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  1. I've seen the video that shows the copper crack the lad and the aftermath. I do not expect a police officer to use that kind of force unless they feel in danger of their life or it was the only way to subdue an offender. From what I have seen o don't think this was the situation the copper found himself in. At the moment my thoughts are that I hope the copper gets what he deserves, it appears to be an appalling use of force.
  2. Jay, my sincerest condolences to you and your family, and such an important message you share at what must be a very difficult time for your family x
  3. Yea, I get scam emails almost daily to one of my email accounts. Generally just delete the lot in one go without paying much aattention. If it's an email supposedly from a company I deal with and I'm not sure if it's genuine or not I will telephone them on a number I know to be a genuine one for their business and check with them. If its any claim of an unpaid bill or something like that I know if its genuine they will follow it up in the post if they don't hear from me and I've deleted their emails as spam.
  4. If they're emails from businesses or organisations I'm pretty sure that is against GDPR regulations so could be taken up with the company as a breach.
  5. Ha, well indeed. Didn't realise the councillor was former UKIP so that probably explains the wiki / gov.uk difference, thanks.
  6. http://democracy.sheffield.gov.uk/mgMemberIndex.aspx?FN=PARTY This shows one Independent, not sure which is likely to be the most up to date or accurate though 🙄
  7. I agree. I'd be happy with being in the office part time and that would probably help my productivity at home as well. Saving particular bits of work that I knew are easier to complete if I can get stuck into them without distraction etc. At the moment I just don't have that choice. For me personally, I think rather than working from home being the problem, it's just been the overall distancing from other people in general that's caused me to feel the way I do. Of course someone else in a similar situation to me might still feel differently about home working. When browsing the jobs market now I do take into consideration whether the job will be remote working and it is affecting the jobs I'm interested in. But as you said each to their own. I'm doing what I think works best for me as others will do for themselves.
  8. Still working from home and still hating it. First couple of months I was working with laptop on my lap and that was awful. Realising that home working was going to continue obviously I had to purchase a suitable desk which made the situation better and improved my productivity. However, I know my productivity is still down in comparison to being in the office and tbh my main interactions with other people Mon - Fri came from the office environment so I have missed that.
  9. Which in turn drew it away from the cannabis smokers market as it became stronger and stronger and towards those wanting to escape withdrawal from harder drugs.
  10. Fair enough. Just doesn't seem a very efficient scam for a big company such as Virgin. If it happened to me I'd refuse to pay and they'd be out of pocket.
  11. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me that Virgin would do that maliciously, they don't have your bank details to take payment. But if that is their tactic I can only assume the plan is to aggressively contact their new customers after the switch hoping to bully vulnerable people into giving over their details which is appalling behaviour.
  12. I'm concerned about how it will play out for things previously overseen by PHE that don't seem to be a part of the new agency; obesity, smoking cessation, mental health, substance misuse etc.
  13. And just reading about palantir I was surprised to read '.. NHS blog post has since removed reference to pseudonymisation of data'. I would have no problem with numbers, severity of case, location etc being analysed but given the reported history of their work, I would not be happy for any identifiable data to be in their hands if they can't be trusted to use it in accordance with data privacy laws. (Don't think I'd picked up on that side of it scrolling the posts last night, my mistake)
  14. Yes, that's very interesting with the information about your car accident and someone having to match details etc. to get your new contact details. I had thought (sounds like I have done so wrongly) that the idea to gain future census style info was by matching such things as council tax records and national insurance to determine the basics - where you live, people in household, household income etc. Data that I've always thought local and national govt would have been the data controller. And if it did go down that route a statement added to privacy notices saying something along the lines of 'The data you provide us will be used to create future Census information for the purpose of....'
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