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  1. Unless said politician is named Jeremy Corbyn or Diane Abbott
  2. Ecconoob has summed that up for you a few posts back.
  3. Wouldn't want people being stereotyped now would we? That's what Ol' Nige and BoJo do and I know you hate that
  4. You said we have an Indian home secretary. We don't, we have a British home secretary. You could've said we have a British home secretary with an Indian heritage or Indian background. My apologies for being factual...
  5. Personally I thought you wouldn't be that upset about this news. You were the one hoping for the deaths of older Brexit voters back in 2017 (consequences of Brexit thread part 4) with your post correctly deleted my moderators. So you might've got your wish given the large numbers and the number of Brexit voters. Still..all Boris's fault...eh?
  6. It’s all a Tory conspiracy to get rid of our older generation quicker. Isn’t that what you want to hear?
  7. Luckily for you, you are no longer interested, which is shown by your lack of posts on this thread...
  8. So in summary, anyone who voted Tory is too stupid to read policies and only voted because of a smile. Whereas if you voted Labour and JC you are clearly intelligent and not plugged into the matrix. It's amazing the lengths people go to to justify their position
  9. Which can also be seen as a form of bullying
  10. Thank you for posting positive news. There's not enough of it going around lately.
  11. Yes I'm sure. It was said near towards his sign off.
  12. Boris has said that a vote will still go ahead and these plans will start from Thursday IF agreed
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