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  1. A rumour I heard from a fella I work with who's relative works in the industry (convenient that init?) The trial vaccine that was being developed by Oxford that we heard about all them months ago is being looked at for a license once the human trailing is complete. It's allegedly being backed to the point where it's being manufactured and stock piled Personally I take that very very very very cautiously but something like that wouldn't surprise me. Updates and information regarding the vaccine trials is out ther but we never hear anything at all about it. God forbid we have a bit of hope amongst us
  2. Selfish in what way? To be honest I don't want to get in to a pro/con re the mask situation but something you have to understand is the wealth of information to support both arguments. Just because you think you are right, doesn't mean you are and that goes for both sides. What we now really need to be doing is assessing our personal risks. This is now becoming a big issue, there is a huge division between the public over our personal beliefs on something we know very very little about and even more annoying is both sides will swear we need to "come together and help each other" when all we do is bicker, argue or belittle each other for not holding the same opinions.
  3. You and others seem hell bent on ostracizing those who don't/won't wear the mask. They are not some incredible barrier between you and the risk and the "well it can't hurt" argument is fine but it fills people with a complete false sense of safety and at times even superiority. There are enough bits if info, studies etc etc out there for it against these masks but I am so tired of hearing the mask wearers have a go at the none mask wearers. I wear one simply because I think "thems the rules" but only where required,in all honesty it just avoids (more than anything) having to argue the toss with the public who have the front to ask you about it.
  4. The point being made is if you don't want to wear one for whatever reason it's fairly easy to justify.
  5. Suicide rates are already up, many of which attributed to the current situation. It's not a case of "might or might not"
  6. I mean I think anyone would find it difficult to disagree good sanitation is beneficial. The masks - well there seems to be mixed feelings on those it seems, depending on which studies or data sets you wish to believe. Even in spite of the entire country doing this we are still seeing tension and collapse of business and industry. In terms of hospitality and the arts etc the restrictions and the mask wearing is what is killing it. I'm pretty sure we have had this discussion before re: what can't you do with a mask on and after speaking to a considerable amount of friends/colleagues etc I've found that most if not all are just not interested in taking part in things like going for a pint or going to the cinema if everything is clinical and restricted. I would guess because as per the 'norm' we use these industries and businesses to try and relax, wind down or even enjoy ourselves. If the fun is taken away and the experiences are limited then it will die out.
  7. We are doing that. Sanitizer is absolutely everywhere. Masks on pretty much everyone. Distancing where possible. So what next? As mentioned in this thread plenty of times, industries are hanging by a thread. The BBC have reported half a million redundancies are likely to come. Entire sectors are at risk and to add to that the public are turning on each other even more so now their education, jobs, treatments and livelihoods are at stake. People are and will become desperate. If even 10% of those affected by redundancies (and I'm aware this is drastic) end up dying due to suicides or knock on effects from losing their jobs (homelessness, illnesses, lack of treatment) it will have killed more people than the virus has in the UK Simply saying stick a mask on and wash your hands is not going to cut it, nor is locking down.
  8. The question wasn't "what applies to you?" Which is exactly what I was talking about. You only seem fussed about what impacts you. The ramifications of closing down the hospitality sector are massive, especially a second time as they were attempting to recoup some of their losses. This is same in all businesses, the furlough scheme is the only thing that has kept a lot of business open. 'Good pubs' again only apply to you, and I'm pretty certain you're talking about good old fashioned locals. Who will be the first to go, they're already on the way out, the owners lose, the staff lose, the public lose. The pubs that will survive are your big corporate ones, but that won't be without heavy job losses - that applies throughout the sector. Putting a mask on is all well and good, but you know the arguments against them and you can not control 100% of the population.
  9. I do like a good conspiracy theory. I haven't watched that video but if it's about controlling the population this is nothing new. I believe the theory is based purely on fear. If the powers that be and the media keep the masses terrified they ultimately control them and so can get away with whatever they wish. I think in the long run it's pretty crack pot, however you can see the reasoning. How many times over the last 20 years has WW3 been in the news. ISIS or DPRK are a threat every year or two, it just cycles round. Russia are probably due at some point soon but we're busy with the virus. I've heard people say "if they can get us to wear masks. What next?" So I assume that's where the video is coming from
  10. Almost if not all sports. Pubs, bars, restaurants. You can't distance at sports events, cinemas or other entertainment venues without having a heavily reduced maximum capacity. More to the point, wearing them for long periods of time is very awkward. I applaud the employees of various companies that I see wearing them all day long as personally it would irritate me. Like most, I can cope with having to stick it on for a few minutes to nip in to a shop or whatever, but I wouldn't fancy it for say, the entirety of a match, or the length of a film. I'd say theres a possibility numbers would drop so substantially on recreational places that they wouldn't be profitable.
  11. Your problem there is "I" most people couldn't care less if you can do most of your things, they're concerned about the things they can't do and that's something I'm hearing a lot from people. "Well I'm alright so they can lockdown for years as far as I'm concerned" Could in this situation is a very key word. I don't know how long it takes but I haven't received any alerts from any of the bars/pubs/restaurants I've been to. Another issue we're seeing now is we are all getting sick of each other because we seem to be unable to have a genuine discussion anymore that doesn't result in emotional bickering. This thread is over 100 pages of case and point.
  12. I'm more interested in what you would class as a relatively normal life? The things in life we do recreationally to enjoy life are quite difficult to do with a mask and distanced. Ultimately we're doing exactly that now and I wouldn't call life relatively normal - but I suppose that depends on what the individual classes as 'living' I think we're in an interesting period, lock down helps but is not sustainable across a nation/planet. Opening up sees an inevitable case rise that some may say isn't as much of an issue, some will see it as catastrophic, the government have to err on the side of catastrophic. We can't however keep going in these circles.
  13. Strangely enough my mother has been having issues with wasps these last couple of days. Says she's found dozens in various rooms. Leaving them alone is fine, but she (and others) is terrified of them. Some people can't relax knowing they could get in, so removal is the best option for them.
  14. It certainly is a guess but a pretty good one. The logic is there I suppose.
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