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  1. I've not seen it but I can guess - a fifteen hour working week, minimum wage up, maximum wage down and dress everyone in the same colour boiler suit apart from the party faithful who get black? They have regressed fast thanks to Corbyn and Momentum - it's stupid because if they actually got their act together then they would obliterate the oppostion at the next election. But Corbyn still wont come clean on brexit and sits on the fence trying to please everyone and succeeding in pleasing no one.
  2. No we leave that sort of thing to others thanks. I think the policy is perfectly clear on Brexit. Did you have a point to make?
  3. Thats fine - you can get out the door then with that attitude. No loss to us inside fortress britannia fighting over whats left.
  4. No one is expecting, or saying help to fund these flights. You appear now to be shouting about something else and I'm simply not going to play this game with a poster I used to have some respect for.
  5. If it was a reception and flights thats a package deal and it's covered....
  6. I guess then we should just get rid of all the things that a Govt provides and turn it into an insurance company...? I still dont understand what your issue with these flights is. Do you really think we should leave that many people overseas? To organise such and effort is way beyond the capacity of any existing airline - it needs the Govt to set up what is a large airline, overnight, in order to do this.
  7. On the same flights where the seats would be empty no doubt.. so there will be little cost. So we are back again as to why you are being so vindictive about it. These people paid. The company went bust. The Govt, whose first and ultimate goal is to protect the people that give it legitamacy is protecting those people. So what really is the problem?
  8. Thing is, those without ATOL cover wont definitly be coming back on the repatriation flights, so I really dont understand what the issue is.
  9. They are not being bailed out. Whilst those words are mine above it is exactly how you are coming across.
  10. Well it's not paying for their holiday is it if it's only the flights that are covered. I fail to understand what your problem is with this unless you are having a go at what you think are money grubbing people that didn't buy a package because it's not what they wanted. ATOL as far as I know only applies if the originating flight is in the UK or dependancies like Mann, the Channel Isles or Gibraltar.
  11. You might want to try listing what the space program has given us and then decide if you would think scrapping all that would be a good idea....
  12. The NHS informally use "bus weeks" as a measure of costs of a project at the moment. My day rate for them is 1/490232 bus weeks.... Bojo was going to come to Leeds as well and visit the gaff but I think he was adivsed it might not be a good idea...
  13. Atol is covered by the CAA which is funded from public money. The "atol" funds at the moment are about £170m. It'll cost about £600m to get everyone back. Taxpayer picks up the rest...
  14. So you think people who voted remain are snowflakes, that we are weak, that it's shameful what we are doing... And you really expect us to fall into line and make the best of a situation? Like the blitz spirit? With your attitude if we were in an air raid shelter I'd bayonet you and throw you out to make more space. No time for people using divisive language like you.
  15. It's not the fault of the people booking flights only. IF Thomas Cook are losing money on flights only then they shouldnt be selling them.. The reason they failed was they havea huge network of shops that no one really uses to the extent they can be justified. Holiday brochures? Whats that about - the world went online twenty years ago....
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