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  1. trastrick

    Statues in Fitzalan Square

    There's a memory!
  2. trastrick

    Statues in Fitzalan Square

    I still remember the smell of stale pee and cigarette ends in those public toilets! The "tuppeny wash and brush up" was handy though!
  3. Why do I still remember this nonsense? My mother said I never should play with the gypsies in the wood If i did then she would say naughty little girl to dis-o-bay I had a bonnet trimmed with blue do you still wear it yes i do when do you wear it? when i can when i go out with my young man my young man is a very nice man tries to teach me all he can reading, writing arithmetic he doesn't forget to give me the stick When he does he makes me dance out of England into France out of France and in to Spain over the hills and back again! (Phew!)
  4. If you do not want to play, Take your hook and go away So, sky, bunk, it!
  5. I do remember "bread and dip" for dinner, and digestive biscuits dipped in tea!
  6. trastrick

    Ron Springett or Gordon Banks

    I vote for my neighbor Jumbo Capewell! Sheff Wedneday. 1953/54. I dated his niece, but was a Unitedite! Showed up at his house with a red and white scarf! Lol
  7. trastrick

    Rowlinson School 1976-81

    I went to day school there as an apprentice electrician in the 50's I forget where it was, can somebody please give me the actual location? TIA
  8. trastrick

    Binghams Potted Meat

    Potted meat is alive and well and living all over the world, under an assumed name! - Pâté Sold in supermarkets in an unlimited number of flavors. A posh name, but still potted dog!
  9. It had to be done just right! One of the regular hazards for us kids was "a nail in mi shoe" sticking up from the sole. Or a "flying heel plate" that came loose and sliced your calf as you ran! It took a little skill to avoid these problems! Also I remember wearing a pair of old uncles hand me down shoes, that were so worn down on one side of the heel that I used to walk to school along Myrtle Road on the paved bank so it would equalize and wouldn't become a permanent disfigurement!
  10. All working class houses had one. Also that curved leather knife. Used to sole and heel shoes, knock in studs, segs, heel plates, toe plates and the old football studs! You could buy leather by the sheet, then Woolworths came up with proper sized stick on rubber soles and heels!
  11. Oh hum! Wrong Wendy Humphries! My sister lived at 169 Harborough , in the 60s and 70s!
  12. I know her real well! She's my sister. Now spends her time between Knowle and the Bournemouth area, and occasionally visits us in Canada!
  13. trastrick

    Off sick during the 40's.

    There is a little confusion here between National Assistance, which my divorced mother received, to help with rent and the kids, and "comp", a form of Worker's Compensation, that was paid to folks who sustained work related injuries, or sickness. I had an accident at work that put me in the latter catagory, and paid me about 80% of my normal wage. As I recall, there were no "panels" to appear before as it was just an automatic sign off from your employer and your doctor. My employer wanted me back and generously kept my regular paycheck flowing, so for six weeks, I got both, more money than I had ever got before which I saved to help with my passage to Canada!
  14. trastrick

    Sheffield Blitz sites 2017

    When I was last there a few years ago the patches were quite visible! Another obvious sign of war were the iron railings on front garden walls all over town that were burned off by acetaline torches, for scrap metal to fuel the war effort! There were no complainers, vandals, or real criminals in those days, we were all united for survival!
  15. Saturday at the Star was an early "interactive cinematic experience", way before its time, lol Of course they called it noise and disruption in those days. We used to see how many times the poor manager would have to stop the film and come on stage and threaten to shut it down, if we didn't all quiet down.

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