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  1. Thank you. I just knew it would be a speed of light is analogous to clock speed thing, A classic stoner insight!
  2. I'd be interested to read the original article, satire or not. Had a quick look but couldn't find it.
  3. Sorry I don't have the equipment for cine film transfers.
  4. Cheers WadsleyBlade, it was a pleasure dealing with you. If anyone else on here needs VHS transfers let me know. I also do Cassettes, Minidisks, photographic negatives, slides...
  5. probably easier and cheaper to buy a used one on eBay.
  6. I have a vhs player hooked up to a DVD recorder, and with another step could make a video file on a stick. If you can supply the vhs c adapter I can do this at about £10 per tape.
  7. What stick blender is it? I'd imagine it would have a proprietary switching mechanism so hard to replace. Desk lamp should be easier, but again what model is it?
  8. I'm sad to hear Len Widdowson has recently died, aged around 100. He compiled several books on Beighton, Woodhouse and Hackenthorpe and did a lot to promote local history. RIP Len
  9. I always got an email a couple of days before my books were due back and have had nothing since lockdown. Sure enough I've got a fine and missing materials on my library account. I will politely but firmly tell them to cancel these fines but I know many old people would be worried about it, my mum wouldn't sleep. My grandmother would worry she was going prison if she paid a bill late. It's a very poor show
  10. Have you considered one of the custom computer building companies, you can choose from different cases or an additional A/V front panel. You also get more for your money.
  11. Ulla! But seriously, if they find fossils or microbes it will change the way we understand ourselves and the universe. If they find the place is sterile and always was it is also important.
  12. Veg and flower seeds now in LIDL, 29p - 49p. Got most of this years seeds for price of 1 packet of big name seed 😀
  13. According to my mum the shop on the left corner of Victoria Rd was 'Greenfield's', she was friendly with their daughter Maisie. The pictures on the Picture Sheffield website are a bit blurry, but if you use the zoom button they are sharper and you can read some of the writing on the shops. My mum lived around the corner 1938-1964 but doesn't remember the name Roe. She does remember the VE Day party on Victoria Rd, it was very raucous with the women dancing with their dresses tucked into their knickers! Mum's parents were strict methodists and didn't attend.
  14. There are several pictures of shops on Victoria Rd on the Picture Sheffield website. Just search 'Victoria Road Woodhouse' Do you know what years the shop operated? My mum lived just round the corner on Sheffield Rd, I'll ask her when I see her.
  15. Still punning on Twitter, not in best of health some years ago.
  16. The 1922 OS map of Woodhouse shows Belmore Rd where Balmoral Rd is today.
  17. According to the oracle that was Maggie Bell. There was a DI Robbie Ross in Taggart, a memory mashup maybe?
  18. I was saddened to hear of the death of Annie Ross, singer and actress, she led a colourful life and entertained me in several ways. She wrote a favourite song of mine Twisted, some people might know the Joni Mitchell cover. She provided the voice of Britt Ekland in The Wicker Man. She married the great jazz drummer Kenny Clarke, had an affair with Lenny Bruce, owned a jazz club in London and sang with Lambert, Hendricks & Ross who are not so well known now but were highly feted.
  19. I'm ever so sorry to tell you Simon moved to Canada in the late 90's and was lost in a fire at a maple syrup factory. Ken always reckoned Simon knew his way around at least 2 stings on that bass, more than some other more famous local bass players by all accounts.
  20. Mojo, Uncut, Record Collector and Shindig are thankfully still available at time of writing.
  21. Hoyland nr Barnsley has the holy triumvirate of Jack Fulton's, Heron and B&M all within a stones throw of each other, houses are cheap and film crews often visit to make documentaries about Kestrels. If you are not in a mobility scooter they will probably make you their king. Access to the motorway is good too.
  22. They look like something from the Panaeolus mushroom family, which range from edible to hallucinogenic, but not deadly poisonous.
  23. I'll never forget Cup Final day 1973, I was a hyped up 7 year old, keen to see if Sunderland could pull off an incredible cup run, the match got underway and was thrilling. Then my mam ran in screaming, blood dripping from her hand. She'd taken the opportunity to scrub the front step while me and father watched the game, a huge splinter had come off the sill and gone in deep under her thumbnail. Father had to break off and take her to A&E to get it removed leaving me to watch the match with gran looking after me. Best cup final ever.
  24. As I predicted (and cautioned you against) you have gone down the route trying to prove scripture by showing it contains divine revelation. Also as I predicted you have fallen at the first hurdle as flesh does not clothe bones, bones are made as the baby develops. By your own terms, this mistake and doubtless many others in the Koran prove that the Koran is not of divine origin and is simply the work of a man of his time. Cue undignified attempts to claim ambiguity in the text allows different interpretations... As for claiming a bit of scripture with the words “...created for you (the senses of) hearing, sight and deduction”, is a divine prediction about the order of embryonic development, then already you are clutching at undignified straws. I would think the local biologist who you say was rendered speechless by this was just being polite.
  25. I think it’s a losing game trying to justify the whole of a belief system by claiming it contains divinely inspired knowledge. Primarily because one mistake and the whole house comes tumbling down. Adherents tie themselves in knots claiming one fact is revealed but another is poetic allegory when it goes against what we know. I don't think it's a fruitful path for us to follow, and it's an undignified way to shore up a religion imho.
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