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  1. Aldi. Soon as you said didn't taste of much, I guessed it.
  2. 01142125763. It's a scam number claiming to be from Sheffield. HMRC but of course its a scam. Please beware, its covered on whocalledme. co. uk .
  3. Definitely dodgy. I know of a certain premises on a street in S2. In 2012 I got 200 quid ripped off after using the machine there. An inside job if ever I saw one. Can thaa lend us a few bob?? 🤣
  4. Too costly. Rats have a right to live.
  5. Anyone heard "I dunno if I'm on this earth or Fuller's."
  6. Good point.New one arrived with the house number on it 😁
  7. Absolute shambles this entire process. Buses not leaving on time or buses not synchronised with trams for easy transportation, just utter chaos as ever.
  8. Black bin stolen last week. Sheffield council now charge 25 pounds for all newbins. So a person who hypothetically could be repeatedly targeted by thieves, would be asked to repeatedly fork out 25 pounds. Disgusting.
  9. 10am Thu 25 July. Woodseats rd. Police raided a house near Crusty Cob. Anyone know why? I witnessed the raid but dunno what it was about.
  10. Just seen a black dog hit on side of face by a car. Meadowhead up from Morrisons. Dog ran off onto Graves park. Looking for him now, no sign.
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