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  1. Well yes but that was never my argument in the first place
  2. My point still stands that more appropriate language would be better suited. As you know you can't say whatever you like on the internet and forums. Move on with the discussion please.
  3. I stated my alternative and suitable wording earlier. Thanks for reminder that im not watching the news. My point is that if you accept the media wouldn't use that analogy for trade negotiations then chances are there is a reason why. Which is that is inappropriate and other perfectly other words are suitable to convey the point. So it's not offense for the sake of it and it's perfectly reasonable to suggest alternative wording.
  4. You are aware that I've not stated anywhere that I voted Brexit? So you're childish attempt at provocation is wasted on me
  5. What truth am I trying to hide? If you read my posts im making the point that trade negotiations aren't comparable to sexual assault. I've not mentioned my stance on Brexit. You are making assumptions about whether I voted leave or remain just because I don't agree with the word rape for trade negotiations. This is the common problem with this thread. If anyone disagrees with anything that comes from a remain voter that means they are a Brexit voter..
  6. It's not a lack of understanding. Ask yourself if News Broadcasters would use that word to describe possible trade negotiations.
  7. You all disgust me. I think you need to have a look at yourselves and ask if that is really the appropriate language just because of your stance on Brexit
  8. Rape us? Are you serious? Couldn't think of a more suitable way of saying that the U.S plan on taking advantage?
  9. So what would you do personally to prevent personal disaster? It's all well and good saying that you may or may not want to help people but the way I see it is that none of us really have a say in the matter anymore.. We have an unelected prime minister that seems determined to leave despite what the country may or may not think now. So my view is that it doesn't matter what you think or your leaver neighbors, Boris is having the final say. So whatever help you think you can provide isn't going to make a difference
  10. Not despicable at all. You are just confusing Students/Sponsored Workers and Highly-Skilled Migrants (whom would have valid LTR as such under the current Points-Based System) with the Windrush scandal which mistakenly resulted in British Citizens (and those eligible for British Citizenship) being issued with notices to leave the UK.
  11. You are confusing family routes and windrush with PBS.
  12. Windrush had nothing to do with PBS either
  13. Yes but again that has nothing to do with the current PBS visa system
  14. Don't confuse the two. The current PBS system and the 'hostile environment' (which is a term getting watered down with every mention) are very different. PBS is for people wishing to enter or remain on valid visas. The hostile environment was implemented to make it difficult for those on the UK illegally to continue to do so.
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