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  1. Delayed

    Freedom of religion - no

    No, you said that you couldn't have broccoli with your Sunday meal because of Sunday trading restrictions. I'm saying that's false as shops are still open Sundays. The fact that you have to shop a little later hardly prevents you from buying anything. It used to be that no shops opened Sundays.
  2. Delayed

    Freedom of religion - no

    That's interesting because I manage to shop on Sundays and my big name supermarket still sells fruit and veg from 11-5. The old practice of shops being closed for trading on Sundays is no longer the case. The fact that I can do my normal food shop on Sunday and go to meadowhall is evidence of this.
  3. Ordinarily I would've thought the same. However he stood by his statement despite the backlash he received. Even if you are joking with such a statement it's a very sick joke
  4. I can't provide it as it has since been deleted but it was made last year and I have referenced it in some of my previous posts
  5. I haven't said that. Someone was questioning the existence of Jokers post and I'm corroborating it. Stop looking for arguments
  6. I can corroborate this. I won't let Joker forget what he had put despite him deleting the original post.
  7. Delayed

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    My apologies, I'm typing from my phone. Although aimed at the wrong person, my point stands should anyone care to counter it.
  8. Delayed

    Mr Trump - All discussion here

    So if I allege that you have raped me and provide some form of detailed account, does that make you a bit rapey?
  9. Nothing probably. He just doesn't like piers Morgan (most likely because he's chums with trump). Morgan could say the sun is hot and he would most likely argue against it.
  10. Delayed

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    Agreed. All Christians understand that they are sinners despite their beliefs, so shouldn't think they are better than anyone
  11. Delayed

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    Not at all. Id like some consistency applied. You would happily criticise religion in the same manner others would. Only people with an opposing view on hot topics are shut down as racist, Bogota etc etc. I'm after consistency. Religion isn't free game whereas others aren't
  12. Delayed

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    Interesting theory but I would respectfully disagree. Opposing opinions are certainly taboo in this forum which is widely regarded as left wing. All I'm calling out is the hypocrisy by people. Apparently belittling a person's belief system is fair game but, for example, voting leave, questioning Gender Fluidity, calling out grooming gangs etc is considered wrong..
  13. Delayed

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    A person's religion is very personal to people. Go into a mosque, synagogue or any place of worship and crack wise about their God. See what their reaction is. You are only doing it behind the safety of your keyboard.
  14. Delayed

    Why has religion retained its appeal?

    Your references to sky pixies and zombies show a very childish attitude and a lack of understanding. Again, thread is about religion and the immature can only reference Christianity
  15. Delayed

    Gender Fluid, Opinions?

    So you're going to be rude and refer to someone's beliefs as delusions because you think it's ridiculous?

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