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    I think we need to be careful not to confuse propaganda with spin. Spin is putting a truth across in the most favourable way possible for the person or party responsible. Propaganda is deliberately misleading information. It is important to recognise the difference.
  2. You still seem to be having difficulty understanding the difference between the state of Israel and Jewish ethnicity.  They are not the same thing.
  3. Don't get too excited! If the government fell it would only take a single MP to propose a bill revoking/suspending Article 50 and the speaker to allow it to be debated and voted on, and a Revocation of Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union (2019) Act will be on the statute books. We can then have a general election safe in the knowledge that we will still be a member of the EU when a new government is sworn in. And if an anti Brexit party wins the election (Labour with a new leader, for example, they don't even have to pass any legislation. They can just get on with putting the interests of the country first.
  4. Top Cats Hat

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Yes. Did you not hear Teresa May promise to stand down before the next election when she was facing the vote of no confidence? 😱
  5. Top Cats Hat

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Sajid Javid seems to be becoming more isolated over this stunt, with more and more people in favour of her being allowed back to face the music. Even Danny Dyer has come out in favour of her being allowed to return and by all accounts is getting grief from the hang 'em & flog 'em brigade! It just goes to show that purple-faced, angry shouty people on facebook and other social media don't represent as many people as they'd have you believe. 😂
  6. Top Cats Hat


    A more modern twist on propaganda is the rise of fake news hand in hand with the demonisation of the mainstream media. This demonisation includes physical attacks on journalists, photographers and camera operators deemed to be the enemy by those on the right and far right. At today's Wee Tommy Robinson rally in Salford, veiled threats were made to photographers covering the event. "Wee Tommy Robinson holds Salford protest against BBC Panorama" http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-47335414
  7. You seem to be having real difficulty understanding the difference between the state of Israel and Jewish ethnicity. They are not the same thing.
  8. Top Cats Hat

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    With respect, that is not the point. The IRA did not intend to kill anyone in Birmingham. ISIS intended to kill as many people as possible in Manchester. Whether you like it or not that is a very important difference.
  9. Top Cats Hat


    Given that Tesco and ASDA intially delayed claiming that Brexit uncertainty was harming their businesses for fear of a customer backlash, it is perfectly reasonable to speculate that Honda might not be being entirely truthful. When it was revealed that Savid Javid had gone against his own Home Office policy to allow former ISIS supporters back to the UK under certain conditions when he tred to revoke Begum's citizenship, it was speculated that this had more to do with looking tough, pandering to social media opinion and a possible leadership bid than out of any principle. This speculation was also reasonable.
  10. Top Cats Hat

    Peter Tork R.I.P

    I suspect many on here will go 'What's Tippex?" The Monkeys were the McFly of their day. A manufactured band which contained some reasonably accomplished musicians and songwriters. I saw a fascinating documentary once (possibly BBC Four) about the Monkees self-penned, self produced 'progressive' album which as interesting musically, but not a great commercial success.
  11. Top Cats Hat

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    A very significant one. A coded warning was sent by the IRA to the Birminham Evening Mail in advance of the explosion in an attempt to prevent loss of life. I am not aware of ISIS giving any advance warning before the Manchester Arena bomb or indeed any of their acts. The intention in Birmingham was to cause maximum disruption to the city centre. The intention in Manchester was to kill as many people as possible.
  12. Top Cats Hat

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Are you seriously trying to compare the IRA and ANC to ISIS? 😱
  13. Top Cats Hat

    Any recommendations for Coal suppliers?

    How things have changed! Not all that long ago in the scheme of things, the South Yorkshire Coalfields were producing 33.5 million tons of high quality coal per year (over 10% of Britain's coal output) and now people are posting on the internet to find a few bags of coal that is good enough to heat a living room.
  14. Top Cats Hat

    Honda leaving - possible alternatives?

