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  1. This Casualty actor is noted on Wikipedia as being born in Sheffield? However other sites say he was born in Leicester? Just wondered if anyone knows what the truth is, he does seem to sound like he has a Yorkshire twang.
  2. RIP Lee Scratch Perry Disco Devil - 12" Version - YouTube
  3. Nice bloke was Adrian. When they demolished his Sitwell Chippy he opened one near the old Roscoe bingo.
  4. There is a picture of the school on picturesheffield.com.
  5. Hi, around the time you mention and in the same area a burglar fell of a roof and died. Its a vague memory but he was possibly being pursued by the police and fell. Does anyone else remember this incident?
  6. This old thread might be of interest. St Barnabas School, Cecil Road - Sheffield History & Expats - Sheffield Forum
  7. I went there but in the 1970s, they had their centenary year in 1973. Nice little school we played around it a lot as kids with living nearby.
  8. Looks like this was in Ripon north yorks and was a gang initiation murder committed in 1982. David Milner was a 9 year old boy killed by a 16 year old scout.
  9. This was the crimewatch appeal Crimewatch U.K - January 1994 (20.01.94) - YouTube I really cannot imagine what his poor wife had to go through.
  10. `Eric Mangle was sentenced to nineteen years reduced to twelve on appeal. In September 1964 while working in the prison laundry he escaped from Dartmoor with 3 other inmates. They did this by overpowering a warder and getting over the wall. On the run for 8 weeks he was given an extra six months on capture. Eric was released in 1970 after serving nine-and-a-half years.
  11. Mr Wade, three wheeler car and double base fame lol. I wonder if anyone remembers his little accident whilst he was walking down the staff room stairs with a typewriter? Somehow he ignited a box of matches in his trouser pocket 🥵
  12. He lived on Holland road as you go from Asline about half way up on the left. I think his sister was called Leslie who I seem to think was a WPC? Could be wrong. I remember Eric's dad worked for Frank Phillips Skips. I did see Eric some years ago also driving a skip waggon
  13. There is some good pics of heeley bottom on the link below. Not sure if you knew or remember a kid called Eric Shipley, he gives a thumbs up toward the end of the vid.
  14. Hi, I do remember the Johnsons, Andy was a good snooker player often seen at Langtons. I never seen that documentary you mention but would love to see it, I presume you have no contact with the Crowther's? Can you remember the approximate year it was made? I have just looked on Facebook but no direct Crowther links? Did they move out out of town? Perhaps their the only people who have a copy, just a thought.
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