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  1. It's not about devices with the capability to view TV, it's the actual act of receiving the signal or streaming content (from the BBC). As a business (just as at home) you only need a license if someone on the property is carrying out these acts.
  2. I've considered not renewing my license, nobody in the house really watches any live TV, let alone the BBC channels. Occasionally there is something good on the BBC iPlayer though, so I continue (for now). After watching a bunch of the MANY YouTube videos showing TVL home visits (to determine if you are receiving BBC transmissions or streams) there's one thing that concerns me, whenever police officers accompany a TVL agent they state that they are there to keep the peace, in the event that things get heated. It doesn't sit right with me that the police would, upon request, escort a representative of a profitable company like this (and, occasionally, act as enforcer for them). I'm fairly sure that if I requested the police accompany me to collect £100 that the local headcase owes me, they wouldn't give me the time of day.
  3. Yeah, I get this about 3pm on City Road - the stretch between the Cemetery and the fuel station. Huge queue (school run) in the right lane and the left lane completely empty, so I use it (which makes me an arch-villain). I'm not sure if it's because people don't read the sign with the bus lane operating times, or that they just see the queue and join it because that's the British way.
  4. ... and you can't call Easter eggs Easter eggs!
  5. Christmas is a Christian celebration to some, for many it is not. This is the case for myself and my family, Santa, Christmas trees and reindeer are much more relevant and are completely unrelated to the nativity. However, I don't think religion is something you can legitimately apply in half measures (one of the reasons why I'm not a fan), if you're going to acknowledge that Jesus Christ was an actual person and the son of God (whilst simultaneously being God himself) then how on Earth could you justify changing traditional religious carols to omit identifying him as your "lord" ?
  6. No, there is far more to it than just testosterone levels. Bone density/structure, muscle, heart size and red blood cell production are some of the advantages which remain long after testosterone is eliminated. I believe the testosterone level rules are a panicked and hasty measure, put in place to allow transgender participation and avoiding any human rights issues until a better solution is reached. I think one of the problems in trying to find a better solution is that simply discussing the matter seems to be taboo. It's incredibly sad (and ironic) that, as a byproduct of the struggle for equality, women are facing another new obstacle.
  7. If you had read my post you would have noticed that I acknowledged this. From the web page here: "Please note that these sessions are only open to black and minority ethnic (BME) students." While it doesn't specifically state it, this effectively only excludes white people, which (like it or not) is racial discrimination. In your opinion, how many races/ethnicities are excluded? Your comparison is not like for like, if the meeting was about racism against minorities only, then you might have a point. By excluding any racial demographic it is racial discrimination. The fact that the meeting is about stopping racism adds a very ferrous tinge to the whole thing.
  8. So it has, hopefully reason has prevailed and they will accept white applicants too. The meeting about racism doesn't seem to be about providing a safe space for any minorities though, it seems to be about racism - something that happens to all races by one degree or another.
  9. Absolutely It technically and literally is, even if that is not the intention. Or, to be more accurate, excluding a single race from a meeting about racism is racial discrimination in itself. That would depend, if it's a meeting about domestic violence in general (as in my OP) then it would be discriminating to only permit women. If it was about domestic violence against women, it might be more understandable.
  10. I don't think the name of an organisation matters too much, it's the admittance policy that counts. The NBPA does appear to bend the rules a little, although white people can become members they have a different status within the organisation. I'm not sure how that stands legally but it seems to be accepted. This is unrelated to the thread topic though. (EDIT: There is pretty much a NWPA already, it's called the police force)
  11. There have been a couple of racist incidents that made the news in past years (there was the banana incident most recently) but I have no idea of the less news-worthy racism incidents which may or may not be reported. I think the goal is to tackle racism among students and the university environment in general, rather than just within the Union.
  12. I consider myself to be a fairly balanced person when it comes to politics and ideals. When I read about the following I felt it should be discussed, as I am interested in other peoples' opinions on such matters in this age of ever morphing societal values and principles. The Sheffield Students' Union is holding meetings next Monday (14/10/19) to discuss how they can "create an anti-racist Students’ Union". From the web page here: "Please note that these sessions are only open to black and minority ethnic (BME) students." While it doesn't specifically state it, this effectively only excludes white people, which (like it or not) is racial discrimination. Yes, white privilege can be a thing and yes, most racism is from white people. Racism against white people is also a thing though, and so is discrimination. By excluding a racial demographic from this meeting they are not building any bridges, quite the opposite, it is causing a division (intentional or not). It's like holding a meeting to tackle domestic violence but only permitting women to attend. In their own words, "A Bit Racist Is Still Racist" EDIT: I realise this is sensitive subject matter and would prefer if certain people didn't just use it as a platform to vent their own racist views, thus getting the thread locked/removed. To those people, I am not your ally or sympathiser.
  13. Promoting rational thought and helping to break the perpetuation of nonsense is always a worthwhile cause 😄 All too often people conflate coincidence with correlation. Conkers don't give off a gas that repels spiders (at least, not in their regular form, it may be possible that such a gas is given off when they are in a state of decomposition, but unlikely). See post #159
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