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  1. Found this facebook page for the above new gym. I've been informed they are trying to be open for the end of March. https://www.facebook.com/UisCommunityGym/
  2. Wonder when recruitment will be Cant find any info.
  3. My friend has told me that there will be a new gym opening above the H20 bathroom shop soon. Anyone have any info on this?
  4. As I was driving past the old Virgin Gym on Archer Road the other day I noticed that there was building work going on in the site. Does anyone have any Information on what's happening there?
  5. I am interested in learning sign language to help me to better myself at work and as a general life skill. Does anyone know of any courses near woodseats that I can do? Thankyou Tatum
  6. Someone made a suggestion of big fans being used to grow cannabis in one of the houses. We have just recently been seeing some sort of deals going on in one house and passing over of things in car windows.
  7. It's not tinnitus. My boyfriend, housemate and my neighbour all hear the same noise too. This is not a noise I've made up.
  8. The buzzing noise has gotten louder....not the supermarket. Really is getting to the point I have to keep my tv on at night to sleep. I ha e a video of the noise but cant upload on here for you to hear. Does anyone know if I can.or how I can complain about noise nuisance?
  9. Thanks. Morrisons is nearby. I'll scoot round the carpark but I've not seen any there in the last week. The mystery continues.
  10. Nearest tram is near manor top or town. Only have buses around here. Hmmmmm. I shall get to the bottom of it lol
  11. I'm afraid not. All residential in this area. Thanks for helping though. 🙂
  12. I have been hearing a loud buzzing noise in the Roxton Road/Strelley Avenue area where I live for the last 2 weeks and the noise is getting persistently louder. It stops for about 2-3 mins every so often but it's all day and night and I'm now unable to sleep because of it. My neighbour and I have tried to investigate where it's coming from but can't locate the source. Does anybody know where this noise is coming from?
  13. Thanks guys. I don't want to start shooting RAW yet as I am not overly good at Photoshop editing. I find it all confusing. I have subscribed to YouTube channels and am getting more engrossed.
  14. Hi everyone. I have not long bought my first DSLR camera and am really wanting to get to grips with using it for landscape photography. If you know anyone who could help me or would want to join me for a walk in the peaks to give any help and guidance I would be very grateful. The past few months I have had a rough time but want to start getting more engrossed in the hobby I love. Please pm me for my email to get in touch.
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