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  1. On the subject of UK steel production, more Project Fear Brexit news. “Brexit: British Steel seeks £100m government loan to meet EU rules” https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-47921375
  2. Agreed, but largely as a result of our pre-EEC situation and certainly not as a result of our joining. Our EU membership has provided the longest period of economic stability of our history despite the best efforts of various Chancellors. There are very good reasons why Sterling and the markets react badly to news of our leaving the EU and react favourably to any news that suggests that we may stay. If Theresa May revoked Article 50 on Monday, we would see the biggest surge in Sterling in history.
  3. Largely due to our history as an empire. At the time we joined Europe in the 70s, we were in serious economic and financial trouble. Whether you care to admit it or not, our 40 year membership of the EEC and then the EU has benefited our economy enormously. Have you ever stopped to think that our struggle to negotiate a deal with the EU may not be because of an intransigent Barnier & Co but because as soon as we triggered Article 50 we shot ourselves in the head and lost any bargaining power. As I’ve often said, if you crash your car on the way to a dealership to part exchange it, you can’t expect the dealer to offer you the same money that you’d get if the car wasn’t damaged.
  4. If a massive economy like the US is struggling to compete with the Far East on steel prices even with Trump skewing the market with tariffs, do you seriously think the UK can compete? And how are we going to fire the furnaces? Unless we reopen the coal mines (which incidentally we would have to import Labour from abroad to dig the coal as British workers would not do it) we will have to import coal to. The UK games industry turns over more in a single year than the steel industry did in it’s entire history. The economic future of the UK lies in financial services, banking, small scale high-end manufacturing, IT and innovation. We can’t afford to go back to heavy engineering, even if we wanted to.
  5. You do know that we are the 6th largest economy in the world, don’t you?
  6. Really? You can’t turn on your telly without seeing school kids walking out to protest about climate change, school closures or any number of issues. Kids have never been more politicised!
  7. I have never disputed the result. What I have done is question the value of making a massive, life changing political decision based on the wishes of a minority of our citizens through a vote where the participants were largely self-selected. The referendum should have been either compulsory or binding only if a clear majority of the electorate of all parts of the UK was achieved. Failing that, we remain as we are. Scotland does not want to leave the EU but a small majority’s those who voted in England and Wales say they have to. That is not democracy and is why we are in such a mess.
  8. Some did but many thought that it was purely for the benefit of the Tory Party’s threat from UKIP and as it wasn’t binding, didn’t see that it really had much to do with them.
  9. Was the entire population calling for a referendum? Of course they weren’t. Only those who wanted to leave the EU wanted a referendum so Leave supporters were much more likely to participate. That’s why as a measurement of popular support for Brexit it is fundamentally flawed.
  10. Somewhere between 73% and 75% of 18-24 year olds voted Leave in 2016. In reality, given the kick off about 16 year olds not being allowed to vote in the first referendum, I’d say that was the minimum and wouldn’t be surprised if it wouldn’t be closer to 80%.
  11. No they are not, but 73%-75% of them are and if a similar number turned out ie. 72% then 0.74 x 0.72 x 2,000,000 is over one million more leave voters than in 2016.
  12. Top Cats Hat

    Tommy Smith - Liverpool

    The Aintree Iron in The Scaffold song was a reference to Brian Epstein! 😂
  13. Well who on earth else was it for? I don't remember anyone other than €urosceptics calling for a referendum. Like my 'F1 moving to Sky' poll, only people interested in Formula One bothered voting on it. Why do you think that the majority of people who didn't vote in 2016 were remain supporters? Unless that referendum was binding and/or compulsory, as a democratic exercise it was pretty pointless.
  14. Top Cats Hat

    is everywhere in kelham island card only

    The Gardeners used to only take cash but I'm not sure if that's changed.
  15. They were polls of people who were eligible to vote, not people who intended to vote, hence the difference. The 2016 referendum was a poll for leavers which is why Leave supporters were always more likely to vote in it. Even then they only scraped through.
  16. This will be the same Westminster which overwhelmingly voted to trigger Article 50?
  17. Exactly. That is why the Conservative Party will very likely split and move towards the centre with the minority ERG wing leaving to either join the Brexit Party or form a right wing party of their own. The cancellation of Brexit or some kind of customs union outcome will most likely result in that split.
  18. You are (possibly deliberately) missing the point. Your view matters whether you partook in 2016's discredited, non-binding referendum or not. The reason why we are in this complete mess is that Theresa May decided on a course of action which was supported by less than 40% of the electorate ignoring everyone else. That is why we didn't leave on the 29th March, we aren't leaving today and in all likelihood won't be leaving on 31st October, not so much because Remainers are thwarting it but because it doesn't have support of the majority of citizens of the United Kingdom and even those who do support it are completely divided about what it actually means.
  19. No because the old have done such a splendid job with Brexit! 🙄
  20. Really? I have always said that the majority of the population did not vote for Brexit and that is true whether you are talking about the population defined as every citizen or the population defined only of those eligible to vote. ALL serious polls in the past three years have shown that a majority of those polled wish to remain in the EU, the largest, and therefore the most accurate statistically, finding that 54% of those polled wish to remain in the EU. I struggle to find any 'fake news' in either of those statements. Even if you take only the referendum result and even then, only count those who voted and then assume that everyone who voted leave wishes to leave with no deal, it would still only mean that a maximum of 52% support leaving with no deal which nobody would agree is a 'vast majority' It is an absolute disgrace that Farage was allowed to tell such a whopper on live television without being challenged.
  21. Which is the VERY FIRST question any journalist should ask him before dealing with any other matter.
  22. Top Cats Hat

    LGBT issues and morality

    Really? When Anna Soubry expresses her opinion on Brexit, you call her a traitor! So basically the only people you believe should have freedom of speech are those that you agree with?
  23. Top Cats Hat

    Julian Assange debacle

    He didn't seem to have a problem spelling 'Terrorist sympathiser' 🙄
  24. An interesting new report of 'voting intentions by age' was featured on Peston the other night and mentioned again today on Politics Live. It has long been known that young people are more likely to vote Labour and old people are more likely to vote Conservative and there is a phenomenon called the 'crossover point' which is an age where below it you are more likely to intent to vote Labour and above it you are more likely to intend to vote Conservative. This point has been 'getting older' over recent years and has now reached the point where 50% of over 65s intend to vote Conservative whereas only 4% of 18 year olds intend to vote Conservative. Labour supporters on the other hand are fairly evenly spread by age. If this trend continues, at some point in the future it will become very difficult for a Conservative government to be elected, which no doubt is why the Conservative Party has always blocked attempts to reduce the voting age to 16. The young are our future! 😀👍

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