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  1. We noticed it on razors, other half now just buys razors 'for men'
  2. There's a post on Facebook saying that SCC are holding an internal review today to understand why the road closure wasn't put in place by the contractor.
  3. Yep, and it won't be getting switched on any time during October. But maybe I'm lucky being on the middle floor of a block of three flats
  4. Came back on time as per the timings given on #16
  5. I agree. Interesting post here
  6. Yes it seems that way. Neither side of this crime should be ignored
  7. Thanks. Yes we will see what they do for 2022/23, unions will fight for it but it'll be hard if councils are having to cut back.
  8. I also think with the type of crime it was, it was committed because of the type of man he was and not because he was a police officer. Because of the type of man he was he used his status as a police officer to do what he did. If he'd never become a police officer but became a taxi driver (for example) he might have used that as a way to do what he did.
  9. That side of it is definitely not being talked about as much in the media. It'd be very disappointing if that was being done brush it aside so nothing had to be done about it. Hopefully that's not the case and there are reviews and processes in place to see what can be done to minimise risks like this. I certainly don't think that his abuse of power is irrelevant in this story.
  10. I thought there was a freeze on inflation pay increases for local authority staff in 2021/22?
  11. No, nor do I think that the police don't need to do anything about bent coppers. I'm merely trying to say why I think the media coverage has taken a particular direction.
  12. You think = you don't know so you are guessing.
  13. Male violence against females is a big topic at the moment, I thought the extent of it was pretty well understood. But to put it into perspective the crime survey estimates that 2.9% of females aged 16 - 74 experienced any sexual assault in the last year. Unfortunately I can't find the proportion that were male on female but it's going to be the vast majority. In England that equates to 1.18 Million women. The police force in England has just over 135k FTE officers.
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