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  1. And we are still totally bereft of your proof of this.... but you dont appear to do proof do you just bluster and propoganda.
  2. You would trust him with a sharp implement? Brave of you... I'm not sure what you expect him to do about it. Some homes are not insurable against flood for good reason. He'd be much better off holding the Govt to account against flood defences and releif work which he does appear to be doing
  3. You know that our missiles are rather hard to find and wipe out yes?
  4. Well quite. Thats the problem isn't it. There is no technical reason it cannot be done, the reasons that it will never happen are entirely different, and probably unsolvable sadly. I mean there are at least four different incompatible charging systems that I know of, what hope of a standard battery....
  5. It's not beyond the wit of man to have standard battery pack - I mean we have standard AA cells, C cells, D cells etc... IF EV had say two to six standard packs fitted that could be easily detached and they were all the same, then a rechargel would in theory be fairly simple and could be automated. But that involves competing companies agreeing on something that could well be a revenue stream that is lost...
  6. That moderate Tories are deserting the party in droves and going to their natural home which is the Lib Dems...
  7. To be honest I'm amazed he's hung on this long.
  8. I wonder if they will close down the coal mine as soon as there is a small earthquake caused by it...which there will of course be.
  9. Im a company director. I might submit I know the rules fairly well too.. As does all statue law. Tell me what part of the HRA is violated here? Caselaw?
  10. It's company rules and a lot of places have such rules to prevent workplace favouratism and to stop the potential of a messy breakup affecting work. Theres no human rights angle at all here.
  11. Steady on you will be talking about Brexit next...
  12. Going round in circle? I think the position is clear - you bought a car that was used by yourself outside the use case for it, and it returned poor mpg. I dont think we are going in circles at all - we know exactly what happened...
  13. So he diagnosed a flat battery jumped it and it worked... And you claim he was bamboozle by it? I'm sure he didn't force you to buy it at the point of a gun. Also as a mechanic of however many years you'd be able to realise that mpg figures are indicative and not real world. Also using it outside of its use case won't help. But yeah blame the sales man
  14. I find it fascinating that you can read my mind like that. Absolutely and proportionally the wealthy pay more That's how the tax system is set up and it largely works. I know you probably don't believe it but it does and if you want to spend the money here you have to pay the tax on it first lest HMRC notice and ask questions.
  15. You think that they don't contribute rather a large amount already?
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