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  1. Agreed. He will either be the subject of 1000s of Ofcomm complaints or preemptively cancelled in fear
  2. Well that's him never appearing on TV again
  3. This is why I've got bored of this thread. It's just the same responses. Insults, random figures disguised as percentages to look authentic, no evidence to substantiate claims, dodgy website links
  4. Continuing with the baseless claims then. You set them up, we'll knock them down. To anyone that is following this thread and not contributing. Please take note of the lack of any evidence (true or not) to substantiate any claims made and then make your own minds up.
  5. Feel free to provide anything that counters the narrative I've posted. Or keep making baseless claims which everyone can easily prove wrong...
  6. Africa has been affected but because of the vaccination program and restrictions, they cannot be compared to us. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1170463/coronavirus-cases-in-africa/ But this will be disregarded as MSM as per
  7. I'm not a liar so any answer given will be my honest answer to the best of my knowledge and lived experience
  8. Yes..... there we go. That was your question answered honestly
  9. Excellent. I look forward to the day when you and your family are jabbed and you know that the government aren't listening to your thoughts or that you won't grow a third arm
  10. FYI, If you haven't been jabbed, it's clearly not being forced on everyone
  11. Keep avoiding the point of my posts
  12. I figured from your posts denying everything to do with the jab. I do find it fascinating how you believe regulated bodies such as the WHO and BBC would be hoodwinking the world but a random unregulated person or bot through Facebook is telling the truth. Would you also not think that the internet truth seekers Anonymous would be calling people out about the vaccine?
  13. Thanks for avoiding the point of my post. Post the websites that counter everything being peddled by WHO, BBC etc
  14. https://www.mayoclinichealthsystem.org/hometown-health/featured-topic/covid-19-vaccine-myths-debunked
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