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  1. Are you suggesting that the queen is a pedo, as she is the only member of the royal family who is above the law?
  2. I suspect a clue may be found in the report that Bozo wont release until after the election.
  3. You seem to think that both Jo Swinson and Nick Clegg probably oppose Brexit because they have relatives and acquaintances who have links to the EU. That just shows that you have the political sophistication of a five year old. 🙄
  4. Given that this story has been exposed as fake news by pretty much every credible news organisation going, are you not just a tiny bit embarrassed to be the only person left who still believes it?
  5. My local ATS used to have all the newspaper reports of KwikFit’s various sharp practices made up into a collage in the waiting room. On the question of sharp practices, always ask for the old parts back when having things like clutch plates, release bearings, brake disc etc. replaced. That way they are much less likely to pretend that the job had been done and still charge for the parts. 👍
  6. Don’t be stupid, the left are the only ones who have always made the distinction between the state of Israel and the Jewish population.
  7. More likely a cushy job somewhere, or a seat in the House of Lords.
  8. Leave his hair long, then you can snip a couple of inches off it when it gets too long.
  9. Let’s not forget that many of these ‘traditional’ Labour figures have spent their entire careers trying to prevent the party becoming a genuine left-wing organisation.
  10. Except for the fact that the poster has already admitted that he neither knows nor care how her name is spelled.
  11. Ironically it is you that are bringing Jews up as the poster never mentioned them! 🙄
  12. Sadly, many of the people who he is appealing to are too dumb to realise that ‘getting Brexit done’ could take 10-15 years in reality and still has a risk of no deal if trade negotiations fail by the end of 2020.
  13. Tell you what! I shall donate £100 to Sheffield Childrens’ Hospital if apelike can produce a single piece of evidence for his claims that I keep using fake news in my posts. And while he’s at it, maybe he can address my point that it is almost exclusively the Leave campaign which produces and spreads fake news.
  14. With the fake news campaign kicking off with two stories (Jo Swinson’s husband recieving EU money and Keir Starmer’s doctored This Morning interview on facebook), a serious question for Leave supporters. If the case for leaving the EU is so strong, why is the repeated use of fake news necessary to convince people of that case? 😳
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