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  1. I fully support the medal sharing of the two high jumpers, they’re not performing monkeys forced to jump and jump until one or both sustain injury at a height they thought they simply could not do. It may have been better for them to both get 50% gold/silver alloy medal though. People passionate about women’s weightlifting and people passionate about allowing trans contestants in women’s weightlifting are two different groups. If by some remote chance the latter come to dominate, the sport will split anyway. The data is not in yet on the advantages trans athletes gain, but when it soon is I’m sure sense will prevail. In my opinion data will show trans athletes have a distinct advantage whatever their current testosterone level and trans events will be separate, more medals for everyone in that case.
  2. Why don't we let people who are passionately interested and involved in certain sports work to set the rules, and not people with wider agendas to push.
  3. Surly there are eggs, flour and ovens in Australia?
  4. If you read my first post you'll see I'm talking about low level acrobatics, stall turns near built up areas. Perhaps it was the police and they'd seen a naked sunbather, but they use a helicopter for that sort of thing.
  5. Palm Springs 8/10. Straight into my top ten time loop films. Orbiter 9 6/10. Good looking but preposterous. Also to add, everyone with a reasonably strong stomach should see Dead Man's Shoes 9/10. Visits to Matlock have never been the same since.
  6. c1950 my mum was walking home from the Rex cinema through Richmond Park when a flasher emerged from the bushes, 'I've seen better hair on bacon' she claims she quipped and sauntered on.
  7. I can assure you this plane was not flying at the height of mount Snowdon, I could almost make out the pilots sandwich filling.
  8. As this primarily affects women's sports, perhaps we should let women sort out this thorny issue.
  9. There was a small plane flying over Killamarsh last week that repeatedly flew vertically until it stalled and then it dropped and the engine restarted. Was surprised this was allowed over houses!?
  10. Can you give us an idea of some of the songs you cover? Also are you after mostly lead or rhythm, I.e. Is there already another guitarist in the band? Do you have any ambitions to write and record your own songs?
  11. I've been through the camp a couple of times lately and the people are nice and friendly. They didn't seem to be encroaching on the graveyard. I think your comments are rather hysterical.
  12. Thank you. I just knew it would be a speed of light is analogous to clock speed thing, A classic stoner insight!
  13. I'd be interested to read the original article, satire or not. Had a quick look but couldn't find it.
  14. Sorry I don't have the equipment for cine film transfers.
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