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  1. He was the first winner on Mastermind i think? Might be wrong though.
  2. THE BLEEDIN' SPARRER We ‘ad a bleedin’ sparrer Lived up a bleedin’ spaht One day the bleedin’ rain came dahn An’ washed the bleeder aht. An’ as 'e layed ‘arf drahnded Dahn in the bleedin’ street ‘E begged that bleedin’ rainstorm To bave ‘is bleedin’ feet. But then the bleedin’ sun came aht Dried up the bleedin’ rain So that bleedin’ little sparrer ‘E climbs up ‘is spaht again. But, Oh! - the cruel sparrer ‘awk ‘E spies ‘im in ‘is snuggery ‘E sharpens up ‘is bleedin’ claws An’ rips ‘im aht by thuggery. Jist then a bleedin’ sportin’ type Wot ‘ad a bleedin’ gun ‘E spots that bleedin’ sparrer ‘awk An’ blasts ‘is bleedin’ fun. The moral of the story Is plain to everyone... That them wot’s up the bleedin’ spaht Don’t get no bleedin’ fun
  3. Don't. It's very exhilarating sometimes. Times
  4. But the imdividual strands of DNA from each paremt should be of equal lengths to combine properly, so that would make them equal surely?
  5. Perhaps you are then. Everybody does it. Do you get equal amounts of DNA from each parent?
  6. I wouldn't. Is teaching young children about a fictional character that delivers presents around the world on christmas eve teaching them that it's OK to tell lies? Is it cruel when they eventually realise that you've been telling them lies?
  7. Try increasing participation - same yesterday. Parts.
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