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  1. Now you know how everyone else felt about the prospect of Diane Abacus being home secretary
  2. Well it's well known that if you live up North and dare to vote anything other than labour it's basically painting a target on your back. But let's all vote Labour because that's what grandparents used to do and not think for yourself
  3. Probably because they get labelled thick, rich, racist gammon etc. .
  4. And yet all those things all occured after the conservatives were voted in. So voters are being blamed for not having the gift of foresight? Or for not just stereotyping when it comes to anyone identifying themselves as conservative?
  5. Unless there's evidence of such then that is just pure speculation
  6. I actually believe the scientists that inform our politicians and there's no reason to not believe these experts in their respective fields.
  7. Any government isn't required to answer and provide information for all FOIs. They do have the right to refuse requests based on national security, vexatious requests and are all overseen by th ICO to ensure compliance. So I appreciate they don't answer every one but they do have to have legitimate reasons for not doing so. . My point being that you can't accept one and not the other. Yes Tories lie but people cant point finger whilst turning a blind eye to the politicians or party they may favour.
  8. I'm watching the same match. So I won't bother but you can go back just 1 page to find an example.
  9. Go back over Anna's posts and apparently there was a time before the Tories that was a utopia where all politicians were honest..... So seems like everyone is ok with small lies that aren't as obvious...that's acceptable
  10. Don't have any immoral behaviour thanks. I'm just using the old 'everyone does it' excuse to highlight that lying is not specific to just Tories. But if you want to keep throwing baseless accusations around feel free...
  11. If that's what you choose to believe that's up to you. But it's in all of us, politician or not, to look after number 1 and lie. Everyone lies...yes even Jeremy Corbyn
  12. Please don't act like you know me just because I don't subscribe to the anti Tory rethoric. I don't like politicians equally. My point is that they are all the same.
  13. Just remember everyone, it's only the conservatives that lie. No other politicians lie to get ahead, only the Tories. So when the next general election comes round just remember Tory : Liars, Not Tory : Honest and will fulfil every promise made if elected....
  14. Yep all UKIP voters are racist but English only Call Centres for English people. 🤣
  15. Nevermind his responses. Just remember this is a person that said he'd be happy for elderly people to die for the sake of the NHS.
  16. Its ok. Thankfully we've got Diane Abacus to clear things up for us all. https://mobile.twitter.com/HackneyAbbott/status/1396756228034990082
  17. It's the same with everything on here though. No one likes to be seen to be backing the wrong horse. Anna with her posts implying Corbyn is the answer to the world's problems. The people on the Brexit thread with basically every post summed up as "See, this has happened because of Brexit" "No, it's because of xyz" People can't be seen to be wrong. Even online where no one actually knows each other.
  18. Worst job : Door to Door, Door Salesman 😁
  19. Are people still point scoring in this thread after all these years? Seriously, go outside....
  20. I'm needing the same thing as my soffits have a hole which I've bodged for the moment. I'm struggling to get anyone to come out for a quote. I'll need scaffolding too
  21. The price may also depend if you need scaffolding putting up too
  22. Sorry but by the law of Sheffield forum that link is to the Express which means it's already untrue.
  23. Please stop turning every thread you post into your Neoliberalism agenda. We get it.....
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