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  1. It's the same with everything on here though. No one likes to be seen to be backing the wrong horse. Anna with her posts implying Corbyn is the answer to the world's problems. The people on the Brexit thread with basically every post summed up as "See, this has happened because of Brexit" "No, it's because of xyz" People can't be seen to be wrong. Even online where no one actually knows each other.
  2. Worst job : Door to Door, Door Salesman 😁
  3. Are people still point scoring in this thread after all these years? Seriously, go outside....
  4. I'm needing the same thing as my soffits have a hole which I've bodged for the moment. I'm struggling to get anyone to come out for a quote. I'll need scaffolding too
  5. The price may also depend if you need scaffolding putting up too
  6. Sorry but by the law of Sheffield forum that link is to the Express which means it's already untrue.
  7. Please stop turning every thread you post into your Neoliberalism agenda. We get it.....
  8. Maybe someone could hold David Everett, labour councellor, to account with these comments made in September? “As for the […] attention seeking ignoramuses young and old they will Infect each other get the flue and cull themselves. Pity it didn’t happen before the Brexit vote and we would not be leaving the EU. The next disaster which is going to hit us”.
  9. Hello, im looking to replace my wooden soffits as the wood has rotted. I’m looking for recommendations for fitters please. S13 area. scaffold is likely as I have a garage and extension. Any recommendations for reputable fitters, welcome.
  10. Yes, I imagine that would be the case in that she’d be able to appeal from a more suitable country. if she did enter illegally, she would be able to attend her appeal hearing and the UK would struggle to remove her before said appeal hearing but certainty it wouldn’t aid her appeal. It would just prove difficult for her to be deported.
  11. We can always live underground, deep, dark safe. We'll start all over again..
  12. Unless she can manage to escape Syria and re enter the UK illegally then yes. I wonder what the internet speed is in Syria because she could use Skype or Zoom like the rest of us?
  13. I hear the chances are a million to one
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