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  1. If the email address is someone’s then they can claim the money then you will have to get PayPal to refund you. if the address isn’t anyone’s then it will auto refund
  2. I have always thought that the possibility of a spark being generated from a mobile was a bit suspect remember under the bonnet of all older petrol cars is a spark generator with an open spark gap ( inside the distributor)and numerous other electrical switches capable of sparking dont remember many cars catching fire or causing congrafulations at filling stations
  3. So you want mdf cut into complex shapes that are about 15cm or 6 inches in size ? I have a cnc that could do it or just into straight cuts?
  4. I have installed many of these and a 3rd gen one last week remove your existing time clock and thermostat (If fitted) you leave the boiler powered at all times The heat link is powered by mains supply.... then another pair from the heat link goes to boiler to fire it up these are just a set of relay contacts NO which close when thermostat is calling for heat the nest itself can either be wireless or wired if wireless it needs powering by a usb power supply if wired just a 2 core from heat link to nest
  5. I was lucky to get a ticket for this event as asked in the opening post of this thread for ideas for questions Then about 7 mins before broadcast started i was told i would be the opening questioner.. theres lots of articles and videos circulating now about bbc bias as to the audience selection I personally thought it was balanced perhaps with a little left swing though hardly suprising if the audience was sheffield/south yorks based though there were a lot of scots there What did you think ChrisLB? What did suprise me was the amount of heckling and booing going on that wasnt heard on broadcast
  6. I've also seen the light in the oven tripping a rcd remove the bulb and see if it still trips
  7. Bassett surely you mean postage items that people were not in when the post person comes calling? what can possibly be done about this?
  8. They break it down into 3 bits £1324 for the sale price £ 600 legal charges £591.60 SDBF proffesional and admin fees total of £2515.60 so they are asking for 213 years of GR this is Sheffield Diocesan Board of finance
  9. But lets say i'm going to stay here another 25 years tops thats only £ 150 ish @£6 per year This sum cant go up AFAIK Theres no covenents to say what i can and cant do The house is in a conservation area Why should I buy it and Why would anyone else want to buy the freehold ? its a long investment 800+ years
  10. Out of the blue a letter has arrived from my freeholder (SDBF) suggesting that they want to sell the freehold. they quote a total price of £2500 plus my legal fees presumably. My ground rent is £6.20 and it has 840 years left Is it worth me buying it?
  11. My point was how inconsiderate they were blocking the road for other users when 10 foot away there was a space to park up leaving the road clear making a journey from the van 40 ft rather than 30 when the goods are on a trolley wouldn’t hurt BTW I’m well used to moving very heavy machinery around but will always put consideration of other people first
  12. I can imagine in certain areas delivering anything is fraught with trouble leaving the van but... the other day I was stuck behind one of curry’s/pc worlds vans whilst the drivers were making a delivery they had parked directly opposite another vehicle so blocking the road completely in both directions if they had parked a matter of 10 foot further up the road then traffic would have been able to pass the delivery was via a sack barrow so surely another 10 foot to wheel it wouldn’t have hurt them. all the time they were absent from the truck the back door was open with both members of staff in the house anyone could have helped themselves to the contents of the truck all the gobby younger of staff said was “we can have 15minutes to block the road” inconsiderate say I.
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