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  1. Cat meet Pigeon's https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-13293237/brexit-Britain-biggest-exporter-France-remainers-blow-eu.html (This is not an indication of my opinion on Brexit I'm just being an agent of chaos)
  2. Come on..don't be like the rest of them. We don't know what this person's nationality is for a start
  3. No, it really isn't. You need to tone down the Doomsday scenarios just because you don't like the current government
  4. So when Priti Patel got slated for using the term lefty lawyers she wasn't completely far off the mark.
  5. One example: http://www.no-deportations.org.uk/
  6. Agreed but I do think the home office are caught between a rock and a hard place. They either try and deport people which kicks up a storm before it's the wrong type of person which is where you get Human rights lawyers, charities, protestors or the general public to stop flights. Or you get the other half of the public complaining that the home office don't deport, grant everyone Asylum, give free houses and unlimited money to people etc. Etc And whichever government has their turn to try and improve things, they will face the same issues and chances are won't do the needful
  7. That will be partly down to media and social pressure groups
  8. I don't know enough about it to pass reasonable judgement tbh
  9. But even acknowledging that and claiming to be a convert is punishable by death in the eyes of some Muslims whether true or not
  10. I do acknowledge it. But as you rightly say, a minority of individuals. And now that the church is exposed for having a say in the overall matter, I would bet that the home office issue new guidelines or instruct their staff to hold any church backings with less weight. And I appreciate that anyone of the Christian convert asylum seekers might be laughing at us but bear in mind if their Muslim brothers found that they confirmed their belief that Jesus is God, it would not be well received.
  11. Just another small step to eradicating anything Christian
  12. Not at all. It anyone went to the church with an interest in Christianity they will obviously help and teach. The church aren't the home office, so it would be even more scandalous if they asked people's immigration status before helping them
  13. If he says Cobblers or claims that everyone he knows agrees with him, I'm calling multiple accounts
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