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  1. On my Samsung (I'm assuming all phones with Google accounts do this too) it tracks absolutely everywhere, and not just my phone in particular, all the phones I have owned since having the account. If you go online (cant exactly remember the site, it's done through maps I believe, quick Google will solve that) you can see a map of every single place your phone(s) or any devices really have been. Mine shows obviously daily trips back and forth to work then random off shoots where I may have been out of the country or in another city all complete with dates etc. It's quite incredible to see although I did get annoyed at the review notifications ''How was your visit to Tesco? Review your visit to help us yada yada yada'' so I turned them off. It seems the Google account is a powerful thing with many positives attached but there are going to be some who assume a sinister undertaking. From my laptop I can track my phone, wake it up or even set it on constant vibrate to find it - all through Google, not to mention the additional things we can do through the Find my phone apps etc. Often my phone will flash up a notification telling me certain apps have been 'detected using microphone' or 'detected using camera' when my phone has been locked and sat somewhere. In the agreements we all tick and never read they do often state these things in there amongst many other things you're allowing them to do with your device.
  2. Check your contract it will give you your notice period in there - on average it's usually around 4 weeks but that's not always the case so it's best to check I recently had a case where my period was 3 months which I felt was a little unnecessary but I had signed the contract. You can always try and negotiate with your employer if you want to reduce or extend it for any reason - the least they can say is no just ensure any agreement is emailed/written. The company I worked for basically didn't want to know so I handed in my notice requesting a shorter period which kicked things off for negotiation and I managed to sort something out with them If you leave early without notice/permission the company can pursue you for loss of earning and breach of contract since what you signed is legally binding - apparently it's very rare for a company to do this unless you have really screwed them over, are very high up or they really dislike what you've done but obviously this isn't recommended
  3. Surely this is impossible to enforce unless they take out all forms of handsfree calling installed in every car that has it. Unless my windows are down and the volume high how will anyone know I'm talking anyway and not singing...or talking to myself, perhaps I'm rapping which is basically talking anyway. Is singing distracting? should all stereos be banned, I get far more interested in the music than I do the conversations I have via phone. What about touchscreens in cars, they're dreadful to use whilst driving but you still can operate it.
  4. Mine isn't a subscription but you do need to pay for the maps upgrade if you want them, I'm sure they emailed me recently and said it was £100, to be honest I don't use it enough to bother paying for it but the vehicle does have a phone app which gives you various info about the car and allow remote locking etc, that is a subscription with multiple levels, basically the more information you want the app to give you the more you have to pay.
  5. Water is generally free unless bottled. Weatherspoons and a lot of smaller pubs often put infused water (cucumber, lemon, orange, lime etc) in a huge jug on the bar for people to help themselves. I doubt anything else is free
  6. A direction towards what? I just don't understand entirely why this has been done. There are plenty of actors around that could play Bond and continue the series going (More to the point it must be quite the cash cow regardless who plays him) the film is about 007 so to me it seems like a slow and painful death for James Bond as a character. IF the focus was to bring in a female lead actress why not just create a new British spy film with one? The people who like these movies aren't going to object to yet another being thrown in to the mix. With the likes of Hollywood loving to throw in as much diversity as they can now I think they're missing the point. A lot of people don't care who stars in a film but I think they do care when they start messing with classics - Ghostbusters and Oceans series come to mind, both of which were massive flops, it stands to reason this new 007 direction could quite easily flop too. Why not make new movies with diverse casts? It seems Hollywood is simply too lazy or has no imagination to come up with anything new anymore. After the countless remakes we keep being subjected to each year.
