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  1. What with the current legal machinations about shares and ownership of Sheffield United and the increased value of the club with regard to Premier League status I wondered if anyone knew what the sort of legal status is of the shares the fans bought years ago that were taken off the market and cannot afaik be traded and have no quoted value. Its currently being reported that the legal wrangle with the prince includes £52m of shares being offered to him for £5m and that was their worth before promotion to Premier League so the 5p shares must be worth at least 6p by now.
  2. KFC at Peaks ask you if you are eating in but strictly they don’t have their own “in” like McDonalds, only the food court area where you can eat food brought/bought from anywhere.
  3. Went to the hoffbrauhaus then the Northern General after around that time.
  4. Here’s a free one to get you thinking Sparrow hawk
  5. Suppose so but going more for words than syllables, what’s next Cormorant lol
  6. Not sure caterpillar and butterfly qualify as animals.
  7. Any death is sad, people political point scoring on the back of it is sadder.
  8. 1. Who did Henry Cooper fight Cassius Clay or Muhammad Ali 2. Which was a number 1 first for ABBA Mamma Mia or Fernando 3. Who won the FA cup first Man Utd or Man City 4. Who joined the EU first Bulgaria or Hungary 5. Who won a Nobel prize first Desmond TuTu or Lech Walesa Name 5 1. Animals (including birds) with what they eat in their name 2. Animals (including birds) with what they don’t eat (that’s edible) in their name 3. Sports you can score 100 in and lose (excluding shooting and archery)
  9. Regardless of subject, the number one check - does it have your full name on it. I got same email starting something like To “my email address”
  10. https://www.worldofbooks.com/en-gb/books/nancy-c-muir/ipad-for-seniors-for-dummies-for-dummies-computers/GOR003801487?keyword=&gclid=CjwKCAiAhp_jBRAxEiwAXbniXYEMg6Q8cY57aXZrbBZvWxqNr2b_tSm_HjduJKd1YljjfVWuZXjuTxoCbrAQAvD_BwE
  11. Was looking dodgy at 3-0 but it’s 4-0 now
  12. Think if either team scores they will go on to win 3-0.
  13. Yeah a draw away against a team that’s spent millions is much worse than a draw at home against a club in relegation zone by a team that owes millions.
  14. The only 0-0 of the day in the top four English divisions.
  15. Just announced HMV Meadowhall on list of closures
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