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  1. Seems like it. Labour appear to be the responsible ones here for failing to adequately secure their information. I think a complaint to the ICO about Labours inability to organise a damn thing is in order.... Now it's out of context so you need to bear that in mind. But really - how is that anti semitic. Criticism of Israel is perfectly reasonable in this situation - yes it skates a bit close to the edge. Much as I detest Hatton though I think that it's wrong to cast aspersions of anti semitism on him here.
  2. Me, personally I'd take the evidence of the professional lip readers who think it was woman. Of course you will now claim that they are just Tories because you know, all people paid lots of money are or something irrelevant like well.
  3. Obelix


    Why is it daft to vote for the person? I mean, I'd never vote for Rees-Mogg because I'm not landed and living in the 18th century, but I'd probably vote for Ken Clarke because I agree with his views on the economy and Brexit. Similalry I'd slam the door on Comrade Corbyn but I would equally happily vote for Chukka Umunna for the same reasons as Ken Clarke. Party associations are always generally a secondary reason.
  4. Obelix


    No because that's not who they vote for. They vote for a person. Not a party. We shouldnt be having by elections because some people are too foolish to realise this fact.
  5. It's a shame that Corbyn didn't share your views. He's the reason that the broad church of Labour has become incredibly narrow and navel focussed... Let's hope they attract more support until Labour wake up and smell the coffee...
  6. IF people are foolish enough in Stocksbridsge to vote for a party rather than the person then they get what they expect. As one of these MP's said, they have not left their values behind, so they are not changing what they are. So the people of Stocksbridge et al still have their MP and no, of course there shouldnt be a byelection.
  7. Do you think he's looked and realised it's a politicians rhetoric...?
  8. Obelix

    What is a luxury to you?

    Decent whisky and a slice of Wensleydale for me.
  9. Walked past on the pavement with a cracked plate to the car shop. Walked back the other way with a new plate... If spotted both and issued a ticket. Since the camera had no planning permission and was capturing images on the highway, the ICO went to... well they did nothing because they are useless. I think they said "naughty boy" The counterclaim at court stopped them from dropping the case though and I cleaned them up for £250.
  10. I've successfully fooled the system by WALKING up to one with a number plate, and then doing the same an hour later. They still tried to claim their invoice without even checking the pictures - it's an automated claim system throughout. They dont care what the car looks like because they never check...
  11. That would be foolish in the extreme, as firstly the DPA would kick in, and secondly people could just drive up and reverse off and cause them no end of problems....
  12. Or you complain to ALDI point out you are customer and invite them to tell their agent Parking Eye to cancel the charge. They can do it and will. If they don't then there are many lines you can attack them on... None of which is illegal. There is no law stating that you must have a number plate readable on a private car park, and they have no proof on the highway that you had an obscured plate.
  13. Well if you work out how many people control 85% of the worlds wealth it's a much much larger number than thirty... so yes it's unreasonable. Also the figures about people being able to fund all of Africa comfortably - again thats laughable and risible. So yes, expect to see this sort of thing called out and it is only damaging to the underlying argument.
  14. But why would you want to do it without an EU parliament? If you accept that you want to converge with the EU, why not, well.. stay converged with the EU? Why Leave?
  15. Obelix

    Prince Phils driving exploits.

    Yes.. that was the point.... Someone claimed that the DoE was untouchable as a member of the Royals, ignoring the fact that the Princess Royal was prosecuted for the fairly minor crime of an out of control dog... Oh very good

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