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  1. It looks like its going to be Boris.. He's already bribing and buying votes from his Tory colleagues by offering to up the tax codes for the rich... What a world we live in, there is not much hope for peace and prosperity for the younger generation, when you look at some of the people in power..
  2. Global warming and climate change is inevitable, we have done so much damage to our planet and it will only get worse. We talk, and talk and talk and very little action is taken, because not enough people care about our planet, too many people in power just care about money, their greed and own life style. Donald Trump is a good example... It's only when catastrophic events take place and millions of people are being killed! When infrastructure, land and valuable assets are being lost! That's when those in power will start to act. Protesters need to target those in power and the people powerful positions.. We need to start boycotting more companies.. We need to persist day after day after day and never let this protest end. Our children and children of the future deserve to live a life on a planet that isn't going to kill them prematurely.
  3. Not according to my wife..LOL She says it is going to be a Waitrose store...
  4. Thanks for your suggestions. It seems i have to run a coax direct to TV or keep a sky box if i want to run HDMI cable to TV. I was hoping that there could be another way of connecting a coaxial cable to a HDMI cable without the use of a Sky or Virgin Box
  5. HI, I am removing an old SKY digibox that no longer works and want to connect my existing aerial in the loft to my new TV. I want to connect the coaxial cable to a new HDMI cable to supply TV, but not sure how to do this. Do i need a basic coaxial to HDMI adaptor or do i need to have a Coaxial to HDMI converter? Any advice and suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Alan
  6. Labour have had many opportunities to stop it, and failed... Any political party who says they can prevent poverty and stop the growing gap between rich and poor getting ever wider are misleading the British public. Politicians in this country can't stop or prevent a problem that is a world wide problem.
  7. 4.1 Million working poor is nothing. In another 5 years i can see that doubling to 8.2 million. In another 10 years it could be 15 - 20 million. With a capitalist system that allows the gap between rich and poor get wider every day, it's inevitable. No government, whether Tory, Labour or Liberals will or can do anything to stop it.
  8. David Attenborough is only partly correct stating that climate change is the problem.. The BIGGEST Threat to this world is the human race, mankind, us! We are destroying the planet we live on...
  9. After setting up your own account and listing Google will send you a code to the business address to verify ownership, the code as to be used within a set period of time so that your advert can be activated.
  10. It won't last, just like the marriage of Charles and Diana.. Megan will have to be very careful what she does or says and not become an embarrassment for the royal family like Diana did otherwise Megan will end up like Diana. Dying under suspicious circumstances in a carefully planned and executed accident or mysteriously disappearing out of the limelight like so many others. The signs are already there that the Royal family are up to no good, when Megans father doesn't attend the wedding after secretly being caught on camera being with the paparazzi. It's too much of a coincidence that he becomes too ill to travel just after the clip is shown on TV. The Royal family obviously didn't want him at the wedding. Probably paid him loads of money for him to stay away... When will the gullible royalist supporters see that this Royal family are no better than anyone else.. In fact millions of the poor people around the world are more honest, trustworthy and law abiding than the royal family.
  11. What a sick world we live, we condemn Assad for using chemical weapons. So the west go and bomb and try to destroy the chemical weapon sites... The result will probably be.... The bombs will blast all those dangerous chemicals sky high into the atmosphere and then rain down onto all unsuspecting innocent people. There is no hope for the future of mankind while ever evil, greedy people get voted into positions of power. All leaders of the world, should all be pacifists... The manufacture of all weapons and arms should be banned and illegal.
  12. Football was ruined over 40 years ago, its no longer a game. It's a money making business for the corrupt and greedy... I wrote this poem many years ago... FOOTBALL FARCE Football managers and players should hang their heads in shame, For what they've done to our traditional football game. Now sportsmen in the game are a dying breed, with managers and players getting rich with greed. Sportsmen! They are not, for they will cheat and connive, winning free kicks and penalties by taking a dive. Pushing, pulling and shirts being torn, Punching and swearing are now the norm. After a night on drugs and all night boozing, players get violent if their team is loosing. The managers aren't any better when staring at defeat, encouraging players to go out there and cheat. If the players do wrong and it's plain to see, the managers will argue and blame the referee. And now referees are getting in on this shameful act, with the top premier clubs they've now formed a pact. If the top club is loosing, then with the last kick of the ball, the referee gives them a penalty for no good reason at all. If that doesn't help they commit another dreadful crime, by giving them another chance by adding on extra time. The F.A. watches these games and don't seem to mind, What's up with them? are they totally blind? The F.A. should now hang their heads in shame, for they have let money and greed ruin our football game. That's why I have finally decided to call it a day, Football ain't getting anymore of my hard earnt pay.
  13. GREED, Pure greed. Thats what it all boils down too. With it being public money there should be a cap on earnings. No one should be paid more than £50,000 a year. The jobs they do have no benefit to the futue existance of the planet, health or security. All they do is TALK rubbish and TALK more rubbish. Even they know that they get paid too much money, some didn't want these figures revealed because they are embarrassed for people to know how much they earn. They should have all their earnings capped and those that don't like it, SACK THEM!!! Any celebrity who says that they are worth their stated income and who says they should get paid more than a soldier who risks his life for his country. I would SACK them....
  14. A poem i wrote a few years ago... TIME I awake in the morning, At the crack of dawn. Not knowing what beholds me, On this cold and frosty morn. The daily clock is ticking, And my life again as begun. There’s no time to reflect, Before I see the setting sun. The days seem to be getting shorter, And time is not on my side. My face is quickly aging, on life’s roller coaster ride. The hours and minutes pass me by, and days soon turn into night. That’s another day of my life over As sure as darkness follows light. The weeks and years are flying, And days come and go so fast. What the future brings tomorrow, Will soon be a memory of my past.
  15. I have never said anything about robbing the wealthy and I'm not deluded, wanting a fairer society for all to help to make this a better world for all to live in. Unfortunately, the world we live in is in such a mess, the capitalist system we live in, isn't working. There is so much greed, resentment and hatred in people between those who have nothing and those who have everything, thats why we have so much corruption, greed, conflicts and wars. It just shows how uncivilised humans are when we can't learn from the past. I dread to think what will happen in the future.
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