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  1. Just looked at C81, Talking Pictures from now until next Wednesday, no sign of Catweasel, but at least there was a new documentary about Lindsey Anderson (O lucky Man, If) and some Robin's Nest for old times sake.
  2. I recently set up a system to transfer my own VHS tapes to DVD. I can offer this service to others for £7.50 a tape for simple jobs, or £10 if a tape wants splitting into chapters and editing. I live in S8 for drop off of tapes or postage is negotiable.
  3. Hello Russell, I messaged you a couple of weeks ago. It still says unread. Perhaps you need to make more posts to use messaging. Norbert
  4. The Electric Armpits recorded a couple of sessions at Ken Patten’s. Four of the songs were played on Radio Hallam. Memories of Studio Electrophonique and some of Ken’s stories are contained in the very entertaining ‘The Armpits Are Electric’ The Story of an 80’s School Band by Ian Turner. Praised by Frank Sidebottom but no-one else, one of the songs from Ken’s later had a video made for it by the singer’s son: - Merry Christmas - The Electric Armpits https://youtu.be/Vl2lKKkSHkI The book is available here: - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Armpits-Are-Electric-Story-Schollband/dp/1901587983 I was a member of the band, not Ian Turner I hasten to add, and am available for further comment.
  5. Other things that happened nearer to WWII than to today: Peter Davidson becomes Dr Who Only Fools & Horses, Postman Pat, Tenko Time Bandits, Gregory's Girl NEXT stores and AIDS appear in the UK
  6. Thanks for helpfully discussing this everyone. I’m thinking it must be the Fallacy of the Single Cause or Key Agent, or possibly The Heroic Figure. Clearly the Beatles/Jazz fallacy is wrong on many levels, I cite it only as a similar fallacy to that of a historical Key Agent. It may be that Evil Dictators are unique individuals, but who’s to say that several of their inner circle or thousands of their countrymen couldn’t have become intoxicated by power and ridden the wave to a similar conclusion. There’s many a psychotic gob****e.
  7. It’s more like it should be called the Key Agent Fallacy than the Tipping Point Fallacy. While we are thankful for what they did or invented it would have happened anyway. We’d still have the phone, TV and internet without the famous inventors we know. Technology was a big influence on music of 50/60s, as was co-incidentally the events set off by Rosa Parks. Electric guitars and Basses were a very recent introduction to Britain, Then things like multitrack recording, creative Producers, distortion, amplification etc. The underlying forms don't change much, just the timbre.
  8. Isn’t it sobering to think that Don’t You Want Me by the Human League was released closer to the end of the Second World War than to today. As were No Sleep Til Hammersmith - Motorhead, Depeche Mode - Just Can’t Get Enough, Sonic Youth’s Debut Album, Limelight – Rush, Whip It – Devo, Land Speed Record – Husker Du, Penthouse and Pavement – ABC, Rise Above - Black Flag, etc. As of today the mid point between VE Day and now is by my calculation: 30th Jan 1982. This was inspired by something Richard Osman said about Baggy Trousers by Madness a while back.
  9. Watched Dr Who the other week, and was bit surprised by the fact that a time travelling racist thought racial integration would be severely set back by stopping Rosa Parks protesting on the Montgomery bus that particular day. I’m reminded of a friend who once said, ‘If it wasn’t for the Beatles we’d all still be listening to Jazz.’ I’m inclined to believe that in these situations that change is on it’s way or overdue, and that if there was no Rosa Parks or Beatles someone else would soon appear and fill their shoes or catalyze change. So what I’m wanting to know is, is there an everyday name for this type of historical fallacy? I’ve not been able to find one and for now shall have to call it the If It Wasn’t For The Beatles We’d All Still Be Listening To Jazz Fallacy. Thanks for your consideration.
  10. My mum has a painting of an otter by Diane Gott of Woodhouse, and nice it is too. I know the house by sight but not the address. Would you like me to push a note through for you? PM me what you want me to put on the note.
  11. I can't just rub pomade into my beard and take tasting notes all night you know.
  12. FAO Chalkboard Please encorage the new owners to keep the pool table and to serve 'til midnight and you've got 4 regulars guaranteed.
  13. Hi NickEP me owd mucker, You and bigsteve won't be able to message each other with contact details until you've posted 5 times on SF. So either post some crazy opinions, or if you want I'll message bigsteve for you.
  14. Hi WhiteLion (Jon & Mandy) Is that by any chance Mandy with the red/pink hair and a love of dogs? Will you be scrapping the no hats policy? Is there a quiz? All the best
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