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  1. The phrase makes perfect sense. People are distancing themselves from regular social events/contact...or should be. Hence Social Distancing. I'll keep using it whilstever people are maintaining it.
  2. You can stand up and object. Providing it's done whilst social distancing
  3. And ironically it is these same people gathering in large groups protesting about lockdown measures whom will ensure that lockdowns continue. Maybe contracting the virus will make them realise there's no big conspiracy by the Illuminati
  4. Not at all, when you don't even know my name, I'd refrain from assuming how I voted. Afterall, wouldn't want to tar everybody with the same brush. I just find your meltdowns hilarious. Comedy gold. But it's reactions and responses like yours that keep Boris doing what he's doing.
  5. Can you pick up after yourself please? There's toys and dummies all over the place.
  6. Never said I'm happy but the way I see is that they are politicians, they get paid to lie. It's called communication
  7. But they are placing people under house arrest. 😂
  8. Under house arrest? Grow up!! Anyone would think you've been electronically tagged. You are self isolating because you appear not to be a selfish person. But this all comes back to Econoobs comments earlier. No one takes personal responsibility and blames everything on HMG.
  9. it’s not foamy. You asked me what his chances of winning are and I responded that I don’t have an opinion due to a lack of caring.
  10. Honestly couldn't care less. Him being nominated or potentially winning won't impact my life whatsoever
  11. And he’s being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. That’ll upset some of the gob foamers.
  12. And remember kids, if it's not on the internet or on a website you don't recognise/agree with then it's obviously not true. The more you know....
  13. You'd expect the same evidence if the tables were turned and there's no way you'd let someone get away with just saying...it's a falsehood, it's a falsehood.
  14. Good. Glad to see someone back up their arguments and not just make disagreeing sentiments or posts that just say "lol"
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