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  1. I watched the video of Chauvin being told of the guilty verdict and he showed no emotions at all and accepted it.. That surprised me... Personally, I wouldn't be surprised if Chauvin is spirited away to some quiet remote place and given a new identity so he can live a happy peaceful life on his police pension. The majority will think and believe justice has been done, while the police look after their own..
  2. The European Super League was created "to save football", says Real Madrid president Florentino Perez. Unfortunately "A European Super League" will not save football, it will destroy even more.. Football has been on a downhill slope for years.. Ruined by the total greed of owners, players, managers and agents... When you get all these people earning extortionate amounts of money for doing very little, eventually the finances will not add up and football will bankrupt itself... Football fans should get their priorities right, stop wasting money lining the pockets of these greedy people, hopefully then football clubs and organisations will change and start doing things to win back the loyalty of their fans.
  3. There is one simple answer to this.................. All fans of those clubs should boycott their club and refuse to buy season tickets and go to any games.. I wonder if those clubs would join a super league then? I don't think the players would want to play in those games without fans... The fans have the power to take action and stop the clubs from joining a super league..
  4. Because there are so few trades people / qualified trades people around. The younger generation are more interested in playing games on phones and computers. Even if you do find a so called trades person they tend to be poorly qualified and workmanship is poor, because they haven't had the experience or training. Finding an experienced and well trained trades person these days is like trying to find gold.. More or less impossible in this country..
  5. Just watched the royalist BBC making a statement that "It's the worst Royal Crisis for 80 - 85 years"... Can you believe that after all the problems with Princess Diana and her death only 24 years ago.. Wasn't that a crisis, it seems not to the BBC.... This Royal family can do no wrong in the eyes of Royalist Media and TV organisations. If the royal family do anything wrong the media still make them out to be saints.. It just shows what power and control the monarchy have over the Government and Media organisations..
  6. I gather you are a true royalist who believes every thing the royals say... and believe everything they do is law abiding. Here's another question for you, would the Queen and Prince Charles allowed Prince William to marry a African, Asian or Muslim woman? Had William married a woman of ethnic minority, he too would have been thrown out from the royal family. What does that tell you about them????
  7. Ever since Harry and Meghan were married i knew something would happen because I knew the royal family would not accept her into the family with her being of mixed race. And with Harry not the real son of Charles it was only a matter of time before he would be kicked out. They will have to be careful what they say in the future and avoid causing an embarrassment to the royal family or they will suffer the same fate as Diana...
  8. Beware everyone of tree surgeon scammers working in sheffield... My neighbour was ripped off last week by two men who cut down and removed approx 6 small conifer trees. They spent approx 3 hours doing work, didn't dig up roots just covered with soil and charged her £1,500.00.. Do research online and get at least 3 written quotes...
  9. Had both text and email scams this week, royal mail text and DPD email. DPD only requested a payment of £2.85 to release package, not much but times that by thousands and the scammer could earn quite alot... Plus they would get all your personal details. WATCH OUT other couriers could be next to be used by scammers...
  10. Totally agree, how any respectable football fan can say Maradona was a great footballer beggars belief.. First of all he was a cheat and the fact he says he never cheated shows that he was NEVER a true sportsman.... Has for his skills as a footballer, he was made to look good by the fact other players didn't really challenge him.. Unfortunately football has been ruined by cheats and players un-sportsman like behaviour..... I stopped wasting my money on going to watch football 25 years ago..
  11. I went to Morrisons this morning and found every single customer wearing a mask or some form of face covering. 90% of staff also wearing a mask.. I believe there are 3 types and categories of people out there: 1 - Those who wear masks are people who care and have respect for others safety and well being.. 2 - Those who refuse to wear a mask who couldn't care less about others and have total disrespect and disregard for others.. 3 - Those who are exempt or have health reasons for not wearing a mask... I fall into category 1...
  12. Hi All, Just had a potential email scam you need to be aware of.. Email looks like a genuine email from TV licensing authority, stating my licence is due to expire and i need to update my details. I know its a scam because for years now i have paid my TV licence by direct debit and just had it renewed. BEWARE of this TV licencing scam email...
  13. Hi, I am looking to have new quartz or composite kitchen worktop fitted on top of old worktop, approx 9 metres in length. Would appreciate any recommendations of kitchen worktop fitters in Sheffield 8 or nearby area. Thanks Alan
  14. Congratulations to Captain Tom for raising over 8 Million for the NHS.... I hope the NHS will not waste it, ideally it should go towards supporting family members of those NHS staff who lost their lives helping to save peoples lives and also go towards doing research in this terrible virus. I also hope that JUST GIVING will waive their fee, as it surmounts to quite a lot..... Or will they be greedy and keep it? WELL DONE TOM.......
  15. Of course God exists..................... But who it really is i do not know.. It's either "Mr Trump" or "Mr Putin" Well they think they're "God".....
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