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  1. My point was how inconsiderate they were blocking the road for other users when 10 foot away there was a space to park up leaving the road clear making a journey from the van 40 ft rather than 30 when the goods are on a trolley wouldn’t hurt BTW I’m well used to moving very heavy machinery around but will always put consideration of other people first
  2. I can imagine in certain areas delivering anything is fraught with trouble leaving the van but... the other day I was stuck behind one of curry’s/pc worlds vans whilst the drivers were making a delivery they had parked directly opposite another vehicle so blocking the road completely in both directions if they had parked a matter of 10 foot further up the road then traffic would have been able to pass the delivery was via a sack barrow so surely another 10 foot to wheel it wouldn’t have hurt them. all the time they were absent from the truck the back door was open with both members of staff in the house anyone could have helped themselves to the contents of the truck all the gobby younger of staff said was “we can have 15minutes to block the road” inconsiderate say I.
  3. I feel that if the law was upheld in some areas of sheffield then the roads would become unpassable with cars parked fully on the roads on both sides Certainly lorrys ambulances fire engines wouldnt be able to pass Just gone to measure the pavemnet outside and its 3m wide so i do feel its ok to park with 2 wheels on the pavement as long as long as taking up no more than 1m if people on both sides of the road do this as most do theres no problems for larger vehicles to pass And pedestrians wheelchairs prams have plenty of room left
  4. My email says its not a valid address and it bounces back
  5. Are you sure that’s your email?????
  6. Sounds a lot 850 for perhaps 3 -4 hours work and £100 for the CU £30 for fittings £3 for cable so £150-175 per hour i do commercial and industrial electrics and cant get away with that rate
  7. Certainly anything that involves threads
  8. RR if you close to S7 let me look at it and i’m Sure i’ll Have a motor in my stocks to replace
  9. I can make you a nut to your specs
  10. Nikki if i compose and send a massage it says “Firparnian cant accept messages”
  11. Seems a bit suspect to list ads but also not accept any way of contact
  12. Firparnian has some items listed for sale I’ve tried to respond but he cant accept messages ?? Why not? if anyone knows him give him a nudge Thanks
  13. Thanks for posting that Zakes i was there from 65 to 70 i remember all the teachers and my aunt was in the list
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