    The motor industry, like the aviation industry is a hugely competative business and requires huge capital investment and the ability to take huge hits (Airbus never made a single penny from the A380 which cost €25 billion to develop).. If I was to use the resources left behind by Honda it would be for something other than car production.
  15. Top Cats Hat

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    I'm not sure you have any concern for public safety at all. If you did, you'd consider the possibility that her deradicalisation could ultimately increase public safety. If she returned she'd pose no threat to public safety whatsoever.
  16. Top Cats Hat

    A new small political party

    If you support Brexit you are a Brexit supporter. If you support Remain you are a Remain supporter. It really is as simple as that. It has nothing to do with respecting the referendum. The majority of people in the UK support Man U. Are people seriously suggesting that we should all support Man U because of that?
  17. You don't understand politics do you? While May's deal is still on the table most Tories will not support an extension to Article 50. Once it falls, all bets are off and what you would do well to remember is that only 30-35 MPs support no deal and a majority have already expressed a desire to avoid no deal. So add to them all the Tories who are giving May's deal a chance and you have 500+ MPs who oppose no deal and 30-35 MPs who support no deal. So we are leaving the EU on 29 March, whatever happens? ****** are we! 😂
  18. Top Cats Hat


    I've now changed my mind on this. I think they should all stand for re-election (except Ian Austin). Usually there is a very specific, individual reason for an MP to resign from their party like there was with Jared O'Meara. This however is different. These resignations were not individuals taking individual action but a coordinated action with a common political aim. Not only that, but they now form a bloc in the commons which is equal in number to the Lib Dems. An individual defector usually wields little power however these individuals form the fourth largest voting bloc in the commons. If 50% of MP's changed party, they would constitutionally have every right to continue as an MP without re-election but it would then cause a sizeable disconnect between what people voted and how they are represented in Parliament. For these reasons I now think that they should all stand for re-election except for Ian Austin who is actually a genuine independant MP.
  19. Top Cats Hat

    Problem Neighbour

    Good point and this is something that really needs looking at. The difference in security of tenure between private and public housing is great cause for concern. As you say, private residents can be evicted for wearing the wrong colour jumper but council tenants are almost impossible to shift (except for non payment of rent, which says a lot about the priorities of our legal system). I know someone whose neighbour has been given numerous harassment warnings by the police, numerous housing cautions from Sheffield Homes and now been convicted for harassment twice and criminal damage once, all over a fifteen year period. The council say that there is very little they can do as the tenant has a secure tenancy and have suggested that the victim moves out. The neighbour is fully aware that it is virtually impossible for him to be evicted and therefore has absolutely no incentive to stop his offending behaviour. A measure of how unsatisfactory this situation is, is that when the victim told his local Safer Neighbourhood Team officer that the council had decided not to take any action after the neighbour's third conviction, she replied 'It's a shame that someone does't arrange to give him a good beating!' This isn't The Sweeney in 1975, it is Sheffield in 2019 and for a police officer to make a comment like that says to me that something really needs to be done.
  20. Top Cats Hat

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    If that were the case, why are we now being told that we can't cancel Brexit because of the threat of violence from the far-right? In other news, Channel Four News have pointed out that Bashar-al-Assad's wife Asma still has her British citizenship despite being married to a wanted war criminal who has without doubt killed many more people than Shamima Begum's Dutch husband. Is this a class issue too? 😡
  21. Syria was always going to be a Catch 22 in many ways mainly due to the difficulty of who to support. My enemy's enemy is my friend doesn't really work there when so many different groups are making up the opposition. Despite the universal condemnation of Assad, secretly many in the west saw him as the only one strong enough in the region to stand up to ISIS. And let's not forget, the west has an appalling track record of post conflict planning. For all the 'we should have got stuck in' sentiment, how would people feel if we had facilitated the fall of Assad only to see ISIS then become the replacement Syrian government? In the absence of any united opposition, we have to face the reality of the situation which is that either Assad or ISIS will be running the show in Syria for the foreseeable, and secretly most of us would rather see Assad in power.
  22. Top Cats Hat

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    Not least because I wasn't hiding anywhere during the second world war as I wasn't even born! 😉
  23. Top Cats Hat

    sheffield canal 200 years old

    Cool, I'll take a mosey down there! 🛥🚤⛴⛵️🛳🛥⛴👍
  24. Top Cats Hat

    IS schoolgirl wants to return

    I think you are struggling to understand what is being said! 🙄
  25. Top Cats Hat

    sheffield canal 200 years old

    What time is it expected to go on 'til?

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