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  1. This is something I've been wondering. For example the company I work for relies heavy on deliveries from outside suppliers of raw materials and supplies to keep it running, whilst it's not a key industry some of the work can be done from home the physical labour can't... but it isn't a business outlined in the key industries.
  2. Working together would be easy if everyone had the same idea but regardless of how much we like to preach about being kind to each other , helping each other out and keeping calm through any problems we have, at the last second the vast majority have the same "screw them as long I'm alright" mentality. We can clearly see it happening. Poor behaviour from the public if you ask me. I went to Aldi this afternoon, there was quite a lot if stuff there actually but the tinned stuff had gone and quite a lot of fresh meat, but the freezers were a lot more full than I expected.
  3. As I hear of all the stores ramping up their delivery services I would imagine they're all to going to be heavily stretched. I'd be happy to take up some weekend work as my office closes at the weekends, but not being in that line I wouldn't know where in Sheffield to look Any ideas from anyone where to fire out a couple of emails. Again this could be in the wrong location but since its Sheffield based I assumed here
  4. Seems reasonable if a little irritating - just because I enjoy watching the football really.
  5. We've made attempts, obviously it was some time ago. I'm not putting too much effort in to it really I was effectively just saving it from the scrap bin but it seems that's where it's destined for. I'm not entirely sure I could convince myself to walk in to the Apple store, I've been once or twice with a friend, certainly not my sort of place lol. Thanks for the help
  6. As part of something at work we were getting rid of older stuff and we had an old iPad2 going begging so I thought I'd take it and use it as a device to mess around on instead of using my phone. Turns out the iPad is reset but still locked with the previous users passcode who has now left the business. I have tried connecting it to a power source and iTunes, putting it in recovery mode which then updated the software etc but tells me it can not restore the device till I enter the pass code. I'm more of an android man myself so I hear these things are pretty bulletproof but would any of you guys know of a way to unlock this thing or is it effectively an over engineered paperweight at this point. It didn't cost me anything so it doesn't cause me any issues either way. Thanks
  7. Interesting one this which I imagine will have a strong divide. For me to it doesn't really fall in to the category of not being allowed to eat meat on expenses it more falls in to the category of being told what I can and can't have. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51529207 Seems more like a free publicity stunt to be honest and allegedly all staff agreed to this, of which it isn't exactly a big company. Personally, if I reeeeally wanted meat for lunch, I'd obey the rule, buy my own then buy a suitable vegetarian option on expenses and give it to someone who needs it, the homeless etc..
  8. The media print and post what they need to to sell. In a couple of week Caroline and this whole thing will be forgotten forever. The public will move on to the next news event they wish to pretend to care about. Did the media hound her? Yes, did the public buy every single story without caring how it could have been affecting her? Absolutely. It seemingly drove her to what she has done and the public want to pretend like they weren't bashing her just as much as the papers over the last couple of months.
  9. No. He apologised because it was getting him in to hot water. Do you reckon if no one took issue, he got millions of likes on his socials he would have gone ''Sorry, yeah that was a bit foolish, I think I'll take it down'' Doubt it.
  10. Fine, I mean whatever. Does anyone reeeeally care that much? I suppose he's a public figure and it was always going to be in the news but why am I still hearing about it? married for almost 30 years to a wife and had children yet he knew he was gay? Bi maybe? I notice this more and more with the way modern news is published. It's thrown at us every hour of every day for weeks, plus the follow ups, the reactions, the reviews, the reactions to the reactions and why Carol from (name a town) is outraged for whatever boring reason. It deserves one article and leave it.
  11. Mousset's English is coming on well he seems to get on well with the team. With the amount of 'local' lads in United team I always imagine Paul Whitehouses character Julio Inglesias. I keep expecting to see Moose switching between French and Northern more often.
  12. Bloody Jonathan Ross. In the times we live in he thinks this sort of mistake is acceptable. The Masked Singer is rapidly becoming a staple of British culture just imagine how all those viewing must have felt. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51263176 Hanging just wouldn't be good enough for the likes of him... (Just to put this in to perspective every major news publication seems to have this story running)
  13. I'm sure there's a fair amount of speculation regarding the cause but I read (I think on the BBC) that there was a malfunction with the helicopter. I mean it would be irresponsible to fly in fog, but I doubt it would cause a helicopter to fall out of the sky.
  14. The tickets eventually go on general sale which should allow you to go down and get a couple, depending on if the game is sold out mind you just have to wait till the date it says.
  15. More boring news not applicable in the real world. Strangely enough I have asked my friend about Plantain before when I saw him cooking it and would you believe it we're still friends! You'll find people generally don't care about people questioning their cultures, in fact a lot of people will enjoy educating you on it. It's if you begin to criticise where it becomes an issue.
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