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  1. When ever I take someone there, there are taxis going in there to drop people off all the time and some taxis even stand there. Admitted it is in the evening. It has got to be the worst interchange for passengers there is.
  2. I can honestly say that when I had my biopsy I did not feel a thing but there again my cancer is in a different place than yours.
  3. There is one in a garden near the centre spot pub on Basegreen.
  4. I have climbed with Sir Chris Bonnington.
  5. I found out about my cancer through going for an x-ray for something else, for which I am grateful for as they spotted it early and they started my treatment straight away. I am now going for my 4 monthly x-rays and all seems to be O.K. at the moment. So what Hauxwell says is very good advice for everyman.
  6. Was that the air ambulance that landed on the field between Jaunty road and Basegreen drive yesterday teatime and was there for quite a while?
  7. Thank you for your replies and I will try out your advice later. Cheers. Have just tried to copy and paste it to the documents folder on my tablet and it has worked a treat. Simple when you know how. Thanks everyone.
  8. I highlight my folder and drag it to the tablet which is connected to my PC with a cable, and nothing happens, So you could say I am copying and pasting. All to no effect.
  9. I tried to copy and paste a document from my W10 desktop to my Lenovo tablet and it would not do it. Is that because one is W10 and the other is android and would I have the same problem if I bought a Chromebook?
  10. Didn`t the Kynochs have a pub on there?
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