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  1. Thanks for that. Remember often seeing Ted in the bike shop on Bramhall lane back in the 1970s.
  2. Is this the same Ted James who owned James Cycles on Bramhall Lane? Its possibly being run by younger family members nowadays.
  3. It was John Henry Wortley June 1975. No it was never solved but if I remember correctly at least one person and a car seen in the vicinity were never traced? An amount of money was taken from the kiosk till and there was some mention of the attendant being gay.
  4. At the time of Lesley Whittles kidnap her boyfriend was attending a Sheffield university, Leslie was going to attend the same place also. The police had to rule out any kind of prank and interviewed the boyfriend to rule him out. Its horrible what happened to Leslie in the drains at Bathpool park all those years ago (1974) What a nasty piece of work the kidnapper was, Donald Neilson known as the Black Panther.
  5. Thornseat lodge will probably cave in as its in a dangerous state, this place also belongs to one of the Haigh family.
  6. A security guard delivering wages to Stanley Tools Ltd on Rutland road, was clubbed to the ground by two men and robbed of £71,000 in cash. The robbery occurred at 8.35am. on October 31st, 1979, as a security van made a weekly delivery. The driver took a cash box from the van while the guard remained inside. As he entered the building he was attacked from behind. His goggles were smashed, ammonia was sprayed in his eyes, and his shoulder broken with an iron bar. His two assailants escaped in a waiting Triumph 1300. They were pursued by a Stanley employee, who gave chase in a works van but was quickly left behind. The escape car, stolen earlier in Leicester was found in Brunswick road. Despite descriptions being issued and a police reconstruction of the incident, neither cash nor robbers were ever seen again.
  7. Yea I know he was there from 1975 onwards if not before that. I wonder what Oliver is doing these days?
  8. Very sad news, rest in peace.
  9. Olivia Reivers was the person who was in Sutcliffes car in January 1981 when he was arrested. The link below is a true account, if you go to the bottom of the page and continue you will come to Sutcliffes actual statments a few pages on. http://www.execulink.com/~kbrannen/arrest.htm
  10. Is it this one? Fleetwood Mac also did this song.
  11. Hi Pud, this might help just click the link.
  12. I went to this place around 1977/8, tried to get my mum to buy a new fantic Caballero moped for me. I remember an Italian fella possibly tooth missing at the front? He was a bit to up front with the ladies so my mum refused to go back. Sorry if I spoil the thread but I never got my moped:mad::cry:
  13. From what I recall of this robbery it was an austin car that belonged to the bank. A four man team attacked the car with coshes and jemmies, the car was delivering wages to various firms in Sheffield.
  14. Sorry mate not sure about his past before the late 1980s. He did seem to be quite talented and could easily earn £150 a day busking. Hopefully in the next couple of days I will contact someone who could possibly clarify his propper name. Please feel free to PM me when allowed.
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