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  1. Healthy man, 42, who rejected jab dies four weeks after catching Covid https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9859773/Fit-healthy-man-42-rejected-jab-dies-four-weeks-catching-Covid.html?ito=native_share_channel-home-preview
  2. Children are being offered (not forced) vaccines from today. This is only offered to children with pre existing medical conditions whom continue to be at risk of covid.
  3. It is odd when you make claims without evidence to back it up and support it. But you don't post links because people don't agree with you. Oh well, all that's left to say is you are wrong....and best of all....I don't need to post a link or provide evidence.
  4. No, otherwise in 2 years the problems of mass population growth, housing crisis, mass immigration, over reliance on the NHS, traffic congestion, pollution etc suddenly disappear.
  5. 1. They haven't stopped staff from being infected completely but limit infection. No one is claiming that staff won't get infected but they obviously limit infection. Thereby keeping essential workers working 2. Lockdowns didn't prevent people from shopping.
  6. Admittedly that shop is one that I popped into when passing but let's recap my previous bullet points Customers are still using face masks thereby reducing risk. 2. Staff will have been vaccinated thereby reducing risk. 3. Social distancing measures still remain in place in supermarkets. 2m spacing etc. 4. Greater reliance on self service checkouts 5. Plastic screens and sanitizer stations trolly wipes are still in place, again reducing risk. 6. Reduced staffing numbers following on from lockdowns. Less staff, less risk. 7. Greater reliance upon online shopping. Less customers, less risk. Now... 1. This was true based upon what I observed when shopping and you've previously claimed things are true based on what you've seen. 2. Most likely true given the numbers of people in the UK already vaccinated. Balance of probability. 3. Social distancing still in place despite the absence of floor stickers. Though predictably I knew you'd jump on that. 4. Still most people gravitated to self service. Maybe covid related or not. It mightve just been quicker 5. These were in place 6. Admittedly I did not perform a headcount so juries out on that one. 7. I maintain this is still true but obviously passing tesco won't confirm or deny. So, my points still stand but if you want me to go to another supermarket and take a photo of floor stickers I'm happy to do so. Or just dismiss as fake news...either way I'm passed caring
  7. Which is fair enough but that wasn't what was being claimed. Tops was adamant that no one was wearing any masks and that all supermarkets had ditched social distancing measures. Obviously he was very keen to find out which supermarket was still keeping things in place.
  8. Obviously not, I just don't memorise street names
  9. Surely it's harder to dismiss as fake news when it's in so many genuine media outlets and being accompanied by a video of bodies being loaded into a lorry?
  10. Yes I think so. Near the Riverside pub
  11. Thank you for agreeing with me. I know it's a few pages back but Tops or whatever the name is was certain that all supermarkets had stopped social distancing measures and all staff and customers no longer wearing masks
  12. https://youtu.be/QJOtfXXVvMw A video of bodies being loaded into the back of lorries
  13. So, after finding myself in Sheffield this afternoon, I visited Tesco. To the surprise of no-one, social distancing measures are still in place and shoppers are still wearing masks. Yes, I've not photographed individual shoppers or staff but masks are still being worn and plexi screens using at checkouts for the protection of staff. https://ibb.co/Bn2mqQg https://ibb.co/k1H6pCm
  14. I only tend to shop in one place and trust me, I'm not that eager to prove a point by driving around Sheffield and finding a shop, any shop that still has them. (Which I don't need to do anyway) And chances are the same measures will still be in place at the Weeknd as they have done last weekend and the one before. So I shall post when I'm good and ready. Some things are more important
  15. If it satisfies people sure.
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