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  1. Many years ago perhaps it was 82-4 maybe.... John Cooper Clark was on at the crucible when he came on a group of protesters started making a commotion he didnt perform as the management pulled him over perhaps 10 protesters this to a full to capacity house who had paid to go and see him
  2. I can do it you quick whilst you wait in nether edge
  3. Thanks so much bunny thats the one
  4. No its not that its a short 1 minute advert i think its an old song...sorry to be useless
  5. Has anyone heard the bbc advert for (i think) One planet with a female singer? any idea who she is and what the song is?
  6. Pva glue or gloss paint works well ..paraffin wax is good ..melt in a pan and dip or brush on
  7. You really wont get par hardwoods in sheffield anywhere off the shelf and many specialists wont have par in any species get a planer thicknesser and do your own from rough sawn depending on what you want i have a small stock of hardwoods that may suit you
  8. Yes of course payment had been made shop posted and shows on tracking but then hung around in london then hung around in sheffield strange message on the tracking re someone asked for not to deliver probably post office speak for we messed up
  9. I bought an expensive item and the shop sent it Royal Mail 24 hour service on Mondays afternoon it sat in London until Tuesday evening then at 4 am on Wednesday it was at sheffield mc didnt come to me at midnight Wednesday this was on the tracking :- We're holding this item at Sheffield South DO. We’ve received a request not to deliver mail to the property your item is addressed to today. We'll attempt delivery as per the instructions we’ve received, which is usually on the next working day. anyone any idea what this means? tracking now says to be delivered today ( Thursday)
  10. Does anyone know what the queues are like now at ikea and what time is likely to result in less queues to get in? Friday the 5th
  11. If the email address is someone’s then they can claim the money then you will have to get PayPal to refund you. if the address isn’t anyone’s then it will auto refund
  12. I have always thought that the possibility of a spark being generated from a mobile was a bit suspect remember under the bonnet of all older petrol cars is a spark generator with an open spark gap ( inside the distributor)and numerous other electrical switches capable of sparking dont remember many cars catching fire or causing congrafulations at filling stations
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