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  1. Kidorry

    Company Sports Clubs

    We played British gas and they were on Claywheels lane just before you got to Bachelors.
  2. There is a yellow American taxi parked just off Beighton road by the side of a house opposite rainbow infants school. Maybe that is the one. You can see it on google maps but I do not know how to put it on to S/F.
  3. Kidorry

    Millhouses swimming pool in the 60's

    Sure can and we walked from the wicker to go there. If I remember right you put your clothes in something like a wire basket.
  4. On the corner of Stanley street and Joiner street was an open space that had red gravel on it and we spent hours on there playing football and cricket. some times about 15 a side and on Sunday dinner after the club turned out some of the men joined in and it was a great laugh to see some of them when they had had enough to drink.
  5. Yes that is what is left of the building and the white gates you can see if you swivel the picture onto Nursery lane is where the little mesters workshop was.
  6. The old mortuary was on the corner of Wicker lane and Nursery lane. The gates were opposite Gun lane. It joined on to the Juvenile court. Can you remember the refreshment house where you could get a good cheap meal just after the war. That was on the corner of Nursery street and Joiner street.
  7. Can you remember the little mesters workshop at the side of the OXO building, behind the mortuary?
  8. The OXO building was behind the building with the graffiti on, on Nursery lane. The new red brick building in the picture was where the wood yard was. And thanks for reminding me of the name of the company that was in the building in question.
  9. I am almost certain at one time it was a place that sold clothes. As for the other buildings, Baker Blowers is the only old one left. Gone are the wood yard, Coopers and the club.
  10. Kidorry

    Electoral reform

    Mine is already in the bin and so will be the one for the general election. Democracy for me in this country is finished.
  11. Kidorry

    Back pain

    It is at the Northern General Hospital.
  12. Kidorry

    Back pain

    Thank you for that.
  13. Kidorry

    Back pain

    Only paracetamol for the arthritis but I go to the pain clinic next month for an assessment.
  14. Kidorry

    Back pain

    I was similar to you 5 years ago with terrible pains in the back and legs and I had spinal fusion operation, where they screw, screws and bolts into your spine. It worked , but I was very lucky because I had 6 days in the critical care unit with blood clots and pneumonia after. It shifted the pain. But now it is coming back because of the 2 vertebra being rigid it is wearing out the one below. So now they are going to give me epidural injections to see if that will do any good. Mind you I am 81.
  15. I have a couple of photos of the mill I worked in. When I find out how to post them, I will.

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