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  1. https://ibb.co/Tb3ztQ0 Having another gо. Hooray it worked.
  2. Tried to put the photos on here from photobucket but no joy.
  3. Not yet. I am waiting for my ink to run out on this one first. It could take a while because I do not use it much. Cheers.
  4. If they sanitise their hands before they enter a shop then the danger is minimised.
  5. The three youngish men certainly looked fit enough to me, and if they are exempt should they be wearing some badge to say so?
  6. I cannot see this covid 19 going away for a long time yet, because I was in sainsbury jackson at gleadless townend and within 5 minutes three men at different times walked in without masks.
  7. Have you thought that while you are browsing and touching the books that you could be passing the covid unknowingly.
  8. Gleadless library is the one on White lane. The difficulty with opening that one is, it is attached to the doctors and while the covid 19 is ongoing you cannot blame some of the volunteers who run it not wanting to work there. Also the people who are vaccinated for covid19 at the doctors pass through the library.
  9. Gleadless library is closed, even to borrow books.
  10. Now you have got me thinking.😀
  11. Thank you for that information.
  12. Buy HP LaserJet Pro MFP M148DW Wireless Mono Laser Printer | Printers | Argos I am thinking of getting this one but I cannot see if it is compatible with linux. It say P.C compatible is that the same?
  13. Thank you everyone for your input. It is most appreciated.
  14. I am thinking of buying a not too expensive mono laser printer. I only print a few documents and the odd black and white photo. The thing I would like to know is, are all laser printers compatible with linux mint, and if so are they easy to install?
  15. I got banned for inserting some Russian script. Something which had been done lots of times before. When I brought it to the attention of the new owners they re-instated me straight away. And in a very nice way. Thank you.
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