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  1. OpenShot works for me. Have a look in the online user guide for details about the subtitling https://www.openshot.org/en/
  2. .-. . .--. --- .-. - . -..
  3. StraightChris? I'm not following you.
  4. My first mashup: Not suitable for children, work or people.
  5. Call off the comet, these are rather good, Being Scrubbed especially. I'm now working on my own mashup, stay tuned
  6. Come friendly comets and fall on Earth...
  7. I wish it did have a volcano, unfortunately it’s flat as a pancake and only 10cm above sea level. When I set off from Easter Island looking for it last year I must have rowed the wrong way as I never got there. I might sell it and buy one nearer home, there’s a reedy island in the middle of Forge Dam I’ve got my eye on.
  8. I used to be a cleaner at CERN nr Geneva, and after the scientists had clocked off at 5pm I'd turn the supercomputer back on and mine bitcoins overnight, it was going really well until the meter reader came and realised what was going on. Luckily they let me off with just paying back the 'lekky, and now I own my own island.
  9. On a similar theme Bobby Ball and Eddie Large both died (of Covid) leaving the distinct possibility of Cannon & Little, an idea hampered by them both being the straight men. Oh why do the funny ones die young? Which other national treasures have been broken up, and what might rise from the ashes? The ChuckleGoodies?
  10. Or those wearing mixed fibres, those who have received instruction from a woman, collectors of wood on the sabbath, etc. Cherry picking lightweight fundamentalists 🙄
  11. The inscription says 'Rowan caught in April 1702' You could try taking it into the Airy Fairy shop on London Road, it looks like something they might have in their window.
  12. I would love to have lived in a communal band like Fairport Convention at Farley House, Can at Castle Nörvenich, Amon Düül, The Grateful Dead and many other psychonaut outfits. We would have edited down 36 hour improvisations into 7 minute gems and eaten macrobiotic noodles.
  13. So that's Paul King on vocals, Brian May on guitar, Roger Taylor on drums, Prince on his back in a coffin, and the obscure 80's singer Princess also on vocals. I imagine they'll get Trevor Horn on bass and play the following setlist: Love and Pride Say I'm Your number One And 53 Queen hit songs Might work The ultimate!
  14. I tend to think of abominations such as McBusted, Boyzlife and SugarKittens signifying the end of civilisation. Is this too harsh? Coming soon Clashpistols, ABC17League, SinittaTikeram... Please inform and entertain us with any more real or made-up tawdry mashup bands.
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