  7. Sure it is down to Harris to determine whether Flintoff or Paddy are bullying him? When you see Freddie on other programs he always has a sort of 'laddish' behaviour about him, something I assume picked up during his Cricket excursions, that being said he's always had that sort of reputation. Not to condone it however but if the co-presenters are happy with it and will take it as a joke as well as give some back, what does it matter really? I've often found Freddie funny, although sadly not in this series of Top Gear, he seems to be trying a little too hard and Paddy is off the charts with the over acting. The jokes and way the show used to flow with Clarkson, Hammond and May, whilst scripted, often felt normal and you could tell they were having fun whilst doing - granted it didn't always come off like that but 95% of the time there was a natural flow it seemed. Since then I feel the writers and the presenters have been trying to return to that format and I think it's something only those 3 can do. For me, they should give the presenters time to gel and make it their own. I think these 3 have a good chance of making something decent here if they could just tone it down a little bit and (this is a personal thing) include more car reviews instead of letting Harris loose once a week.
  8. I was walking down the canal a week or two ago and I felt something on my arm, I didn't look I just brushed it off. Half an hour late I noticed a bite, didn't think particularly much of it as Midges and the like always get me in the Summer. Later that evening though I noticed a huge swell on my arm a very noticeable mound. It was warm to touch but not painful and gone by the next day but God knows what bit me since that wasn't my normal reaction. I didn't feel the bite either just the movement of the insect on my arm
  9. You must also acknowledge the double standard if we're talking about PC jokes. The likes of Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, Chris Tucker (if you can call him a stand up comedian, he did one recently I suppose) right the way back to Eddie Murphey and Richard Pryor, they all make /made comments and jokes about other races/cultures/sexuality/name it with little to no backlash. In fact the subject of those jokes are in the audience happily enjoying the show. We live in very difficult times in terms of PC culture, social justice warriors demanding this that and the third, personally a sense of humor is a must for me. I have friends (and in the past housemates) from Africa, India, Middle East and they all had comments and jokes about our customs and traditions. We all respected each others cultures but we all joked and laughed about the stereotypes and in all fairness that for me was a perfect way to be. You pick your battles really, we all knew we were comfortable with making those jokes and comments around each other. I'd never do it around someone I knew for fear of offending them however I think most will find that people are being offended on behalf of someone else.
  10. Tomm06


    I think the point that is trying to be made is such a minor thing like half the attackers boot in front of the defenders doesn't particularly offer any advantage, so whilst technically they're offside it seems a little harsh. Should a players whole body be off side by any margin you can realistically argue they have an advantage over the last man. Personally I agree, whilst technically the right decision is being made I think it's a bit silly.
  11. I think Dash Cams are a good idea, almost like the VAR of driving. Some manufacturers are starting to jump on to this as well and include them built in to the interior mirrors, great idea if you ask me, I can't remember which one but one American manufacturer, Chevrolet or one of them has the built in dash cam respond to movement around the vehicle when the car is parked. If it detects anyone trying to break in to the car or damaging the car it will begin to auto record footage inside and outside
  12. Afternoon all If the whether is less monsoony tomorrow I'm heading out for a walk up to fox house, I plan to walk from Endcliffe park, to Norfolk arms, along the green lane directly opposite which leads directly to Fox House (Sorry unsure of the trail name) up to now my plan is to pretty much just do the same route back however is there an alternate route back towards Endcliffe Park I can take? I can't see any but I'm sure there are more people here with better knowledge of the general area. I've done this particular route a few times but never decided to look for a different way back till now.
  13. I've considered watching this. Is it a docu-series or is it a dramatised version of events?
  14. I mean she's just awful as a comedian but overlooking that any comments or jokes about acid attacks is a little silly at this point in time considering what has been happening particularly in London over the last year or so. More to the point why do comedians still do this? I mean I like edgy and dark humour personally, I wouldn't even think twice about a joke like this but surely people like Jo and Danny Baker must know making a joke like this could have serious repercussions when being broadcast to masses of people? Is it done simply in the heat of a moment when you think of a joke and just want to get it out? I don't know but I've always thought should I be the one in their seat, I'd probably think twice about commenting on something that will easily offend someone.
  15. They already have a smaller stage at Endcliffe anyway I THINK last year it was used mainly for Folk music and such? I lived a minute or two from Endcliffe park so I hear nothing but music all weekend. Personally doesn't bother me but I can't imagine the commotion if they moved the main stage there.
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