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  1. Thanks for posting that Zakes i was there from 65 to 70 i remember all the teachers and my aunt was in the list
  2. I've just read all 54 pages of this thread to see if any mention of Tapton school ( darwin Lane) I seem to remember the houses were Mappin Firth Osborne ???? was it Allen?
  3. I’m very happy to come and help you...where are you?
  4. Yes big lake in the grounds for owners and guests use
  5. As rudds said wait until the last few seconds and whether you are winning or not slam in the most you are prepared to pay...if you don’t win then someone else was prepared to pay more. if you bid earlier you generally get nibbled away so wait till the last few seconds if your connection is good
  6. remember the one on queens road was built on lavers old site on queens road...... there was a B&Q on Guernsey road ( off queens road) taken over by dunelm later so if one was being pedantic then darnall may have been before the current queens road one
  7. https://www.brindley-steel-forging.co.uk/acatalog/Round_Bar.html very helpful too
  8. I’m not sure you need to be a W MC member
  9. Theres a chess club that meets at swallownest miners working mans club on the 2nd wednsday of every month maybe for you s ?
  10. Just done and worked a treat it was a new to me computer with win 7 pro on it nothing else took 15 mins All actuated and working many thanks
  11. How is it best to upgrade a win7 machine to win 10? do I have to buy a disc and key? or can I download from Microsoft and buy a key from ms or eBay?
  12. Would houses built in the 1830’s 1860’s have inside facilities? From new?
  13. Just as an aside when would houses have been built with internal bathrooms/toilets at the earliest?
  14. It’s an older style toroidal transformer supplying 12 v for a lighting system
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