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  1. ...and with no more reason to in believe one than the other
  2. The problem with people who believe in "ghosts" is that it tends to be because they experienced something they can't readily explain, apply this to a magic trick though - a magician performs a trick you can't explain, do you then believe that he/she has supernatural powers?
  3. As a cyclist myself who's taught several people how to ride, she may benefit from the simplicity of a (push) scooter first, to develop her centripetal balance. Stabilisers tend to create a reliance on them for stability. That's why balance bikes have become so popular for children.
  4. The "odours" you speak of are physical particles though, not some kind of paranormal ectoplasmic gas. If there's a solid barrier, they can't pass through.
  5. How does it "seep" through several layers of paint, plasterboard, wood and brick though
  6. "I don't like the idea," she said. "I don't think anybody does. My granddaughter has been trying to get it stopped." Based on what? "It will seep through my walls and it's going to stink." How will it do that? "I do think it will make crime here worse." In what way? They're just baseless, outraged comments.
  7. The comments are quite laughable: "I don't like the idea," she said. "I don't think anybody does. My granddaughter has been trying to get it stopped. "It will seep through my walls and it's going to stink. "I do think it will make crime here worse."
  8. My view is that religion should not be a protected characteristic (any religion). It is not something intrinsic or inherent to humans at birth, it's something that people choose or accept later in life. I despise the fact the English schools still have a legal obligation of "collective daily worship". In my opinion, schools should only concern themselves with factual education based in reality. That said, a few minutes of prayer in the school day shouldn't really inconvenience anyone, and as things stand religion currently IS a protected characteristic, so I don't see that the school has any case. The Daily Mail is clearly trying to poke the fires of its typical followers, which doesn't take much.
  9. This, totally. Tate is leading a current wave of "Alpha Male" social media influencers. They spout misogynistic ideals, along with instructions to never say please or thank you (because it's "weak") and that if you want something you should take it, always be dominant, never back down or take blame for anything, etc. Basically teaching lads to be rude, arrogant and selfish. I'm not convinced all of these toxic masculinity influencers even believe what they're saying but they've identified a trend which gets them followers and likes.
  10. That's a reasonable price for someone else to do it. If you want to do it yourself you'll need to buy a spoke adjusting tool (couple of quid off ebay or maybe Amazon) and also something to act as a visual point of reference, this can be something as simple as a tie-wrap / zip-tie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQ4g1QNg4dU
  11. Thanks, before I go all the way out there, are they truly plain white or do they have other markings on them?
  12. The Church (and most religions, in general) have always cherry picked and changed their rules and ideals. It's silly really, there have been no updates from God on revisions of the Bible. That's the problem with most religions though, you either believe the holy texts literally (which are full of contradictions and nasty advice/rules) or you just choose the bits you like, which means you aren't really a true believer in the strictest sense.
  13. Can you tell me where this post office is? I've been to quite a few now and none of them have plain white boxes
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