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  1. Ah thats good then. Never saw then on the march before but it's been a few years since I've seen it. ....for those that are not aware, the Paris fire service is the Brigade des saupers-pompiers de Paris. and is part of the French Army, rather than a civilan fire service. They parade along with the rest of the Army on Bastille Day - firefighters armed with assualt rifles are a peculiarly French thing...
  2. Probably more so than you yes. How about applying your intellect to why the PR used means that you dont have to worry about one party being a bit ahead and vote splitting in the MEP elections...
  3. You know that, like, the MEP elections are proportional representation...?
  4. So you say its democracy in action adn then in the same sentence go on pretty much to define a witch hunt and justify it... Mmm. One more reason why Labour are currently unelectable.
  5. Yes, Labour not wanting to admit they have a problem witn antisemitism and covering it up.
  6. Im not sure that the Army lets women do that in France although I could be wrong.
  7. It's looking like the shell will stand. I heard her strike 8pm desipte the fire reaching the main towers. Didn't strike 9pm though
  8. It's doing a York minster... It doesn't look good from what I can see... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-47941794
  9. You are basically driving an Audi then without the snob factor and the Audi tax, which is only a good thing.
  10. Obelix

    Mind blowing image of a black hole.

    It's Danot with a new sock account guys - theres little point in debating with him based on his previous...
  11. Obelix

    Altering a will

    You are so so wrong and your advice is dangerous. What law firm do you work for so I can advise everyone to avoid them, as well as reporting them to the SRA
  12. If you paid for it you will have a receipt. If it's tracked for etc then it will get scanned when delivery is either attempted, or sucessful and then you get an update. If you need proof of postage (which is deemed for first class letter post to be proof of delivery) then you have to ask for it at the time and make sure they give you one.
  13. Obelix

    Science Fiction

    OK come back when you want to let us know then.
  14. Remaining in the collecitivised EU is very much the radical progressive way forwards. Conservative, both big and little c is to leave as that was the original status quo...
  15. You were the one that brought racism into this discussion by accusing people of being such...

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