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  1. Cheers for that information.
  2. If I did install W11 and did not like it, could I revert back to W10 without having to buy W10 and installing it again?
  3. So was I if you care to read the post.
  4. I am with you on that Pattricia. What they put on the plates would not make a good sandwich.
  5. Yes and I think there was a night club above it. That`s going back a bit.
  6. There is a speed limit of 10 M.P.H. at Drakehouse and a parking attendant. I saw him this morning slap a fine on a non-disabled drivers car in a disabled spot. If they can do it there why not at the St. James retail park?
  7. If people were as helpful as they are at pulling people down this would be a much better forum. I understood what the poster was on about and so did you.
  8. Dore pharmacy and Abbeydale pharmacy do them but you will have to book in advance.
  9. I remember my first car, a Frisky sport. That was the name of the car not me.
  10. Sounds fair enough for me.
  11. I sent for some more ink from Stinkyink and I got it the next day, with a £75-00 voucher for some wine. I get a 12 bottle case with delivery for £58-00 and it looks good wine. Come in handy for xmas. and the ink only cost £3-75 for 3 colour cartridges.
  12. Oh so you think telling lies is a good route to go. Says a lot about you.
  13. We take them to reduces the seriousness of the virus. Just the same as people are doing with the Covid jabs.
  14. That sums you up. Me .Me. Me. Sod anyone else.
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