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  1. It's just a general coarsening of Western culture. Morphing into a place where third world values are supposed to be "respected". I was once brought home by a bobby for riding an old beat up bike at night without a light. I'd be about 8. It was a long walk and a lecture all the way. Cops were respected in those days, I was worried about what my old man would say. When we got to our front door he just said Good night all! After the war, with returning soldiers, and the Home Guard stuff, guns, bullets and even live shells were everywhere. We had one on our pantry top shelf. Don't ever recall a shooting in Sheffield in those days, so it's not guns that are the problem.
  2. Among others, those who do not have to take personal responsibility if things **** up?
  3. Imagine a new campus. The buildings are laid out. The spaces are filled with grass and trees, and flower beds. The walkways between them are geometrically paved, according to the approved plan. It is found that people will not restrict themselves to the walkways, and even ignore the ever present ominous "Do Not" signs, especially when it's raining. so muddy shortcuts are routinely made. The maintenance staff are permanently employed in replacing worn grass, flower beds and dying trees. Then imagine the same scenario, leaving out the walkways, just the grass. Eventually the worn walking routes become clear, and that's where they put the walkways, then the flower beds and trees, once and done. An example of top down planning by committee vs bottom up, common sense planning, by any experienced gardener.
  4. So they say! Lol No valet parking when I was there! "Sorry luv"! And no space to get anywhere near the door. Service vans, some double parked!
  5. Actually I'm a retired gent, living modestly in a small town on a beautiful Caribbean tropical island. The streets are packed with vendors selling everything from fresh fish, fresh fruit, fresh eggs, to kitchenware. Everywhere, happy, smiling optimistic faces. Every body says "Hola" when passing! I swim everyday, no need to drive, I can walk to the three palm fringed beaches, shops, and my favorite cantinas and restaurants in 15 minutes. Sandals, shorts and T shirt is all you need! May you each enjoy your own version of paradise! (As for the "cultured" part, thank you) But I spent my childhood in Heeley with a welfare mother, and no father. Left school at 15 My life was "planned" for me. The choices were down the mine, a construction site, the steel mill, or learn a trade. I chose a trade, and then chose another "plan". Get out of there at 20. Never looked back! Planning is good! If you get it right!
  6. I wouldn't be at all surprised, after reading their MANIFESTO on their web site! Lol Responses to insults allowed? Lol
  7. Not hate, just a rant! Lol Disappointment by what Sheffield could have been, and where it was going for the first 10 years after the war! Your much vaunted Meadowhall, (it's just a shopping mall fer chrissakes)) ill designed unsightly government drab buildings, and cheap arcades, with fairgrounds to keep folks happy, trundling trams are strictly 1970's Warsaw!
  8. Across 10 countries in Europe too, up to the Russian border, in 4 summers, Without GPS. All the major cities. Signs in different languages but all had clearly marked "El Centro" signs. Heavy traffic and delays there are normal and expected. Routine. As I said, it's about expectations, Rome comes to mind. On broad streets with no lane markers first one to the next light wins, but it works. On Sheffield train station. Drag two heavy suitcases up and down platform stairways, then told. "The 8.45 to London will now leave from platform...." On the train, nowhere to put the suitcases, and then another "sorry luv" apology, "The buffet car will not be open today due to......." No morning coffee for 3 hours or so. You have to love Sheffield a lot not to follow the "brain drain", like a lot of us did! It's home to a certain kind of mindset that will keep it where it is. "A planning meeting announced, ALL welcome". Lol
  9. Every hotel on 3 continents I have ever stayed in (literally hundreds) has an unloading area or temporary stopping spot for taxis, or for heavy suitcases, or a doorman, or valet parking. My recent trip to London comes to mind. We obviously live in different worlds. But your system is good enough for Sheffield, I suppose. Lol
  10. Not to belabour the point but, no street parking spots available, when we were there, and the alley leading to the entrance was clogged with service vans. Got up to the dead end tiny turning circle to find it clogged too. When we waited for a spot a little closer and checked in, we got hemmed in by double parkers, and had to sit in the car, and wait for somebody to leave, then had to enlist the help of locals to help get all the way back down in reverse. A little fun circus. When all that's needed are a couple of red plastic cones designating a "guest check in" or unloading spot, and bingo! problem solved. Or (gasp) a guy on the door. It IS a big hotel! I've driven through most of Europe and N. America, Mexico and the Caribbean, and stayed in everything from hostels, to 5 star hotels, and never had a complaint, because it's all about expectations, and common sense. Normally after a long journey, you drive up, check in, and THEN ask the desk for local parking info. The problem with the GPS, was that it didn't show temporary construction road closures and temporary "no turns" signs. So we also had an hour's fun driving around before we could get near the place.
  11. Hideous "egg boxes" and such are going up all over town. The main road Sheffield - London Road, which served well for a thousand years, has been totally blocked off with another "hideous" huge brick prison like building. The Moor used to be a bright clean pedestrian treat to walk up and window shop. Now it's a a cheap market arcade! All "progress"! Along wit Holes in the Road, Park Hills Flats, 13 storey flats, and "egg boxes" that have all been pulled down after a few unproductive years. Lets face it it the best part of Sheffield is the part where the politicians haven't yet done their "fantastatic" change, Derbyshire! Lol
  12. Theoretically I agree! Yes, I too can read a map. Took me all of 5 seconds! But, unfortunately I had a car! Lol
  13. Mercur, around noon on a Monday. Summer time. It's right beside the New "Peace Garden (that's no longer a garden, nor peaceful. Lol) It used used to be a quiet respite to get away from the noise of the city traffic, but when I was there, it was a noisy fairground with roundabouts, like a piece of spare ground! Good Luck!
  14. I'm used to driving on roads that actually take you somewhere. It's no fun driving the same stretch of road/alleyway/one way only, that take you back to where you started, or a dead end, especially with a state of the art GPS! Strictly third rate!
  15. Lol Didn't see any signs for an alternative parking lot, especially with three heavy suitcases! Didn't want to spend another hour in the car driving around looking for one. Couldn't go through that again! And a very expensive hotel, with no help for a couple of seniors at the door, dragging suitcases up a flight of fancy marble steps. Finally got to the lobby bar for a well earned drink, To be met by, "Sorry, luv, the bar is closed, the server is a bit late today"! Later, tried a little international banking withdrawal, at Barclays where I have an old account. Another hour of interviews, and willing, but confused people running in and out, apologizing! Same with the pubs, all run by school kids, with nary a responsible sensible person in sight. Menus full of stuff, they don't sell, "at the moment!" They do actually have ice, now, although asking for orange juice gets you a little friendly lecture on the difference between soda and fruit juice. Sheffield's motto should be, "Sorry luv!" or how about "Think Yourself Lucky!" lol I currently live in a third world small town. It's busy but only one traffic light and no stop signs, no dead ends, and the banks work seamlessly. And they WANT your business! A day's work in Sheffield is 15 minutes here! And most have never been to "UNI", in fact most have never even been to school! Lol
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