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  1. I'm glad someone else picked up on that.
  2. Apologies. Someone trying to piggy back off the tweet. Yes they will be looking for a new job and rightly so...
  3. It's been deleted as it's a fake account by a comedian,Alex Kitson
  4. No but I just don't care enough
  5. Wow, that must've been a very quick country wide survey you've conducted
  6. My local was and he's trustworthy so I'm happy to wait until he reopens
  7. I don't think tax has been extended. My MOT was extended until October but my tax was still due at the end of May. I've paid my tax and now waiting for my garage to reopen for my MOT. Hopefully before October
  8. Exactly but point being it's not written into law. It's for that reason most likely that the police won't visit DC and why he won't lose his job.
  9. Whilst not advocating what he's done, I just mean to provide clarification. His actions have not broken any laws, he's gone against his own advice which he set for the public. He's a hypocrite but then it's always been one rule for them and another for everyone else. Expenses scandal springs to mind
  10. But he'd obviously be a better leader as he has a better hairstyle
  11. Don't mistake not criticising everything he says with bigging him up.
  12. Personally I agree with BJs common sense message. There should be a degree of common sense applied by people. Can you maintain social distancing in a particular environment? No? Then don't make the journey. It's like people have suddenly lost the ability to think for themselves and need the government to tell them how to get dressed in the morning. And yet still ignore the governments advice anyway
  13. Definitely seems like you saying he's never given sensible advice
  14. But you implied he's not said anything sensible. He came out and told us to social distance and work from home where possible. So he has said something sensible. Just because you might not agree with the common sense n message doesn't mean everything he has said or going to say should be disregarded. Yes I've seen the pictures and that's down to ignorant selfish and stupid people.
  15. You don't think telling people to work from home and social distance is sensible?
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