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  1. Pattricia living in her own 70's sitcom/TV drama...the most out dated comment ever. I'm aghast!
  2. Names of past regulars that spring to mind for me are; Manofstrad, Bedrock, Rampent, I always thought they were the same person. Of course Halibut, Planner1 (is he still on), Cyclone, Denlin? Alchresearch, Geoff (owner I think) Pete something; was a fair mod, had his photo as his avatar.
  3. I noticed yesterday the advert with the kid in the roman charriot on the beach (Haven Holidays?) was back on our screens. It was all over the place last year as lockdown meant staycation. Hope its not that over exposed this year, mind you the tunes ok; Tenpole Tudor.
  4. I don't know if you're like me and find yourself 'blubbing' more at the emotional things on TV. I'm a fan of this program anyway, so you could say I'm converted. They have a fantasic camaraderie together. But this Xmas special surpassed itself, it was pure magic, funny, emotional, poignant, interesting all in one wonderful hour. The 'awards', Ted the Terrier, Gazza, the surprise performance of Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott (by the way catch them performing 'Good enough'; a song partially written by Paul and Bob that didn't make the edit for the BBC show on Youtube). Then the gift of the vinyl LP of Pauls mum singing that beautiful operatic song; Pauls expressions throughout. Then the cherry on the cake; the salmon at the end. TV gold, TV perfection. Watch it on catch up if you already haven't.
  5. I'm in a one bed flat, slightly larger than the one you describe. I pay £70 duel fuel with Octopus Energy, per month. That'd probably be about £18 per week.
  6. Hopefully the fisherman's hearty, tasty, gutted, lucrative catch remembers to get off the trawler when he docks in the Harbour.
  7. Probably try your local pub first, not your local spit and sawdust type boozer, but one of the Toby Carvery, Hungry Horse, type eatery/pub style place. They'll be open and serving on the day, so one (or a few) more wouldn't hurt them. Wrapped in foil and either you collect, or if they're really nice delivered, or put in a taxi and delivered to you that way...obviously that's the most expensive.
  8. I've bumped this from quite a few years back as I'm thinking of joining. Not really your impression and thoughts on the gym, I get it, they'll be treadmills, crosstrainers, rowers, bikes, etc, as well as all the weights and machines...more things like cleanliness, showers any good, lockers, locker pay system...? Thanks in advance.
  9. Watched it, thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course it was the right result, even though the majoritty of the crowd were against her in favour of tthe Canadian Fernandez, who was also like a spoilt young brat when Emma legitamately took a time out due to a blood injury. Hope she builds on it.
  10. Yes, thanks for that...common sense prevails. C'mon Emma!
  11. At my surgery, even just to gain access it's like Fort Knox...telephone appointments only, all doors, means of entry are locked, theres an intercom to speak to the receptionist who will then come to you at the door, masks; obviously, I fully understand that bit, its ridiculous. All I wanted was an A4 sheet of paper signing by a GP for something I won't bore you with...and I paid £20 cash for that. That was given to them on Tuesday 31 August, as of today I still have not received the signed sheet back. Despite visiting once and telephoning twice, made to feel quite small as being told; 'It'll get done when it's done, we'll notify you.' Now that one sheet of paper is holding up something that is very important to me and could improve my life for the better. So i haven't even got any ailments and they're being difficult in my opinion...they've had it easy for far too long, lets get back to normality.
  12. Yes, I know its on Amazon Prime. But obviously I don't have it. US Open final is 9pm our time Saturday September 11th. Anyone any ideas how to watch it on terrestrial or online, without a fee? Thanks in advance.
  13. A very funny man, RIP Sean, fantastic comedian; find The tiger that went for a pint on You Tube; hillarious.
  14. Good news for the Handsworth and surrounding area communities. The Handsworth Old Rectory has been taken over by Vine Hotel Mangement and Development group, which seems to have a fine pedigree in that they already have; Cutlers Hotel, Mosborough Hall Hotel, Sheffield Doubletree Hilton, and Whirlow Brook Hall Hotels, amongst many in acquisition. A fine, historic building that will hopefully flourish with a bit of much needed investment. Hopefully it'll be more than just a hotel and wedding venue, and will again be an assett to the local community. https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/people/popular-sheffield-wedding-venue-the-old-rectory-in-handsworth-saved-after-charity-went-into-liquidation-3348111?fbclid=IwAR0Eb0vVDIQvI8HO-mB9eyMzvuZKisUKDxcLMUQoWFyq8BrwwFbQuErwlzI
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