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  1. WasThatWise

    A book for my IPad.

  2. WasThatWise

    Blades v Reading

    Was looking dodgy at 3-0 but it’s 4-0 now
  3. WasThatWise

    rotherham utd v sheffield wednesday

    Think if either team scores they will go on to win 3-0.
  4. WasThatWise

    Owls v Reading

    Yeah a draw away against a team that’s spent millions is much worse than a draw at home against a club in relegation zone by a team that owes millions.
  5. WasThatWise

    Owls v Reading

    The only 0-0 of the day in the top four English divisions.
  6. WasThatWise

    Hmv going into administration

    Just announced HMV Meadowhall on list of closures
  7. WasThatWise

    Blades v Bolton

    1-0 blades McGoldrick. (a goal and an assist by Clarke at Wigan!)
  8. Any recommendations for replacing wooden garden fencing?
  9. WasThatWise

    Firth Park Bowling

    AFAIK. Majority of leagues that were hanging on playing at reduced rates have transferred to Kimberworth.
  10. WasThatWise

    Wilder insulting the fans? united v barnet

    Tickets a tenner. Attendance 9906.
  11. WasThatWise

    Wilder insulting the fans? united v barnet

    I’ll take a win a loss or a draw in that order.
  12. WasThatWise

    Snooker hall for adults and juniors

    Steelers Sports bar at Intake maybe.
  13. WasThatWise

    Steve bruce on his way to swfc

    It’s all a bit strange isn’t it, in January there’s a cup match and 3 Championship matches against what could be fellow strugglers. Bullen has just led the team to 2 wins and 2 draws, imagine if his sidekicks have a good January, then he better not have a bad February.
  14. WasThatWise

    Filtering new posts

    Is there any way to filter out (or in) what I see on new posts. Specifically I would like to not see “I’m Bored” stuff as it’s boring.
  15. WasThatWise

    Hmv going into administration

    Downloads, streaming services (legal and illegal), piracy have/will all but kill the cd/dvd/blu ray market. we are moving to generations that may never own any of the above but just use Amazon, Netflix, Spotify etc (other products are available)

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