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  1. Hmm wouldn't say so. Anyone can claim to have seen anything really. Aliens, God, Jesus in a piece of toast etc.
  2. "Good afternoon comrade. May I see your papers please"
  3. And back to square 1 we shall go.
  4. I don't 'know' anyone who's died with covid or even gone to hospital with it. Doesn't make it any less of a potential risk to certain people.
  5. Tha vast majority of adults took the first dose, the slow uptake of the second dose I would attribute to the government delaying restriction easing. Millions aren't getting this dose for protection, they're getting it for their freedom and when that was delayed they lost interest so didn't bother with the second. What's the point
  6. We've been through this many times.
  7. Very good point. Though I still believe the key component is the restrictions ending. I said I understand why those that ignore the guidelines do so. I do agree at this moment they're pretty pointless.
  8. That's not what we're discussing. We're discussing the effectiveness of the current rules in place. The same rules that were in place last year when the second wave hit that caused the tighter lock down.
  9. A fairly difficult thing to prove but I would wager the vast majority of none vulnerable people are getting vaccinated simply because they understand it to be the path to ending the restrictions and not to protect themselves against covid. There are more than enough articles around whereby people are having issues with the guidelines albeit mentally rather than physically. Do they harm me personally? No. But I do understand why some will ignore them.
  10. Surely someone wouldn't follow guidelines they deemed pointless? More people are beginning to make that choice.
  11. The vaccinations are preventing the spike which is why we're being bribed in to having it. The rules in place now are fairly pointless.
  12. Getting covid is now just another risk of going outdoors. Deal with it or stay inside.
  13. Look up the definitions of guidance and mandatory. Compare the two.
  14. Alot of people don't see the point anymore.
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