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  1. He's still bitter over Brexit and how the UK has treated him.... apparently. So he uses every opportunity to make snide childish comments towards the UK. All comes across as very childish and does nothing to change this apparrent 'them' and 'us' attitude developed from Brexit
  2. I was obviously referring to Andrew Sabisky , so no, no one voted him in. Happy to be proven wrong though if we end up with compulsory contraception etc
  3. Nobody voted that idiot in and his views won't have any influence.
  4. I think it's meant to be one of two things: 1. An acknowledgement of/to a God (different religions) 2. Remembrance of a deceased loved one .....or 3. Lack of creativity. Personally, I don't mind them doing that celebration. The one that does annoy me more is a stupid made up dance or an attempt at trying to promote themselves via a hand gesture. Jesse Lingard is a prime example.
  5. Not at all but singing religious songs is a different matter compared to removing religious studies completely.
  6. Point is just because you don't like religion, it shouldn't be taken out of the curriculum. People still need to learn about religion whether they choose to believe or not.
  7. Excellent suggestion, I wonder why it's not been suggested already? Let's take Foreign Languages, Sports, Geography and History out of schools too
  8. Like any other government? It's not just Conservatives that lie. Politicians lie
  9. I don't know if this is a serious question or not but I'll answer all the same. The eastern European migrants are subject to freedom of movement and don't require visas for work or travel.
  10. I'm sorry but Boris and Priti are proposing nothing new with the immigration system. We already have a points based system for immigration based on the Australian model which was introduced in 2008.
  11. Do you think insulting people is OK because they don't happen to agree with you? Yes? No?
  12. Making assumptions and insults to someone who doesn't agree with you? How very Trump of you
  13. Nevermind him..if you have a different opinion to him that means you are a right wing, brexiteer, trump lover blah, blah. There's no middle ground just left or right
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