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  1. I think Dash Cams are a good idea, almost like the VAR of driving. Some manufacturers are starting to jump on to this as well and include them built in to the interior mirrors, great idea if you ask me, I can't remember which one but one American manufacturer, Chevrolet or one of them has the built in dash cam respond to movement around the vehicle when the car is parked. If it detects anyone trying to break in to the car or damaging the car it will begin to auto record footage inside and outside
  2. Afternoon all If the whether is less monsoony tomorrow I'm heading out for a walk up to fox house, I plan to walk from Endcliffe park, to Norfolk arms, along the green lane directly opposite which leads directly to Fox House (Sorry unsure of the trail name) up to now my plan is to pretty much just do the same route back however is there an alternate route back towards Endcliffe Park I can take? I can't see any but I'm sure there are more people here with better knowledge of the general area. I've done this particular route a few times but never decided to look for a different way back till now.
  3. I've considered watching this. Is it a docu-series or is it a dramatised version of events?
  4. I mean she's just awful as a comedian but overlooking that any comments or jokes about acid attacks is a little silly at this point in time considering what has been happening particularly in London over the last year or so. More to the point why do comedians still do this? I mean I like edgy and dark humour personally, I wouldn't even think twice about a joke like this but surely people like Jo and Danny Baker must know making a joke like this could have serious repercussions when being broadcast to masses of people? Is it done simply in the heat of a moment when you think of a joke and just want to get it out? I don't know but I've always thought should I be the one in their seat, I'd probably think twice about commenting on something that will easily offend someone.
  5. They already have a smaller stage at Endcliffe anyway I THINK last year it was used mainly for Folk music and such? I lived a minute or two from Endcliffe park so I hear nothing but music all weekend. Personally doesn't bother me but I can't imagine the commotion if they moved the main stage there.
  6. The show is around disgusting. Sometimes it seems so farfetched it's difficult to even figure out if its real or not. They don't even attempt to hide their intentions - find a few people on the bottom end of the scale so we can point and laugh at them in a shameful attempt to make our own lives seem not so bad. Eventually this was bound to happen he's one condescending bell end, imagine getting screamed at by a prat in a suit in front of millions of people who himself has had his fair share if shameful antics
  7. I'd expect the prices to rise yes but each will differ like it does now depending on the band of match, bigger teams will mean bigger ticket prices, as far as I know it has always worked like this. In regards to the football shirt, my mother got me one as a gift this year, from the superstore it was... around £55 I think although right now I believe they're half price. I had to replace it recently as my other half decided to dye it fully red.
  8. It's a topic I have seen done often here but all seem rather outdated I've been interested for a little while about doing some sort of Boxing training to get fit etc and basically add more fun to working out. Would anyone recommend any decent gyms around Sheffield that cater for this? I'm not interested in any competitive fighting or anything along those lines Thanks all!
  9. I agree about Deano, he's young and seems to have genuine passion for the club and what he does, it also helps out that he's pretty good at his job too. Those qualities are only going to mean decent things for him. United should certainly do all they can to keep him it would be a shame to see him go.
  10. I believe size and numbers can often play a vital role. Many animals will shy away or run from a predator larger than its self unless it thinks it absolutely needs to fight. Which is why smaller animals brought up in the company of humans are mostly easy going coming in to contact with us
  11. Well thank goodness! I've been pacing waiting to hear what Mr Clooney thinks I should do. Thankfully Ellen has also re-tweeted to tell us all not to use these hotels, annoying, since I often hang out in luxury hotels when I'm not working. No of course I know why they've said/tweeted this etc and I guess every little helps but as far as I'm aware the Sultan comes from a background of Oil and unimaginable wealth I can hardly see this having any impact what so ever and that's if you manage to convince everyone (who can afford these places) to boycott them - which is highly unlikely, lets be honest most people couldn't care less about the intricate background ownership and workings of most places which is why Apple, Nike and a plethora of other business are globally massive despite the allegations of slave labour etc... they simply just want the product or services.
  12. You will find a lot of gyms now offer month rolling contracts but as said above it is better to start with the ones closest to you and see what benefits they offer you - I often go swimming so I always make sure I join a gym with the pool included. You will find people in gyms tend not to really care less what you're doing unless you're in their way and they may ask to use some equipment after you or during your rest periods (Should you have any) but to be honest they're there for their own work out, who you are and what you're doing/look like while you're doing it tends not to be their concern - or so I've found out anyway
  13. An old housemate of mine was originally from Nigeria and he would often tell me about traditions and practices towards African children, one that stood out for me was branding. Certain families would (and still do) brand their kids with patterns often tribal all over their bodies and faces. Some of his friends had the remains of the branding to this day, it was quite surprising. He never mentioned this sort of thing however after the stories something like this doesn't surprise me!
  14. Afraid so. The clues were there all along! This has been reported on a fair few other news sites, BBC, Independent etc. Do not get me started on MR Ben ... unbelievable https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6831951/Fireman-Sam-ISNT-sexist-insists-creator-says-children-not-recruiting.html#comments
  15. Thankfully I narrowly avoided it by seeing the backlog and taking an alternate route to work but it's just a joke really. I mean protesting about climate change? I thought we'd done with all that in the early 2000s
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