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  1. Most of it has a lot of public support and is more or less the same stuff that almost won Labour the election in 2017. Unfortunately Corbyn’s absolute desperation to keep Labour as a Brexit party has scuppered any chance of it winning an outright majority at any upcoming election. It will be interesting to see how Corbyn responds to any conference vote which makes Remain official Labour policy.
  2. What did you expect them to do? The cheap coal being sold cheaply to British manufacturing, largely came from Poland, Ukraine and Bulgaria.
  3. Despite EU regulations protecting UK citizens from the worst of Thatcherite excesses? 😳
  4. Not entirely. Many will still continue to support Farage though, as removing Corbyn will almost certainly make Labour a full on Remain party. One of the reasons Corbyn refuses to answer the ‘what would you campaign for?’ question, is because if Labour votes this week to adopt Remain as a policy, Corbyn would be obliged to step down as party leader.
  5. Brexiteers, on the other hand tend to favour physical attacks, and death threats in their opposition to anyone who thinks that leaving the EU is a not a good idea. And I’m not sure what your objection is to some Leave supporters being labelled as xenophobes, racists and bigots, as it is widely accepted that many of them are.
  6. Not many Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Saudi Arabia lol 😂 Eventually, yes but how many thousand dead US soldiers will it take before Trump’s 2020 election chances are harmed.
  7. Maybe you could enlighten us by pointing which law they are breaking. I’m sure we would all like to know! 🤣😂🤣
  8. I suppose it was also shameful that not all the French people didn’t pull together after June 23rd 1940 in support of the Vichy regime. Your Brexit postings have a bizarre theme of anger against any kind of opposition. If you think that leaving the EU is a dangerous nonsense on 22nd June 2016 why on earth would you suddenly think that it is no longer a dangerous nonsense on June 24th. That is completely illogical.
  9. Of course they are, but if any government strays too far from the issues important to the populace, they lose the next election within 5 years or less. A binary choice with far reaching implications for the whole nation needs to much more accurately reflect the wishes of the nation. The 2016 referendum didn’t do that. It was always going to return a ‘Leave result’ as it was demanded by leave supporters, offered to those leave supporters and leave supporters were way more likely to partake in it. I shall say again, as a democratic exercise it was deeply flawed.
  10. The fact that it did not reflect the views of the nation in itself, is evidence that it was democratically flawed, regardless of the rules, regulations and agreements surrounding it.
  11. Can’t be arsed to the the math as different formats use different compression methods but basically the answer to your original question is no, one disc will not record the whole series. If the series (6 x 1 hour episodes) is in standard definition, you will need 2 x 4.7 Gb DVDs, with three episodes per disc. If the series is in high definition, you will need 6 x 4.7 Gb DVDs, with one episode per disc.
  12. Smeared by the Tory/Brexit BBC as well. Joanna Gosling on BBC Two this morning described him as ‘heckling’ Boris Johnson when anyone watching the clip would see a concerned parent passionately putting forward the case for a properly funded NHS. Yet more evidence that the BBC sees its role as supporter of the monarchy, the Church of England and the Conservative Party. 😡
  13. What reactionary clowns like Borista struggle to understand is that this is home for these people, so why wouldn’t you keep it nice?
  14. To be fair, any move to make public transport free would also have to involve an increase in capacity.
  15. Only if everyone partakes in it. Otherwise the vote will be skewed in favour of those who demanded the referendum. This is evidenced by the fact that the vast majority of those who didn’t vote supported Remain. It is always evidenced by the fact that before, during and after the referendum, all credible polls showed a majority of the population in favour of remaining. As a democratic exercise, the 2016 referendum was seriously flawed which is why no second referendum is not needed to revoke Article 50, just a Parliament that puts the interests of the UK first whatever its political make up.
  16. My sister is the same. She will eat something at five minutes to midnight on the sell by date but won’t tough it ten minutes later at five past midnight.
  17. You said it. Opinions! Both the Mail and the Telegraph are both right-wing newspapers with a long history of racism, xenophobia and misogyny. The fact that they champion a racist and misogynist convicted in a ‘foreign’ court like Boycott, says much more about the political position of those papers than his guilt or innocence. As you said, simply opinion.
  18. Observations, really? Not really an observation is it? More of a bigoted opinion which just makes you look silly!
  19. No he wouldn’t, but in this case the conviction was safe. Get over it!
  20. Really? Name a single election manifesto promise since the second world war which has has as major an effect on the UK as leaving the EU would. (or anything near it.)
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