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  1. Take me for example. Coeliac disease. Allergic to tree and peanuts. Almost every single vegetarian and vegan food uses nuts or legumes to get the protein up. I simply cannot eat them. Notwithstanding medical advice that I should not ever try to be vegetarian as that is likely to end up with me in kwashorkor...
  2. Well it's not their right. In my case if they tried that they would walk straight into a Equality Act minefield as soon as they imposed it...
  3. No, she's not. Really she is not entitled to it. I'm sick to death of the trope that "oh thatss my opinion and I'm entitled to it and you are being unreasonable for saying it's wrong so jog on" It's a cowards way out from people who are not willing, who are not able, or who know their argument is indefensible. It's used to shut down debate and it's entirely utterly wrong. Things like what your favourite colour is, or if you prefer ska over blues, or whats the best place to go on holiday - those are opinions. Everyone has one and it's theirs and that's fine because these things are not amenable to qualification - if you like wearing blue with green polka dots that's your opinion and mine that you look like a hippie is fine to have as well. When you get to matters of science and public policy, though it changes. I have opinions on nuclear power. They are backed up by science. I can prove my position. If you decide, especially without scientific training to go against those opinions and spout ill founded alarmist rubbish I'll call you out. If your opinion is that everyone in Chernobyl died and it's dangerously radioactive that opinion is wrong. I've been there. I can prove otherwise. That means you do not get to have your opinion are wrap it up in "it's mine and you are mean to say I'm not allowed to hold it." Your opinion is wrong. If you decide that your opinion on vaccination is different to medically trained professionals which 150+ years of experimental science to back them up your opinion is wrong. You can have an opinion on the public debate about how to vaccinate. But you do not get to claim vaccines are wrong or harmful. That is your opinion and your opinion is wrong and indefensible, so go get a new one. Now she stated her opinion. Thats fine. She can have it. But her opinion is racist. IT will get called out. And wrapping it up as she is entitled to her opinion (and so stop being mean to her) doesn't fly. She exhibits racist opinions. She's a racist. You are defending her. You are defending a racist. Do you really want to be doing that?
  4. I never got the MMR. I got measles instead. There simply wasnt a measles vaccine available. Only one of my classmates died from measles though. People forget that it's occassionally lethal. I did get a smallpox vaccine though. You dont get that these days. Vaccination eradicated smallpox.
  5. MMR is not used any more. It used to be the 5 in one now it's a six in one. Theres no reason to inject individually and there never was.
  6. It is. I cannot see why either of you cannot understand it, save for your prejudice.
  7. No. He really did not. This is fake news that keeps doing the rounds and a good reason to fact check things - which with the modern whizzy internet is easy... https://www.quora.com/Is-Jeremy-Corbyn-s-expenses-record-the-most-notably-honest-in-history-of-the-British-Parliament "In fact, interestingly his expenses record is significantly worse than Theresa May’s. If you look at http://www.mpsexpenses.info you’ll find she actually claimed less than Corbyn every single year since 2010, " Now I dont think Corbyn was necessarily doing anything wrong. But it certainly wasn't the lowest....
  8. I'm terribly sorry I dare to havea different opinion from you. Perhaps you are not as persuasive as you thought. Where do you get these odds from then? Also, despite the fact that apparantly your percentages tell you that the odds are low, you acknowedge that it is possible. So why not try then instead of just discarding them?
  9. I'll ask the point again since you wont give the courtesy of answering it... Do you know that for certain? I think it's incumbent on a civilised society to try and rehabilitate all people regardless of how hopeless it may be.
  10. You know that for certain? I think it's incumbent on a civilised society to try and rehabilitate all people regardless of how hopeless it may be.
  11. You think that the UK is naive to terrorism but we've been dealing with it since the Troubles. You treat them as criminals - not like some special people.
  12. The police apparantly thought some guy called De menezes was wearing a belt as well and they shot him for it.....
  13. No they are not - as you well know as you were talking about the report earlier on. Niether the Tories or Labour plans are correctly costed and neither will be able to deliver them.
  14. There are a great deal of people in the Civil Service that are not elected. Don't you think that the people of the UK deserve better than this and to have the chance to vote for these mandarins that make our laws? You were never voted in either, but still we put up with you. Why do you want to vote in the comm... oh you don't. you never do. You just want to revolt against. whatever because you are an anarchist and rebel without a cause or clue. Everything you said usually.
  15. Colour me surprised... Both of them are promising buying votes with money they just dont have or cannot raise.
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