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  1. Is it secure enough to do on-line banking and buying things? I have Linux mint.
  2. Ghozer, you are a class act, it worked a treat when I pressed the size button which I had never noticed before. Cheers.
  3. I burned some photos onto a disc but when I came to watch them on the T.V. they were stretched sideways. Is there any way I could alter this? The photos were originaly from an ordinary camera not my phone.
  4. I lived in Wicker and I can remember Schweitzers well. You could get things on "tick" which was the only way for most families of that era which must have been in the 50s. If my memory serves me right it would have been next to the big gun pub.
  5. EUREKA I have established a Wi-Fi contact. In the end it was so simple. I went onto my desktop and connected from there through the router. All I had to do was authenticate it and enter the router address. Thank you everyone for your very good advice and patience.
  6. I have had a look at the Linux forum and it is too complex for me, but thanks anyway. I have looked in the network settings and it says Wi-Fi is not available. The laptop is an H.P. compaq HP G60. The icon you described is on the keyboard of my laptop but it is a steady amber. Is there any card I could buy which would connect me to Wi-Fi?
  7. As you may have noticed I am new to this game so please patient with me.😃 How can I tell if I have Wi-Fi on my laptop? I have a Wi-Fi button on my keyboard which flickers when I have got it hard wired to the router. I cannot find anywhere to connect to my router on Linux. So it looks like more investigations to see how it works.
  8. Would I be better off using this if I wanted Wi-Fi? https://thelinuxshop.co.uk/android-p-389.html
  9. It is Linux Mint Debian LMDE4 64 -Bit.
  10. I managed to install viber from the flatpack( I think it is called) but when I called someone it froze the laptop. The laptop is now working O.K. after a forced shut down and I will try to sort things out tomorrow.
  11. I think my problem was impatience and ignorance because when the laptop froze I just switched it off. When I restarted with the disc in, it went to install where it left off, and from there it went well. Today it is running great. I am trying to download viber but I am having problems. After I click the download button the next thing I see is a small window saying this programme is not compatible. I tried downloading the 64-Bit ( my system is 64-Bit)Ubuntu and Fedora and they both come out with the same result. I will keep trying because it will keep me out of mischief. Thank you for correcting my download and install boob.
  12. 😀 Don`t ask me how but I have got it downloaded. I tried to download it and it froze again so I shut it down and started the laptop again with the disc in, and it went straight to the place where it had frozen before. It then carried on and installed it. I then took out the disc and restarted the laptop and it went straight on to Linux and it is working fine. I will see what tomorrow brings. Thanks for your input.
  13. When I put the disc in it will run fine, but when I try to download it, it freezes and nothing works. I have to close it down by turning off the laptop. This is the same with 4 of the discs but the Ubuntu disc only shows a spinning wheel and that is it..
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