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  1. It seems the government have approved the new law to sentence anyone to life imprisonment if they kill an emergency worker while carrying out their duties... In my opinion that law is seriously flawed and unjust...... Why does it only apply to emergency workers carrying out their duties, why not at anytime? Why is it just emergency workers? Isn't a baby, a child or woman's life just as important to get justice? Life sentences should be given to anyone killing anyone and not just because they are emergency workers..
  2. Nowt has happened!! Another conference another failure to act. As usual just Blah! Blah! Blah! We are just going to carry on polluting the environment and atmosphere.. The human race is running itself towards extinction, the future looks bleak for the younger generations, the poor and disabled.
  3. Another scam to watch out for on Whatsapp... "A grandfather has told of how he lost money saved for Christmas presents after his family were duped by fraudsters on WhatsApp. The 75-year-old, who wished to remain anonymous, said they had been tricked by criminals posing as his grand-daughter on the messaging service. He transferred £1,550 to the con-artists, for an emergency medical bill that was a fake. WhatsApp and trading standards officers are warning others of the scam".
  4. Smile a bit more!!! Be fair, what has she got to smile about? Knowing she as got to survive and live on a planet that is being totally destroyed and poisoned by mankind.... She must have a lot of anger and hatred within herself for the way mankind has neglected and ruined our planet, it is no wonder she finds it hard to smile knowing what type of future she will probably have... We should ALL be like her and have the spirit to fight for a better world...
  5. Hmmmm, well we do have a few more wind turbines producing a fraction of the energy requirements the world needs. Apart from that, NOTHING has changed in 26 years, all we get are suggestions, broken promises and no action... In 26 years time at COP52 they will still be talking and doing nothing.. All blaming others for the worlds problems of climate change. The only way things will change is if WE the general public take action, after all 99% of the human population are to blame for what's happening on this planet..
  6. You are right... We are committing suicide... But unfortunately the future of this planet is plain to see, there are too many arrogant, selfish, uncaring and blind people in power and business that only think about themselves. Even millions of the general public don't care and unless you have the support from every single person on the planet it would be more or less impossible to stop climate change.
  7. Unfortunately, nothing will be done now or in the future, just like the past thousands of years. There as always been poverty and always will be. The capitalist system that the whole world revolves around is designed to help the rich get richer and poor get poorer. The rich and those in power take advantage of the system, the weak, disabled and less educated people will always suffer. You will always get politicians saying they want to help and eradicate poverty, but they are empty words that they know can't be fulfilled.... Poverty and suffering is here to stay
  8. Unfortunately it's too late for any solution, with so many people not listening and turning a blind eye to all the problems we face. What ever solution people think of, it's too late. Action should have been taken 50 years ago. Humans are very good at talking and coming up with different solutions to our problems, but we are too slow at taking action. Even if we managed to slow down climate change, that on its own is not good enough.. Because we are poisoning our planet, food source and our selves, with all the pollution in our atmosphere and seas. I myself have tried to do my bit, for the last 40 years i have lived in a house heated solely by electric storage heaters, for over 20 years i have now been a pescatarian, but now seriously thinking of going vegan due to all the pollution in our seas. Very rarely travelled over seas for a holiday. Always tried to make do and mend to avoid throwing things away to buy new. At the age of 66 I feel so ashamed and guilty that i am part of the generation of people who have done so much damage to our planet.
  9. It has nothing to do with Southgate, lets be honest English footballers are over rated, over paid and basically useless at taking penalties. They just haven't got the right mentally and commitment to know how to take a penalty.. Lessons have never been learnt from the past... It beggars belief that players get played all that money for being PROFESSIONALS but can't score a simple penalty. The signs were bad when in the Denmark game, Harry Kane took England's first penalty of the tournament and MISSED, only scored on rebound. England players must be the butt end of all jokes about missing penalties...
  10. I must have been watching a different game, Croatia were rubbish and made it easy for England but yet they managed to scrape a 1-0 win. Boring 0-0 against Scotland.. They lack inventiveness and vision and have no ability to read the game.. Like many teams they play too much negative football. England haven't got a chance of winning this tournament..
  11. When i got into my account I found evidence that the hacker was using bulgarian lev currency.
  12. It does make you wonder why GOOGLE allow companies like wish.com to freely advertise on googles first pages of searches.. It just goes to show that GOOGLE are only interested in earning commission from pay per click adverts, rather than preventing unsuspecting buyers from buying dodgy goods... Even the SHEFFIELD FORUM should consider their advertising policy and having google ads on their website to generate income. Even while i am writing this and viewing the forum pages i am seeing adverts for Light in the box which is another Chinese website that sells dodgy goods...
  13. Hi All, here is a warning for anyone who has used or may use WISH.COM for any purchases in the future. Last year i bought some items via Wish.com and all arrived ok with no problems. Since then i hadn't used the account up until today... I decided to login today to buy something and found that someone from Bulgaria was using my email address.. Very unhappy that WISH.com and not notified me that my account had been hacked. Here is a lesson to be learnt, if you use a website to buy anything and then don't use it for sometime, make sure you keep logging in on a regular basis to check all is ok and no-one has hacked your account.
  14. You forgot one thing...... "No action will be taken to prevent it happening again" This is one of main fundamental problems with people in power, they talk a lot but doing very little to solve any issue. They love wasting money and valuable time...
  15. Watch out for this scam... You have a message or email waiting for you on Facebook! Skype, Paypal or any other popular website.. The link in those messages have a link to a ghost website... or can end up sending virus to your PC or phone. I have read that some people open and go to these scam websites just out of curiosity, please do not DO THAT... You never know if you will end up downloading malware or a virus...
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