a door.
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