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  1. All was O.K. this morning but we will have a better idea when we use it later.
  2. Well I was amazed yesterday evening when my wife asked me to get someone to put her windows 10 on her windows 7 machine. I told her about the media creation tool 1909 and she said can you try it on mine. We did and it installed exactly as mine did a few years ago when it was free for all. No product key needed and all her programmes on windows 10. I was amazed. It seems to be working O.K. this morning.
  3. You are right nikki-red. I went in it a few times on my way to the Pitsmoor club and it was a poky little place.
  4. This is the first time for me which is why I thought it was a scam.
  5. I had an e-mail from PC world with a £50 gift voucher which I thought was a bit of a gimmick so I popped into the shop to ask. To my surprise they told me it was true so I ordered something online and it was free and it showed me how much I still had left to spend. Anyone else had one?
  6. V.E. day for me, I remember everywhere there were bonfires to celebrate. I can remember a sailor walking across ours on a door.
  7. Where do I buy a disc to install Antix and how much will it cost? Will it be easy to use for a none techy like me?
  8. Thank you very much for that and the same to you..
  9. I agree with that entirely. I was 80 when I started my treatment and very fit for my age with a positive mind and complete trust in my doctors and treatment. 2 years on and I am still positive.
  10. I think it just depends on what chemo you have. Mine made me feel crap for a week to 10 days after but then I was a bit better. Do not be afraid to ring Weston Park or whichever place you are having your treatment because they will be very helpful to your needs. Good luck.
  11. I only want the laptop to make presentations via powerpoint or the like and to show them. I keep all my important stuff on the other tackle I have.
  12. I have an old H.P. G60 214 EM laptop with 3Gb of RAM, 64 Bit O/S an AMD Athlon dual core QL-62, 2.00 GHz. Is it worth putting in SSD and running Linux on it just as a back up laptop? At the moment it has got W 7 on it and it takes forever to load up even if it is wired to the router.
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