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  1. I can remember when he first opened on Nursery street. It was called Constantines before and run by 2 old gentlemen who had and kept it in the old fashioned style. Brass taps and all. After them it was called Alfredos I think.
  2. If the resolution is the same on a 16" chromebook as an 11" (1366x768) would the picture be more clearer on the smaller one or would they be the same?Cheers.
  3. It is a chromebook I am after and it is just for the run of the mill use. From what I have read on here and the internet they are faster, safer and lighter to carry. I will ditch my old H.P. laptop (which weighs a ton) and go for the chromebook. Cheers everyone for your input.
  4. Probably grafted on in the hope of growing bread fruit.
  5. I am looking at this one also. Which do you think is the better. https://www.johnlewis.com/asus-chromebook-c423-intel-celeron-processor-4gb-ram-32gb-emmc-14-inch-silver-metal/p3959533
  6. Is this any good for you? https://www.replacements.com/silver/cbr.htm
  7. I will only be using it for the net and Viber.
  8. I was thinking of this one, https://www.johnlewis.com/lenovo-chromebook-c330-81hy000auk-convertible-laptop-4gb-ram-mediatek-processor-64gb-emmc-11-6-champagne/p3997384
  9. Can I use the same hotspots with a chromebook?
  10. I am thinking of buying a chromebook and my question is, can you get the internet almost anywhere. At the moment I have a Lenovo tablet and I have to sign in to an internet provider. Do I have to do this with a chromebook?
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