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  1. According to Strava I generate about 150W on an average ride (Sheffield, with inclines) Offset the difference with some reductions in energy use (you won't need the heating high if you're cycling on the spot) and it could be feesible
  2. Probably, people used to have all kinds of ridiculous beliefs. Unfortunately we haven't fully moved on from ridiculous beliefs yet.
  3. Indeed, the Fraudulent Mediums Act 1951 means that anyone who can't prove they have these superpowers have to provide their (paid) services under the category of "Entertainment" This alone should ring alarm bells with anyone wanting to pay good money to these people for their services. If a "doctor" was listed as an entertainer rather than a medical professional, would people choose him to cure them?
  4. There have been cases in the USA (where they believe in such things more readily) that involved people who claim to have psychic powers. The results ranged from totally wrong/misdirecting information to cases having some success, with the success being indistinguishable from chance luck. There are various (profiting) docu-dramas, books, youtube videos that hype things up a bit more. At the end of the day, if something has already happened and somebody has knowledge of that event, that's not a superpower.
  5. I second this Although, if I were to spend my hard earned money on such goop, might as well be a McDonald's
  6. Regardless of the very sketchy referendum, he said he wouldn't... and then he did
  7. Before you spend any money, ask yourselves this... Out of all of the millions of people around the world who claim to have this superpower, how many of them use it for a benevolent cause? How many of them use it in an altruistic way, for the good of humankind? Vs. How many use it to make a few quid for themselves, after first convincing people by telling them about stuff that has already happened Hmm?
  8. As a law abiding cyclist, this pleases me too. I see fellow cyclists ride through red lights every day in town, sometimes having near-misses, it gives us a bad name and perpetuates the rift between road users. What really annoys me is that whenever the subject comes up, most cyclists either remain silent on it or reply with something about motorists committing worse/more dangerous offences. In my opinion we should be calling out our own on their bad decisions/actions rather than ignoring it and trying to shift the focus on to others, it may make them think a bit more.
  9. Strictly speaking, no A legal right is different to a lawful activity Cycling is a lawful activity but there is no specific right to cycle (or drive)
  10. A lot of people referring to the Highway code updates as "a new law" 🤔 It seems to be this update which is getting people all worked up: "Rule 213 On narrow sections of road, on quiet roads or streets, at road junctions and in slower-moving traffic, cyclists may sometimes ride in the centre of the lane, rather than towards the side of the road. It can be safer for groups of cyclists to ride two abreast in these situations. Allow them to do so for their own safety, to ensure they can see and be seen. Cyclists are also advised to ride at least a door’s width or 1 metre from parked cars for their own safety" Bearing in mind that cyclists have always been allowed to cycle in the centre of a lane, also ignoring the negative exaggeration from the media, what is it exactly that is so upsetting about this update?
  11. I meant in the Highway Code itself, but that'll do. It looks like they haven't yet updated it in the Highway Code online version
  12. Can anyone actually find the changes in the Highway Code? I've been looking but can't see them, none of the newspaper/website articles seem to provide a specific reference either It is true, cyclists have always been allowed to cycle in the centre of the lane
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