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  1. Just found a cassette by the McWilliams Family, Jimmy, Margaret, Sharon, Heather & Katrina “Their songs & music”. Recorded & Distributed by Recording Division of G.M. Carson & Son Ltd. 148 Westwick Cres, Beauchief, S87DJ Searching T’internet seems that Jimmy was quite famous and wrote a “Sheffield Song” Anyone know any more?
  2. A young lad asks his dad why his sister is called Teresa, it’s because your mum likes Easter and it’s an anagram, so why is my brother called Leon, because your mum likes Christmas and it’s an anagram of Noel, now shut up Alan.
  3. There was a spike in covid19 cases in a Leeds hospital which was traced to a doctor who had a note from his mum excusing him from ppe.
  4. Thanks for confirming that the planned constraining of this busy carriageway will in the event of a breakdown cause much congestion and pollution and probably increased demand on the emergency services and may now become a problem similar to other constrained carriageways or carriageways with roadworks except that roadworks are temporary.
  5. I haven’t read all of this as it’s too long, but having travelled said route the other day I just have 1 question, if a car breaks down in rush hour say a broken track rod which happened to me and left me with the front wheels pointing in opposite directions will other vehicles be able to get round it and if not how will a recovery vehicle get there to move it.
  6. Wednesday were happy, not with the late equaliser but that was the first time this season they haven’t been booed off.
  7. I’m not going to get Covid-19, am going to wait fro Covid-20 to come out.
  8. A woman tells her drunk of a husband that if he comes home drunk once more she will leave him, that evening he goes out on the lash and has so much to drink that he’s sick all down his suit, he tells his mate his dilemma, his mate says put a £20 in the inside pocket and when your wife finds the suit and looks through the pockets tell her its from the bloke who puked on you to cover the cost of dry cleaning. The bloke is so sozzled that he accidentally puts 2 £20’s in his inside pocket. Next day his wife screams out what happened to your suit, did you get drunk again, no he says, someone puked on me and gave me £20 to cover the dry cleaning cost, it’s in the inside pocket, she looks in and pulls out 2 notes, so whats the other one then, oh he says thats from the guy who shat in my pants
  9. What with the current legal machinations about shares and ownership of Sheffield United and the increased value of the club with regard to Premier League status I wondered if anyone knew what the sort of legal status is of the shares the fans bought years ago that were taken off the market and cannot afaik be traded and have no quoted value. Its currently being reported that the legal wrangle with the prince includes £52m of shares being offered to him for £5m and that was their worth before promotion to Premier League so the 5p shares must be worth at least 6p by now.
  10. KFC at Peaks ask you if you are eating in but strictly they don’t have their own “in” like McDonalds, only the food court area where you can eat food brought/bought from anywhere.
  11. Went to the hoffbrauhaus then the Northern General after around that time.
  12. Here’s a free one to get you thinking Sparrow hawk
  13. Suppose so but going more for words than syllables, what’s next Cormorant lol
  14. Not sure caterpillar and butterfly qualify as animals.
  15. Any death is sad, people political point scoring on the back of it is sadder.
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