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  1. It was either youGov or IPSOSMori. If I've got time I'll dig out a link later.
  2. Top Cats Hat

    Fish at Hillsborough Corner

    Lol I thought everyone knew that! 😂
  3. Top Cats Hat

    Seven Spices

    In fairness to them, you book a time to sit down in a restaurant not a time to leave. If a place is popular then you only get to sit down when other diners have left. A skill in running a busy restaurant is getting the balance right between being welcoming and getting people to do one when they have stopped spending money. I always expect a 10-15 minute wait before being seated.
  4. No 33% is deffo UK. In the US it is higher (unsurprisingly!). Nearer to 50% of americans believe in fake news. 😵
  5. Top Cats Hat

    Fish at Hillsborough Corner

    Brown trout spawn in autumn, Rainbow trout spawn in spring.
  6. Yes, but politically you lean to the right and almost certainly would have voted to leave anyway. What fake news on facebook did very successfully was to target apolitical people in the large 25-35 'undecided' age group and bombard them with either very simple images like the 'Turkey is about to join the EU' series of graphics, or repeated links to dog-whistle media headlines about immigration, sovereignty or sentimental nonsense about blue passports or a return to a 1950s all-white Britain that their only experience of was television programmes like Heartbeat, Call the Midwife and The Darling Buds of May. I say 'successfully' because every day I come across people who still repeat fake pro-Brexit news, months and even years after it has been shown to be untrue. Not only did it influence people but it influenced the right people, ie the 'undecided' who determine the result of all elections.
  7. Not strictly true. The deal cannot be presented to Parliament again if it is unchanged from the last one it voted on.
  8. You know as well as I do that most of the targetted pro-Brexit fake news posted on social media during the referendum campaign originated in either Russia or the United States and that 33% of voters admitted to believing it before discovering it was fake.
  9. A marginal vote that was influenced by outside interference on behalf of one side of the argument is actually a travesty of democracy.
  10. To be fair, every time the subject of a second referendum is mentioned, Teresa May sacks the idea off by repeating the lie that 'the people have spoken'. If she doesn't think that it is appropriate to revisit a discredited vote with a marginal result from nearly three years ago, she can hardly justify revisiting a legitimate overwhelming defeat from a week and a bit ago. This withdrawal agreement was signed off last November and nothing substantial has been changed since then or is likely to be changed in the near future. To keep putting it to Parliament again and again in the hope that one day it will be supported is not really the way to go about this.
  11. It's not EU legislation that confuses me, it is the idea that Teresa May will abolish private education, nationalise key industries and end austerity once the UK leaves the EU. If she does, she will have more than Jacob Rees-Mogg to worry about! 😳
  12. You really don't live in the real world, do you? 😱
  13. Despite the unproven theory that Labour can't win a general election without the support of hardcore Labour Brexiteers, Labour will never win an election as a Poundshop Brexit Party. At some point Labour has to become the anti-Brexit party and to do that it has to ditch Corbyn. After the release of the video from Ireland, Corbyn can never be a credible leader of an anti-Brexit party.
  14. Joking aside, we are constantly being threatened by Brexiteers of wholesale social unrest if Brexit isn't delivered, but the comedy 'Jarrow March' and the pathetic turnout at the last Leave means Leave march in London shows that the response will more than likely be just a lot of moaning on facebook.
  15. Just like they forgot that there was a land border in Ireland protected by the Belfast Agreement which makes anything other than a customs union Brexit an impossibility!

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