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  1. The Coming Storm will blow in full force in November, 2022.
  2. Prosecutors don't "exonerate" or "prove people innocent". They either recommend prosecution, or they don't. When they get even a parking ticket on Trump, let us know! It's been 6 years now! Still waiting!
  3. Looks like your "Russian Collusion" conspiracy hoax is not selling, mate. Do you have another conspiracy theory to explain why? The latest Poll from HarrisCAPS-Harvard Poll Favorable Unfavorable Trump 47 44 The only politician with a plus rating. (+3) Biden 39 53 Harris 36 51 Pelosi 32 54 Schumer 27 45 https://harvardharrispoll.com/ As reported in RealClear Politics
  4. Oh yes they are! You like your conspiracy theories? Here's one that makes more common sense than Trump's "Russian Collusion Conspiracy Theory" "What Does Vladimir Putin Have on Joe Biden?" https://www.tabletmag.com/sections/news/articles/what-does-vladimir-putin-have-on-joe-biden (Cue Annie!)
  5. No we never had a gas geyser in those day. The old range heated a cistern in an upstairs bedroom cupboard, but never seemed to work properly. We only had one 2 pin outlet in the whole house, and that was for the wireless. We took the light bulb out of the ceiling light to plug in what few "appliance" we had, although I cant recall what they were. Maybe the electric drill. The flat iron was heated on the hob. But my gran made the best apple pastie, and rhubarb too. Never tasted owt like it, and my mom was never a baker so the recipe was lost when granma died. Fast forward to a few months ago, and I was telling a local hustler down here, the only thing I missed about home were 2 things you can't get here. Guinness and apple pie. He swore he knew how to make one, so for a laugh, I said go ahead. A couple of days later he showed up in the pub with two baking tins of pie. I was a bit leery of eating them, but tried it, and, WOW granma's apple pie! Same taste and texture. I asked him what he put into it, and he said simple, flour, water, salt, green apples and sugar, nothing else. I guess simple is the secret, just like granma's, no spices, creams, cinnamon, tinned apple, and whatever else they put into them nowadays!
  6. It's 1956. So I'm an apprentice electrician. I decide to do up the old Hartopp Rd council house, so I can bring friends and birds in without being embarrassed. But tight on money. First the old piano has to go to make some room. Chopped it up, had a bonfire and buried the leftover parts at the bottom of the garden. Now the Yorkshire Range, what to do? First the big old fireguard has to go, the fender and the tin hearthplate. and the old pegged rug. Then scrape off years of accumulated black lead, a big job. Sand it down and get some Dulux mushroom paint supposed to be heat proof. Shine the edges with wire wool. Not bad, brightens up the room already. Cut in two corners of the mantlepiece to hold some modern candlesticks from the market. Then took out the big double cupboard that took up one of the alcoves, and just collected junk, and my purloined scrap copper and lead I was collecting from the job sites (worth a bomb in those days) A bit more room. Stripped off the old wall paper, took down the picture rails, and painted the walls cream. another big job. New lino for the floor. Now for the nice modern touches. Flush the doors with hardboard and quarter round, some cheap glittery plastic handles to replace the knobs. Ball bearing caches for the doors, and painted them cream and mushroom of course. A couple of strategically placed electric outlets. Pull switches for the lights. There, a do over you could be proud of, on the cheap. Wish we could afford a real tiled fireplace though, which was the holy grail in those day. Somehow the corporation inspector got wind of it (curtain peepers?) and came while I was at work. He told my mam that, "Your lad did a good job, it looks nice, but he's got to put that cupboard back in", but we never did and never heard any more about it. But the kitchen was still a mess, so that was the next job.
