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  1. And just reading about palantir I was surprised to read '.. NHS blog post has since removed reference to pseudonymisation of data'. I would have no problem with numbers, severity of case, location etc being analysed but given the reported history of their work, I would not be happy for any identifiable data to be in their hands if they can't be trusted to use it in accordance with data privacy laws. (Don't think I'd picked up on that side of it scrolling the posts last night, my mistake)
  2. Yes, that's very interesting with the information about your car accident and someone having to match details etc. to get your new contact details. I had thought (sounds like I have done so wrongly) that the idea to gain future census style info was by matching such things as council tax records and national insurance to determine the basics - where you live, people in household, household income etc. Data that I've always thought local and national govt would have been the data controller. And if it did go down that route a statement added to privacy notices saying something along the lines of 'The data you provide us will be used to create future Census information for the purpose of....'
  3. I get those same calls but I've never had a car accident, they're just chancing it. Unless of course they know the specific details of your accident? I quite enjoy telling the caller about my amnesia and seeing how long it takes them to catch on. Regarding them already having that data, isn't that why they are looking towards not needing to do the census in the same way in the future?
  4. Don't forget Bob, if you went for a walk and tripped over, it doesn't mean you have to start the walk all over again. Have you thought about andy's man club? https://andysmanclub.co.uk/ A lot of groups like this have setup online sessions in light of covid which might make them easier to access. Are you still accessing CGL service?
  5. If pubs are doing it right they'll be sanitising tables each time they are vacated and regularly sanitising the bar and hand rails. In my previous post I probably should have started the second paragraph with the word A or One, hand sanitising won't prevent airborne particles from coughs and sneezes etc, hopefully everyone will continue to follow the tissue / inside of elbow advice. Which I suppose is no different to being in other public places at the moment.
  6. I think the best option is to have hand sanitiser, and I'd still suggest using it if you had gloves on. If you touch something contaminated with the virus it could then contaminate your glove or bare hand. If gloves encourage you not to touch your face that might help you. Problem with going to the pub is that hands might touch a contimanted surface and then that hand touches the glass that you put your mouth to.
  7. Your best bet is probably the NHS choices website. Type in the postcode you're moving to and it will list the local GP surgeries with reviews from patients. Also includes specialist areas of interest for the GPs so if you have any existing conditions you may be able to pick a GP based on that.
  8. And everything's reduced, had a couple of nice samosas for my lunch from sainsbury's deli counter
  9. I had my licence and photo renewed by going to the post office. They took a digital photo, payment for the licence renewal, and sent it all off to DVLA without me having to do anything. Received my new photo licence within a week. I don't think this service is available at all post offices, I used the one near peace gardens.
  10. I write right handed, use a knife and fork the 'correct' way, but kick and throw with the left. Yet I would play snooker as a right handed person. I'm just weird, I know 🤣
  11. I think it is the same owners as the meadowhall one
  12. The ones on Sheaf Street outside the off-licence would be pretty useless in preventing a terrorist attack
  13. Majority of properties in Sheffield are band A council tax, with single person discount that's around £76 a month. Metered water around £20 a month, gas / electric £50 a month. You can probably rent a small house from around £450+, but I think that would be the lower end of the market. I'd say it's definitely do-able.
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