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  1. Might I suggest you wear a mask while you do your shopping etc, complete your shopping and go home without bothering about anyone else's business? Whether I agree with the mask wearing or not, I'm doing it for two reasons- as a common courtesy to others and to avoid having listen to the entitled moaners who think they have a right to ask me about why I'm doing this, that or the other. Trust me your life will be a lot easier if you just get on with it and don't worry about what someone else is doing.
  2. That depends on who your fighting. We currently have idiots running around claiming injustice, inequality and lack of peace in the very side of the world that has them. There is a side of this planet that is struggling with all of those things and this side isn't it - do they care? No. I have read one or two comments in the past where people somewhat justify the dropping of the bombs saying they ended the war and therefore potentially saving more lives in the long run.
  3. Till when. The BBC every now and then say there are promising trials under way. Thank the good Lord we have the experts on here (who I can only assume work in the Covid-19 vaccine and testing sector) who say a vaccine is unlikely to appear for years or even at all. So in the event our 'experts' are right, do they isolate till they die of another cause? Stick them on benefits or disability if they can't work and forget about them? This really isn't too difficult, we have the rules in place now so follow them. If you disagree with them you're entirely within your right to stay in and (preferably in my opinion) shut up and deal with it. Personal responsibility has to factor in to it. Right now it has never been easier to be able to remain indoors forever.
  4. My comment was pure sarcasm because I struggle to get my head around people sitting there thinking those who want to carry on as normal or live with maximum ease of lockdown are all simply happy for everyone to die. In fact it would help literally everything if people would stop trying to accuse people of simply wanting to kill everyone. As we stand currently, pending any changes on local areas we are at max ease or there abouts? We all know the risks we all know the rules, surely the people who are in favour of remaining 'locked down' till this all apparently goes away are very free to do so. No?
  5. Yes. In fact I remembered them saying "I'd rather people die"
  6. Extraordinary Anyway. Allegedly on the radio today there was mention of a new test which has the ability to differentiate between covid and the flu, since the symptoms are so similar. That would certainly be a game changer. I'd certainly be surprised to see a new national lockdown, I'm not entirely sure the country could handle it, more so I'm seeing numerous videos posted by friends etc of them just shredding or binning their 'local lockdown' letters so I'm going to assume more and more people will refuse to accept it.
  7. Good example. Our form tutors from school certainly had us all figured out for the rest of our lives. My word, 5 or so months, hundreds of pages, 2 separate threads and everyones still going in the same argumentative circles.
  8. The reality of it is that in all fairness, we all know the type of people that children should idolise and use as role models but the bottom line is - they just aren't popular or cool. More often than not children will idolise celebrities etc purely because they're rich and spend all day posting about their amazing lifestyle. Some of those include people who either broke the law once or were all out criminals till they either got caught or got a lucky break. The idea there (if we're going to talk about idolising these people) is to admire their work ethic and their character now as opposed to then.
  9. It's certainly fine to let ex criminals work with the young but they need to ensure that they're teaching them that the criminal path they chose was the wrong one. A lot of younger people idolise men and women that come from criminal backgrounds, they have a good platform to teach kids how to do it the right way instead of the illegal way - Kevin Hart does a lot of this.
  10. There are some free spots in Kellham Island. The ones I've used are outside the entrance to "The Gym" I would assume they get taken up quick but as someone else has mentioned, Neepsend is just round then corner and it isn't the longest walk in to town. I'd go for a dry run and drive around Kellham and spot the free spots. A suggestion a little out of the box but if you struggle to find anywhere, quite a few people are renting out parking spaces in the city centre. Could be something to look at depending on price.
  11. I understand why they're there I just dislike the sheer amount and the politics.
  12. Oh no doubt. However the sheer size and strength regardless offers the unfair advantage. Most sport organisations are so terrified of being called out by lunatics that they allow these sorts of things to happen. Ever so slightly off topic - sport is becoming a laughing stock for leftists politics. Personally I want my sports to feature only sports, I want no political involved. But that's just me I suppose, I think I'm just annoyed that it now takes 5 minutes for a game to get going and the shirts and stadiums are plastered with badges and sponsors. I miss the old days.
  13. Anyone not wearing it properly deserves it as far as I'm concerned. I'm looking forward to the day we see someone wearing it only over their mouth scalding someone in public for not wearing one at all. I'm seeing very little about the good news on the BBC regarding a potential vaccine triggering an immune response. A quote on the BBC says the trial has been expanded to other countries as the virus levels in the UK are low. Whilst it isn't guaranteed it's a possibility if everything works out well that a vaccine could be developed by the end of the year. An unbelievable accomplishment if it manages to happen.
  14. I think the unfortunate reality of biology is an issue. They can go through the change, the therapy, the counselling and any surgery they wish but underneath lies the male athlete that once was. No one is denying their right to do this but it certainly gives a huge advantage on the playing field and as mentioned originally it can be dangerous.
  15. I do not know how it's taken this long. The size of the lads that get away with playing in the womens league is ridiculous, they would even terrify me running towards me.
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