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  1. Do any of you live on planet Earth? Bike To School week will quite simply become "Have Your Bike Stolen Week" Nice idea in theory. Chaotic and stupid in practice.
  2. I can understand why they're being "whiney" one might say they're being just as whiney as those who pushed to cancel a show they had no interest in watching.
  3. It's far easier to feel fine about ignoring the big stuff if you concern yourself with smaller pointless thing all while pretending it actually matters. That's basically how this snowflakey hurt feelies demographic operate all the time.
  4. Is the reason it's all gone stupendously tits up
  5. Hmm wouldn't say so. Anyone can claim to have seen anything really. Aliens, God, Jesus in a piece of toast etc.
  6. "Good afternoon comrade. May I see your papers please"
  7. And back to square 1 we shall go.
  8. I don't 'know' anyone who's died with covid or even gone to hospital with it. Doesn't make it any less of a potential risk to certain people.
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