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  1. It's perspective isn't it, I associate bacon and cheese with death and rank coagulation.
  2. Best: Weed Sweet Peas Whiskey Worst: Rendering Factories Bacon Muck spreading time Cheese
  3. Have found you on Facebook and messaged you there.
  4. Hi Simon, great to hear from you. I can send you an mp3 of COS's session recorded at Norton College for SCR Radio, if I can somehow get your email. For some reason my Sheffield Forum inbox is 300% full so I can't personal message you. I can give you you the WAV file or a CD if you have a postal address. Do you frequent the Brothers Arm's, I live round there? I must admit to nicking your bassline to DJ's Flesh for one of my recent tunes, I will desist if needed!
  5. Are you able to divulge the name of the additional account?
  6. I was out for a walk with Basil today, funny as ever. Can you point us to his new account, am intrigued.
  7. Ok, perhaps we can test this by you coming up with a product, the symbol commonly found on it, and a suitable company that has the power to change the symbol on it? Then we can make up a story and see if we can get people riled up.
  8. 'You've got to remember that these are just simple farmers. These are people of the land. The common clay of the new West. You know... morons.'
  9. What will be next is another made up story about Banning Christmas cakes? Or calling them Tickmas Cakes? :facepalm:
  10. Unsurprisingly I'm an atheist too. Anything that weakens religion's power over us is good by me. All the major Abrahamic religions in this country were secularising at the same decent rate at one point until the increase in hate for certain ones caused the followers to cleave back together and become more devout. Careful what you wish for folks.
  11. We established on the last page that the story isn't real, like almost all similar stories, it's just stuff to trigger the simple minded. All religions are equally made up though. Do you follow one?
  12. Apropos of very little, I'm English but if I watch an England v Wales rugby match I want Wales to win as a mark of admiration for the passion and commitment they have/had for the game. The recent documentary Slammed was absolutely brilliant. I also say that as an ex player.
  13. What if the tick was made of lovely chocolate, hand painted by George Clooney?
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