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  1. There's 218 on picturesheffield.com
  2. There's 416 on picturesheffield.com
  3. There are plenty of wastrel offspring of the higher orders who would benefit from working in a branch of Oxfam. People who can sort the classics from the pulp, the chic from the ****e, everyone needs a niche.
  4. As the Waitrose of charity shops perhaps Oxfam want to make sure they have the 'right sort of people'.
  5. How disingenuous , the working class have been buying their own homes for 60 years or more, and have been suckered into taking student loans for 30 don't you know. Those that no longer class themselves as working class are working class. Almost by definition.
  6. You know it all already and that this is but a fraction of the truth, it's still disturbing and anger-inducing, I hope there's a comeuppance, a lasting humiliation, an early demise... Never trust a Tory
  7. Young people don't know they're born with their takeaways, home gastronomy and BOL veg pots.
  8. Bet it's a posh version. Red onion? Cider vinegar?
  9. Sliced onions and cucumber floating in malt vinegar, where's tha been?
  10. Bring back lumbago, impetigo, tin baths, lineament, outside lavvies, being ostracised for any small difference, rheumatic fever, having all your teeth out at 21, fiery jack, conscription, constipation, TB, Sunday best, firing squads, smallpox, RP, strong leadership, tar and feathering, Yorkshire salad, paying out your life savings for treatment for injuries sustained fighting for the King, common sense, going over the top, Ruffle bars of course and that lighting-up map, and an unswerving belief in the headteacher, bobby, doctor, dignitary, vicar, officer, and nobleman. The past was just better in every way
  11. If there's one gallery I found uninteresting as a child and still find deathly dull as an adult it's the cutlery and knives gallery. Give me geology, ancient history and social history any day. I went in Weston Park the other day, the new Thomas Bateman exhibition is worth a visit. Also went in the Millennium Gallery, the Not Without My Ghosts: The Artist As Medium exhibition is just awful, but the pictures next door of Humberstone Fitties and other housing is good. IMO.
  12. At least you've kept your dignity, I'd imagine.
  13. So it comes without battery, charger, lens or memory card?
  14. I don't use fb so if you don't have any takers please let me know.
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