  7. "None so blind as they who will not see" RCP Average of All Polls Favorable/Unfavorable Trump 42.4 51.7 Biden 41.2 54.9 Harris 36.5 53.3 Pelosi 32 57.2
  8. It's called International Diplomacy. Talk softly and carry a big stick. The opposite of Biden, who talks tough, and has no stick. No Russian invasions of Ukraine under Trump. Only under Obama/Biden Trump approved US Keystone Pipeline, and sanctioned the Russian Nordstream 2 Pipeline. Biden did the opposite, Canceled U.S. Keystone and lifted Trump's sanctions on Russia's Nordstream 2 pipeline. Then had to release U.S. Strategic Oil Supplies, the beg Russia and OPEC to increase oil production. Crazy? Forbes "The Double Irony Of Asking OPEC To Increase Oil Production" "President Biden pleaded with OPEC this week to pump more oil. Those pleas were rebuffed, and late in the week Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm called on oil-producing nations to immediately increase crude supplies so people won’t be hurt by high prices this winter". https://www.forbes.com/sites/rrapier/2021/11/06/the-double-irony-of-asking-opec-to-increase-oil-production/?sh=428e411745e0 Folks in the U.S. are now asking out loud what Russia has on Joe Biden (and Hunter) Lol
  9. A modicum of U.S. News is necessary to understand the mood of the U.S. electorate. And to know the difference between reality and conspiracy theory. Wishful thinking on our obscure SF has no effect on U.S. voters. NBC's Meet The Press Chuck Todd: "After Disastrous First Year, Biden “No Longer Seen As Competent, Effective” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZ9jxStco7g
  10. Hi Cuttsie Do you remember that cheap plywood substitute we used to flush doors and box in pipes? An ex pat And I got talking about "doing up" the Arbourthorne estate houses, and neither of us could remember the name of it. TIA
  11. RCP Average of all polls - January 25/2022 Favorable Unfavorable Trump 42 52.4 Pelosi 32.6 57.2 Job Approval Biden 40.9 54.8 Ouch!
  12. Biden is turning tail and running like hell from the the mad mullah's, communists, and totalitarians. Good thing too! The very thought of this keystone cop circus, of Winken, Blinken and Nod, prosecuting any kind of military operation against the best in the business, gives me the willies. Biden, Pelosi, Harris and Schiff. Best let them spend their time worrying about Global Warming and investigating Trump, to keep them busy until the adults take over again!
  13. When faced with War, enough to ensure the safety of the people who elected me to protect them. Of course, I'd be a little more moderate than Bill Clinton, who bombed more sovereign countries than any other President. And maybe I'd think twice about dropping two Atom Bombs on innocent civilians, women and children in two major cities, Hiroshima and Nagasaki, as a previous Democrat Administration did. Some collateral damage there, don't you think? Take while to beat that civilian death toll. But hey, Joe has only just started!
  14. Fair question. Accept it an move on, of course! And If he comes up with a different conclusion? Note: "The only person charged in the Justice Department's investigation into the origins of the probe of former President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign and its ties to Russia was spared prison time for altering an email used to support a surveillance application. "Former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith, 38, received the sentence of 12 months probation and 400 hours community service from U.S. District Court Judge James Boasberg Friday during a video hearing. https://www.politico.com/news/2021/01/29/fbi-lawyer-trump-russia-probe-email-463750 And "Special prosecutor John Durham charges ex-attorney for Clinton" Sep 16, 2021 — Special prosecutor John Durham charges ex-attorney for Clinton campaign with lying to FBI ... Michael Sussmann, who worked through his law firm as ... https://www.politico.com › news › 2021/09/16 › special... And "Russia expert who contributed to the Steele dossier charged with 5 counts of making false statements as part of John Durham's probe" https://www.businessinsider.com/russia-analyst-igor-danchenko-steele-dossier-arrested-durham-probe-nyt-2021-11?utm_source=yahoo.com&utm_medium=referral So we shall see!
  15. Put it anyway that suits you, Lol The World's balance of power was stable during the Trump Administration. The U.S, Military was supreme, And the important bit, the body bag count of U.S. Servicemen and Women declined under Trump. There is always collateral damage to countries that house the terrorists, communists, Islamists. War is a always a dangerous business. What are the real human costs of abandoning ex allies like The Ukraine, Afghanistan, The Ukraine again, and Taiwan, to the terrorists, totalitarians, mad mullah Islamists and other human debris?
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