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  1. Then you would be incredibly selfish for dying and denying loved ones the opportunity to see you just because they wear a mask to protect you. That or you are just lying for emphasis
  2. I'm equally disgusted that you take advantage of a person's medical incident to further your cause with no knowledge of facts to assert your claim. Add to that you childishly call people idiots for not jumping to conclusions. You've got a lot of growing up to do to say you've been watching football for years.
  3. It's basically any source that confirms your opinion. So the World Health Organisation are (apparently) corrupt. However I'm sure that if they published a report tomorrow saying vaccines are linked to cardiac arrest it would be a trustworthy source again. Lol
  4. Oh my turn to play the victim card.... Remember those posts not to long ago from our CT's whinging about the insults coming out? Pottle kettle black And it's likely that Twitter did report these incidents but as you had no covid vaccine conspiracy to peddle you weren't that interested.
  5. I'm not doing your research for you. The ironic thing is that you wouldn't know about these incidents if it weren't for that MSM that keeps lying to you.
  6. Again, you can't say that for certain without knowing the facts. You are just taking advantage of someone's illness and the fact that it happened to be mentioned as the scores come in.
  7. Ah so we are now onto the mysterious organisation keeping info from the general public now? Isn't that the Illuminati?
  8. Surely it's a bigger insult to cast opinions about a person's medial conditions without knowing facts or basic details?
  9. 40 years ago we didn't have the internet as it is now and a constant stream of 24hr news and sports news.
  10. And until anything concrete comes out linking the incidents with the jab, we'll keep dismissing your feeble attempts to link it to your conspiracy theories. Assuming that it is reported they had the jabs and the incidents were linkedz you'd believe that wouldn't you? And not dismiss as MSM?
  11. No one is ignoring them which is why they have made the news....you know that thing that you don't trust... unless it suits Again, until you know the fans medical history and cause of such incidents I would suggest you stop twisting the narrative to suit your agenda...afterall you wouldn't want to be like the MSM would you?
  12. Hardly surprising. I would hazard a guess that every shop you visit will have no one masked
  13. Pleased to see that Tesco has all staff wearing masks and mandating that masks must be worn to enter the shop. Everyone was wearing a mask
  14. Laughs at people with medical conditions and then plays the victim card. Bravo
  15. Depends on the person but whatever method gets the message across that laughing at people with long term conditions is wrong. Though any rational person would realise that. Probably did, he mightve had a bad day and needed to get some laughs at the people in ICU.
  16. Well I seriously hope that you laugh at the wrong person and they make their feelings known.
  17. And that gives you the right to laugh about it?
  18. No because I'm trying to get you to realise that laughing and dismissing people's conditions is grossly ignorant and offensive. You might not deem it to be long covid but it's clear that people suffer long term damage from covid. Take another walk around Rotherham General and ask a nurse. Don't forget to ask for the one that's not on Boris payroll though
  19. No, because I don't laugh at people's medical conditions.
  20. My folks had covid last year and lost their sense of smell. Around the time before it was recognised as a symptom. Of course they don't have covid now but they have not fully regained their sense of smell and covid has clearly impacted upon their throats as they constantly speak with a croaky voice. Maybe you'd like to facetime them and laugh at them for thinking they are having long Covid? Or would you prefer others to laugh and dismiss any of your medical conditions?
  21. Yes. But if we kick off because if barracks we certainly won't have camps
  22. Please don't make it political. As with any application to the home office, it has specific eligibility criteria. We did use Barracks last year but everyone kicked off because of the conditions
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