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  1. My point is the bank was open and all money should of been processed before the close of business. But it hasn't. The customer service is saying nothing is showing for my account. I have also read money has "gone missing" before in the bank
  2. Well the bank was actually open and their was staff there so does this not say they should be working?
  3. Can someone please help me I have deposited some cash at Meadowhall at approximately 10am today using the drop box. This money is still not showing in my account. I have called customer services who told me they can't do anything until Monday and even then may not be able to do anything. Can someone please help. How long does it normally take and wouldn't the bank have cleared it by now?
  4. I am currently studying and part of my work is to do a research project. My project is on law. I have put together 2 short surveys regarding withdrawal of legal aid funding in family court and would appreciate if anyone could take a few minutes to complete it. All answers are anonymous. Thank you for your help and support. https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/N5CLND2 https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/FYSRD3L
  5. Major road in Sheffield currently closed. Part of penistone road from the berries road junction is closed off. Police closed the road early hours this morning.
  6. Is there any mens football teams playing or training in Sheffield tonight please. If not tonight any other nights? Thanks
  7. Just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to medusa. Over these last few weeks she has been amazing she has helped me in a million and one ways over the years but over these last few weeks she has put in the extra effort to go out her way and help me even though she has had a million and one things going on for her self she has still managed to find time to help me so I am so grateful. Thank you very much!!! (Ps hope we get results we want lol )
  8. Thank you although I am still unsure of what I need to do
  9. I was wondering if anyone could possibly help. I have an interview at college for an access course. I was wondering if anyone could help with what I could say in interview to get a place on the course. Also what would I be able to bring to enhance my chances? Could I take previous certificate and qualifations etc. Any help would be appreciated. Kind regards
  10. Can someone please help or point me In the right direction I am wanting to go to uni and I want to apply for this September if possible. The question is I am not sure if I have to apply to college and go there first. If I do this is fine I just need some help and guidance of where I apply etc. I currently have diplomas in several things but not sure if these would be enough points to apply straight to uni or not. The diploma are not in the subject in wish I want to study at uni. I am classed as a mature student lol . Any help or guidance would be grateful and appreciated. Thanks
  11. Does anyone know of any junior football teams? I am aware the season has started so can't play league until end of this one. Is there any clubs where kids could train until new season Starts?any clubs that don't trial?
  12. Look at cakes by Allyson on facebook she did my wedding cake and was amazing.. does all my other cakes as well
  13. Myfriend is aware of the ESTA and the insurance etc. Just wants to know how much spending money for 6 for 2 weeks for food and for activities etc but park tickets are already brought
  14. Hi Can anyone please advice. My friend is going away to Florida with 3 children for 2 weeks. How much spending money is needed? Including money for food etc. The park tickets have already been paid for. Thanks
  15. Depends on location budget and what you want to do to "chill after? But what about * cosmos * Bella Italia * casino * zeezee I think it's called in Leopold square * garison hotel * royal victoria
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