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  1. They look like something from the Panaeolus mushroom family, which range from edible to hallucinogenic, but not deadly poisonous.
  2. I'll never forget Cup Final day 1973, I was a hyped up 7 year old, keen to see if Sunderland could pull off an incredible cup run, the match got underway and was thrilling. Then my mam ran in screaming, blood dripping from her hand. She'd taken the opportunity to scrub the front step while me and father watched the game, a huge splinter had come off the sill and gone in deep under her thumbnail. Father had to break off and take her to A&E to get it removed leaving me to watch the match with gran looking after me. Best cup final ever.
  3. As I predicted (and cautioned you against) you have gone down the route trying to prove scripture by showing it contains divine revelation. Also as I predicted you have fallen at the first hurdle as flesh does not clothe bones, bones are made as the baby develops. By your own terms, this mistake and doubtless many others in the Koran prove that the Koran is not of divine origin and is simply the work of a man of his time. Cue undignified attempts to claim ambiguity in the text allows different interpretations... As for claiming a bit of scripture with the words “...created for you (the senses of) hearing, sight and deduction”, is a divine prediction about the order of embryonic development, then already you are clutching at undignified straws. I would think the local biologist who you say was rendered speechless by this was just being polite.
  4. I think it’s a losing game trying to justify the whole of a belief system by claiming it contains divinely inspired knowledge. Primarily because one mistake and the whole house comes tumbling down. Adherents tie themselves in knots claiming one fact is revealed but another is poetic allegory when it goes against what we know. I don't think it's a fruitful path for us to follow, and it's an undignified way to shore up a religion imho.
  5. I found some Chicken Of The Woods mushrooms today and had a sandwich of it, avocado, beetroot and hummus for tea, I enjoyed the texture and savoury taste. By chance my neighbour asked me what I’d had for tea, which led to me giving him a piece, and he was amazed. The veggie food industry should really try and use it. With food in general it’s what you get used to: To me soya milk tastes neutral, while cows milk is cloying. Dairy cheese tastes rancid, while vegan cheese is just strange. Veggiburgers and sausages range from succulent to cardboardy (Linda Mc, if overcooked), and fit nicely into the different shapes bread comes in.
  6. I agree, it’s all very strange to modern ears with our knowledge of biology, genetics and the other sciences.
  7. So good it makes me nostalgic for a scene, a time, a place, I never experienced.
  8. I don’t mean to cause offence, but the strange occurrences of which you speak of sound similar to those of ufos, flat earthers, spiritualists, Mormons and countless other movements and cults which sensible people have no time for. Should we give your claims special consideration?
  9. Have been vegan since the 80s and have never come across fries/chips that aren't vegan. Apart from stuff labelled 'Traditional thick cut chips in Goose fat' I suspect the recipe has changed and coincidentally they have made vegan labelling more visible. McCains chips are vegan, Aunt Bessie's chips are vegan. I ordered some Morrisons chips for my mum recently and she complained they were tasteless, so she's back with the Aunt Bessie's
  10. Archer Road beer shop are open, think they have hand pulled.
  11. The Brooke-Taylor Solicitors office is opposite Pizza Express in Buxton.
  12. As a budding guitarist I used to go out of my way to see him, Sheffield Show, Blackstock Rd, dahn t' club etc. Sad to hear of his passing. RIP
  13. Guitarist looking for singer. Ability to play an instrument or write lyrics welcome but not essential. Maybe we’ll start playing our favourite songs with me on acoustic guitar, if it works out then we could get other people on board and I’ll shift to electric guitar or bass. I have original song ideas and have previously played in duos and bands. I wouldn’t want to be doing popular songs to entertain people, I want to do songs that move us on a personal level. Favourite old things – John Martyn, Nick Drake, Donny Hathaway, Beck, Can, Bevis Frond, Stephen Malkmus, James Brown, U Roy, Afghan Whigs, Smog, Joni Mitchell, Eno, Jeff & Tim Buckley, Neil Young, Early Hall & Oates, Byrds, Soft Machine... Favourite newish things – Michael Kiwanuka, Sharon Van Etten, Courtney Barnett, This Is The Kit, Ty Segall, Mark Kozelek, Sia, Field Music, Sufjan Stevens, Weyes Blood… Also interested in joining established band compatible with above.
  14. Thanks, it's the right year but sounds nothing like the COS I knew. They had a male singer and were as Mel says psychedelic indie.
  15. Well remembered, it helps narrow down when they were about. I’ve looked on YouTube, Google etc., and they seem to have left no trace. It would be a pity if they never recorded anything professionally, the cassette I have was copied from the reel-to-reel they played live onto so might be the best/only copy in existence unless someone taped it off the radio. I remember the Longpigs (and the Bollweevils) being the most troublesome during the recordings, the main problem with the Longpig was the manager who was needlessly pushy and the Bollweevils drum-kit that sounded ****e. I remember Crispin played guitar through a really knackered old Selmer amp that had lots of erm character. I played bass with Dee from the Longpigs c1999, he was great, I really had to tighten up. RIP Dee
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