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  1. My car has a similar system where if I stab the brake peddle when stopped it holds the car but I would question whether they would remain on hold under intense force, say from being rear ended. I think personally they would release, I could be wrong however can't say I've really looked in to it, just my guess, otherwise why not just have the handbrake, electrical or not
  2. Well you sound like a right enjoyable customer. I've been a few times as I live round the corner, never had such issues. When you spend many hours a day prepping food hundreds of times you're gonna balls up once every now and then, I've never worked in these industries but I don't doubt it will happen. There are stigmas attached to working at Mac D's to say they're a step down is just belittling to everyone. Macdonalds staff included. You've had a couple of bad burritos, deal with it or make your own.
  3. I watch James May on Youtube and he is often buying cars - his latest two or a Tesla and one of the Toyota hydrogen cars to test between the two. He was saying there only a handful of stations in the UK that offer hydrogen refuelling which means you REALLY have to plan where you're going to go with the car and by comparison at the very least, with an electric car you can plug it in to the 3 pin socket and recharge - even if it will take about 2 days.
  4. I don't think they're boycotting or walking out because of too much violence, they claim it will insight violence from those who feel like they can identify with the character - shunned from society, alone, wanting to get back at everybody etc ( I haven't seen it yet, this is what I've read) The harsh reality for these loonies is that it's done the opposite and people seemed to have flocked to this movie which is getting some pretty good reviews.
  5. Not that I want him to overlook these areas but we have been praised countless times already for our midfield and defence, they will need nipping up so to speak but his main focus definitely needs to be some quality finishers. Some if not all the matches we've drawn could/should have been wins if we had been able to capitalise on chances better.
  6. Surely if you don't specifically ask for an estate but your luck comes in and one turns up it shouldn't be an extra premium to use the boot - specially suitcase unless they were filled with concrete. It seems a little petty to me, but y'know rules are rules and all that.
  7. I have been to many many away matches with United over the years and I can't say I've ever felt unsafe at any point, not that long ago me and the rest of us were only 16 going to these matches. That being said we always got the transport we never went via the trains. Living close to the centre I do notice the way the away fans coming to the lane are herded through town but again I can't say I've ever experienced any issues away or at home with violence... seen a few lads argue between each other on the Kop once or twice mind.
  8. They are certainly pointlessly bright, when I have my brakes on and look in the rear view I can see them reflecting off signs way up the road but I suppose they serve a purpose. I have to come through the centre during rush hour and noticed since we've had the poor weather everyone just seems a little more urgent and agitated. I could POSSIBLY understand if there wasn't many people on the roads and they just wanted to be a pain and weave in and out to get home - not to condone it however but at least it would be possible albeit dangerous, but in stop start traffic you can see you're going nowhere fast just find a good station and wait it out, that's what I normally do.
  9. I moved off there around 5 years ago and spent my childhood living there. It's a lovely place for views and as a kid there's lots of woods and fields to play about in/on but I did notice a deterioration over the 11 or so years I was there. Crime increased and the new residents that were moving there we're quite rough so we looked at moving. I know people who still live round there and they say they don't get a great deal of bother but for me personally I wouldn't bother with the hassle. I'd say perhaps chance it if you was renting as it's liable you could be gone within a year if you didn't like it but I wouldn't advise buying.
  10. I can't say I'm holding my breath for a win, there's a chance we could surprise and nick it. I think we're capable of a point here for sure. My only problem is since day 1 I've been expecting a hammering the likes of Watford and Soton got, playing top teams like this always makes me worried it's about to happen.
  11. When watching football specifically United or England I always get nervous when teams attack but United defence has really proved it's worth I think receiving praise across the boards I have quite a bit of confidence in the midfield and defence for me now its the forwards that worry me, we create chances, good chances but really struggle to finish them. Moose wants to be getting more game time but come January I do think money needs to be spent in the area
  12. Poor from this guy. We had Arsenal at home 2 days later as well. We don't need anyone with those attitudes at the club when they're in the survival state they're in now. It's a waste of a lot of money but for me other players have produced more. I'd bench him and use him only IF we really need him to fill in for an injured player.
  13. It's strange you should mention since yesterday was the first time I tried to contact the Council for some information. In my time on hold I managed to: Play 10 minutes of a game Have a shower Get dressed from said shower Put out my washing Continue with previously mentioned game Eventually I had to go out so I put down the phone at 57 minutes on hold, which is a little silly it does seem they need more man power to deal with the volume of calls there Mine was a tax inquiry. From what I can see online you must keep paying the full amount and apply for the discounts and keep paying the full amount till they apply the discount. I'm not sure if they will back pay you after mind.
  14. Coffee seems to be very fashionable now days. Not only have we hundreds of Starbucks/Costas, now with drive through independent coffee shops are popping up on every corner claiming to have the most ethically sourced organic smoothest coffee in the world. Some coffee snobs will pay that price.
  15. I don't really think it matters if all supermarkets stopped. There are plenty of stores that pop up around now selling them.
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