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  1. Virtually every bike already leaves the factory with a stamped identification number (usually under the bottom bracket) and there's already a database in use for it , free to use.
  2. This is something I've noted evolving over the last decade (Not specifically Halibut, but the far left). In the USA the far left have indeed adopted some of the mentality (not to be confused with the ideals) of the far right, such as trying to drown out free speech, use intimidation tactics and even violence. This hasn't gone unnoticed by the right and far right, who are using this to their advantage and holding up such examples to show themselves as being the morally 'bigger man' in the situation. In some respect, the far left are facilitating the far right.
  3. From a purely technical point of view, regardless of your movement's goals or ideals, if you use tactics that fall into criteria for terrorism then you may become listed as terrorists. Antifa, being of the extreme far left, are known to use violence and intimidation, this may (or may not) qualify as terrorism. As for your question, disapproving or disagreeing with Antifa's methods does not mean that one is not anti fascist. I think it's also worth noting that regardless of how despicable fascist views may be, it is not a crime to hold those views. The modern extreme far left are only a step behind the extreme far right (in the USA, at least). Also, Trump is a prick
  4. Your answer is a little convoluted, are you saying it's Islam?
  5. I seem to have only partially copied the link, here it is
  6. So what is it that he believes in?
  7. Mental exercise and meditation are not the same things, they're almost opposites, in fact
  8. So... Like I said, what does he actually believe in? (And what was he before the age of 14?) What makes you think we have a purpose? And what lies beyond what?
  9. Yeah, that's pretty dumb. It almost seems like a satirical post but it's probably real. Health protection regulations 2020 Here
  10. I can't see how you could possibly call fishing a form of exercise, mental or physical. In which case, there is a law against it.
  11. The full sentence is "There are no actual laws prohibiting you from going further afield though." ...in the context of exercise. And that's illegal, you say?
  12. What did they actually believe in?
  13. There are certainly laws prohibiting leaving the house, I linked to them in my last post. They do not limit how many times, how far or how long you can exercise for though.
  14. This is not the same as being born with belief in gods, it's nothing like it. It's actually a very shaky argument which is often used to try and rationalise belief in gods. I said that in the context of the suggestion that belief is the default position. Of course, after birth people can develop belief without indoctrination. Arriving at a belief without external influences though? Do you have an example of that?
  15. That's quite interesting, the government could probably do with issuing one concise statement of advice and use that, universally. The pamphlet that came through my door makes no mention of staying local. Your article links to this page, while I've been referring to this page (which I now see does actually mention staying local). There are no actual laws prohibiting you from going further afield though. The guidance titled "Coronavirus outbreak FAQs: what you can and can't do" is somewhat misleading and would be more accurately titled "What you should and shouldn't do"
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