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  1. only_me

    R.I.P Ranking Roger

    Very sad news, rest in peace.
  2. only_me

    The Yorkshire Ripper

    Olivia Reivers was the person who was in Sutcliffes car in January 1981 when he was arrested. The link below is a true account, if you go to the bottom of the page and continue you will come to Sutcliffes actual statments a few pages on. http://www.execulink.com/~kbrannen/arrest.htm
  3. Is it this one? Fleetwood Mac also did this song.
  4. only_me

    Sherrington road

    Hi Pud, this might help just click the link.
  5. Perhaps people like him should be sent to Rampton?
  6. only_me

    Empire garage Sheffield

    I went to this place around 1977/8, tried to get my mum to buy a new fantic Caballero moped for me. I remember an Italian fella possibly tooth missing at the front? He was a bit to up front with the ladies so my mum refused to go back. Sorry if I spoil the thread but I never got my moped:mad::cry:
  7. only_me

    1959 Bank heist

    From what I recall of this robbery it was an austin car that belonged to the bank. A four man team attacked the car with coshes and jemmies, the car was delivering wages to various firms in Sheffield.
  8. only_me

    Looking for help finding someone

    Sorry mate not sure about his past before the late 1980s. He did seem to be quite talented and could easily earn £150 a day busking. Hopefully in the next couple of days I will contact someone who could possibly clarify his propper name. Please feel free to PM me when allowed.
  9. only_me

    Looking for help finding someone

    Yes, he would play local in town but would sometimes go to Rotherham, Barnsley etc. Places he could just jump on a bus. Lenny was a great bloke sadly no longer with us. I would visit him at home the odd time, he died at his home in Pitsmoor but again this might not be the same person.
  10. only_me

    Looking for help finding someone

    Possibly no connection but here goes. Lenny springs to mind, I knew him quite well as a local busker in the 1980s-90s played the guitar and wore a cowboy type hat. I might be able to help a little more if this is of intrest to you.
  11. Thats what I mean tedrodgers regarding my worry of damp. The shorter the gap the more likely i would worry about damp, any maintainance needed would be impossible. I agree with you this situation is crazy.
  12. Even if you buy an house similar the neighbour could extend any time as people do. Im no expert but some extensions i have seen like this would worry me in case of damp etc, perhaps im wrong?
  13. only_me

    Mount Pleasant Park, Sharrow

    No problem grannypat.
  14. only_me

    Mount Pleasant Park, Sharrow

    I notice you were looking for the name Stevenson? There was a Stevenson family actually lived on Cecil Road.
  15. only_me

    Mount Pleasant Park, Sharrow

    Mount Pleasant Park would have been there since the houses there were demolished early 1980s? Over the years from then the new school was built etc. I lived in that area and went to Cecil Road school myself.

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