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  1. Wasn`t the Eighth army in North Africa as well, which was also no joke.
  2. Yes I did and I can remember wearing the woollen swimming trunks that tended to slip off if you dived into the pool.
  3. My first coach trip was to Cleethorpes with the Manor Club in the late 40s. Fish and chip dinner with a sweet in the Victoria restaurant, and tokens to spend in Wonderland. Great.
  4. Most of the steel works started their morning shift at 6 a.m. and I think the knocker-up would get a few pence from the persons he knocked up. I can remember the gas lamp working at the end of our street.
  5. Yes it occurred here and it was usually the gas lamp lighter who did it with the long pole he had for lighting the gas lights on the streets.
  6. I watched a programme about hydrogen cars and they are the future, but the only drawback is, according to the experts is, if they had a crash and the fuel tank burst there would be an almighty explosion. Not good if multiple cars were involved.
  7. I have only seen those in cowboy pictures.😀
  8. Everything is working O.K. except I cannot send e-mails with blueyonder but I can receive them. My g-mail is working perfectly. I had this problem before but I have forgotten how to resolve it. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I went round pressing button B to see if anyone had forgotten and their money came out. You have to be of a certain age to understand that.
  10. Installed mine yesterday and everything is running O.K. Getting about 40 download and 14 upload which is ample for me. It runs on the B.T. line or so the bloke who installed it said. He was very good at his job, so satisfied up to now.
  11. Got fed up with Virgin charging me ridiculous amounts of money for just broadband and phone so I am switching to Shell Energy. Has anyone else got this company and if so what are they like?From the way I have been treated so far they seem to be O.K. with the information they have sent me and the prompt arrival of the router and bits. Just waiting for the engineer to set it up tomorrow and see what it is like.
  12. Well said, I echo your sentiments exactly.
  13. The 12 year old boy next door to me went with his aunt and collected £2000-00 last years at the Woodhall services and he has been again today. Good lad.
  14. That name sounds familiar, when were you at Ellesmere ? I left in 1948.
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