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  1. Can anyone remember Jenkin Road being closed because of a fire underneath the road? I’m sure this happened in either the late sixties or early seventies. I can remember that there were cracks in the surface with smoke coming from them. Was it an old coal seam burning or was it material from the tip which is now Wincobank Common?
  2. Yes it was but not too rare for the area. It was over the Towy Estuary near Carmarthen. I've seen over 30 Kites in one go at a Kite Feeding Station but its not as good as seeing even an individual. We have our holidays on the Towy Estuary and it seems at times that the Kites show off to show you how good they are at flying. Sometimes get the same one hanging about for hours then it will catch a thermal and go. This seems to attract other Kites and Buzzards and they will all try to catch the same thermal.
  3. I know that Buzzards and Kites will share the same thermals I've seen as many as 25 sharing when I've been in SW Wales. Lots more Kites down there and they group together waiting for the fields to be harvested and then feast on mice and rats that are killed by the harvesters.
  4. If they've got forked tails they're Red Kites.
  5. My first thought when I saw the Utube clip was that it was a Dakota.
  6. Does anyone know why Newman Road is being closed on Tuesday?
  7. From Henceforth the wasock hogging the middle lane should be referred to as "MIDDLE LANE MARY". And let it be known throughout the land that this name originated in Sheffield. Time for somebody to produce rear window sticker to read " Don't be a Middle Lane Mary, keep left if not overtaking ".
  8. Does anybody know where the windmill was which Windmill Lane at Shiregreen/Pismire Hill was named after?
  9. Typical labour council tactics of screwing us for as much council tax as possible and then reduce services. The city should be run by professional non political people not a bunch of political numpties who couldn't organise a jump in a place of horizontal recreation.
  10. See your GP if you have a bad back and get a better idea of what is wrong. The wrong diagnosis for back pain could lead to severe damage if it is treated wrongly.
  11. It is to be hoped that all of his family who are here sponging off the state are given visas to go stateside with him.
  12. Wincobank hill was also used in WW1 for trialing tanks.
  13. They were dug up years ago. There was a searchlight stand and a gun emplacement on the top and just down Jenkin Road if you went straight on rather than taking the bend to the right were some more gun emplacements which have also gone. These were the type that I believe which were connected by tunnels for supplying the ammunition from underground.
  14. I can remember spending most of the week in agony at Mablethorpe in the late 50's after getting stung in both feet by jellyfish. Made a change from other holidays when I was usually in agony from sunburn. I always was at my happiest on holiday when it rained and we spent the time indoors at the amusement arcades with no risk of sunburn.
  15. I thought Stringfellow booked them at the Mojo Club at Burngreave/Pitsmoor. No he didn't got the locations mixed up.
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