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  1. Top Cats Hat

    Prince Phils driving exploits.

    I have only been breathalysed once in my life and it was a traffic light system that would go yellow if there was any alcohol in your breath and red if it were over the limit.
  2. Top Cats Hat

    Drakehouse parking fine

    I know that there are some on here who say that these parking 'invoices' are legally enforceable but I have always binned them and most people I know have binned them and apart from a computer generated follow up letter have heard nothing further.
  3. As I said many pages ago, Brexit has split the country along left/right lines rather than the old Labour/Conservative lines.
  4. Exactly. It simply said 'leave' which in the absence of any further information means leave the legal entitity known as the EU. May's deal does this. Norway does this. As I said earlier, any further interpretation of what the word 'leave' meant is simply in the head of the voter, not on the ballot paper.
  5. Top Cats Hat

    Fire engine leaving the station

    Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble, Grub.
  6. At the moment the Conservative, Labour and Brexit threads may as well be merged into one big Brexit thread as that is all that domestic politics has been concerned with for the past three years!
  7. Leave the EU means no longer legally being a member of the European Union. It is that simple. Any other interpretation is simply that. An interpretation.
  8. 1. Remain in the EU 2. Leave the EU with May's deal 3. Leave the EU with no deal. Option 3 will split the leave vote but the Brextremists who view May's deal as a sell out deal would insist on it being on the ballot paper. If anything like recent polling was reflected in the result it would come out something like Remain 55% May's deal 35% No deal 10%
  9. Yes, as shown by every poll conducted over the last two years.
  10. You might not like it but leaving the EU is leaving the EU. That was the option on the ballot paper. As I said earlier, the single market was not mentioned.
  11. You do realise the referendum simply asked Leave or Remain? A Norway deal means that we have left the EU. The referendum question made no mention of the single market!
  12. This can't be emphasised enough! On Radio Four's Any Answers before Xmas, a dude rang in to take issue with something someone had said on the previous night's Any Questions. After about 20 seconds it became obvious that he didn't actualy know what the EU was. Also before Xmas I was in a Brexit discussion with someone whose 'Sovereignty' argument was based on the understanding that the EU is allowed to make British laws which we have to follow but we don't have a say in making, as only mainland European countries are allowed to vote in the European Parliament. Now this bloke isn't a UKIP member and doesn't spend all his time on far-right websites so where does he get all this fake news from? Surely it can't all be from facebook? 😱
  13. Top Cats Hat

    Prince Phils driving exploits.

    'Theft by finding' is what it would be classed as but as eBay are not in a position to prove that, I suspect that it will be taken down under their snowflake 'in bad taste' rules.
  14. Certainly. https://www.channel4.com/press/news/c4-survey-uk-would-vote-remain-eu-majority-54-46 That was a poll of 20,000 people by Survation. How many people did the Mail poll?
  15. Someone has cropped the bottom of that picture where "Remain in the EU 54%" should be.

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