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  1. I've always thought that you could rely on the great Peter Harvey for getting his facts right. Just shows that he was only Human (occassionally) like the rest of us. I've had in my head for a long time that Handsworth became part of Sheffield in the 1920's (1926) and Woodhouse in the 1930's (1932). But just googled it and apparently both joined in 1921. I will never stop learning.
  2. Thank you. I've been trying to find copies of old OS maps of Woodhouse without success.
  3. It's clearly written on the 1911 census in my Great Grandfather's own hand as Belmore Road. I've seen the name mentioned on a couple of other documents. Quite a few family members lived on Talbot Road in Woodhouse. That road name doesn't now exist either. It took me a while to work out that the road name was changed after 1932 to Tilford Road. Talbot Road was previously known as Buck Croft in the 1800's. I'm assuming that a name change has happened with Belmore Road.
  4. I've been doing a bit (well a lot) of family tree research recently and my Grandfather lived in the early 1900's on Belmore Road in Woodhouse. Looking on maps said road does not seem to exist anymore, presumably either the name was changed when Woodhouse became a district of Sheffield in 1932, or the road has disappeared during re-development. Does anyone know where it used to be ?
  5. I'd be amazed if Sheffield ends up with anything other than, 4 Labour MP's and one Lib Dem.
  6. Surely, whether Palestine is a State or not has got nothing to do with the Sheffield Council? The Council should just get on with looking after Sheffield.
  7. The idea of Boris (or St. Jeremy) being PM fills me with horror
  8. The rest of the world must be looking on with bemusment and bewilderment, As am I.
  9. My parents were born in the 1930's and bothsuffered from Whooping Cough in their childhoods. They've always said what an horrific illness it was for them. I (born in the 1950's) had the vaccine, so thankfully never suffered from it, along with vaccines for Smallpox and Diphtheria and later a sugar cube to avoid Polio - my father's cousin spent many many years in an iron lung after contracting Polio. I was stuck down with Measels at the age of three, and chicken pox at seven and thankfully fully recovered from both. I've never had Mumps. My paternal Grandmother contracted Diphtheria in the early 1900's at the age of four and had a permanent limp as a consequence. People (parents) sadly don't seem to realise how horrific these diseases are and seem to think it won't happen to their child.
  10. Sadly, you voted in the referndum to damage the economic future of ALL children, irrespective of backgrouond.
  11. I've never understood the 'pout look' and never will.
  12. It's looking like The Star may well be right for a change, but that doesn't change the fact that it is still Autumn
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