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  1. I think the score line means a lot. You need a very strong character to be subjected to abuse by hundreds of people and still have the ability to increase your score tally. It isn't the point I get that but it could have so easily put the team off their game and ruined the qualifier for them and they didn't let it. I think that has to be commended.
  2. How do you know that's why they're booing? Footballers should and will expect some ribbing from opposing fans but racism is a whole different level of disgusting. The whole team stood tall with each other and ensured everyone was happy to continue when they were given the option to leave. I'm glad they chose to play on and win by such a comfortable margin I think both the score line and choosing to play on was a far better way of showing their strength and unity. The question remains as to what will happen to Bulgaria, for me a fine/slap on the wrist/sanctions on fans is not enough.
  3. All of this happened before social media was a thing only now it's easier for the predators. I'm not a parent but I expect keeping a child off social media is quite impossible I think the best fight is to educate them about the realities of what can happen.
  4. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean there aren't people that do. I imagine some enjoy watching her rile people up. For me she can say what she likes it's up to me whether I listen to her and take it in or not - and I don't. One fruit cake does not represent the view of the whole world.
  5. I've lived on steep hills all my life, Gleadless road, East bank Road and I now live up another steep hill near Hunters Bar. I always park the car at the bottom when there's any sign or warning of snow, or at least somewhere flat. Getting up and down I just ensure to have some good boots on, I go walking often and they seem to provide enough grip. If it's icy it can be tricky if there's no railings to hold on to you just have to wing it really but if you have a decent set of neighbours who grit the front of their houses you should be able to dodge the bits in between!
  6. I like people like Hopkins and so on. I don't always agree with people like them or if I'm being honest pay too much notice to what they believe, to me they're just entertaining. That's why they're always in the spotlight. What's more entertaining ? A panel of people agreeing with each other over a none issue, or having 1 lunatic on that panel willing to argue and say daft stuff? The latter boosts the ratings.
  7. In the Championship we could always walk in to a game knowing we have a decent chance of winning this if we play our cards right. The premiership however we must know there are games like these where the high chances are we're going to drop points. Norwich proving with Man City it isn't impossible but no one will be going in to Saturdays match thinking United will take any points (by which I mean fans on both sides) Although it would certainly be nice. If we get anything I imagine it will be from a draw although I'm certainly happy to be proved wrong here!
  8. I've walked London Road once or twice after nights out and there are certainly a few sketchy characters that hang out down there. I wouldn't personally fancy walking down there in the dark at night. During the day there's so many shops open and such a wide variety of people walking around I doubt you'd have many issues.
  9. Getting places is far easier in a car except SOME city centres. Should there be an issue, a jam, an accident or whatever I can choose to navigate around it rather than sit there like a bus would have to. Public transport is expensive, cramped and so unreliable. The busses are usually so hot in the summer and damp and dirty in the winter. It takes me: Roughly 25 mins to get home by car. Roughly 1.5 hours by walking Roughly 1+ hours by tram and then bus (Through the city centre at rush hour) If you can convince someone the last two options, every day, are preferable you're on to a winner. Making it free would be lovely but I doubt it would tempt people from their cars.
  10. So what is it before it's used in a crime out of interest?
  11. The great new is, if the relentless war on the personal motor vehicle gains enough traction, we will all be dealing with this
  12. I'm all for uniforms in school, pretty much for most of the reasons stated above. Things like hair, make up, piercings I feel are the only bit of individuality kids get at school and they should be allowed to express it freely. I found most kids barely cared about wearing the uniform when I was in school.
  13. Even if you have those points you need to have a membership also in order to use them. I have a few thousand points from when I was a season ticket holder for a few years and I tried to use them for a match recently. If I give them £40 for a membership they will allow me to use the points. Without membership its general sale.
  14. Cross dressing to me is starting to be accepted more and more so I imagine the people doing it will begin to come out (literally) with more confidence, rightly so I mean I don't particularly understand why people really care, my only reservation is that they at least make an effort. To think that it will come to the point of being normal is a bit ambitious I think, regardless of the majority there will be some people who will disagree with it for whatever reason, that will never go away.
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