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  1. The place is a Sheffield institution and I have no doubt that is only because customers are satisfied. I'm just not going to shop somewhere the staff treated me (my own experience) like that. I wrote a letter of complaint, received a standard template response, what else can you do? No way would I want to shop somewhere and spend my money with them again
  2. I used Atkinsons once, received appalling customer service, and have never been back.
  3. F35s doing a flypast over the Mi Amigo site for the 80th anniversary. Saw one of them over Dore, I assume after the flypast
  4. On the First bus app you can choose to see all buses that stop at a particular stop or choose to see First only
  5. Growing up we always went to a pantomime on Christmas eve, every year until I was 16. Probably lasted that long because you begin to understand the innuendo etc aimed at the adults as you become a teen and so I still just found them hilarious. These days I think my only traditions are around the food that I only eat at Christmas time
  6. Left leg, right leg, your body will follow. They call it walking!
  7. The river level at Twenty Well Lane yesterday was higher than it was during the 2007 floods
  8. I see the guy on the Moor regularly, I find it really annoying. It's probably the same people that used to be on fargate. I did see him having a conversation with two of the men who have leaflets and information about Islam and the Qur'an recently, the Muslims appeared to be trying to have a conversation with him while he was ranting at them
  9. Maybe he was wondering when you were going to cast the first stone
  10. Ooh, interesting thoughts. Yea, I wonder how it will play out. Though no doubt different versions across different outlets
  11. BBC News - Wagner boss Prigozhin killed in plane crash in Russia https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-66599733 Hardly surprising really
  12. Ah fair enough, I thought the terminus might have allowed for the turn to take place.
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